I am said to have failed to recognise the problem here which is the reason it is so difficult to reach a resolution but there is no problem, save the issues that arise from a handful of goons going about performing actions they claim added up to a process of fighting my wars. The results are the effects of occasions where they had lost and the criminals and public enemies, they encountered were making statements about beating the State and beating the British system of Government, hence the more security they provided was the worse the problem got.

The other closely related story is the one that will never go away, all about disrespect on my part which is utter nonsense but since they had decided these were statements, they made with my time and not theirs, it is now earning them a response. The part of these that have emerged as a responsibility of mine is the bit where my Books are not an exercise in written language but are devised to broker equity, so I have to find people to operate on a professional stage, to sell my Books to, not Celebrities and Journalists – the problem is that these two groups love nothing but being able to invite themselves into people’s lives and livelihoods to introduce themselves as important persons and never stop making a mess of it; we have reached that point where the question arises such that if my Client got a contract from a Celebrity and the Celebrity did not fancy me, it would be a problem, which is precisely the reasons they needed to make their comments about their families so sex workers may follow those around as well or if they were nice people like me shut down the insolence. However considering that this is never likely to appeal to them, we have to make sense of how clever they really are in terms of banishing interest in all these other gimmicks to concentrate on the habit of doing those things I have asked them to refrain from doing with my Hermitage, then wait for the next thing that will affect my Bookshop sales to take action and only then will it make sense that this nonsense is likely to blow up in their faces.

Eventually we explore the disrespect issue, and we find ourselves talking about Royal in laws who have made such a mess that Ministers of Parliament no longer have enough security for their work, if they were not undergoing processes of 24-hour bodyguard security. Where they have worked on me it was the need of their Celebrities and Media to tell people my career was the means by which their managers and producers compensated them to the purposes of securing the weeks expensive drinks and big parties that came as a perk with their jobs, which is the biggest pressure point and it seems that they have developed a habit of doing it such that it is no longer likely to stop on their terms. It is difficult to make sense of how any person develops such a thing when they are so close to Government; the situation being that they live out this existence where they never stopped making a mess of Police and security services work, to an extent where it developed a lifestyle for them to live with and the only way to be safe was a make a complete mess of another person’s existence, so this mess that produces an outcome where MPs no longer have enough security save they were on 24 hour body guard service is meant to help the Celebrities make the most of these sorts of perverted personal decisions – we have now completed the circle of insanity where the talk of disrespect on my part in concerned, such that if we banished all these to make sense of the habit of doing my Bookshop we got to see how clever and important they really were.

The question that comes my way being how I could make such a fuss but not put a foot wrong so well and it’s a simple matter of the fact that security service operatives are an extension of the Queens power to protect the Public, they are not bruisers for the Queen who ask public enemies for a punch up and their salaries are decided by the Prime Minister who discusses it with Parliament for approval, making a mess of this to such an extent you had to trash people’s lives to feel safe is born of pure evil and I am done tolerating it since they have decided that they were going to test me for a response – I have played them for my part as well and now waiting to progress the part where they got to make their comments about their own families, so that it might be possible to tackle a habit of wrecking my Bookshop sales – of which we were having a conversation about the phenomenon of disrespect on my part, that simply will not go away because they have gotten accustomed to another adage, to add to the part where my Bookshop is wrecked to help them secure weekend drinks and parties as perks associated with doing their jobs, which has actually not yet stopped as well. My responses have been a global stage phenomenon so far, but they do not yet think that I have given them enough incentive to shut down their gimmicks.

The other question being asked applicable to the idea I appeared to have a lot of power and then I did not which is largely a matter of people who are loyal to me not being bad people, but they tended to go off and do the war bits. So I have to work to secure the social life and public image and I have to secure the future and work prospects but I also have to work on the red lines which I really do not want to because I preferred the moral safety of my Hermitage, not doing so would generally produce a result where they were fond of going off to do war bits, while I became what they were when they are at their worst behaviour, however we are making progress on the red lines.

I. Uno I

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