The follow on question of a general sense being that having mentioned that if economic leadership is not provided, then the same who have worked hard to buy a Mercedes and has declared he will a flying spur same time next year could end up stealing, I have set out parameters for an economic leadership of convenience but it is the Politicians that have invented Government sponsored Celebrity to ensure the Problem is as difficult and impossible as ever; it is again not necessarily such a difficult and complicated matter here all together, since I have to run a Royal Office and manage a leadership of Families and in the process of supporting married families have to administrate mobility especially for young people, I was never going to overlook these kinds of social and cultural behaviour all together but even I have had enough Celebrities as I need at Court who have specific jobs to help me manage these matters and yet the government that sponsors Celebrities is still unable even so to control their own, so that they can sponsor it and make the problem so impossible to manage all together on a frequent basis as it were., It is an old case of how quick Politicians are to attack Moral people when Popularity goons seek conveniences and how impossible they find it later to tell the character of a criminal that is also a victim right up to the point people get killed by lone wolf attackers and we have not even begun on judgements passed over the livelihoods of moral people either - that always leads to complaints about instability later when stopping rights that allow people to make money peddling a public image and its owner  had grown into one that facilitates stopping the sources of income that belongs to moral people if such rights are stopped as well.

I can understand this case where it is claimed that I am afraid of gender equality because my work is so uniquely male and heavy on fostering a Man’s world and uniquely me and hence I feel threatened by it in every way but this supposition is not actually based on reality all together, it is fostered by a group of people who think it actually makes sense that I should be subliminally communicated to by women on why I must give up my job to women in order to foster some form of gender equality because I appear to be a cheap shot for it, which can only make sense to them if I asked them to return home and cook for the kids too. it would never have meant in any case that on mentioning it I have served the needs of silly Political busy bodies that jump on a band wagon to do damage to a Man either – those are at this stage done with these damages and the offering of sex that provides insanity at a later date as their form of justice provided as insolently as possible, considering they have been spending tax payer funds to fund processes by which they rip up my finances, so as to facilitate the effects they wish to extricate from setting their community croons that are barely sane on a course of stalking me for sex, it just means I am pointing out this sort of behaviour is fostered by some of the laziest and most useless women around all together; it might be an amusing trick for them, which pays off financially on a regular basis at popular culture but gender inequality just as I have mentioned above is not in any way amusing. The ability to beat the Men on both sides, does not seem to bode well - then again, the matter has always been a problem

They say there must be something I want to ensure I stop having a go at people but what I get every day is people being really dump society people who want to work some financially profitable civil and criminal disobedience on me that involves making use of my person and peddling my personal life and public image and faith; so they say they see it all the time but live in such a stupid country that they cannot peddle it and that something has to change thus are always issuing those stupid threats to build a sense I had given my consent every day because the media can decide I am the one complaining and they are not by it: I do not want it peddled and will do what I have to in order to ensure that they civil and criminal disobedience do not – while they have set themselves up with a means of explaining their stupidities by building perceptions of my public image and academic work and any talents and abilities I have been seen to exhibit in public and it is going to end very well.

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