I am naturally no stranger to stories that characters like me are responsible for the continued undeserved survival of the British Royal Family. It is utter nonsense as the problem is that they never read anything I write and the obvious descriptions and captions I had placed on anything I did never mattered because their stupid opinions were all that was relevant. That said, what really happens on this matter is that these fools are paid enough to make them rich – 5 million pounds to 25 Million pounds is the salary of a company CEO but each time their stupidities are asked to sell a product, show up here to trash my life for trophy victory and to seek ways of peddling my unusual personal life and public image. It therefore is a matter of question as per if the problem were that they could not get rid of the Royal Family and peddle the Crown Jewels without handling me. We find those stupid lies and abusively distracting accusations were the answer for everything and they never stopped claiming that I interfered with their very important jobs with a big mouth – what really happens being that I would get through the work on Communities full of gits who were obviously bad people as declared, deciding which areas of their culture my problems should end up in and vanish for good, which property when vanished they never make use of to better themselves because it was better to chase me around at University with Popularity gimmicks until I dropped out instead, at the same time which their Politicians claim that they were good people who only needed money; once finished, I find myself stuck with another one that an idiot who was paid enough money to make them rich, had devised, such that this time, he or she was the bad person and my property vanished in placed such as South America etc – then there is my personal favourite that involved the destruction of my career until a credible public perception about me had been built up such that I am said to have been trying to make a living from the way businesses they have been involved with, had affected people and probably the world, blowing off the big mouth about interference on my part, the obvious reasons we have so much problems around here. I have been told that I generally appear to have been beaten down and finished before I get off to do something like this; it is not actually the case, I am introverted, so I am unlikely to declare what I am thinking or doing in public, which is not to say that I should be starved of financial wellbeing by these fools either way – it has shown up again which indicated nothing has changed, showed up again exactly the same way it did to get me dropping out of University 15 years ago when I attended one: The Industry gits claiming I interfere with their concerns while trashing my social life and finances to leave me mired in popularity, broke and still single at 40 talking nonsense that I interfere with their concerns – the Communities full of idiots with ideas about where my work and property should go to vanish because their stupidities were bad people and I had to beware – the kids who must be seen with a need to hang about somewhere safe and push me into criminal activity, should I try to move away from it they are seen on my social life and public image which is what attending school and being successful meant, manage both issues and the daddies with their cliché will trash everything else in my life and hang about getting me to make sense of the insanity that passes on the left hand side nd right hand side of society goons; this time, they had German influence twats to garnish their stupidities by and three years after I dropped out of University till date, every attempt to recover my academic pursuits had failed and whether I studied at home, since last the academic environment had become a toxic place of their abusive, insulting and pinching practical jokes associated with their unbearable stupidities they even pass off as an excitement associated with the way my abilities might benefit their stupidities, was a main concern of theirs. That said, the biggest pressure point is the way these idiots spend all day piling comments upon comments abusively towards me, such that it starts to get physical, they get imagination up my bum and those comments were designed to ensure any who had financial dealings with me, would not want to stay, hence I have never seen their stupidities improve on their abusive behaviour save when action had been taken which affected their financial wellbeing, such that when I had mentioned these facts it does not appear to them that I had picked up absolutely everything as such.

They do love those stupid claims that I pains me they were doing very well for themselves – the case is the three issues that will not go away: the first being a need to use me as a sales catalyst, yet if I got a job as a salesman the abuses will grow into a National stage phenomenon and it gets worse because all involvement with me and my business was about using me as a sales catalyst, all about their money making stupidities and their own financial wellbeing, plus it in and runs it off on the excitement of everything I did every day, again and again and again and again and run its off for an eternity such that I am broke and single at 40 and then it runs it off some more to sell things and make money and do well for their stupid selves, then will it realise this behaviour is incredibly harmful for me and set about abuses, threats, insults and accusations, so that it gets off running it off again on the excitement of everything I did, of which the Celebrities then get involved to say that it is the type that allowed me to carry on with my life once their stupidities were finished. The second being the society gits with claims that I am responsible for a process where they got punished by the Law to make money as well and again the Celebrities were involved with this too, the story being that others had jobs including people who worked in the security services, they now had access to my Books, and I am a snitch. The third being their need to pick up all the things I had done to provide a safe environment for my Bookshop, then set about doing it better to build up publicity that I was not brave enough to deserve my career. These stupidities usually being exhibited through the jobs that are already putting the cash into the bank balance, but the last straw has been the Celebrities that enlisted criminals and ex-convicts to collect my career for them because I had decided to restrict access to my concerns – I do get told that a clash with Celebrities tended to develop into more serious political matters, but it does not in my case. This is the reason some of us do not join in on the abuses people may channel at them as such – I am never going to take up the means to control them to tackle them when they had done nothing wrong but pillaging my finances every time, they are working jobs that top up their bank balance had to be a good enough reason. We all have the same type of public enemy, they have a special type, and none is obliged to sort it for them either, never mind the fact it is a product of messing with Police work until they ended up with a terrible lifestyle that they got off trashing other people’s daily concerns by (if I had a job that I attended to via a habit of ripping up another person’s academic work and finances, I would think it made sense when questions were asked about where I thought it should stop, especially if I claimed that I did it because I was making some more money by the way side, despite earning more than a Parliamentary Minister. They do claim that they had me wrapped round their finger so to speak which they do not - they are living in a time when I did nothing about these activities and the purpose was to ensure they were part of mainstream economy and there was no market separatism, the time I live in on the other hand is one where their vandalism had gotten to me).  It appears that the main issue here is that these people do not believe I am likely to become a threat and it’s a story of English Man who never believes others might become a threat as a support system for a disobedience that facilitated the structure by which they handled other people’s concerns to make money, now the problem is the abusive disobedience facilitated by the idea I am caught up with something I should not be and it is all playing up to other people’s benefit which I cannot put up with - I therefore can no longer wait for them to decide what would have been the appropriate point to stop doing these, my start is the part where the business of costing me bread winner Clients and money at the Market every time they opened their mouths now has to give way to the part where they made the comments about their families.

I. Uno I

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