The first occasion that a distance existed between my concerns and that of Celebrities, which was never respected, was the time Politicians and Media got off pointing out after a complete failure of all processes to get me tackling Famous and rich people over claims they took something from me, by wrecking my academic pursuits and career – they pointed out that if the Celebrities made money, they moved away from me and got a lifestyle which allowed me to get on with my own concerns as well, contrary to this process where I am having my finances trashed by means of media insults and my age was a proper disadvantage every day thereafter. Now the process of putting that distance involved the idea I was some gift to the US Government and no matter who I was or what I achieved, it came down to a process of seeing me get into a fight to make them feel important and powerful and to clear out social problems by being able to say that somebody got hurt or killed over it, instead of moving it out the proper way, rather than build up risks of my people doing dangerous things to show how lacking in effort my position was, whereas I know there is no problems to tackle.

Hence I am now about to deploy a history of this behaviour as the tool that allowed me develop relationship with people over career, employment and business matters, it does seem than that physical damage to my property if it didn’t end up in a law Court has to be responded to by a process of changing them everyday in such a way that there was a consequence around their Celebrity bank balance as well, the same I learn it from their insulting and relentless racists and ethnic minority popularity idiots, otherwise they will continue to progress this problem where I always have to deal with the fact they had donated money to some poor people that can make trouble for others, who then set about trashing the International disposition of my Office to seek money from my social life and public image, given more so the kind of speeches and statements their famous stupidities make each time they donate the money that they made extracting an income from my social life and public image all together in the first place.


I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland