The claim that I have been violated and abused is not an emotive one but they have not stated whom exactly is doing it either; we have now arrived at a point where it knows my problem was to do with society gits looking like things that were deserving of 100% of any violent thing I had in mind, running me down to make money, famous fools picking up my assets to make money and both teaching their stupid children to call me names and get imagination into my panties, claiming I am a low life. So speaking of questions being raised about what will solve my own problem too, should I decide that I wanted to forcibly get them focusing on reading Books when they show up at my Bookshop, nothing else, especially their media and famous fools continuing to live up to the announcement that clinging to my finances to get me attacking others to help them feel safe, will never stop despite complaining of the consequences associated with such insults. I have so far built up their insults at my Bookshop as party to the method of running it and they have whilst these activities continued, built up publicity for their own version of what it really means that I had i.e. the state of affairs before it develops into something of the way my dress code did not matter and how well they had done in life did not either on account they could not fool around elsewhere and failed to keep their comments restricted to their own careers instead of mine. It shows up here to build up such nonsense with an insolent interest in my personal space – something about access to free and available Royal personal life that they wish to make use of abusively only, before it arrives at a point where it would respond on my behalf to questions of how I became vulnerable to their gimmicks by telling people I had been violated and abused.

They do suggest I am not innocent in the matter and I am not; it all started when the gimmicks that involved taking advantage of people who did not have fun and spent a lot of time being serious, built up to a claims the law allowed the weak to attack the strong and get away with it culminating in me dropping out of University – after which I ended up in their part of society where the abuses continued daily until I decided to chase the face of it by performing some activities which ensured their abusive insolent children made sense of their high street insults in a way which ensured that as I dropped out of University will they be too old for fame and career too. What the gits are now doing with my Office space and my writing career is new and I believe I am within my rights if I want to stop it badly too – the other fools who show up to make the most of the filthy interest in my personal space and shoot off the popularity big mouth that I will be attacked if I suffered tummy upset for it have not yet set the stage for the way that their stupidities will end so far as well. It is a Bookshop, and they were supposed 0to show up for Book reading and nothing else.

The Politicians say that I might be doing this now, but they have made a lot of money from these activities and yes, they have because the ex-Prince of Wales could not wait for the presiding Monarch to pass on peacefully and got about pushing her, this is therefore the resulting mess. These fools had since taken up an alliance with criminal communities to build a public image from working immoral society, finished off with a specific community that was developed to handle access to my Royal personal and social life for the purpose of getting rich without doing a day’s work and they invoke the name of the King every time they were found doing it. The more serious details are the parts where we listen to their fools at the Monarchy make stupid statements of the way I am set to be replaced, interfering with work I do to control their violent orthodoxy which feeds into any activities that support the government and ensure the power remained in the hands of legitimate authorities and not famous fools with their corrupt private security, rogue landlords and hoodlums with a need to get imagination into peoples panties leadership where they get to announce they were more important than everybody else endlessly, to which I have on several occasion at this stage gotten out of bed to feel as if I wanted to lead them on. I mean there are many other things to do besides worrying about whether or not famous fools had taken up immoral society alliances with criminal communities and turned it into a form of public leadership to which effect they had acquired a public life – things like setting Policy for many things that may even include the instances where governing body for professional journalism had decided journalists ought to behave a certain way and the journalists got to stick to it with ample respect for other peoples carer boundaries as well. The big one being that we needed to control the engine of economic growth when even Germans were showing up to galvanise young people into groups that made money by concentrating all their attention on people’s endings, then find out they had not done as well as the people they looked up to and needed to invent some other trick that allowed them avoid the abuses that the young people could target them with, making a mess of civil liberties every day, shooting off the big mouth at me to suggest I was dealing with a power and it was evil before deciding I am a coward, yap yapping endlessly when it had not stopped painfully. At the Monarchy however I do not think the matter was a crisis in any case – Queen Elizabeth II set it up like so i.e. the abdication option for Royals needed to be abandoned especially for top Royals and the badly behaved ones will inherit their Crown if there was a Crown to inherit, so that all these matters may play out – I am prepared to participate fully and see how these idiots made the most of these issues they were so obsessed with too.

They claim this was to do with others fighting my wars – what we know is that what is happening between an Arch Prince and the Russian President had nothing to do with a bunch of high street insults and middle management twats who think others were more valuable to them as customers shopping every week and not as employees, so that somebody else got to do the employing for them whilst they got rich – I have issued the warnings about its thoroughly modern insults putting the well off neighbourhoods on the spotlight to see what I am capable of as well, if its insolence is not going to move on. I mean the American practical jokes that facilitate this nonsense, considering it was a matter of the country most farthest to the west that was full of idiots obsessed with peoples endings as an exertion of power to get what they want and the one most willing to conduct economic abuses on me, started in 2003, I have been hunted and hounded to a point where it decided if I was to get out of bed to face nauseating financial complications everyday by 2023, so their stupidities will likely be the point where I too got to make an example of what I can do to get what I want as well. It does brag I did not have a chance and will likely push me to attack the businesses and finances of anybody born under the Scorpio  birth sign, so they could keep their sexual harassment out of my pants and the Virgo birth sign, so that people could be allowed to tell the truth and those who had nothing to say about other people concerns may keep their bloody mouth shut, then get back to them on capability issues. In the end we are talking about this crisis that had developed from people fighting my wars because they invented it, trashed my security services assets to show up getting me to do what Celebrities desired, I have warned about the insults sufficiently at this stage as well. I am told that these activities showed celebrities absolutely hated and despised me and yes they do but I do not see how being in control of some boo boys who help them spy on others to handle people assets and get rich while the boo boys fought national level enemies on behalf of their victims, as they got together to forge an alliance with criminals communities, building their presence in immoral society into something that allowed them a public recognition as though they were administrative leadership, makes them the centre of the Universe, hence they can see why I am not hot and bothered. They do however suggest that people had to make so many adjustments to accommodate me whereas what is really happening was that they had always felt entitled to peoples careers, then the recession happened and the government got off talking like everybody’s job was everybody else’s job, at this which they got completely out of hand – so the only thing they need adjust to was a recognition that I worked creative equities with companies, instances could emerge where a company identified a market and wanted equity associated with bad things they saw in a war zone, which when interfered with will encourage state provided security to get involved which public security involvement they claimed was disrespectful, especially when it demanded that they got involved with fighting despite being famous i.e. a process where the media ceased to make comments about my career and to interfere with my clients interests and they showed up here solely to purchase their own copy of my Book and nothing else (especially as it all comes on the back of a need to dominate everything I did when I stepped outside of my door to pursue my own affairs, then pick up a relationship with women who had institutionalised with their insults like I did, in order to prevent me having a relationship, show up here with the mess of historical record divorces and a global stage self improvement seminar for the male population, allowing low lives access to my personal space, to which effect we are aware nothing I say ever works only the business of punishment via the consequences of their alliance with criminal community does). The feedback we are getting is that they were ruining my career and social life to serve Celebrities but what we know they express through road rage and media abuses is more of the idea I am the enemy and that I am not working hard to keep them off my defence industry equity and assets as well as armed forces engagements, whilst they did what they could to copy those engagements and make their own to serve Celebrities as their society gits get imagination up my anus all day. So I am also therefore told that there was nothing wrong with my crime control publicity but it rather seemed that there was, since the announcement is that the famous insults that I am meant to get into a brawl with people on the streets to enhance their sense of safety and security will not stop, therefore since it continues, the trouble makers continued to get their imagination into my pants as well – the point being that I will need to continue experimenting until I find the correct measures and tools that will ensure they stopped relating with me as if I am an animal. We know the cause of the abusive bits was their need to pick up my assets and public image then hang about with every now and then type of abusive love reading birth signs, hence we do not know what a Libra Arch Prince or a Libra Prince to say the least looked like yet and are still waiting for their stupidities to come through. They claim their main problem was to do with the way that I am an insignificant character about whom people did National service, I could never make sense of it either; we know that an average Military leadership earns as much as their local MP, so the theory they were doing National service because of me does not hold at all, that said, I hate having a conversation about it, always better when they get stuck like the claim that I am using access to the Monarchy to deploy National identity as a tool for success, which arrived at a stage where they felt that way, got others to as well but could not stop me and none cared what they felt. Here they would say I have confessed to being insignificant which I have naturally, insignificant as per somebody who helped to facilitate instances where government function in the neighbourhood meat more pressure on those who knew what to do with their careers but failed to on one hand whilst on the other there were people working National service who on doing their drill fraternised with me kind of insignificant – the problem as I have mentioned before is that these goons have become important persons as well, so their inability to eliminate the insults built up to wreck my academic pursuits and my career publicity thereafter had gone way above their heads but they are only experiencing one part of it, considering whenever they handled my public image, they got paid for being popular, hence do not get to feel as well, the aspect where instead of public engagement with wealth equity movement people got involved with my career because I am a character that others bullied to befriend the wealthy, so we await a time that I will get my hands on it as well.




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They claim what has really happened was a result where everything that led to outcomes where people did the dirty work of hurting others in my interest, had completely failed. I could never make sense of it either, these were criminals but had found a way to commit crimes that were not stated by law and run it through until they made money, we know more so from the impact it had on the victims right to just step outside of their door without running into difficulty with it, all built from a need to shower public figures with insults, now that I am particularly pleased when they hurt each other in my interest but we have seen that when I protest their need to do it over my career, they claimed I was doing the wrong thing and it had since grown to a point where the Bookshop had come stuck and they need to unstuck the Bookshop. We know that it continues because they had access to public interest with respect to their career, they needed the public interest in their careers to keep a livelihood but could not run it without a series of behaviour, gestures and insults that get the Bookshop stuck. They would then get off suggesting that it was also part of the problem, that I ran my career the way that I did which is utter rubbish – we know it is good at keeping an eye on all of its behaviour to build up to a stage where it could challenge public figures and celebrities at will but it has not made a single decision about where its career should be located as a matter of the prison service, what it has made a decision about are the things it can do to get others dropping out of school so it could concentrate on and pass its exams, right up to the part where NHS ambulances were used to run off community relations that suggested that I am a siren and needed to fight my corner without bothering the Police while it claimed that the Police disturbed the neighbourhood for instance. These facts in themselves showed the difference between my career and their own, so it is not really a matter of the way that I ran the career but a matter of what had been shared – due to the public work, they have developed from hoodlums at street corners who think of getting into a fight with me, such that they touched me and we had a messy history, if I got beaten they will run me down to make money until I became homosexual and if I was not they would keep that history and make money by avoiding work, into famous idiots who are always in need of hospitality that had developed from engagement with public work on my part, they had no emotional and physical sense of well being without being served by it but were always nasty and abusive to such an extent my finances had crashed, whereas their own history and hospitality around here was a matter of ageist idiots sharing my privacy with hoodlums and criminals to allow people finger my bum and clearly it was so important that we could see that there was actually nothing wrong with it in any case. Then there is the cause of the clash being that I needed to pay my own bills as well, with respect to the way it hijacks the public work to complain that it came with issues and I was hanging around doing nothing to serve entitled idiots like themselves, who had transformed it into something that people who had X and Y amount of money in their own banks accounts, could be entitled to – needs to stop handling me and lift the gimmicks that get the Bookshop stuck or I will get rid of it in a way that does not consider their welfare to be a factor.

There is no truth in claims I am in deep waters, I believe that there is now satisfaction on the way my history as a University drop out had ended over their interest in my personal space - what is now outstanding is the way that it claims it had power to make people famous and whenever it handled my concerns without permission, I ended up with nothing, never will it be seen doing anything that everybody else was doing with the fact I opened up matters associated with assisting Politicians who worked with Businesses on red tape matters, its interest is to get as close as possible, try to be me, trash my finances to get rich fast and leave me with social matters doing so, then run off publicity on Media which changes the context of all I did with my career to cause a delay that it could maintain talking nonsense to bask in the glow of Public attention, which has now become a real problem, complaining about people who ask it to keep away from me, as I am a threat to its stupidities. I believe I have done my best for something this stupid, I will tend to stop when I begin working on their financial well being too.


The problem here was rather a simple matter of having written a Book to solve a specific problem. What I know of my Book at this stage is that it has been put to psychopath conversations about who made the decisions for people to attack others over the safety and well being of some idiots, who did the attacking and whose property was thrown to those that took risks to do the attacking. Since there has been no response as yet from me on the way these idiots have gotten away with making a mess of my academic studies and now my Books as well, we have ended up with the social situation involving whether there were well off neighbourhood and poorer neighbourhoods, garnished with public transport idiots with ideas about stealing my career to sell where people had more money and building insolent patches that they can get violent with on it with a big mouth, talking rubbish about the way I handled the stupid society, supposedly forcing me to resolve social issues as would improve their outdoor profile – on the other hand is the simple fact that all of these madness tended to replace a process where they paid for what they used and used for what they paid for, need keep practical jokes off my Bookshop and what I did with it was not the business of busy body fame idiots and their incredibly stupid fans. Fall out if that the idiots had joined National service in some way or another to fight my wars and pillage my civic duties in a bid to decide what became of my career on the basis of brave things I will have done to deserve it, on account I crashed a gimmick where they had to have a connection between Government funds and Industry, which their stupidities apparently could not build without progression from a need to see me without my clothes on for abusive sexual narcissism, which is the crux of the problem when we discuss the way they paid for what they used and used only what they paid for, as a matter of my property, especially my Books and my Bookshop, into something of a right to channel the worst types of narcissism in my direction and hang about complaining to whatever it is their stupidities thought was listening. All on one hand and on the other people made use of a service I completed by paying for it, not inventing lies by which to spend it getting rich fast and or punishing me for it, if their stupidities wish to stop complaining about me as well – so it is an example of how badly the fun can end.

These stupid alternatives take years to build for what is as simple as people reading Books I wrote whenever they turned up anywhere near my premises.

The story we apparently are not allowed any freedom from, is that I am arguably the most irritating person that Media gits and famous idiots have ever met. I do not understand why it is such a trend anyway, whilst reality is that their insults make a mess of my finances while what they claim was insults on my part just made them uncomfortable about damaging my property. So the big lip flapping is that they were scum who paid people to hurt others in order to complete their lives, with respect to me which those people were bored and they had a problem with State provided security here. If they stopped now, I would have lost 5 years’ worth of income to gimmicks where people were so fearful of employers being caught up in the practical jokes if they read my Books, and setting out a stage for people to get involved with a royal office is not what I did for a living, therefore we are approaching a result where I did not care when they wanted to stop it (it should never have progressed beyond practical jokes into outright handling of my property in the first place).


Please excuse what my language has become on some occasion, as it would be pretentious and dishonest to avoid them completely, considering that I also had to  engage with the Business of controlling the abusive and nefarious activities of the Famous, more so, having been my Literary work is so rudimentary to ensure it is thorough in its service provision, considering what the problem of Celebrities and Popularity figures become when they have had their unfettered access to problem transfer means and Media at any rate taken away from them or restricted.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.



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The point made is that I was incapable of getting into a situation to defend myself or other people and I really wish it were true, so I might be free of this nonsense I do not do for a living where idiots who blew my roof off to say their companies were the best years back are now showering me with insults to allow sex workers handle my social life passing the stupid narcissism that never stops until it really does, to sell them sex while they chased my market to keep the earnings at the correct level, even the part where their stupid celebrities enjoyed picking up my public work to provide for their fans and shooting off insults at me when they make a mess of my finances doing it because their country had a bigger military. It is not what I do for a living, they will not find themselves real jobs yet and clearly does not stop until it really does.

This nonsense is mostly a product of idiots who profess their position in society as one in which they spent most of their time playing with and getting in league with another group of scum who practiced ageism; they were doing their thing on me and I suppose the talk of cowardice and dreams of me being a puff was all good as long as it did not get beyond the stupid practical jokes into a process of physical involvement with person or property. If I mentioned the truth of what the bottom chasing gimmicks that troubles everybody so much, as a case of gits with ideas about an activity at the outdoors which best fits scum who think they were everybody’s fathers, joined in by useless twats who then wish to ensure they did not have less rights than their parents did, showing up on media to run me down, I would have been said to be the one practicing the discrimination.

It is usually all fun and games screwing about with ageists naturally until it turns out the alternative to a situation where we were all dressed up carrying guns and off to some mass war, should have been that we dressed up and went off camping, by which time we would be camping never the less anyway. I am told the problem was more a matter of how much Americans loved to spend my property but it is not an emotive issue either, Russia was responsible for the cyber threat last we checked but all my life the insecurity and a process of being groomed for any prevalent Russian cyber threats is built by the entitled yanks. It will now use Ukraine to destroy Russia lest you get to inform its stupidities of where its enemies were and the fighting it had to engage with but considering the prospects of world war three, I am having a difficult time re-instating the work I was doing if it found matters so difficult in terms of resolving the problems it created. We see it being copied by the famous idiots; will pick up my assets to make entertainment that pandered to popularity gits that were fans of Russia and show up here to run my life with social structures criminals controlled, leaving the insult of fingering my bum to see what I ate as per the confidence I had to stand up to its stupidities and leave the abuses for the real Men Muslims that became its friends when none was forcing their stupidities to do the Jihad, the latter showing up here for it everyday because they enjoyed applicable spiritual wickedness of the sort, when its not dead yet (I mean they say I claimed they fought for me while I am in insignificant twat and none fought any wars for me - it is naturally hardly credible if I am a Hermit that claims people went to war to fight for him: what happens instead being that they went off to burn my assets and get everybody sucking up to Celebrities and I responded by making out the fighting to have been done in order to serve me, which had since developed into an issue about their bottom chasing public life showing here to make such a mess as would earn them a reckoning, so I know I am not a victim in the matter, never said I was).

It was always more important to be ab bully than it was to be a person, shows up here entitled to spend my personal life on the effects and consequences with a big mouth - on the ground the German influence ones are about to create a scenario in which they got to deal with it everyday until the mess made of my career and social life on claims I am a coward stops very badly.



They do claim they disliked me because everything I handled got damaged. It is utter nonsense naturally, as the reasons these happens is the need to get me doing something which makes me incredibly uncomfortable but my need to serve them and idolise them continued to push me into doing it, because it played into money market gimmicks that will allow them get rich on media by handling other peoples business advertisement time and resources. As for the damage I caused to anything I touched however, there is no such thing and the version of me I saw in the mirror was completely different from the me they have created, the annoying part being that the created version of me sets the stage for me to be separated from me which they could add to their career for more gimmicks; nothing has changed since University, it wrecks my degree programme to pass exams and run off this nonsense at me, has had it for 15 years now and need to stop handling me or I get to put an end to it very badly. Some people have said that we continued to keep secrets on the matter but it is an old story and nothing more; same case of a group of gits with ideas about making money by fighting for public and social issues which fighting they get others to perform all together, we were on the verge of world war three in Ukraine because it had grown so big, that said, the fault was with the Politicians who decided their own corruption involved the career was that tossed to the dogs when things went wrong, whilst they ensured that even when they saw daily evidence these idiots were in league with criminals while thinking their gimmicks added up to fame, they continued to engage in this nonsense with them all together and I am now at a point where I need to make a decision which meant that their governmental interests was none of my concern and find out if I will not end up somewhere within my rights to attack the next Politician who continued to place me on unemployment support while he had stupid fun with famous twats, claiming it was a power issue. The Celebrities however are done and if they will not recover my losses, need to understand how I feel about their unwillingness to stave off making a mess of my finances.

It is said that this always happened before I became aware of it and I am aware it always did - something about the way that corrupt fat cats make secrets of wealth from the work of armed forces operatives and build global stage crowds for it, to run off over and over until it ether end up with life threatening public problems or there were the wrong narratives when we approached existing public problems - it needs to stop running it off at me during working Hours and it needs to stay away from my Books. I am informed that they did not think me a threat but what we have now is a gimmick associated with Men causing smell issues from their alliance with the criminal community, to take advantage of kindness everywhere, which plays into the above and works money market profits thereof, when it bothered me at University until I dropped out, the idea was that I was getting student loans and therefore not actually paying my fees, now I am caught up in an environment where I needed to pay back the money with interest and they were still here to fool around, even though they were neither homeless nor living on food banks to say the least. Dropping out of University therefore was not the worst thing that could have happened to me considering the consequences I am in position and willing to dish out and it is not to say that  I should not return to finish it if I needed the tools so desperately either but we can see that it has been showing up here to stifle my finances because the process allows them to claim they created me, continues to pick up my career and product publicity for the purpose and uses the premise to peddle my public image along with their American twats each time they attained top positions at Industry and were required to sell products by their employers. They have sited instances where as they claim was examples of people taking advantage of me without consequences naturally but we are talking about people whose careers were so hardwired to the system that first of all, they made more money from handling my concerns and the finances always circulated in the system, then there is the other part of the same story where my concerns were handled as support systems where some companies were too big to fill an emerging market, so somebody created an innovative product for it - from their point of view, it is taking advantage, from a professional point of view, it is the engine of economic growth at work.  Then it suggests it was never clear where I got all the information, reality rather being a matter of securing the information from a Royal Office that is meant to perform certain tasks if Politicians regularly met with business communities for red tape cutting ceremonies, which they claim would exist only upon their say so, clowning around endlessly.


It is suggested all I have done is now a right mess but it is not; the choices are that people can challenge me and want to move into my right hand if their families were doing the National service in this Country or their stupidities was convinced a reality existed where an arch prince got into a fight with their enemies to make them feel taken care of, did really exist – the other choice was to say that National service was better for people who got involved with my public work in the course of doing it, and currently like it is presently, ensure that nothing was free of the messy stupidities.

I am said to have had a lifestyle which completely relies on others without gratitude – it is utter nonsense too; i know i have been meeting people to vouch for crown interests, not aware i am meeting them. Then the big one where i met some female journalists who private army was not part of their jobs unlike my accusers, so the question at this stage is one of a state of mind that suggests my approach to female society problems were incorrect at the initial stage, unless i said that their stupidities and the actions of prostitutes picking up my social life and public image to sell sex consumed by idiots who blew my roof off over their stupid superior companies but do not now wish to work for it because they wanted my market, was not what i did a living. Will not get a real career, had found profitable sex work.

I am told that I will never find a wife considering the way I ran my finances which is utter nonsense – if I am not detached from the upper class, it is easy to find a wife once I explained the reasons my finances appeared the way it is. The problem is the lower classes I am stuck with and even if they had an industrial disposition which could help me get around to important governmental matters in a personal relationship, it would have been a position that did me more harm than good but once it is done stifling my relationships, so the passage of time eventually meant the pool of partners had dissipated, it will enter into another phase where it handled my concerns to find husbands and make babies – same as we see their idiots from the world of paparazzi and Celebrity idealising business show up here to tackle me over claims I had won a great battle, once finished, they needed my personal life to build restaurants because their stupidities had to eat. I do not think handling Celebrities was a serious issue, the purpose of their interest in me is to make such a fuss about everything that due to the never-ending access to the public which they had, I never had to worry about PR, the problem was that of a collection of goons who make it into a complete mess and then get about fighting my wars. The difficulty now is that of the famous goons to stop beating me down with publicity while claiming they made money at my expense and my whole career was aimed at catching up which must be prevented, whereas there is a real world professional feel of meeting people and touching people to sell Books as a writer, which is completely separate from their need to pick up other peoples assets for their own money making processes, then find activities that will help them make claims of ownership to it as a method of showing that they worked for what they own. I am told my method of handling celebrities is too relaxed which is not the case, as we see from the above facts, they really do not believe I am arguably one of the worst things that will likely happen to them due to the fact I am of the opinion the only way to give them what they want and to attain some control and success with my own concerns was to ensure that they hated and feared me in equal measure – that I believed the only way to get along with them was to ensure they understood the only part of their concerns I can tolerate was the part where they met public figures and had to find their way around the social activities on the basis that they were paying privately to cover their backsides while public figures had it done at tax payer expense, it usually leads to outcomes where one pities the famous but then these are the only conditions where a bit of normalcy and financial well being for me can be guaranteed, contrary to those claims that it would make more trouble for me. The others were goons who enjoyed bothering Politicians on my account but have not stopped wrecking my academic pursuits and my finances to chase a gimmick where they picked up my career and product publicity for a business of feel good fun that they were entitled to have with me, while keeping their own finances for dominance, which is then used as a tool for money market business doing – needs to stop running it off at me during working hours and needs to stay away from my Books or continue to assume there was no prospect of me shutting it down very badly. They do claim I expected them to respond when I talked but I don’t, I expect them to weigh up the risks of getting into a fight with an Arch Prince over access to the Households at the Market or get in touch with the famous twats again and figure out how they want to stop stifling my finances and recover what they have damaged over the past 12 year period leading up to 2022 at this Hermitage, lest I got to do it myself. 

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We had to listen to the nonsense that I created problems for myself due to a need I had to try and be somebody or something else. On the ground however which nothing has really changed, only the part where it seems that there was now an official position that meant a daily response was needed for their gimmicks – mostly still the same stupid men who select acquaintances for their female colleagues and in so doing select mine too, who claim that their involvement corruption performed on my career came with consequences but I was not significant enough for those consequences to apply, building a global stage disposition to handle me for survival thereafter. In the end it still comes through to the one issue where the idiots never stopped handling others while reading star signs, whereby I am a Libra and Libras were kindest, so their stupidities had taken advantage of kindness to such an extent they built a community to finger my bum and have created both a sanitation and sanitary problem, it clearly will not stop because it is entitled and invincible, backed by tin can feminists.

They have suggested what had been achieved is a process where I had lost the battle with the famous and the Media; it is utter nonsense naturally, as the reality is more that the more I dither on the business of attacking them because I believed I could tolerate their financially expensive insults forever, the more they made money off it and it thus became impossible to stop them whenever they claimed that they made money at my expense and the problem was the way it pained me that I could never catch on, such that I actually could never catch on anymore. So it does come down to the other questions people raise, questions the reason it always makes sense for Government office operatives to tackle the famous – first of all evidence being that people decided their 18 to 65 issues should be handled by the famous and I end up living on Government support because I have been successful with my government concerns which poses a question as to whether their entitled stupidities had made the correct decision. Then there were other follow on outcomes, such as the idea I got along with some Celebrities but did not get along with some, where the truth was more a matter of the difference between people attending school and there existing sociological matters, to which effect some have by my permission, gotten involved with my state provided security matters to provide entertainment in those circumstances, focusing on the way a handful show up to do crime and had to become passionate people which scenarios ran for what seems like an eternity because the Police got involved as well – compared to the claim they were more important and I spent my time trying to rub shoulders with them whilst criminals were nice people willing to take risks for money making purposes that will fund show business. The bone of contention with the famous as a whole, thus the point where I got along with some, is that since we made Policy, the idea as said, that when I thief steals because he is hungry, he is usually not blamed but when caught he had to be punished, applied to us as Government buildings and not to the famous, so we see what the problem is, something that even a child can make sense of building me a 20 year career mess around here. They do claim it was always convenient to attack the famous but the convenience is a matter of the points where the instability they create is being encouraged and funded from overseas, whilst I have built up a history of being able to handle it properly, I think that the most convenient way to handle it will be the part where the solution involved what I wanted to do with the famous and the insults of their society idiots who claimed they had created me a history fo my life that best fits me, fingered my bum and decided my social position thereof – so we can see that they were the bigger problem, unlike a thief who steals an item, they wrecked careers to play up money market gimmicks with the career publicity that people built up but failed to attain and any careers that they felt was too tempting for them, they make the mess and play up the money market gimmicks with organised crime, lip flapping that I had lost the battle when not dead yet. I have warned them about it but they believe if their lives relied on it, I would not be able to withdraw access to my person from their famous stupidities, warned them about the finance and inequality chasm that will emerge when I pursued their need to show up in the neighbourhoods and wreck peoples career in order to play up publicity abuses that reach top industry offices, for the purpose of friendship with the wealthy and to get rich fast, I have warned them of what will become of instances where I took up the issue for the purpose applicable. The core of the problem is still that people who worked their famous idiots security had embedded themselves in the armed services and civil enforcement systems, they were the only people making an Arch Prince work for money, they were the only people fighting my wars, there has not yet been enough teaching to dissuade them concerning how consequential and damaging this behaviour is, we however know that there have been such results as female Police officers going under cover and in no time at all, not least due to their need to supply people information about me when they were career criminals, she is discovered and sexually assaulted already, on the other hand, history says that I had done their own as well, particularly over the need to wreck my assets at Communists territories and show up here with insults that will bend me to the will of their famous idiots.






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Of course I am aware a sense has emerged that I have allowed my literary empire to be deployed by money mad trouble makers to satisfy their needs in order to save people or save the world which means they have used my property to extract a lot of money that they now do not know what to do with from others using the markets and that the violence that continues still to create disillusion for people and money for their inability to work for a living or tolerate a sense they do not have everything while others seem in their view to have a high tolerance for it, was not and is not worth it either but that being the case, it has been a matter of competition that can either be resolved by a future built for our younger people and children when it comes to competing with them successfully on one hand or simply a sales and competition platform I have built for those I hire to do the job of selling the books for me, which I may pick up myself.

It is normally said what I say about such matters as domestic abuse are either unbecoming or not understood but the matter is really not an emotive one in any case; the assumption people make all the time that domestic abuse happens to stubborn strong women that men simply cannot stand and therefore attack them for it, whereas that will better describe the idiots I will tolerate no nonsense from and really think they need to get beaten up by a man regularly anyway, which is why I wish it all the time. I know yet again I will be told I have not said anything progressive but domestic abuse is not a progressive issue when two people are in a very unproductive relationship and one wife that is not at work cannot groom a husband that needs to because she is all beaten up and the other issue is the story of companies in an area and people getting jobs from it and the strange things some woman does because either she or her husband is trying to set up a small business or something which then brings into public light the things people do to push themselves harder and harder to work for their money and the third is the big case here i.e. these idiots that must get out of bed to try their hands on my job where it earns money and cannot do anything else with their time except earn the perks of my job and ensure I can never breathe because they are making out it is funny as well looking for trouble; so for now it is the lesser methods of handling them which involves never responding to the men because it is their women and celebrities that suffer the most when you don’t so that leaves me the opportunity to take him down financially and yes of course they are off to the media to cover for that so they might never stop and it is great to see they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak.

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