I do get told it is a bewildering issue that anybody ended up with the sort of problems I have but it is not a problem Ė what happens is the Labour Party spending taxpayer funds to wreck my career and finances, because they had strange ideas about what I am good at and what they could get me stuck in. It is a behaviour that prevails everywhere, especially in the Job Centre Ė go there to look for work and they plan how to get you stuck somewhere and grab what you are good at. Eventuality realities start to emerge where they need me to stay out an area of Town because most of it was being used as a devise that allowed them ascertain what were culture and social crimes which they had to invent their own punishment for and the fact when I get punished by them there are social consequences is usually the beginning of respect bits that start to grow into a matter of a license I have got to take revenge. We see that if they spent this amount of energy on the wealth and social inequality that they raise the roof for all the time, it is likely that they would have solved the problem. For my part itís impossible to make sense of how in an environment where you think of preparing people for their SATS exams and GCSE, you spent about 15 years of a personís time, to groom them into an understanding of the insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of society goons and the grooming process had been most violent and most abusive, as an expression of frustration as complications that show up when you want to get them stuck somewhere, so that you might grab what they know Ė hence it becomes quite clear we are doing this because it matters, is very important, is very relevant as it were. It is not unusual, they have always been abusive, it is largely a cluster of behaviour that I ought to ignore completely but they have worked hard enough to secure access to pressure points that ensure I cannot, hence they now have the responses they have always sought.

There is talk that I spend my attention in areas that are not actually profitable, but it is the same story all round and we see it show up on my social Media profile endlessly. They see a person with a profile that is fundamentally a loose cannon first and the expression on his picture suggests if he steals somebodyís property it was fundamentally the fault of the victim, never mind that it also expresses something about the property he wants to grab and the benefits of following him. These idiots will then decide what my security was meant to be and at the end I had ended up with the same situation they created to wreck my University studies years back, followed with complains about new forms of organised crime that they suggest are linked to people being disgruntled about my activities which show their stupidities were geniuses apparently.

They do claim itís the statements we make at Government buildings which I suppose does reach a stage where it deserved a response; what does a person say to a character that will likely pick up public exposure you get for work that involved handling criminals who think you are responsible for their problems and people who had fallen by the way side with respect to their finances about which you must develop a carrot and stick routine to get them back on track? Why then is it that what you have said to them simply to continue with your work is said to be so disrespectful a competence that a mini war had broken out? Itís like they say that I will never get out of this which indicated they had lost sight of the fact I would normally have ignored these madness to pay attention to my studies and career but it is being done in such a way that the studies and career is being attacked to get a response from me and the response is what they are getting now, which shows that it is something we should be doing, something important, something relevant. I do get told I never draw attention to areas that attract them such as the parts of my work that accommodates Celebrities and never speak of the successes of these areas; this is true, but I do not because it is no longer available to characters who rip up my Books to get ex-convicts and criminals collecting my career for them because I had become rather fed up with their abuses. The structure emerged when I attended University and a handful of young peoples picked up my public work as a tool for popularity that prevented criminals and ex-convicts following them around, it soon became something that popularity culture producers could not have enough of due to the dangers they faced from gangs and crime in the Industry, so the financial potential is what attracted these gits who are hell bent now on destroying it or making it just as dangerous as the others Ė it needs to start making the comments about its family instead of my social life, public image and or career or itís about to come to an end such as would make me comfortable instead. It all comes together when it says it is out of my league and I should be seen as a little thing they handled and abused for pleasure purposes, which is good until I take full advantage of the fact they didnít have law enforcement at their beck and call as well; the outcome which will push those insults that they brew up about the way their dogs can do what I can do, into something of my terrible experiences at the sales Industry while they had a need to show up here and make profits at my expense, bad experiences at warehousing where their popularity stupidities at criminal Britain backyard that wrecks the studies to pass their own exams at school became such a phenomenon that I am outnumbered by the interested criminals when it comes to a simple case of just stepping outside of my door and of course the German influence stupidities that have made worse their abusive gimmicks with respect to the security industry, so they now need keep away from my Bookshop as I have shown enough times that I have had enough of their famous stupidities as well. I have been told I should not tolerate insults about their dogs doing what I can do which I donít; I am pretty sure it does not know what it is talking about but should it continue, we will find out if its stupid dog can take up this matter of its insane comments and processes of handling my Books and social life to a point where its criminal backyard Britain issues gave way to an outcome where I resolved some social problems that left me holding trophies of the ashes of that stupid media career in my hands to show for my work well done. Then the criminals and ex-convicts can steal it as well thereafter to make me cover their bums while they made money, as stupidly as possible. The successes being that those Celebrities that had Families in Prison or did not work their popularity according to the rules set for the system that is primarily built to ensure ex-convicts and criminals did not follow people around, usually take responsibility for it and in that way, I ended up facilitating a resolution for proper ways to brings about closure in the application of justice.

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