It is then suggested that I had since developed into a character people could do whatever they want with, regardless of my feelings. It is utter nonsense naturally, when it lip flaps like so it mostly seeks privileges where it did not get to find the trouble it sought, considering that at the extreme end, enough had not yet died for its stupidities – mostly however it may peddle this story while it was clear the number of years and the days that counted into those years, when it was better off paying attention to its own business instead of tackling me, sorting out its finances instead of trying to make me into a pariah, when it does develop into a war on the poor since their poverty is self-inflicted, so will the big mouth be measured in accuracy. They do also suggest I am this character that was incredibly difficult to manage, what they mean being that they were entitled to get involved with me like their celebrities who are now the main point at which my finances fall through, as I am spending more time to get rid of the idiots who see me without my clothes on due to the insolent way I am used by them through my Books – I am not difficult to manage at all, they simply underestimate how far I will go to make the Bookshop successful on account they must preferred to play up which side of either my Royal Office or my writing work was least [profitable for me, every time that my enterprise had attained a financially beneficial public profile – the two items themselves were a given and any normal person would have moved on, these are just here to look for as much trouble as they can find over property destruction tricks that had since developed from a need to pick up my assets and make their own money which had since ended badly, so that they got to tell me that I interfered with peoples concerns as much as they loved to get involved with mine unprofessionally, property destruction tricks associated with not paying for what they used. The females claim to take advantage of me all the time while they never do – only had to pair up the stories the tell; on one hand a history of some men being eunuchs and men in women’s bodies that will not get a sex change, made by male society, on the other hand they had a need to survive by showing that state of affairs was always easier when they were able to get along with the male population, it seems that it had found a way to survive at my expense and is therefore lip flapping again.

These activities are usually performed by individuals that set them out to facilitate some incredibly wicked deeds by the way, I could never understand why they take part or what the premise for their media and famously stupid involvement was. We are talking about the he or she that will not have dinner if the plate was not made from a rare volcanic rock that erupted exactly 200 years ago and its vegetables from a rare and exquisite plant that was so valuable people killed each other to acquire it, then it will progress to destroying Natural environment in order to push markets and when you try to stop them it will go like the Media shows up here to perform because the public place stupidities are thought of as a sign of status, getting on my nerves with the disobedience and insolence entitlement, back and forth until the career I had meant nothing to anybody no matter what I did with it, such that I will only have achieved a process of stopping its stupidities doing any damage which behaviour can be repeated to a point of prevalence.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland