Please excuse what my language has become on some occasion, as it would be pretentious and dishonest to avoid them completely having been my Literary work is so rudimentary to ensure it is thorough in its service provision, considering what the problem of Celebrities and Popularity figures become when they have had their unfettered access to problem transfer means and Media at any rate taken away from them or restricted.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.




I have been told I am now in an irrecoverable situation with respect to being trapped by Americans somewhere around my Book shop earning margins  and its not true that I am; just stuck with a group of very silly individuals who believe that the course of their lives will be decided by what they achieved through a process of damaging and destroying my Books – I have only put up with it for long enough to make it quite clear the Books and my Career are not their own to damage or destroy and the fact that I have not gotten them into some real trouble for it is still not an incentive to do so either as we speak. It’s the same group of gits; the LGBTs and the Celebrities and the Media – the ones that showed up at University to rip up the academic work for me, playing practical jokes with my personality that was clearly something they would want to see stand up on the streets with a Bible in hand, speaking of the great decadence and wickedness of rich and famous people, hence it becomes an interest they have, that I had no academic work done and had no career until I had begun to live in that way – we know the Politicians complement this nonsense with a process of running off their own gospel of evil where they claim religion was the problem everybody had in the world and once done, will find they have created public conditions which suggest when somebody looks like murder victim, you must kill them or get them to offer an alternative pleasure by being homosexual for instance, they are unable to come up with a moral Politics which can counter it, what they are able to do instead is get off telling me if I described them as a bunch of fucking idiots in public, I would get into a lot of trouble for it and I bet if I wanted to and prepared for it no such trouble would have occurred as well. We see the outcome being such stupid things as having a very publicly abusive face off with very silly women I have never seen in my life, sucking on a sweet thing, trying to distract me with what they claim is the real threat to me that I should be concerned with while doing so, churning my tummy to make a smell and telling lies at my expense, which is of course a condition I could never study in as it were and yet when I say they need to stop following me around and keep away from my Books, what we listen to is the stupidities the Celebrities and Media and politicians and LGBT have gotten accustomed to, no thought yet given to the one I have as well, until I shred the Celebrity culture and once I had deployed to tidy up the mess they have made here and those who own it are too old to rebuild it, about which they will have found out there is nothing they can do about me, only then will be end, a difficult situation I cannot get out of. They do say if I tried such things it would get many times as bad while what will really happen is a Hermit on the blue corner and them on the red corner while we can gone right back to the 1980s, by then I will have completely destroyed their Celebrity culture and they would have had much to do about me because of it. It is said that the US is responsible for building most of it naturally and its an old story where we have not yet ended up with a world of USA on the left, Russia on the right while we remain in the middle and do what we do over competition concerning whose Country is best, while they became far busier with the business how their poverty being caused chiefly by the British and yet any money they have being deployed to make such difficult and violent mess all the time – I do not think it s a crisis either, much like the other tale of war everywhere; what we really have are a group of silly people whose problem is that they are in charge I.e. years ago it began with an abusive and insulting process of labelling some people their relatives for abusive purposes, which meant that they had a crowd to support them and help them access every aspect of public work done by such a person, like they havd tried infilciting me by and it is the part where everything I said and did was followed up with some form of mockery and abuse having become their human right and civil right that has put them in control – so everybody else can see that the fact they are in charge is the problem except their humble selves to say the least i.e. unless it’s a USA on the left, Russia on the right, we have not achieved Global stage stability and never will. I would fancy as ever, that they kept from my Books and stopped following me around – the women do feel as if they want to abuse and attack men naturally and I really do have an opinion that suggests they have men at home to spend such things on and need to stop getting on my nerves. The side lines are that I am used by the Queen to break Princess Diana’s Legacy and its utter nonsense as we know there are many women like Princess Diana at the British Monarchy, we know that Princess Diana’s Relatives are like she was as well – very emotional and needs the Fashion and Celebrity to run her life by, hence usually very dangerous getting them involved with Government as there is always likely to be a huge clash between their need to get on with life itself and the fact all is about the reigning Monarch and they do say HM was aware of these dangers when she approved of the Marriage to Her Son and yes The Queen was aware of it but the problem lay with the Prince of Wales – his Interests were more in keeping with what is bothering me at this point; the Celebrities and LGBT and Media and Politicians who ensure I am too broke to get a date and hence cannot keep a family, hence cannot produce an Heir for this Hermitage, so HM feared the Heir to the Throne might not produce an Heir, even so, we know that his choice even at that time, which is the present Duchess of Cornwall, is not a clearly set out relationship.

My point is that I am not in a complicated situation and in like manner the pointlessness of the activities that build these practical jokes – when they do this as the poor people oppressing those who dare to have what they don’t, playing those stupid games, it does not occur to them what they have forgotten is where their valuables are, considering they spend all their time on it and cannot settle up how to run their own lives but are still in charge never the less as far as they were concerned and that there was possibility I could get my hands on it for my part in the matter as well; there is therefore no war everywhere either. So far its a mtter of how making money to buy Stately homes and get a fair sense of the roles of Royal and Government Operatives, should educate Celebrities about these matters and why they should not be making a mess of it, their behaviour generally means that this is about to develop into a question of why it is that each time Celebrities made money other professions paid a costly price.

I am now said to be getting into deeper and deeper trouble which is utter nonsense; what we have is a two part story, one involving a group of people who never have stopped passing insults and abuses my way, wrecking my finances and academic work to look for opportunities by which I can be replaced at the Monarchy, making sure every day is spent on one test after another with racial insults and all worth not, then I ended up doing something at the Office which supported them with respect to culture and society trouble makers and The Queen wanted them to marry me and give me a life and they would rather have died, so they got off having unusual sex with several Men and have never stopped relentlessly getting on the insults with it through Media and Parliament. The others are the men blabbing insults at me from industry, chasing my bum each time they make money and I am going to perform a service at the Office which their whole lives will be grateful for as well and then the likelihood considering events is that HM will make another demand. I do not think the matter is a complicated one, it has always been the case that soldiers who do women issues well for instance always get bad press but even as we speak, these idiots especially when rich will always be the reasons we are sore all over and smell of what we ate the entire time – it hangs around like that seeking to confiscate my Literary Empire and is now getting involved with the practical jokes of Media fools and Television personalities that want to provide such public leadership as encourages people to think my Royal Office can be confiscated if their stupidities were insulting and worthy enough for it and so we find their fools being the reason for people to feel sore all over and smell of what they ate, then thinking the victims believe it to be acceptable by around 5% or more, will not keep off my Bookshop and shut down the stupid comments, looking like it is in need of a proper response. The reason it has been so complicated for me is that they live in an existence that suggests extracting money from my Public image and personal life and Royal Office was an Hobby, so I got all the fall out while they got money and disobedience that can be made good on a global stage through civil and criminal disobedience, so it is also possible for me to ensure that ruling and dominating them was an hobby as well, save it is not what I want to do, so I would fancy they kept the insults where people appreciated it and had stopped handling my work and Public image for it too – for what the insults of Men and Middle managers is worth, I have already published a Book that suggests that if they didn’t pass the exams in school we would be heading to world war three and I would fancy they kept away from what does damage to it as well, no such thing as being vulnerable to their stupidities. It goes without saying that an instance when I had shown up in Public to sign away my Books being faced by their Middle Class stupidities will be the beginning of the end of it for my part in this matter as well.

I have been told I am making a Mess at the Monarchy while reality is that its all the two part effect of the consequences of some individuals that are given tasks, showing up to handle me on claims I am a kid on whom their future depends on one hand, while on the other is the fall out of their incompetence - the imagination being I ought to tolerate all they throw down my way lest I did anything to ensure they had to get onto the competence issues very uncomfortably. The other being that I am going to get into a lot of trouble that way which probability is incredibly low since I am only likely to put them through the same difficulties they have inflicted on me over the last decade and a half and then at the end of which we begin whatever it is they had become serious minded fools for in a long time - this will therefore mean I did not tend to make friends at Industry and made it more obvious that sane people do not get off and build media presence to cling to other peoples literary work, for reasons that it suggests the writer is superior to them and if he got to solve all the problems in their lives, he might just be lucky enough for it to get a form of attention or another, as though a mind set that thinks it cannot get along with men and wants to do something about it really does not exist. 

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 After all in any case this process of being able to secure serious fights and violence for women and being able to secure publicity and fame for the evils men wreck my finances to make me susceptible to is something that God has blessed and equipped me with.The story of how much I want to see people live the way they used to is entirely based on stupidities that are meant to be profitable, in fact one of them – it exists in the same family as the one about business people asking a question to which my answer should be yes or no when we all know they are making a fool of me and make such claims only when they feel like telling the Americans I am a big brother advocate – since it apparent people want to deploy their media power to make advertisement but have no plans to serve the neighbourhoods that tune off their stupid advertisements and of course I have come to a state where there is too much of that going on around my earnings. The part where I want people to live the way they used to is extremely ill advised since the reality of it is that you don’t necessarily want a condition to become something about which many stupid insolent conversations on public places have been had to a point where you had gotten used to it, where MPs turn out to make sure you are not laid back because you are good at what you do and they are the ones that deserve to have your aura, that then develops into a need to make criminals rehabilitate themselves by beating you up to redeem their position with those who actually hold real power in the country up if they cannot get it. The other side that involves their societies they are accountable to at Parliament and media being the one that has to do with how they are not Christians but your faith gets so much attention it should be their own and the mode of the competition is therefore racial as well.

I. Uno I


What is intellectual property and how do I buy or make use of books from I. Uno 


The Answer

Intellectual Property-Oxford English Dictionary Definition 

Intangible Property that is the result of creativity. Soans, Catherine and Stenvenson, Angus Concise Oxford English Dictionary (OUP) 2004.

On Iunosite are sold Intellectual Property and brokeable or exchangeable Securities, which I aim to sell as books to individuals and business leaders and owners by brokerage, that because they are created from an already existing Global Intellectual Space and Property and more so which is a function of a Royal Estate are operable with any existing Capital or pre-existing enterpirse and because they come packaged in the form of books that can also be read for self provided security, they exist as Equities: a) The Quality of being fair and impartial b) A Branch of Law Concerned with Fairness and justice formerly Administered by special Courts. 3) The Value of Stocks and Shares issued by a Company which carry no fixed rate of interest. 4) the Value of a Mortgaged Property after deduction of Charges against it. 5) A trade Union for Professional Actors. Soans, Catherine and Stevenson, Angus Concise Oxford English Dictionary (OUP) 2004.



I aim primarily to sell these my Intellectual Properties to business owners and leaders but they appeal to all peoples for the purpose and in the workings of the interaction between Producers and Consumers of goods and services which are derived from equities I have created from my Royal Estate or used by those who share a mutual ownership Policy system with me; as a factor of where their produced goods come from and what the kind of people who produce the goods they consume are on the part of consumers and for producers the relationship between themselves and the consumers maintained through and from my Office. For women affiliated to me they are supposed to be provisions I have made available to them for the purpose of cultural and social mobilities and the expenses they need to pay for that purpose.

A fact that must be recognised is that people do not have to get Equities and Securities from my Office. They can spend lots of money dealing with things in social context to secure their businesses and I do not give my Securities via or on my sites or sell them via my Books to none allies or people who do not want to be in league with me. It is just rather easy to have somebody with the Authority to, certify your social disposition in business and thereby transform it into Intellectual property which is what the contents of my Books offer. I personally love my job because it does so much for businesses during currently difficult economic conditions: this is done by planing a future and a past for businesses and moving them from the past which is always economically bad, to the future which is always economically good all at my own cost, hence recovery from recession or economic issues is largely a factor of how much I say this cost me for the purpose of the job and here I say the cost is the Price of a Book or the process of arranging book sales for me to make advertisements with, what the actual cost is, is entirely Official and confidential, my private and personal business. 

The notion that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is punching above its weight in the World is wholly untrue. The Application of this kinds of ideas is that it is basically impossible to say anything to the Politicians these days without punching above your weight when the real issues has always had something to do with them and their media staying out of my Personal life. However with respect to answering the issue in its environment, it applies when people speak of power and Politics but want other peoples Jobs, speak of evils of religion but want other peoples personal property, it is true their lies however gruesome will be listened to by The Russians and the Chinese and the Americans and now South Africans (who also consider themselves to be a world power-only God know how) because they are all Political territories. The United Kingdom is punching way, way, way below its eight at the moment and it has been that way for the last decade at least, otherwise none of these kind of issues will come up as a topic for conversation at all.


Now there is talk of the struggle for power and many who think that my refusal to put my life on the line for others will eventually lead to a process where they ensure my life is threatened as well, hence either way I am done for because they want my income for themselves. The struggle for power is now a new matter either, two things emerged from the last occasion when it became a real issue and one of those was that Christians always hope to batter others with their criticism until it improves peoples lives then set about selling it but before then it is left and right mess you up and keep you that way in an organised and socially violent way without reason or provocation to move into the right hand and be where power is, the other was people being terrified of the guy who does not have a car due to the fact that having one with an engine that can rev means that one cannot walk down the streets at all on account they want to peddle his personality and make riches and fame thereof. So the new ones must have a lot to do with people wanting to harm themselves it should assumed - naturally of which it is to be taken into account what they say 1) I bully him because I am superior to him and not because there are more of me than there are of him 2) the fact he is in my Country is the source of the provocation. Both these two matters which mean that their Country being a good place to live in is not a satisfactory turn of events for them until that changes for the worst, considering the only way to live here would be to make it into an African Country regardless of how long that takes and how much they love to provoke people and get politicians to stifle finances in order to spend years showing they cannot enforce anything of the nonsense they talk about but have a tendency to get violent. 3) Their insults are carried out on grounds that they have their boys in their neighbourhoods and groups who can take care of any problem that comes meaning that their insults can only always end in GBH or Murder and that there is no real reason for letting them get used to it, like they pretend they are at present. 4) They say it is something about my involvement with the Royal Family but the Royal family games aside have nobody there that is a relative of theirs nor is the Royal Family getting involved with them in anyway on one hand while on the other this is my life and I live in it while they do not. Hence fair to observe these games these fools play do continue right up to the part where they will turn Islamic extremists into people who want my blood, reality of that of which is more concerned with the fact I do not want to sit with an Islamic extremist to drink, eat or even chat, when I see one on the streets I want to avoid them not dress like them or mock them or be like them and if they approach me I am likely to treat them like social outcasts because that is what they have chosen to make themselves in order to feel comfortable with what they believe - hence nobody knows what these fools are afraid of and why they think somebody should always seek to kill me when they are the ones provoking those people. Reality on the ground is that old game we have already been through and the things they cannot enforce with it even when they have International media at this disposal - It is never okay for them to have the last word and it is important they cease to and get lost. One is not necessarily that much of a plaything and by the way of which with their City connections to add to the media have been unable to stop the actions of somebody whose bank balance might read £20 or less at any point in time, hence resorted to vandalism to keep up appearances of their superiority which will not be tolerated for any much longer, expressing what the racism is about and the facts they need to take into account that one knows what they are after and why the racism does not just happen to anybody more so who does not have something they desire - it is better still if they stay away, shut up, keep and save their insults for a better day, not turn up to provoke and have the last word, tell politicians to stifle finances when they provoke in order to get a reaction which has consistently led to outcomes they can do nothing about and left them responsibilities they cannot enforce and just get lost. Then of course this is always the stage where they claim I say such things then claim to be more courageous than those who put their lives on the line - of which the reality is that when they see a Christian they immediately assume he wants to get around with them and do all kinds of perverted things: outcome of that is realising that the chances of getting hurt if seen outside of your home by 12pm every day, clubbing or doing something else that is completely pointless and leads to power  is greatly increased and worse still if you are not the Christian that does not provoke people all the time. Hence making the point for the extremists who kill people because they are evil since we all know that the problem is concerned with how you pray three times a day and it makes you a better and content person who is happy with the life you have got only for somebody to start a new evil habit that he will ensure gets to take that away from you when you are forced to share and the reason is that the life you have should have been their own because they want to get hold of it, take it and control it or destroy it if they wanted to - nobody knows then why they always feel Islamic extremists should kill me when they go off to provoke them but we do know that we hear that big mouth wagging and an inability to stay off my book sales all of the time.  One does not think these are serious matters, they have come through as a result of questions concerning where I stand on certain matters like a problem I have created for myself for example which I didn’t as what happened was when I came across a ragged tagged goon who tells me to dance for him as violently as he can without reason and I imagined if he had children then I have got threats to my personal safety and well being, only for politicians to enforce his will by making sure he is able to dominate me first before I get an education or finish the one I am currently studying and hence set about wrecking everything to give criminals and trouble makers the upper hand making excuses ranging from how my activities deplete the confidence of MPs who need to have their confidence to serve the Country, right down to how it happened because one refused to give up his life for them to live with a big mouth - stuff we have to hear in public all the time. So these are the results and in the end it boils down to peoples whors anyway and why they think freedom to do as you please cannot exist unless they can do whatever they like and more so with people such as myself and the black ones who think they can abuse and curse me and insult me and their community idiots can imitate and mock and abuse me every day over every single thing I do without reason on grounds they have seen something they want to spend and think only they have the capacity to hate i.e. when I say this is not the 1990s but of course we all know Americans claims to have solved this problem but it would and will never satisfy me that they did, when in actual fact what they did was throw bombs into Iraq and gave them the means to run around International Communities and the third world abusing me and doing so at my expense as much as they possibly can; so Americans will get a piece of me on that matter again as it were, provided they continued to say so.


The old issue of Princess Beatrice marrying an American is not something that is in anyway a concern of mine, I believe that I have been clear to these celebrity idiots I have had enough of them and that I do not consider them to be celebrities, when these their insults get out of hand I will show them no quarters whatsoever. 

They have no respect for anything in their lives and bearing in mind this was not theirs as it were, coupled with the amount of energy I must expend to hold together my work to support the Queen, clearly when they have their wealth distribution ideas it calls for a process of absolutely no respect for what happens to be other peoples property. It follows on from there therefore that there is no respect whatsoever for the fact a product is copyrighted in somebody’s name and that there is a market reason for that, all they do with their time is move into my right hand with media to tell me what to do as piffling teenagers who look slick supported by their industry idiots that are now fighting me over what is mind because they have located a way of earning money from it and do not want to loose their jobs, therefore think they have created legitimate reasons for them to be anywhere near it; now it has developed into something else i.e. watching my work and usurping every period I have worked for market and then gone off to find investment money to push around my books, once they do, they set up some stupid girl that can never give it a rest-the process of telling them to do it in order to pass insults at me to feel powerful in public and when they do it for her to get famous with, get even more money from it as well, they turn out to claim they spend a lot of money to make things happen while I simply try to usurp or gain from it while they are paying, so they are paying my way in the world, bearing in mind that once I detach them from my people, I will be able to communicate with them and therefore consummate this job by getting the books distributed, while getting around with members of the Royal family and thinking of themselves as prospective royals - hence some authority attributed to those young modern idiots, where they tell me what to do to move out of a place where they need to be to have the feeling of being at home. 

I have no idea who or what told them they are celebrities and a time will soon approach, since I have had enough of them, when I will find out what the demon that possesses them for the purpose of these things really looks like. 


Popular culture people thing and a process where I am vulnerable to them is never really based on fact; the reality is that their stupid never ending threat where they will not feel as though there is anything inhibiting how they feel they want to live their lives but the point at which it will apply is your life, which you cannot do anything about because they can beat you up – which Politicians like to go along with as well to provoke me. People do not see them as criminals I gather, I do; there are the rapists and the murderers and the thieves and the popular culture idiots; they think they want to be able to have access to me so that they can ensure they do their perversions and their greed and their theft and whatever evils they want to perform and then be able to sell themselves to the highest bidder at will whenever they want and will not stay off my income too because they want it so badly.

The whole thing about popular culture is not a major issue for me, I am at the moment looking into the matter of Politicians i.e. I want to be able to have a society where people hate those who get all the attention and then shove you into it and make out the problem was your lack of respect, same with a society where people hate those who have talents they refuse to make use of, same with a society where women feel they are mentally disturbed and the existence of some people stirs their desires and they will never have those desires unfulfilled etc, once I am done with those and Popular culture idiots and the Popular music and society is still hanging around my business it will become something with an outcome that has never been seen before.

The part where I am being used by them is never true either as the reality is rather that of things they think they have done to push me around because I had decided to do some things I would never have done if I did not have the strength and advantage of youth on my side i.e. when people feel they want to do things with the dissertations you write at the University and do things with your personal details at the job centre and do things with your livelihood and do things with your personal life and income etc, you may live with it and carry one and finish the academic work and so on if you are about 35 years of age and above but if they are when you are about 20 like they started me off with years ago, doing so is likely to be the last thing on your mind. So I got to lose the temper and got to deploy the advantage of youth thing and it had not ended well then, hence no idea what they use and abuse and what they suppose will end well now either. I mean you sit down and watch your television sometimes and feel yes it is my television and my room and my bed and my home but other times you feel your brain is outside of your head and your chest is somewhere else and your tummy has been spilled and your thoughts are borrowed and used by those who know better what it should be for etc and it is during those times you ask what it is exactly that they are popular for. So they heard me and it is such a long distance to travel to look for trouble winding me up like they do all the time, that it has created a social issue all together by itself because so many people have become a part of or have been aware of the problem. I bet in all that crimes outside of the Law can do, drugs is the most important preoccupation too (despicable). The reality is that HRH did build a life around a process where I and Her were together; this must then either be left alone or destroyed if the chances of that does not exist and not something that passes as inheritance to any idiots or their stupid insolent notorious get rich quick mainly socialist goons and of course they really do know how to bring out the worst in people and will certainly bring mine out as well.

Arch Prince of HM Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great British and Northern Ireland.


 Of course I am aware a sense has emerged that I have allowed my literary empire to be deployed by money mad trouble makers to satisfy their needs in order to save people or save the world which means they have used my property to extract a lot of money that they now do not know what to do with from others using the markets and that the violence that continues still to create disillusion for people and money for their inability to work for a living or tolerate a sense they do not have everything while others seem in their view to have a high tolerance for it, was not and is not worth it either but that being the case, it has been a matter of competition that can either be resolved by a future built for our younger people and children when it comes to competing with them successfully on one hand or simply a sales and competition platform I have built for those I hire to do the job of selling the books for me, which I may pick up myself.

It is normally said what I say about such matters as domestic abuse are either unbecoming or not understood but the matter is really not an emotive one in any case; the assumption people make all the time that domestic abuse happens to stubborn strong women that men simply cannot stand and therefore attack them for it, whereas that will better describe the idiots I will tolerate no nonsense from and really think they need to get beaten up by a man regularly anyway, which is why I wish it all the time. I know yet again I will be told I have not said anything progressive but domestic abuse is not a progressive issue when two people are in a very unproductive relationship and one wife that is not at work cannot groom a husband that needs to because she is all beaten up and the other issue is the story of companies in an area and people getting jobs from it and the strange things some woman does because either she or her husband is trying to set up a small business or something which then brings into public light the things people do to push themselves harder and harder to work for their money and the third is the big case here i.e. these idiots that must get out of bed to try their hands on my job where it earns money and cannot do anything else with their time except earn the perks of my job and ensure I can never breathe because they are making out it is funny as well looking for trouble; so for now it is the lesser methods of handling them which involves never responding to the men because it is their women and celebrities that suffer the most when you don’t so that leaves me the opportunity to take him down financially and yes of course they are off to the media to cover for that so they might never stop and it is great to see they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak.

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