The claim I am not friends with the Political system being incorrect, as we are already struggling with strange ideas about people getting into Politics to be rich, which never really works for the voters, the big money decisions being the reserve of the Cabinet as they were responsible for deals made with businesses that came in from overseas, thereby providing jobs – the Politicians at Parliament are currently trying to do something else entirely and will not give up upon being faced with failure after failure. This is similar to suggestions that I am badly misunderstood, while the real problem is more a matter of the complex activities involved in the processes of intellectual property administration, giving rise to fantasies whereby people got to make the most of the aspects that are meant to pay me, such that the fantasy is no longer just an amusement but had since become something real, should I tell them off, we find them push back issuing threats over claims they were famous and could do whatever they wanted – so I have begun to get round to the problems by picking up the social parts concerning the white lie practical jokes and applicable gestures, I can see it progress quickly to the part about setting out a public place where they could ascribe what I did to people who were worthy of respect and then it will get increasingly worse.

At the same time they claim I am a parasite of a Man but it is hard to ascertain how much complications people think they would create for a writer who creates Books of equity for a living, the Equity was private and they spent years picking up his service processes to repeat what they saw real Clients doing with him, so that they might at some stage decide that it was not good enough for them to invest money on and boast about a Candy from a baby gimmick having been successful but what really brings on the problems is the way they go back to repeat the process over and over and over again, buffeting me endlessly like I was in debt to their stupid selves and I now want to begin the process of seeing them lay off my corporate identity and start keeping their white lie gestures to their careers otherwise I am soon to push it off towards a bad ending. With respect to my rationale however, it appears this behaviour is a product of consequences that befell their personal decisions, at a point where working for money instead of making trouble for others like so, was not the most appealing choice for them, still at this point, I am likely to get run down financially such that I am caught up with criminals and hoodlums on one hand, while on the other they continued these activities backed by men who could successfully attack me.

They do claim it’s about sorting myself out which is utter rubbish as it’s about an end to their gimmicks around my Bookshop if they were paying their own bills comfortably – their excuses plays into this as well i.e. that I played a lot whilst this is really all about their Parents' practical jokes, such that the most traumatic of them involved it enduring I dropped out of University, not a case of their stupidities deciding my existence thereafter while their shop managers ran around Town pushing off stupid gossips that everybody is entitled to get imagination fingers up my bum because they were certain that I will do nothing about it,  especially the part where the consequences for stopping them on anything was that  my career did not mean anything to anybody no matter what I did with it, especially if I kept their gimmicks away from my premises, showing up on a stupid media for it every day. It is about somebody else's bills being held up by their civil and criminals’ disobedience, not a stupid lifestyle issue getting in the way, and I am sure they would understand if they were victims of it and had to deal with the insults from the perpetrators every day as well. Its beggars’ belief that a bunch of well to do gits would get off ripping up my finances over questions on selfcare whilst all they did with selfcare involved buying expensive things and always tended to look incredibly filthy on the inside. I mean when their stupidities about making the most of their size, telling me how to exist and move into my right hand was developed on a residual sense that we lived in the same existence as insultingly as possible, their selfcare ideas were impressive. Such a bunch of mean cunts and the business of describing people as cunts was their ideas with the ethnic minority scum, they send out to run me down all day, doing it endlessly in the hope of being allowed to stay in the Country or get paid for being popular. It needs to stop stifling my Book sales as I do have Bills to pay or it will end very badly - It is very easy for them, I mean something that can be stopped in a matter of days; I could easily go from Government support one week and pay my bills from a Bookshop the next, this is a measure of the fact they are idiots in fine clothes talking nonsense every day and how good I am at running my own concerns, very tired of paying the price for their own gimmicks. The most important fact of it is that people think I believe I am doing the wrong thing while I am not - the truth is that if I joined in with their gimmicks I would be doing the wrong thing; they have no respect for leadership and the only way that they can get about solving their social problems is through violence but if they think that it had become too expensive to do the violence, they will try to get others doing it, hence my whole life had stagnated and they make a sense of their stupidities by getting imagination fingers up my bum to blow off the big mouth on Media as well, a bunch of idiots in suits with a 'you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues' that I too can handle to ensure they became unemployed and homeless.

The other side story was that they would love to handle me in a very personal way and I have heard this story several times for my part as well – the problem with it is that popularity does not hold sway here and I will likely hurt people seriously, get their families building a community support system for their stupidities over a process of stopping them getting paid for being popular on my social life instead of getting job with the big mouth they have got. I mean the reasons I do not do this readily is that Celebrities had their purposes – not to produce the wrong idea as such, we know that it is a self-resolving problem that if rich people who spend their money to make trouble for others knew that more trouble meant less profits, they would either chose to stop or hide the trouble they make, what I am talking about is the part where these famous idiots got involved to wreck my career and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods while they get paid for being popular at my expense, whereby they were the ones who wanted to be famous, I intend to maintain the system and if I am no longer able to tolerate their threats and insults, I will not count myself responsible for what I did with it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland