Now they say that I have lost everything I had, thus black people and civil rights idiots had triumphed. It is utter nonsense as this is all about popularity people making a big mess for all and there is no Law saying I should not build myself an inventory of their interest in me and there is no law saying that I should not set out activity that allows me prevent them digging my history either. They start off these activities and then they forget what they are really like i.e. at University, it was all about doing what Armed Forces people usually did at my expense – and they will win my battles, about which they gathered a Crowd to make themselves important, I was a coward and bullying that will toughen me was necessary while my career had to pass to more courageous people as I took my time at it, the crowd becomes abusive and I end up dropping out of University, I then set about years later rectifying the damage they had done while they build hell for me at my social life, which ran up to the global stage but the damage done to my Bookshop because their stupidities were afraid of losing power due to me becoming financially successful and mainly because after all that mess, they were now putting me through hell afresh on account they thought I should be getting into a fight with people to make them even more popular, hence it is the last straw. I only started responding to them since 2015 when it became undeniably clear that they will never allow me a breathing space and their gimmicks have always worked depending on how bad the neighbourhood is, which is very annoying and frustrating for me since I really do want to leave the current bad neighbourhood after I had set up a working Office in it, so that I will return to it for work everyday while I lived elsewhere and didn’t have to be exposed to work all of the time.

It is not a behaviour that is alien to Public service – we know they are usually a handful of gits who save their energy from a career to look tough, such that when the time came, younger people wouldn’t have had a chance and older people who had money wouldn’t have had a chance either and then they set about offering the Monarchy prerogatives of doing things that armed forces do and there is no way that the Crown will say that those who had not taken part in National service were a priority. Now I simply look like something they could do whatever they liked with considering their history of being lowlifes that want to play with peoples career backed up by abusive parents who think the victims ought to let them do whatever they liked, hanging around neighbourhoods talking nonsense about people doing their lives and careers all the time and only picking themselves up when they emulated celebrities – it is getting more confrontational by the day.

The risk they face these days appears to be that they pop out the lies to get rich quick so often that they are about to run out, while it appeared the public fundamentally relied on them doing so, that it might be clear whatever issues they were complaining about were already being resolved by public service operatives and that their perverted interest in peoples lives is usually targeted at those who support the people in Armed Services that are resolving those problems.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland