I am told what I am experiencing was racism of which I am rather aware that the racism was a matter of a group of people behaving in a certain way because they believed the only way to be financially comfortable was to stand in queues at the door of the local authority to which effect their ethnic group possessed an advantage. This is not the problem, the problem is that I have suffered a 20 year career mess, my academic pursuits trashed, my social life ripped and now the job I created for myself by writing a book is under assault because the ethnic minorities want me to experience the racism the way that they designed it for me to experience it to which effect chapter one of the story has been Celebrities saving them from death toll, but it is still making the stupid comments about my career and concerns which puts off my clients and crashes my finances, I need to find a tool and a measure for it, considering I do not have a schedule anymore and if I did the schedule would never have worked, just as we know it has become so much fun for the Celebrities who are now suggesting that State provided security provoked them and then I suggested I could deal with problems associated with their career which I clearly cannot, have not been able to make sense of anything they have said for once in my whole life, hence I put it down to activities supported by silly men who had the option of crime on the table where money making was concerned, a dream of mental asylums for women and a need to control what people did outdoors, blabbering about the way it took greater risks because of something I said and or did, to which effect I should be fighting some enemies at a Diplomatic Alliance. They do suggest I talk big but had no way to implement what I said but I do not talk big at all - it is a simple matter of having a system where entertainment producers picked up my Equity to make entertainment, the outcome was the normal one in which the entertainment was developed to help younger people grow, parts played by Celebrities that were likely to preserve themselves first before anything else but because it was done in such a manner, my crime control publicity served a purpose in which there was an element of danger towards those who posed a threat to younger persons growth; this was replaced by Celebrities who thought they had it in the bag and preferred society gits with a need to raise money from co-operatives and buy shares with companies to handle persons with personal lives and spaces their stupidities found addictive, I have asked for my assets not to be deployed by them anymore and to have any handled assets retrieved, to which the response I have gotten is that I was not likely to have such a demand met because they had defeated my National level enemies and I could listen to them speak a million times with no prospects of being able to make sense of what they are saying.

It is now suggested that I am thought of as a little misogynistic twat I could never make sense of it as per this is not my name, that said, I certainly can make sense of the way its abusive and derogatory gimmicks produced an outcome where I dropped out of University a decade a ago and they got to keep their middle management insults over my career profile but never stopped there, especially as they had achieved the process entirely by a very violent form of abusive gossiping. Then it progressed into a matter of showing up to distract me from my responses to society abuses until I was vulnerable to community organised insults that people wanted to build habits for but the part that gets their stupidities complaining was that they were keeping fame careers by being employed through companies that had to put up with this abusive behaviour developing into a result where time and again at least several times a day, the process of borrowing my writing career for another purpose whilst I was becoming too irritating to people who might give me a job to keep a job, a bunch of gits with every option including crime was on the table lifestyle, met up with another group of gits who had a need to raise funds and buy shares in every company I was seen to have associated myself with in order to handle me, which companies employed their famous stupidities at the entertainment industry, then they were insultingly entitled to something else altogether. I mean famous people had a derogatory view of me because they were too much of a bunch of cowards to handle the real troublemakers in their lives, for no reason and with no meaning attached, such that it got physical, is what it is but none is entitled to continue drowning me in its insults. I have thought of these matters as less of a problem than they have made it out to be, since the effect was mostly one in which people did these deeds to arrive at a stage where the existence of my privacy was a concept that caused them severe emotional and physical pain but then again before I became a misogynist, one will show up to wreck it claiming he was Politician and then another will show up to keep me single into my 40s claiming he was Royalty. They will hang about somewhere receiving money from companies because they had media to fool around with and society was being abusive, at the same time revealed themselves to be fully paid up enemies of freedom as my career concerned to so much that they needed to ensure I could only pursue it if I had money to but the reality is that I needed it for the money in the first place, as stupidly as possible people make sacrifices for their stupidities to get money because society was abusive whilst living in safe environment and as mentioned, its need to shove insults at me as a method of finding my secrets is set to build up to an outcome where I got hold of the stupid career and set about shredding it to rebuild my crime control publicity. They so suggest I have been betrayed which is entirely normal but the betrayal is not that which bothers me at all, it was a simple process of setting out entertainment equity that allowed entertainment for younger people which made criminals and corrupt industry gits uncomfortable, made me the worst person on the planet, what it means is that developing such equity for the future will be better done to target politicians and celebrity, as they were the real problem. It is the same as claims that I spend most of my time fooling around whereas the only work outstanding in a world inundated with their abuses and insults, is that I had celebrities whom I got along with but there was nothing specific that I was doing for them or any set out structure for their involvement with me, which I had recently begun to work on, the rest had been clearly set out which result is that I am cash strapped because the government office gits and media fools were playing with the career, as stupidly as possible, eventually arriving at a point where the Government had to reach business agreements with large companies who wanted a state of affairs on the way people walked into their affairs to decide whose right hand man and left hand man they were going to be, to which effect their corruption tended to play out fully, as they decided who would be scapegoat because it built leverage for capital to make people into characters others bullied to befriend the wealthy, changes for nothing else.

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