The point raised is that most of these issues really are about the powers of the Prince of Wales which I do not recognise and its utter nonsense too; what has really happened is that the Prince of Wales has taken this business of a completely different set of rules applying to him as a reference to everybody else, to a whole new stage where it was possible for members of the Royal family to get around picking off bits from the Public and the Monarchy at any time they wanted. So especially with reference to criminal behaviour and the popularity which emerges from it, we have not even begun on the matter as such, especially as he is still Monarch in waiting. In my case, it was really this story of the Church guy who if they lived in a modern world did not have a chance at all. So from here they say my leadership is very weak, especially in terms of the fact that this matter with HRH was my responsibility and rather than do some real work I am always seen criticising; it is an indication of how so much they value their disrespect and how detached they are all together i.e. what I have said above applies to me as a Hermit but the real consequence of the facts mentioned are the ways that Parliament which is full of Politicians that businesses have lobbied over Policy decision making, have been pushing and buffeting the judiciary over Law making rights, when the Popularity shoots and stabs and assaults and so on in the general public sphere and HRH doing this routine where a completely different set of rules applied to him, just takes the business of corrupt fat cats claiming they made rules at the Monarchy, to a whole new level of problem building. Hence where it is said that I don’t do any work, all is well around here but I appear to have picked up a crisis associated with Celebrities and they plan to punish me for withdrawing access to my concerns until everything appeared the way it was before I did, while their new alliance with criminals is so abusive I smell of what I ate and cannot account for what I have done with my time in the last three years, plus it blocks my personal relationships and keeps me single, so I might be open to bullying on the finer parts of homosexuality – these are facts that are brushed under the carpet when they accused the Church of discrimination and get Politicians to make rules on how Christian institutions treated gay people – even the teenage gits that get off plugging their insanity into my social life to get paid for being popular, now consider themselves very important people and are in on the punishment routines, hence it goes without saying that putting up statements to ask Celebrities for a distance with respect to my concerns is about to develop into a Publicity that gave me a license to make enemies with famous people.

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