I am told that most of my perils are a function of the amount of trouble I am in at the Monarchy of which there is none – what happens is that the Queen speaks of my activities and what is said is motivational for what I am doing but they had decided to appoint themselves for the purpose of getting paid for being popular at my expense, to enforce HM will on me, creating the social crisis that we also find them complain of. So it’s all Princess Diana’s legacy running the Country after she was dead and the way others at the Monarchy leave it entirely to the Queen as it is HM Family and One’s responsibility, however when they do tackle me, the outcome is that I am set out as somebody who wants the Queen to take bigger risks. I think the matter to be a crisis either – it’s an old story that most of their abusive activities had a single purpose i.e. to take advantage of the way we spent time drawing attention to the fact criminals doing crime and encouraging people to take part was a matter for concern in a general sense – some will be abused and deprived of access to social life because their stupidities were getting paid for being popular and it usually always means that they fundamentally needed to get rich on the basis of taking advantage of everybody because we did not want to end up somewhere wondering what we had been doing because we fought each other and many died as a result of decisions made at Government buildings; it is therefore usually bad enough when the Industry fools do it complete with community croons that had a history of prostitution to back them up in the City centres, trashing people’s lives to make money and then failing to show when the criminals got out of hand, these gits on the other hand are a completely different ball game, they do it not because of work but because of a need to get paid on account they were popular, to get paid because people knew them and how they dressed and how they talked and how they appealed to peoples sensations of convenience. So I am said to be seen as a major threat which I am because I have a history with society trouble makers, who do not fancy the Prince Diana Legacy people in the first place and the two sides do not fancy me either, while I really love to play them up against each other, especially when my anus hurts. They do claim I believe we were better off if Government restricted their activities which I don’t; they simply need to consider that there are consequences if the rhetoric of being bruiser for the Queen runs off uncontrolled, spends peoples days making statements about how they got to fight peoples battles, making a mess of people’s lives all the time and of course most importantly, the way this plays into their need to be seen getting into possession of what really belongs to other people on media all day long, thereafter which we find them show up to make a fuss because living in a Country for them had become incredibly difficult because of it – they claim we make it up as we go along naturally while reality is that planting shrubs as a sign of property demarcation between neighbours is just as good as building a brick wall but a brick wall will encourage a criminal that breaks down walls, while a hedge of shrubs will encourage criminals that jump fences – either way which we know the criminals had long decided which path they wanted, they did the crimes and they did the time.

There is the other talk that I will never recover from this nonsense naturally and it is an old story about a handful of idiots who always get loved ones hanging around relatives at a hospital because they were making money, claiming I am an actor when they cannot make sense of British Royalty privilege and wealth to play with at Hollywood, trashing my finances to make me run a Bookshop the way their stupidities ran their own businesses. An old story of the way they put themselves in charge of other people’s affairs when they hadn’t a foggiest clue what they were doing, which results, especially when it came to gimmicks on how the women should be handled, was a process of punishing victims for jobs that have been completed by making the victims do it again and again due to a degree of bullying and disrespect that does not listen while its list of problems stretches to the heavens, and the work that is being done for their benefit instead serves as a guiding point for their stupidities. I had to ensure their Politicians contended with it all the time by making sure they knew how the jobs of the Politicians worked, since last I dropped out of University without any protection thereafter while I was being used by Politicians for my personality. So it is now a three part story that showers me with insults and clings to my income margins all day i.e. the career pirates, right down to whores who claim there is nothing I can do when they provide men with sexual services on my social life, especially the Americans who tell me their Country had a bigger military – the celebrities that spend everything I did to manage my affairs lest anything that I did to deter people was effective to get off getting paid for being popular on my social life and public image – the middle management idiots who are arguably the most destructive scum on the planet becoming less and less slippery for me to handle with respect to my Royal property, public image and earnings, I mean there are fourth factors like the fools who criticise me for the way I respond when this nonsense plays into the hands of parliament gits that give signals to the media to persecute me for controversies that helped them build sales at the markets every day, while I only tended to respond when the leadership for it had reached a point where local people were responding which response involved targeting me, thus setting themselves out as idiots that will have to provide me with justification for it soon enough but I don’t want to get out of bed and make sense of what I have done to avoid having my life’s work destroyed by idiots who want me to run a business in a way that gets families standing beside each other in hospitals, after I had spent 5 years building a business that was never to be run in such ways in the first place and everybody knows there will be no success with them involved in the process for any alterations made as such either way, to a character that takes these three or maybe four issues very seriously like I am being forced to presently – they need to keep a distance from my Books and keep their insults off my case lest I too am motivated to strip away all the effects of the stupid money they have made in readiness of a reckoning. So they claim I will never sort out this matter as long I continued to express a diplomatic view of American activities with respect to my finances and wellbeing but I don’t – what we find when we go to neighbourhoods that are responsible for wealth and social inequality gaps in the US is teenagers with three interns at least, home coaching by parents and collage grade scrutiny, if they must buy their own speed boats – these gits on the other hand never progress beyond abusive middle management twats that use civil rights entrapment to persecute others into making statements that disliked the rich and successful, so they might gain people with money to suck up to and get rich quick at the market – should you remove the abusive joys of naivety so that getting a real job might make sense, you appear to have eliminated areas of the worlds map that bore their stupid freedoms. Here in the UK they say I am being tackled because I am a coward while any fighting will simply feed into the stupidities of the daddies and their minions, about which they have already followed up their insults and abuses with appealing forms of insults that will guide me towards homosexuality but it is a bit too hasty if they were going to be successful at it, which shows my position in terms of their desperation and prospects that they will never pull it off. It is said that some people believe what the Monarchy requires of me was too much for me but we know they thought the same things when they said that the fact I was picked for this role by the Queen was quite incredible, while I rather thought that I had met something I needed to run away from, until I was certain there was support. Same as the Americans say it’s not clear what my problem was while the abusive insults and process of pinching me, prodding me, pushing me and getting imagination around my anus to make sense of how incredible I was as a thing they had objectified and were about to use as a tool for getting rich, has now become the main ways in which American men want to get involved with this Hermitage while we all know they earned enough to not worry about the cost of my Books and my Books do not cost an arm and a leg either – so it is disrespect on a monumental scale all together while they had adopted a media presence for complaining and regularly sent out their idiots to handle me for it. Recently it had become obvious they spend their time assessing the secret services to pick up service operatives that had features similar to mine whom they can deploy on missions to put pressure on me and cling to my social life for money making and it also seems that people voted for Biden and not Trump because they did realise at some stage that Trump would have put a distance between the public and government so the Government might do its work properly and wanted to make them suffer first before such a thing was accomplished. So far the crisis being that they signed themselves onto my concerns to gain from the same successes that operatives who picked up my work as a support for their careers had and went around the world burning my assets in order to return and get media trashing my whole life to make me suck up to Celebrities. I mean we all know that communist economies do not want to become capitalist economies and if they tried it was a wasteful venture, however which their people do consume capitalist products and we had to develop an economy that provided them with after services or it was possible for them to get those services at all times – which meant that our main security concerns were insane fanatics that were bent on killing others, I am therefore wondering if they do realise that this gimmick where they had to settle what the Governments were doing with products that had ended up in their Countries, have created them a problem that is bigger than the one they started out with. I mean we assumed they knew of these facts when the government did economic stimulus spending all those years, now we know that they were more interested in picking up bottom chasing gimmicks about which lesser people would assist them because they were stuck and most of their time were spent on available work, for the purposes of chasing something else entirely. It goes without saying the Celebrities and media continue those insults that make it appear I was given my own slice of security by National government but they had wasted theirs and now demand mine, never will they show up here to hand their own in chasing my bum and abusing me to make money with my social life and public image, then get it back thereafter as it were. It’s the case at hand all round – will go off overseas to burn assets and jeopardise the lives of those who would have given us information of enemy activities, then return with half the body parts it used to have to get everybody sucking up to Celebrities, so it’s all incredibly clever but they are the ones educated in how to build somebody a defence system, no idea why stopping some companies results in outsourcing to other smaller companies that continue to build ships for others Countries which make proxy British ships redundant, because their clients liked product designs. We even hear the problem associated with information being passed to inferior gits like myself all the time and it is quite incredible then to make sense of the way that some civil service staff in Uniform get others dropping out of school whenever they chased the career in hand. I do get told I jeopardise myself talking about it but we know it’s an example of the reasons we had an economic crisis i.e. going to work places to spend time getting paid to chase something else, seems to be the way it is done.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland