So, it is said that this is some spectacular fall out with famous people, but it really is not. It is entirely predictable if the facts were made to be more obvious – that I set about making available equity for entertainment because people were seeking and more from my public work, and the condition was that the Equities worked only as a tool to prevent ex-convicts and criminals from following them around. It was a phenomenon and they couldn’t have enough of it but then came these idiots who then decided if they made enough trouble to lay claims of ownership to the system, they would become rich and then it began – the destruction of my studies, then career, then finances, which allowed the criminals and ex-convicts to say that I thought I had done something right but am now being punished for it, so with their need to hang about showing me I am being punished because I dared to write a Book that did not go along with their ideas on being thoroughly modern, garnished with insults  concerning their queer stupidities, the finer points of homosexuality that I ought to take seriously, the ex-convicts had begun to get imagination up their bum and they took revenge which developed all the other forms of social ills and abuses that are specifically built up to target me. I would then have decided it was a mess and they could be congratulated but we find that they soon decided I was never going to get all gratuitous with them, such that each time they turned up a public appearance and somebody chased their private parts, I will lose my business because it was a job that I was meant to do. The pressure ‘fucking’ point now is that they need stay away from my Bookshop and put out the way they got along with family and friends when making those stupid comments or it will stop the way that I want it too instead.

So far results have been better than expected, a Public crisis has emerged since last I declared a plan to move the work Court from Media to Society - the abuses and violence of men that follow me around to wreck my career over what my personality showed that I knew and had to share at any cost, fearing that they might share their women - the stupid Children allowed to them with several other gimmicks on how to make the best of wrecking what is left of the career to make money that was spent on Celebrity products, while I became both pawn and punching bag for famous idiots that wanted to earn my income. The idea that this is what their civil rights looks like, helping to ensure they had run out of Political lies. I do not therefore think on a personal stage, that this business of an abusive relationship that had emerged in a cycle of vandalism at my Bookshop to work power and ambition through a social disposition which existed between them, me, and the employers, is ever going to end well.

We are never free from claims that I started all of it, while reality is more that they follow me around to wreck my career, have already destroyed University studies and after years of work, completing my University studies which I will is no longer a factor in my financial wellbeing or with respect to their own outlook on the world, however we are still there because it offers such an opportunity for bullying and vandalism, which is because they can see several academic advancement stages emerging unfilled, in everything I did with my Clients and could develop social life and public image to suggest they were entitled to it. An example of the way that I start naturally is the story about their society and its gimmicks with a personality that had emerged from the things I did in an academic environment – eventually it leads to statements about me living like a woman of which they wanted me to hand it back and get a Man’s life and I still remember the last time I had this me, them and the gangs relationship, where they wrecked the lives of gang to make them more dangerous and claimed it was all my fault, which resulted in a lot of people dying and so I plan to rebuild it over their stupid interest in my Books and the wealth inequity emerging which their stupid Celebrities have devised as an answer for all problems. Generally on the matter of living like a woman, it’s an old story about assisting the women because these fools had become women for their part, hanging about somewhere feeling themselves and wanting to make money on my Public image, while their stupid Celebrities got involved with it to roll a grenade under the table regularly, whereby I am able to provide security for a large number of people and their stupidities were selling it up to the Industry gits to facilitate their own industrial progress and wealth grab – the story being that eventually women know best on this criminal feminism gimmick but these goons will always ensure that a cycle emerged where you assisted them and that was wasted on problems, then they got stuck with it and you had to assist them again, unless you wanted to do something about it overall. It is a risk and I have to accept what my life looks like – it runs in the family as such, tried to avoid it but get involved with public service of any kind and I will find myself going there again, assisting women, knowing that the risk was the world that women lived in, being there are many people with ideas on how to mistreat them who will groom me into a position where I can be mistreated as well – the other idiots who make comments all the time now need make it about their families and friends, stop churning my tummy, taking the clothes off on my social life to leave it open for sex workers or I will burn their world, as their stupidities does hurt a lot, never mind how it churns my tummy to make them feel as if they were handling a small man who meddled with things he didn’t understand, looking for somebody I suppose, who will make them lower than they already are. The last straw really is the stupid poor getting poorer and rich getting richer gimmicks whereby they had eventually groomed me into a position where they may do whatever they liked with my person, on account they had explained to the authorities that should war break out, their stupidities will be on the frontlines, to do anything they liked with my person if they had a big mouth for it, talking nonsense recently about how much they would like to teach me lessons, which I believe is quite fine if they were mad enough for it as it were.

The market gits have never really developed enough of a disposition to tackle me as such. They do love their abuses and bullying and I am aware it is linked to the way they preserve themselves while others paid the price for their nefarious lifestyle – however it is becoming enough of a problem for me, for them to get their reasons in one of those stages where these was an Arch Prince who was hoping their abusive stupidities would damage his Royal Hermitage so the fight might kick off and on the other was the silly market madness they were obsessed with. The problem has always been the Celebrities and it is said that I have never pointed out exactly the reasons they took an interest in me which is an old story of the way they need to get me providing security for large numbers of people who would then believe in what they were selling and it is so destructive for me, not just because of their need to get involved with me and sell it to Industry goons disobediently and as stupidly as possible but also because I had built a trust system from which I worked, so I really want to help them out with security for a large crowd when they want to get rich fast, about which I never had a choice in the matter with their big mouth, banging on for it every day. I used to leave this matter to a case of what people wanted to spend their money on and then it became a real issue with respect to the question of what I would do if they spent their money but were buying trouble and sometimes, we were talking about eye watering cases like when somebody was involved with Car buying or Home buying. We ended up here because of the wealth inequity that had emerged from the perverted interests of Celebrities in my concerns and if I did not help people breach that wealth gap, I will never pay the bills properly, no matter how much I wished for it - we are talking about mobility issues like in my case, concerning a live business with products attached, being seen by famous idiots as that which exists in a world where there are areas of Town that I am not allow to venture for my safety because I smelled, where they got to peer into my books before I wrote it while preserving the incomes of their equally abusive fans, to maintain their fame and riches - I have reached a conclusion that it has not got to stop.

I. Uno I

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