It comes down to some very serious aspects where the question is that I am disrespectful of Politicians while the issue was whether a character who wants to run off altercations with others until he won elections and we found ourselves living in a Country where the Military had decided the Politicians were done or everybody was tied up on the lawn of Parliament with guns pointed at them until something was resolved, needed to provoke several people and wind up several people every day to achieve this sort of nonsense. So the real problem is not disrespect on my part but the destruction of my Books after the destruction of my University studies, talking nonsense of Men that do some actual fighting which their stupidities preferred to me, therefore they were busier deploying little tricks that are used at Government Offices to prevent ideological gits making a complete mess of Government to tackle me over claims that I had picked up a career that was too big for me and should be handed over to others who fit the bill. I am done with this nonsense and believe that I had acquired a state of mind which meant I was ready to attack Politicians if bashing my Books while they kept their salaries had not stopped.

It is the same problem we have with the Celebrities where the usual talk was a matter of the reasons Media hated Cats and the answer to this question was that Cats would if they could – now we know they were in league with criminals and 4 years of my time has now been spent on juveniles deploying their correctional institution experiences to abuse me all day while an ageist idiot deployed what I did about it through a media bubble that a group of fools who claimed working on Media was their dream earlier on had provided for them, simply because they were promised access to my career. Here they say they have stopped me filling their heads with my gimmicks but I have no idea what they were worried about if it meant that Celebrities can now tell me it was possible to spend everything I had if I provoked them, therefore they could do whatever they liked with me, in any case of which they got this gist before I wrote it, so the effect of making sure that they didn’t abuse others as much due to the risk of saying things to people that they heard me say, which would be given so much satisfaction, is still on but the point is that we can all see how it is suggested I am full of anger with respect to what Celebrities have done with this work that they had gained from as well – it does need to stay away from me and stop bashing my Books or it end very badly.

They do claim it will never end badly naturally because they knew where my Books were located and so do I know where their Politics and Celebrity culture and Industry is located too for my part, so I am rather serious when I suggest I will pick up bits of their career and mix it up with what I did about culture and society goons then build them a reputation that will ensure they were famous for the problems they created for me, such that the reputation will be permanent. It is the Politicians apparently, sending out popularity gits to retrieve power from increasingly successful Military operatives – we did stage one where the popularity people had gotten killed by National enemies and now we are simply doing stage two, not necessarily a crisis; they say they have been fighting my wars and they have not, the Military is just a heightened state of civil duties, when dead a person is dead, when hurt what really happens is that people tend to get accustomed to such a degree of pain and may be willing to expose themselves to more harm than normal people would want to, never mind the training, it is not the place where the worst jobs were changing hands. The thing that a soldier says to somebody to provoke them so much was this matter of the way people were trained, raised and taught in military academies, where if you bothered them, they mentioned the risk of facing a dangerous situation that they worked by their civic duties and by yours as well, so any scumbag who bashes my books over it one more time will likely get a response too.

Eventually they say I cast myself as victim while I am not but I never said that I was; these people have graduated from a perverse behaviour towards my patents and my property rights because they see me as a talent that should drop out of school and fight people on the streets to improve the lives of big brothers and big sisters who trash my finances to claim it was fun and there was nothing I could do about it, on account they had some form of social backing from a goon that does National service to run off publicity that gets the Public choosing between them and the Royal family. They have graduated from this perverse behaviour towards my patents and property rights to a civil disobedience towards the premises of my livelihood and have now settled up on white lie practical jokes over every single public interest in my Bookshop – something about me defeating a great Army and yet none had forced me to prove it by making me serve them in the security industry, something about me being too much of a coward to deserved my career that had just passed on Media which effect when I am getting a job that somebody else is offering me is usually disastrous as they found their stupidities amusing. I now therefore want them to restrict these jokes to their own careers and they are showing that they were too addicted to do so hence it is important to play my hand and cut off access to my concerns no matter what I took, even when I knew that doing so would mean they dropped down to obscurity, which over time has become something that will give me a lot of pleasure. First things I need to start with a process of building Celebrities a reputation for alliances with culture and society gits to trash my career like they did with my academic work and needed to ensure that it was the only reputation they had – the part that goes into the business of making me out to be a character people attacked and bullied when they wanted to reach agreement at big business deals usually helps me make sense of those times when they needed to ensure my career does not mean anything to anybody because I put my foot down over a particular issue concerning my work and how I should be used, according to history, I usually respond to this as a matter of the fact we are not relatives and I am not one of those character they got into agreement with when they got some money together and set about seeking their fortunes in the City. The same applies to their culture and society gits whose whole abusive business with me is a matter of how to use my personal space, like the Celebrities the main problem is that involvement with me is an experience like no other and I am starting to assess those stupid communities and households again, the next time I pop the question of their need to move into my right hand as if they were the ones performing National service in this Country, I will ensure that I made sense of all that boasting that nothing I said or did shook them, the part where perverse interest in my patent and property rights were not prevented, civil disobedience at my Bookshop premises were not prevented, a history of insults to shower me with were not prevented and now we can see that unless I tackled their finances, right down to the part where somebody was giving them money to reward them for bugging me, having I failed to co-operate with some stupidities they came up with, the next time I pop the question about the Celebrities living in homes that get them to make sense of the reasons the Head of State lived in a Castle which get them to desire the same level of fraternity with Nation and show up here to live in my life abusively telling pathological lies like their Politicians to rip up my finances and keep it going, I will be engaged in a business of burning their money, so that my responses on this occasion will be the finale.

They do make those suggestions that people I fight for are not as valuable as the Celebrities I loved to treat with disdain but it is now how it works and this is not what I am selling either; what really happens is that I am socially gay and this is because I had talent and history of working in the interest on the hungry, this also means that I had to ensure that the society and culture madness was not harmful to people – the effect is that there was time for everything, chasing bottoms was alright when done in the bedroom but unless it was a kind of office applicable doing it in an Office would likely lead to trouble and I was prepared to bang those who bashed my own because they faced problems because of it – what then happens when Celebrities get involved is that they were the power aspects of socially gay, the violent bits, the war bits, the ones that fight peoples battles, which outcome is that the business of there being a time and place for everything is completely destroyed and people cannot control what their tummy does, the socially gay ended up in the hands of same sex characters and their stupidities got as violent as they desired with financial benefits attached. The purpose of my plans is that when they dropped to obscurity because I picked out bits of their career to work what I wanted to do with culture and society troublemakers and built them a public life that suggested they were famous for making mine complicated, is that we will have come full circle.

I had long learned the stick gesture that is used on me every time they make the most of my property rights or pervert the purpose of my patents to boost their earnings and venture to imagine it will come in handy when I want to beat them down until the civil rights problems were solved as well, never mind the fact that if they did, so will they become famous and a stage set for them to make market for something that they actually achieved or fought for.

I. Uno I

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