There is now a sense that I am always so impatient that Client could not invest in my Books - we have however seen the reality play out on the Jobs market process, where the Media will build me 6 separate work market profiles which I had to get rid of before I could get employers to look at my real profile, building up to a question of how much resources I had for it and how much DWP was willing to spare. It has done another one, this time it involved my publishers building some publicity for my Books, to make sense of the patents they placed on it, hell broke lose as a bunch of idiots were famous, we see the displays that cause most of the tension they complain about, having to do with claims my publishers were racist, whilst what is happening is that the contents are shown to people, Celebrities get involved and then Celebrities will get the support crowd they suggest were fans to make sense of the Books as the very nature of their own famous careers, whilst the publicity that my publishers built for the patents was the main thing they publicly pursued and liked to pass off as their own, destroying my finances at the market to keep their own, normal people would view such exposures from my publishers not as racist activity but as a statement that my Book could sell itself, for the famous it meant something else entirely.  I am told the fear at Government is that there has been a threat to my health but this is not really the case, I mean there has been a scare but it is largely to do with administrating the way that they decided I ought to pay for the effects their immoral society had on them; we are talking about people who have seen an opportunity to extend their lifespan because another group of fools have bene sharing an Arch Prince’s temperament and personal space with society gits after they trashed University studies and eventually arrived at a point where he owed their ageist idiots rent money. There was a threat to sexual health considering they always got their imagination into my pants endlessly because the breach of privacy in that section was funnier, but they had to stop my diet in order to win and since last news about my diet had reached top authorities who are also engaging in it, we know they have not shown any respect for such facts and continued their behaviour whilst pretending others are to pay the price for it. The fun part was the one where the Police would stop somebody making a mess of another person’s daily concerns and we are talking about daily concerns as in nothing is spared; the personal life, the social life, the career, the family and finances are all being attacked, hours later we will find the same individual boasting about it for which a crowd had formed and was actually buying a product that he took advantage of the crowd to sell, the point of this conversation being that for my part, I need to sell some Books and take a holiday from them and they think they need to wreck my writing career in order to stay alive, for their part the immoral society gimmicks was the fun bit, now the story is that some public work, engagement and activity clowns want to live long; contrary to claims that I dithered on it, there was no premise to respond earlier, just their need to share my personal spaces with hoodlums and criminals, so I readied myself to trash their show business, now we are simply talking about the way they will seriously get to stay away from my finances. So I am told I never say that it is racism but those who know better like that needed to stop putting themselves in charge of matters they could not make sense of it - it is a type of racism called antisemitism specifically, if it could flail others to wear peoples skin as a method of avoiding the fact it did not like the existence it built for itself, it would certainly do so.

They do suggest what is happening to me is not ideal for public leadership but it is not, it has nothing to do with my persuasions as a Hermit or an Arch Prince's Office, it is to do with the fact I had built the best most proliferated homosexual activity environment for these idiots whose view of my Bookshop was a get rich fast opportunism where the problems I resolved to create my Books got me working for them free of charge whilst the Books did not mean anything to anybody, ideas come rolling when that famous fools big mouth blabs about whether it can ensure I did not get a job or business because it was unable to continue keeping access to my person on account it felt good, every idiot who was likely to complain about parents that had failed to tolerate the sexual perversions of their stupid children picking up my assets at will to shoot off the big mouth with every media opportunity that it got and I had become something the Government was responsible for and had to take off the streets, whilst some cunts pursued female lovers through the radio waves by running me down whilst I am at work, in consonance with fundamentalist and extremist twats with a need to ensure I was unable to concentrate on anything I did and if I ignored them would trash my well being so the career was never done either way, talking nonsense about their country and a process of being tough - hence the ideas came along. They do love to lament the way they wish I got to pay a price for what I have done naturally but I have done nothing, it is the antisemitism twats who have crashed everything here and left me with a 20 year career mess, the only group of idiots with a society that gets imagination up peoples panties all day, the only group of fools who need to interfere with other peoples ability to step outside of the door and pursue daily concerns whilst they were backed by a community that ensured all the responses of victims came to nothing, but the one that has really brought on the problems was their need to marry, get into a relationship with or have sex with women who did not feel the need to resolve trust issues with me if they wanted to have sex with me but felt the need to do so over a relationship, leaving me cashless and now single in my 40s as well - antisemitism idiots with ideas about what others should be doing because they did not like themselves, since the last time Politicians decided that having raised the bar for the cost of showing up here to waste my time and property getting into a physical brawl with me in order to share my existence, I was still willing to get into a violent situation which made me the person behaving dangerously, we have been there and done the issue applicable at this stage, its famous idiots and street low lives sent out to share my personal space needed to stop handling me and they needed to keep their comments to their careers and show up here to read a Book I wrote or get lost, the claim they have done better than me in life is exactly the point i.e. before it does not matter anymore what my dress code was and how well they had done, I suggest when they show up near my concerns they respect my profession as a writer accordingly, I am not responsible for their financial, social, cultural and personal problems just as much as high street abuses, I do not have to do anything for their insolent stupidities. The suggestion that it is not enough for the people pursuing me at the Monarchy that I have said these is utter nonsense too as none is, what we had being a process where the Duke of York’s daughter married an Italian who shows up here fighting everyday and never once winning, starting to shoot off its big mouth as well – in the end they appear to know what respect is at the Monarchy after they built an environment where their media fools developed a big hole for my career and gave people signals to steal it every day, at the same time that their famous idiots picked up my assets to make money and shot down all I did to get along with my clients because they needed to maintain an appearance, so I will leave the complaining about insults for them and allow them to complain on behalf of everybody. They do suggest they were able to cause me that much trouble and it is utter nonsense too – they were the only people doing the fighting here and have not won once; the Celebrities were at play naturally, nothing ever works on the famous insults save the consequences of their alliance with criminal society, the big problem I have faced is that my public work had benefitted them, so having recently completed work on that I needed to make a statement about which assets I have recovered and beyond which I will truly be at war with the famous. On the contrary, fighting the famous would do me a lot of favours in fact will make me financially better off the more I did it, especially with respect to a stupid need to self reinvent, make public statements about their profile as a matter of the concept that my Books were published and build a support crowd to act on my career location, just as much as they claim the purpose of their insults was to make a statement it pained me that they were whilst I was not, which issue was a matter of when I started rebuilding what they had damaged. They do speak of the German influence bits which was the source of all problems around here as it always had an opinion about my existence that nobody asked its schizophrenia high way stupidities to provide – something about having I picked up a career that was so big it was the reserve of its stupid boyfriends that were twice my size, the need to build a society of fools who got imagination into my pants all day and hang about dreaming of somebody that will reward it with money if it got to make sense of my civil standing by fighting my wars, but the big problem was that I ended up in its part of society over a 15 year interest in my person and it could not bear it, like we see that when the Police stops their fun it only took hours to find them boasting about it with products in hand that another group of fools were buying, after which they wanted to live long and the famous fools waded into an interest they had shown in my personal space, whilst another fool at the Monarchy developed fabulous ideas over it. I always have these matters under control whenever Celebrities were not involved, a fight with them will solve all the problems here and provide needed answers. The claim there is no way out for me is incorrect too - they are set to be seen as enemies as soon as the business of retrieving assets from Celebrities and picking up their famous careers to build new crime control publicity as replacement for the ones they have damaged here is completed but failed to yield acceptable results, I will take it to the next level and those who attack will be seen as enemies, those who goad will be seen as enemies, those who handle property will be seen as enemies, those who insult will be seen as enemies and we will return to a time when I was less stressed because I did it all. The suggestion is that I got myself caught up in it, reality is that a bunch of ageist gits wreck my career to handle my personality for product sales, so I needed to stuff that stupid ideology that people should not explore story with so much information, I did not have to put up with its stupidities every time it involved itself with my concerns, now it is picked up by the famous who were the people demanding that my career be used to do something that will protect them or I suffered economic abuses everyday, which has happened because I seem to have solved the problem of people doing the same to them, the excuse when it suggests the problem was more to do with the way I never stop when people ask me to tended to suggest that it was all my fault too. I do not think it is a crisis as such, there is the outdoor stage and their own was the only society that was set to get imagination into peoples panties all day with a backup crowd that ensures what victims did in turn had no effect, having pushed and pushed to such an extent that they were now targeting me not just for finances and the use of my personality for popular culture but also to have sex with women who get involved with me for relationship purposes, ripping up my personal life for gimmicks; it is not my fault at all, it just needs to leave me alone, especially now it knows I too am able to pick up their immoral society gimmicks, the interference with property owners at the jobs market and the fact they had a pathological fear of work, to create them wealth and social inequality which I can maintain with a perverted relationship that involved the broadcasting community and made a total mess of what arrangements they had with people who supplied them produces they ran their lives by, needs to stop handling me. The idea I am this weak thing that has achieved what I have done is a story about which people popped the question endlessly: we have seen the idiots wreck work that was done to protect the public for terrorism and replaced it with the above described nonsense, I am not doing it, especially considering the purpose was to make a statement about their dominance over claims people like me will expect them to fight for us hence they were entitled, they are to get it done – it is largely the same usual story: it fools around endlessly and will wreck my career if I did not push back but if I did push back will wreck the health so it wrecks the career eventually, if I got into a fight with it I got into trouble with the Law. So currently it suggest I had no way to take them on but we know a chief Justice would write something about the Law and at the bottom make a footnote, the footnote is referred to in common language as a doxology, so it seems that we are looking at people who do not understand what it might mean if somebody threatened to make a name for himself taking them on over their doxy society. All very well claiming the doxy society issues was the pinnacle of my achievements, goes without saying, in separation of State matters where I had cleared up some matters to allow lower classes find a place in the armed services which was originally thought to be a place they could not play a role in because they failed to make sense of what armed forces corruption really was and being saddled with the business of tackling the gits that have developed the applicable corruption for the current state of affairs, I will likely for the insults, destruction of my finances and waste of my time, pick out a student loan to get to University and acquire qualification that will allow me take up the jobs of Media gits and