The popular statement is that I fail to accept the entertainment industry does not fancy government involvement either which is completely detached from a reality where they have done nothing but chase the incomes of those that were comfortable working entertainment industry alongside Government operatives and such persons never set out to make entertainment for 20 years at least, while another person’s public work provided them with a certain amount of security, on average they do 5 years and we can see the reasons the perpetual entertainers are everywhere with hands on everybody else’s concerns. It’s the same as we hear them claim endlessly that I am some sort of contender for the Crown about whom there was something to be enforced and the Crown is a Cultural and Governmental matter at the same time neither two of which I am ever seen meddling with, their stupidities building up this publicity to such an extent that they created a problem and the question became that of whether it was big enough to kill for and then the corruption festering at the Prince's Trust whereby everything I did served to suggest that I got round in circles and turned up to support the Celebrity madness which I do not.

Hence it is suggested I am not aware of dangers building up around me which is not the case. I am well aware of it but it is an old story where these stupidities are developing into what they are meant to be i.e. a group of fools with ideas about how their civil rights involved a process where I got into altercations with gangs and hoodlums to protect them and cover their backsides while they got rich, upon which rides the success of my entire trust system and its Empire, in fact they suggest that if it was deployed for such purposes and most of other rich people faced their talents being used in such ways, the world would be a better place. It does not really change from the way I dropped out of University because it showed up there to follow me around making a mess about the way that I ought to tackle the gangs and hoodlums because they were smaller people who couldn’t, in due time we found its purpose play out when they couldn’t wait for me to grow sideways a little, to spill the office space, office bloc insults that will ensure that it made sense to pass abuses at me whenever they wanted to enjoy sensations of land and Country ownership. The problem really is that I have been doing this process of tolerating the it has happened again gimmicks where they make comments that wreck my bookshop and pillage my social life, leaving sex workers to follow me around as well, for 6 years and will no longer continue to tolerate it and they have claimed they were worried about what I might do including a process of murdering people which will never happen as we know that even in terms of these threats that they built up around me or these stupid statements there is nothing I can do about them, which is now a function of trashing Celebrity finances to a state that meant when they made such statements it had no meaning, should I exhibit this same behaviour, for instance in terms of a need to abuse them if I wanted to access popularity ownership and celebrity culture, I would attain exactly the same effect as their stupidities have. The foolishness generally being the reasons that people get soft – in my case I did because I dropped out of University over it and worried that if the idiots were illiterates the problem would have gotten worse. The Celebrities are a real case and no matter what I am and what I do, the idea of a need to handle a man women could take advantage of and plug those stupid products into my social life and even what people expect when I get out of bed because I had a Royal Office to attend to, is something the idiots will not part with but since I have always believed in supporting the female community for instance, subjecting them to the same generally suggested I had become the same thing as the Industry men that had tried to convince me women were bad, after putting themselves in charge of public matters concerning which they knew nothing and finding ways to ensure other paid the price for it. Then there are the hoodlums claiming that that I am responsible for the fact that they got punished, looking like they would fancy I made their case the means to facilitate success for grocery markets, talking nonsense and building communities that get imagination up my bum all the time and the problem has always been as simple for both, that they shut down the stupid comments and talk about my concerns only when they are saying something about a Book they paid for at this Bookshop, lest they get a response that works in kind as well – the point being that I will murder none but they will feel me and the idea that I will be doing more days of poor book sales numbers because their stupidities had done it again and again is that which I will no longer tolerate: I mean even as we are aware that it’s the men setting the stage to abuse and attack me in such a way as encouraged the criminals and hoodlums to want to get in touch with me all the time, hence with respect to the stupidities gaining access to Industrial property, I am merely done as it were.

 I plan to play it out according to the statements I have learned from their stupidities as well; that the bit I am doing was the type that allowed them carry on with their lives when I through - as I do believe there is also evidence that I had issued the warnings for long enough. They do suggest this was American power at work but it does not work here in anyway - just a handful of incredibly stupid individuals making a mess of my Bookshop to build market in a way that suggested that people traded in a way which meant I had lost something important, building it up to a process where I devised a real deterrence for their stupidities - the Girls now know that the victims of the insults have since gained reputation as smelly people, so they are not so stupid as to understand they were not important individuals and needed to make their foolish comments among their mates. This idea that successful people ought to have their minds put to the solving of social problems is simply meant to serve as an alternative for instances where their idiocy put themselves in charge of public matters about which they know nothing, to show up and torture people but I am done letting my finances pay the price for it while Celebrities told me what to do as disobediently as they possibly could. We are therefore starting to look the part of me making contributions that facilitated an existence that was about shopping, family activities and work, so that Industry people might take advantage of them to any extent desired.

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