famous fools, to say the least. I have been informed I am one of those characters who believed Scorpios and Virgos were not the threat people claimed they were. it is utter nonsense as they are not – it is the same Scorpio need to fight law enforcement and do so insolently on my behalf which created them the bad reputation they had with local authorities and the Virgo need for violent abuses and repressive orthodoxy practiced on others, which also earns them the bad reputation with local authorities. In the end all have witnessed now its need to look for trouble and how I have opted to avoid the sad process of performing a service for boardrooms and CEOs that concerned their need to interfere with peoples careers, make a complete mess of whatever property owners were doing with employees in order to get rich fast being famous, in return for a process where it must consider the damage it has done to my University academic pursuits and now my Bookshop as well, to which effect it got to keep its earnings which got to its head, needs to stop pushing me around, inviting itself into my space and racking my wellbeing telling me what to do over its personal problems and more so using media to do it where its stupidities was clearly above everybody and the professional body could not get it to behave, show up here to read a Book and keep its comments to its career. We have also witnessed the way it is now totally reliant on a history of a time when I did nothing about its stupidities because the other part where communities were to attack me on its behalf so I felt the entire world had turned against me so it may win a fight, had completely failed. The others who love to tell these tales and make out my birth sign of Libra alongside the other Scorpio and Virgo one was a triad that they fool around with for power, needs to keep its mouth shut and show up here to read Book otherwise accept it was logical to assume once I cleared up the issue I will begin to wonder why the other 9 star signs were always being seen doing stupid things with other peoples lives to make money – so the backdrop is that it is the environment in which I exist, I do not worry about Virgo and Scorpio too much because I was good at keeping a good reputation and so people from either birth signs who did not like the violence or the endless business of running others down got around with me, before an idiot showed up here to get all incompetent with security service work that none coerced its stupidities to get involved with. It loves those tales that Libras were weak until it unhinges a character that gets stronger the more its cracked up out of my league stupidities got into a fight with it, which it claims is what has happened to me whereas what has happened to me is something else other than a sense I wanted to do harm to its stupidities to which effect I had to think about the way that being pulled in several directions affected me and shut it down with intent. It is the same story as ever: Scorpio had a need to fight Police Officers and then do some on my behalf to call me names, Virgo had a need to suggest that culture was an abusive contraption used to do a little evil for a greater good and the best place to perform such actions was to work for the police doing it – the people at the receiving end on this two part rubbish were the most talented Officers who were younger compared to the rest of their colleagues, working on the most high end crimes, I on the other part had to deal with the fact I could as a hermit make sense of the spirituality involved with people who committed murder and other crimes that involved hurting people whilst this nonsense got all over the place, killing off the future of law enforcement i.e. when I mention the way one more thing was outstanding as per I have not gotten to make a name for myself through the wealth and social inequality bits yet. My problem for the time being was rather that I had celebrities getting involved with my concerns, they have drawn up social matters associated with my literary work, I have provided a service which they have consumed but I am still cash strapped, so these two birth signs especially needed to fool around elsewhere and stop educating their fucking mate on how well they can make trouble – we know it does this because it wants to handle me and get famous too naturally, so the other fool who claims I am the one doing the wrong, picks up my assets to make money at will and comes up with ideas about the way retrieval on my part will only lead to a result where they learned from it to continue building a version of my assets for the purpose of making their own money, its yank stupidities will suggest it was my father character, its civil right looked like that and that the USA was tackling Monarchies to spread democracy in the world, when it had not yet come to serious harm. 20 years ago I was in exactly this same position, so my life has not progressed, save what I have done with my writing, for 20 years because these idiots were making use of it. I am said to have ended up where I am because I had lost all respect, it is nonsense naturally ; it is all people telling lies, lies associated with its need to show up here running my life with the social activities of criminals, its need to express something of the way that making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy would never have worked if I lived in one of their well off neighbourhoods but the one that creates a real problem is not the poorer people who claimed they were unable to do job but we know they now blow the roof off over the idea that it was okay for others to be characters that got bullied so they might befriend the wealthy, their bit was just the one where if it was not enough, further interest in my personal space will take us back to the time that I got to run off gimmicks that made people lose their lives over organ diseases associated with stress. The one that has created the biggest problem is the famous idiots that got in league with the trouble makers to build a large hole for them at a Media presence where they could be given signals everyday to engage with my career and steal it on account I took up residence in a bad neighbourhood to orientate myself with public matters engrained in my Books and famous idiots decided that they were better off sending out German influence idiots to stifle my career with intrusive practical jokes, so others could do it as well and when that had failed, decided they had read my previews and if money was my problem, I was better off covering their backside for a living, lest I existed in a world where I owned a Bookshop and they had to show up to buy the Books like every other member of the public, none knows why they do this, just the same as the Politicians who show up to count my career projects then pick up some from the middle and leave me realising it was deathly important when I meet clients that can clearly identify careers with missing bits, at a point where I was also cash strapped, both now leaving me out there as something that the local council had to take care of and when I looked back at my history with the council I felt like vomiting, again none knows why they do it: crisis point now is that I provide my clients with a service, for instance involvement with state office as the environment is similar to one needed to raise very young children, I help them organise their lives and am still cash strapped because these twats I do not share an office space with, were working profitable corruption being abusive. I do not think that it cannot be done, I am simply tired and need to get my work into a routine on the financial front – we know they ask how I intended to inflict stress based illnesses on those who worked it on me when we know that I always can if any environments that facilitated respect they craved so much was spent and wasted on the problems they offload around here abusively as if I make their personal decisions for them, we know they build communities to work gossips in which my career belonged to them and then it was my fault that on meeting me they could not take me on etc, there is no such thing as having lost all respect, we know it issues the threats endlessly with a well off neighbourhood through which it picks up my assets to make money and will not put the neighbourhood on the spotlight and dare me to do something with it, if it does not wish to lay off its abuses and cease interfering with my Clients. Apparently, it is this disrespectful because they got accustomed to the abuses, having been that there has been no official response to these gimmicks on my part but we are heading towards a result where I got out of bed to push them hard every day, so that the consequence of pushing them thus will be the reasons for the conversations. The other story that it was the fact I am in pain which thrills and encourages them further but I am not in pain, it has made up its own version of what it means that I stuffed some ageist gits and corrupt security industry fools with information every time they expressed an unusual interest in my person or my personal space and with it created a whole new world of abuses and insults to make money, I mean I do not as much as need to explain why I operated in that way to anybody but here we are, usually before they complained about civil rights issues. In the end we know they cannot explain to anybody if the correct way to treat people who are as weak as I am, was to build communities that helped run me down to such an extent my finances had crashed, cracked up out of my league with the pre antisemitism insults relying wholly on hospitality that was reserved for public figures, deciding who was weak and who was not. They do claim I label them in such a manner but I am the one with the smell issues, just as much as we know my thought process runs very quickly, is very intense and is so because I am working Intellectual property administration with high end fashion brands and Multinational companies, which I do through a trust system that channels the vehicle I built for it through the development of creative equity – these idiots interfere with the thought pattern everyday and another group of fools were going to attack me because I suffered a tummy upset, have not done it yet apparently, I suppose it is lest they had set off something new as it were (it is obviously hell for those who are set out as characters to be bullied by fools that want to befriend people, as leverage for Capital, just as much as their popularity and fame stupidities was convenient for them an alternative to a process where they got real jobs).

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They do suggest I am playing a dangerous game but dangerous game is Celebrities picking up my Entertainment Industry assets for gimmicks which involved wrecking my crime control publicity to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, in order to buy organised crime products at a cheaper rate, finished off picking up my career publicity to decide what other peoples civil rights looked like – it needs to tell me more about dangerous games, I mean the idea I am playing one could easily have served as a threat and yet at this stage their gimmicks were so reliant on my public image that if I built publicity for the fact they loved to screw with peoples lives and make me into a public figure that tolerated it in order to avoid getting into trouble, nobody was likely to get killed and this was never a good thing last time we checked. This could construe that I am not a good person on the whole but we are yet to see what will become of an instance where my deadline for control of my Royal Estate Empire ran out and they were still here conducting all sorts of nonsense among which is a need to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, rather than get a real job, then shall we find out.

I am told they lied about the birth sign reading gimmicks because I tended to work with the authorities. I could never tell myself anyway – as far as I am concerned people have showed up at my premises to make such a mess of problems they complained of, that they have been facing more of those problems on my account, which would imply they wanted me to write more of the Books I have written but the idiots have not read the one I had already written, always seen doing something to express the idea they were entitled to do stupid things with other peoples lives and careers each time they tried to make money. As for the birth sign reading bits, I could never tell what those who were neither Scorpios, Virgos or Libras knew about the three birth signs anyway – we know they say that since I am a Libra I would tend to keep my peace at any cost and if they needed it they would need to acquire the correct amount of pressure and finances, had not decided what they wanted to do about abusive Scorpio and vagabond Virgo either, their famous fools had made an announcement of insults they would like to promise never to stop pushing in my direction, concerning the problems associated with the fact the Church would not fancy a Hermit was angry with people for up to 50% of the times he was solving his personal, financial and social problems, to which effect they had decided they will continue to stifle my Bookshop because they had seen me lose my temper during a security guard job and that I am a coward who does not deserve it. Hence not clear exactly if they mention the reasons they lie about birth sign readings was to get me changing the way I thought that I needed to stop it badly as such, not clear if they are saying that I am supposed to reward them for these.

They claim once we Librans got off the self-pity, it was always a better world; what is meant by self-pity involved a bunch of gits with ideas about a lifestyle in which Police were somewhere doing covert work to crack a crime ring and they got involved to do their own, make a proper mess and ensure nobody got to fight their ways, so a position was maintained in which they were real Men, other need to be seen doing the wrong thing included careers that mimicked the prison services and claims I am a pathetic character that works for careers I cannot protect from the strong, to blame others for the consequences. My party piece was the way I ended up an angry character and they had found a way to become friends with the system by handling my social life, the friendship with the system will then mitigate any vengeance I may have in mind. The history is that its stupidities had been fighting my wars; so it got authority from a charitable organisation for this, its background being that it does nothing when being attacked by bad people but was top dog when it came to attacking good people, mine is that I had public duties to perform and a fraternity with security services to maintain, the statement it then makes after working those abuses where it leaves me to linger for the wrong reasons since last it realised that security service leadership lingered and operatives carried out field work, that security service operatives bothered its stupidities on my behalf into acting that way, within a sense that its insults were the only things it learned at school but the work that was done to protect the country from terrorism in an environment where rogue characters were involved with the social lives of Politicians because they had ideas on how to handle society narcissism and the shop keeper next door was a Muslim who imported some goods in his shop from east Africa, is completely trashed to feed its famous stupidities, whilst it passed insults at me on it, to suggest it performed such activities to arrive at a stage where it got to tell me what to do as well. Point is that it suffices to say that I am to control my Bookshop market at the set deadline (2023) or I will end up teaching these scum a lesson they will never forget.

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Adriana Lima – (Personal life and Trading security: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Hermitage Global Industrial Family Mistress) - 
Status - Founding Coven Governance Charter Mistress
Candice Swanepoel (Assistance at Lifestyle and Global criminality: Coven Marriage - Person exchange with Royal Hermitage Resident; Culture mysticism and Royal Office realities of living with Celebrities - Trust approved Hermitage Models' Coven  and Vested Interests Mistress)
Status: Founding Coven Mistress - 
Doutzen Kroes - (Male Business type Advances at the Estate: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Family, Child Freedom and Natural Environment security Mistress) - 
Status - Coven Founding Race and Culture
Sarah Sampaio - [Assistance of Feminism at Culture and Office Admin: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Corporate Identity and Marital Glamour Mistress] - 
Status - Founding Corporate Identity (and Patent margins) Mistress
Emily DiDonato - (Female Business type Advances at the Estate] - 
 - (Assistance at American Mobility: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Model's Coven Identity Mistress) - 
Status - Coven Founding Identity Administration mistress

- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – (Duchy Trading and Business Administration: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Culture involvement Mistress) -

Status - Founding Coven Fashion Designers' Admin Rights Mistress)

Natasha Poly - [Estate Female Fashion Canopy Admin: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Models' Coven Publicity and Mobility Mistress
Status: Founding Coven House Mistress - 
Alessandra Ambrosio - (The Hermitage Matrimonial Chores and Broadcasting Facility Admin: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Family, Academia relationships and Vested Interests Mistress Global : Re - Projects; Royal Hermits Public Politics Mistress 
Status: Founding Coven Cult Mistress - 
Karlie Kloss - (Mobility at Hermitage moral spirituality community: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Equity for public mobility in the USA )
Status - Founding Coven Mistress for the Canopy
Bianca Balti - (Industrial Interests Administration: Coven Marriage Portfolio - European Mobility Mistress
Status - Boudoir Assets Broker and Coven Interests Mistress

- Elsa Hosk - (Normalcy and Human Dignity: Estate Emporium Village Mistress: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Public image confidence and Personality at Hermitage trust exchange with the Arch Prince, House and Coven Community Mistress) - 
Status - Founding Hermitage Community Mistress Global
- Zenya Ketava ~Tracking Premise -Suggested by Thierry Mugler (Assistance for Hermitage Assets Equity
 Transiting Bidding Designers' Identity Admin: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Hermitage Fashion Culture business Mistress aka World Politics ideology blocs involvement Admin) - 
Status - Founding Hermitage religious general Interests Mistress

- Valery Kaufman - [Founding Coven Creativity Temperament: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Operational  and Trading freedom.]

Status - Founding Creativity Temperament mistress

- Irina Shayk - (Assistance at Model's Coven History Admin: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Prayer Chamber and Trade Neutrality Mistress) -

Status: Coven House Founding Trade and Diplomacy Neutrality Mistress

Micah Gianneli - [Assistance at Trading and Industrial Mobility Global] - 
Status - Founding Coven Global mobility Mistress
- Lindsay Ellingson - [American Socialites Involvement Admin Assistance] - 
Martha Hunt - [Assistance at Estate Library and Family orientated Public Academia Fans in the U.S.]
- Status: Coven Founding Academia mistress
 - Lily Adlridge - [Assistance at Estate City Centre Industrial Mobility] - 
Status - Founding Coven Celebrity culture mistress
Vittoria Ceretti - [Estate Religious Morality and Generosity minders Court: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Global Trade and Personal life access mistress, Arab world effects] - 

Frida Aasen - [Billboards and Corporate Identity Assistance: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Female involvement and sexual corruption Mistress ] -

Status - Founding Corporate Equity and Female Canopy Mistress

 Behati Prinsloo - (Court Business Assistance at Industrial interference in Matrimonial Coven) - 
Barbara Fialho – (Estate Mobility and Showbiz MistressCoven Marriage - Celebrity owned small Business Business) - Recommended by Coven Governance Charter Mistress
Status - Founding Trading Alleyway Mistress 
- Emily Ratajkowski - Work Court systems Administration: Coven Marriage - Law and Order effects and Equity Global) - 
Status - Founding Civil living leadership Mistress 

Felicity Hayward - (Hermitage House Mistress). -

- Status - Founding Private Court and Public place privacy Equity Mistress

-Hunter McGrady - (Boys and Involvement at the Estate: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Money Admin at Estate Female Canopy) -

- Lorena Duran -  (Hermitage Resident's Model: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Coven security History mistress)

Stephanie Viada - [Coven Security and Market Mistress: Coven Marriage - Coven community engagements, Capital Markets Temperament Mistress]  - 

La' Tecia Thomas - (Hermitage Library MistressCoven Marriage Portfolio - Industrial Access, property usage and Bookshop Market Global]  - 
Status - Founding Coven House Mistress

- Helena Christensen - (Culture Mistress for the Models' Coven: Coven Marriage - Royal Hermitage spirituality)

Amber Valetta - (Security Equity concerning Boys and Celebrities at Financial Bullying) -

Christy Turlington ~ Tracking premise; Suggested by YSL (House and Coven Security Admin: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Popularity involvement Mistress
Joan Smalls - (Estate Female Canopy Emporium Model, :suggested by Ralph Lauren; Coven Marriage -  Hermitage Canopy Community mistress Global) - 
Status - Founding Hermitage Female Canopy Mistress
Daniella Braga  - (Estate Lifestyle Equity Administration Coven: applicable Civil living and Civil Society Mobility) - 
Joséphine Le Tutour - (Admin at Industrial Community) - 

Lineisy Montero - [Assistance at Capitalist Mobility Colloquialism Admin] – 

- Leslie Sidora - (Hermitage Industrial Canopy Mistress: Coven Marriage Portfolio  - Canopy Community Mistress – 

Lais Ribeiro - (Emerged Estate Court Community Advocate - Coven Marriage: Overseas Politics Mistress) -

Status - Founding Culture and Regional Equity Mistress


Josie Canseco - (The Hermitage and Coven Client Project Offer processes and Identity Admin: Coven Marriage Portfolio - about Business Junkies Mobility Admin Mistress ) -

Status: Coven Celebrity Interests Mistress

Guess Inc - Carina Zavline ( ) - Coven Marriage - Public place Equity of Internet working space 


Lara Stone - [Royal Hermitage Billboards based Corporate Identity Assistance: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Male Involvement and Sexual Corruption Mistress] -


Jon Kortajarena - ; Tracking Premise - suggested by Donatella Versace  - (Assistance at Estate Mobility and Royal Hermitage Fans Interests Industrial: Coven Marriage Portfolio: Media, Industrial Espionage, personal life access and Male involvement) - 


- Vacant - [Trading Relations Assistance: Coven Marriage Portfolio - Involvement Corruption Mistress ] -

Lily Cole – (Environment Empire and South American Interests: Coven Marriage, Natural Environment, Culture and Academia Business) -
Status - Founding Environment Empire , South American Interests, Natural Environment Security Hope Equity Admin mistress 


Tamara Ecclestone – (Estate Property Admin and Fashion Cult) - 
Stella Maxwell - (Overseas Politics Mistress)
Taylor Hill (Mistress of Female Canopy)
Romee Strijd (Mistress of Society)
Frida Aasen (Mistress of Industrial Mobility: Hearsay, word of Mouth Public Appearance creatives)
Barbara Palvin (Client premises, Food, Street Alleyways and Celebrity Enterprise Investments) 
Josephine Skriver (Family Fashion, Market and Privacy Mistress)
Grace Elizabeth (Media and Broadcast Advertisement Mistress)
Jasmine Tookes - (Coven Human resources mistress)


Deva Cassel: (Coven devised and exotic Diet and dietary arrangements - Coven Marriage Portfolio - Street Court Mistress)

Status: Coven Street Court Mistress

Rachel Cook: (Personal life and personal finances Administration Equity - Coven Marriage Portfolio - Adult concerns mistress)


Summer Ray: Governmental Administration Equity - Coven Marriage portfolio - Local and public Governmental equity mistress


Jennifer atilemile: (Society abuses and excessive career work - Coven Marriage Portfolio )

Yumi Nu::(Spirituality and earnings security Trap - Coven Marriage portfolio)

Solange Vandoorn: Media, Property, proliferation and market broadcasting - Coven marriage portfolio 

Amanda Kay: [Fame involvement]
Kellee Moran: []
Rachel Pizzolato: []

Fashion world, Advertisement, City Centre & general Industry Customer service property. Inclusion Politics for the Royal Estate. Hospitality and Literary Business at Lifestyle; Allies and Court. Live equity got Popular culture limitations, for social violence and fame encumberment; at usage , bossing around, modernisation of Royal Arch Prince's person and Public image. 




What is intellectual property and how do I buy or make use of books from I. Uno site.com? 


The Answer

Intangible Property that is the result of creativity. Soans, Catherine and Stenvenson, Angus Concise Oxford English Dictionary (OUP) 2004.

On Iunosite are sold Intellectual Property and brokeable or exchangeable Securities, which I aim to sell as books to individuals and business leaders and owners by brokerage, that because they are created from an already existing Global Intellectual Space and Property and more so which is a function of a Royal Estate are operable with any existing Capital or pre-existing enterpirse and because they come packaged in the form of books that can also be read for self provided security, they exist as Equities: a) The Quality of being fair and impartial b) A Branch of Law Concerned with Fairness and justice formerly Administered by special Courts. 3) The Value of Stocks and Shares issued by a Company which carry no fixed rate of interest. 4) the Value of a Mortgaged Property after deduction of Charges against it. 5) A trade Union for Professional Actors. Soans, Catherine and Stevenson, Angus Concise Oxford English Dictionary (OUP) 2004.




2003 - 2023

Primary Administration processes have been developed around my Royal Office work and expertise, such that I, for each case of Celebrities finding ways of wrecking other peoples lives to unleash women who have been released from mental institutions on any victims they thought was following them up, a busy body media fool will have spotted an opportunity for power and built a community for distant sexual violence activities that will facilitate their need to be entitled to other peoples work incomes and creations - likewise each time some busy body git that loved to spend money helping people get paid for being popular on other peoples social lives and public image. The primary processes have been to build up subliminal message abusive media that works this all day long and there has not been a clearly defined explanation for the reasons my Bookshop trading have been barricaded by a handful of annoying gits who think I ought to get into a fight with others to deserve it, however we have heard all sorts of ideas from them about my attitude, as if they have not got a brain at all. Losing access to these activities are a loss of administration and most of the poorly reputation I have collected have been developed around the need to recover a process where they were doing it and I was in a position to administrate the consequences.


 Of course I am aware a sense has emerged that I have allowed my literary empire to be deployed by money mad trouble makers to satisfy their needs in order to save people or save the world which means they have used my property to extract a lot of money that they now do not know what to do with from others using the markets and that the violence that continues still to create disillusion for people and money for their inability to work for a living or tolerate a sense they do not have everything while others seem in their view to have a high tolerance for it, was not and is not worth it either but that being the case, it has been a matter of competition that can either be resolved by a future built for our younger people and children when it comes to competing with them successfully on one hand or simply a sales and competition platform I have built for those I hire to do the job of selling the books for me, which I may pick up myself.

It is normally said what I say about such matters as domestic abuse are either unbecoming or not understood but the matter is really not an emotive one in any case; the assumption people make all the time that domestic abuse happens to stubborn strong women that men simply cannot stand and therefore attack them for it, whereas that will better describe the idiots I will tolerate no nonsense from and really think they need to get beaten up by a man regularly anyway, which is why I wish it all the time. I know yet again I will be told I have not said anything progressive but domestic abuse is not a progressive issue when two people are in a very unproductive relationship and one wife that is not at work cannot groom a husband that needs to because she is all beaten up and the other issue is the story of companies in an area and people getting jobs from it and the strange things some woman does because either she or her husband is trying to set up a small business or something which then brings into public light the things people do to push themselves harder and harder to work for their money and the third is the big case here i.e. these idiots that must get out of bed to try their hands on my job where it earns money and cannot do anything else with their time except earn the perks of my job and ensure I can never breathe because they are making out it is funny as well looking for trouble; so for now it is the lesser methods of handling them which involves never responding to the men because it is their women and celebrities that suffer the most when you don’t so that leaves me the opportunity to take him down financially and yes of course they are off to the media to cover for that so they might never stop and it is great to see they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak.

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