I am not in denial of my situation as suggested in any case, the truth of it is that it is a matter of peoples lifestyles showing up here to clip my finances – the men especially and most often the male politicians, the lifestyle issues which go up to the Prince of Wales, never can keep away from the Gold diggers and then I end up looking like the person who does not have any clothes on – generally however the lifestyle is one in which they can never stop telling others what to do and how to exist over matters about which they knew nothing but their own fears, arriving at the stage where they got to run my life with the social activities of criminals and are always using it to decide how I will comply with their needs, complains about the female population endlessly and has now developed a habit of building a profile for my Bookshop to feed a crowd that thinks I regularly get to comply with its stupid needs, making statements that it wanted to grab my career. I am informed that in my position, a profile for my Bookshop should not affect me but it does not, I mean it is manageable in the sense that I will need to take out a writing project that made sense of celebrities, media, politicians and fashion goons getting involved or they will patents aspects of my life to their names, the cause of the financial problems that allows them time to build this nonsense however was the distant violent abuses that made me feel ill all the time and created a sense that any who got involved with the Bookshop would damage business for their employers etc – so I must ensure they understood the importance of living in their own lives and keeping their opinions about what I should do with mine to themselves, if complaining that I once set out my career in a way that causes people to take risks and that people have died, alternatively, I can be pushed into a process of a final vengeance to recover control of my Bookshop by first making sure there was no place that the silly security guards could protect them from me until it became a matter about which I was uncontrollable. These are activities they normally targeted racists and other people who owned the Country with but it rather seemed that grooming me into the position and making me a less risky and more profitable target was an incredibly important thing to do, save they now fail to accept that we have at this stage seen it all. The idea is that I too am vulnerable to the discrimination I ought to respond to in service of their famous stupidities but it really isn’t the same – this gimmick comes in the face of Politicians seeking the discriminative route to solving public problems, where it is always a matter between the wealthy and the poor, the Tories always take the side of the wealthy leaving the poor to decide what they wanted to do for money, while labour preferred neutrality, however both build up to the same sorts of discrimination where they make a certain group of people out to be characters that have not contributed enough to deserve access to what the Country has to offer – not really a risk in a wider sense, save in my case, they had taken a decade and a half of my time to run me through my abilities and make sense of subjects I am likely to study at academic environments, so they could work an effective discrimination and are getting into government buildings to behave like rabid dogs over my finances, which I will respond to by attacking them if I left the Country and got told overseas that it was factored in, the process where they took advantage of me and gave nothing whatsoever in return whilst I expected others from another nation to patch it up for me. The point is that Politicians always do this and we cannot make sense of where the insolent famous idiots fit their discrimination into the picture as well, running me down all the way back to first grade to make their own money, getting imagination up my bum and issuing the stupid threats they think will me be afraid enough to let them keep it. I am told that I was meant to assist as well but I am not, it has nothing to do with me and has already scored its point showing up at University to finger my bum until I dropped out, now gits from Ghana have been owning my arse for 15 years and counting – so they use these gimmicks to get ahead in life, mine was a wealth equity public image where I did the work that the Queen was most happy with i.e. curbing the violent orthodoxy and the abusive society gimmicks, the Politicians would like to say that they had to work their own international development policy but we know that Celebrities ruled the roost as well, hence it is not viable excuse. In the end we hear them claim I had no idea what I am doing but it is a reality that had to be highlighted endlessly – that Public security operatives were actually academically trained and educated for the work that they did, so what they found useful should not be the same as what Celebrities found useful and should not be available to Celebrities as well, what we have obviously ended up with otherwise is that it had gone round the circle of madness, from Celebrities to Islamic Terrorists and then back to us, so a bunch of famous idiots got off telling us we did something bad which was processed by the cycle of life and returned to us. It is not really a crisis from here, it should be music to my ears; curb the violent orthodoxy and get abused for it everyday, should be music to my ears, same as celebrities complaining that public security operatives made them feel they were incapable of bravery. In the end the relentlessness of the abuses and insults did indicate that they were educated people, hence the administrative need, to add to which it was never my fault that their careers turned out as it did, especially when they claim that my work is messy, that it was difficult to tell exactly what I am doing at any point, seeking the benefits of sorting out finances at the jobs market and the education system whilst they corrupted a wealth equity public image that was built to fill a need involving wealthy people who thought they were unhappy and involvement with my concerns would change such outcomes for them, to facilitate women making and selling products they can buy to engage, converted it into a process where I am a character people abused to befriend the wealthy, get paid for being popular and left it for the gold diggers, now the Politicians think I do not have overall control and I am about to chose between the existence of my career and their right to enjoy a celebrity culture for it. In the end, a social life will comprise of people I felt comfortable with, in which what I did to provide the children with an environment for success and happiness would produce results and the question was whether celebrity, fashion, politicians and media changed the ingredients.



They have become so accustomed to indulging this gimmick where they claim I had been beaten down and humiliated, without also telling anybody what they wanted to do with such statements. They were the only people doing any fighting here, do not even have opponents for it and liked to build up a sense that me as an opponent made sense. In the end it is simply some businesspeople surrounded by insane people and I had no idea if I was expected to pluck the insanity from thin air and find a way to provide it a response. The prevalent idea then being that I am saying a bunch of people with businesses who are surrounded by insane people was a bad thing which I never did, but not only is it easier to explain my responsibilities as a matter of their interest in me, a need to ensure my financial well being is the same as making the statement that I do not write anybody’s Books here; it needs to stop pretending to be me, needs to stop pretending to be Royalty, needs to stop picking up my earnings and public image. The Celebrities were a special case – would do it and express a certain regard for potential consequences if I am annoyed enough to respond but that lasts only a few seconds, backed by a crowd, it can make its own money pretending to be me which crashes my finances and provides the famous stupidities with money to show up here and perform social experiments. They do claim I could simply let it go but that itself is the reason we are doing this; I want to be free of a process where I had to respond to it as well but the academic pursuits have been damaged and there is no remorse, restitution or compensation for the 20 year career mess I have been saddled with on account they were masters of narcissism, even when our careers do not meet anywhere, as to warrant regular contact.

They claim I am this character that cannot make sense of tyranny and suffering caused by the British Monarchy but we also know that they needed to be able to say that between the time spent at first grade and the times they became wealthy people, they were able to do it and impudent enough to intrude into peoples lives, trash the concerns of their victims to put up male and female society practical jokes and hang about somewhere any opportunity people were not committing crimes, either setting victims out as the responsibility of government after a gratuitous process of publicly and humiliatingly setting out a sense they tried to put it right for the victims who were of no use but continued time again to revisit some victims to do more damage or basically setting out their pay packets as a reason to become bullies that took up whatever time victims had left. So I guess it has not only set me out here as a character who tended to make sense of tyranny while they paid a price for it, whereas the fact was more a matter of pushing people until they made tyrants of the authorities to complain that when I point out its interest in me and the fact I would not have the time and energy to pursue the process of rectifying the problems they created by pushing the authorities all the time, as something completely different, to enhance an abusive but profitable victim status. In the end, no matter what appropriate responses I have supplied for their inability to make sense of the fact that the reasons people were angry enough to commit crimes over their unusual interests in people’s lives, was that the government had set a time limit for their greed and everybody is meant to pursue one of those between the age of 18 and 65, it will never be enough, but the millionaire by 12 years of age was unusual, so was the man who got a job at the age of 70 – it needs to shut down the gimmick that Celebrities found me disrespectful and see that its stupidities stopped running my life with social activities of criminals while its famous idiots picked up my income margins and built a profile to make sense of my Books and where my publishers business was located, as a matter of their famous entitled careers.

I have been told it is about winning arguments on whether I was more deserving of security, which is utter nonsense, it is not about winning any arguments, more about every turn being followed up with a process where I am hunted down and a process where somebody else got comfortable with my concerns was created, finished off with a business of building me a profile to say that I am character people could bully to befriend the wealthy. Each time I cleared out any mess, the reasons another was built was a matter of physical size, it never shuts up and does not show up here because it was interested in reading a Book. Eventually we had to progress from making sense of the idea that if I did not have my public image because employers offices, industries and even the children at school were drafted in to help sit on it, I will cease to be me, to a question of the idea I did not understand them and was unwilling to learn about their position in society whilst we see evidences of a relationship being developed between them, the public and criminals as a means to ensure they had become incredibly important and not even the business of sitting on my public image had been explained anyway, such that it was their homes and cars and clothes which were the main reason others could not get on, the mean reasons anything resembling peace of mind could never be achieved and we know normal people would be deterred if a Public security Officer told them off in terms of their interest in other peoples lives building up a sense that they had arrived at a point where they needed to take up their own public security responsibilities as well, in their case we find they were provoked and it called for vengeance. They claim the reasons for all these was largely a matter of weak people thinking they can take on the Celebrities – on a fundamental level, there is a link between a Celebrity forcing you to serve them by handling your career and an interest criminals showed in you which was so intense that you suffered health issues, awaiting the time that you will respond to the insults of famous idiots because you had enough, response based on further insults that involved boasting to the fans. The details are that their successes were mostly a matter of picking up other people’s concerns, to hand it back when they thought they were finished with it – like in my case picking up public work to run music CDs on the radio waves for people at work and for people who were partying and I could get it back when they were finished. I have had enough of it at this stage and a lack of understanding how much of a threat I can be is now starting to grow from abusive activities that were developed when I took out a private security industry job, as a matter of what I did with security making them feel inadequate, which suggests they will not give me a break by themselves, so there is now a five year history since and I am now angry enough to take action, where it will seem that even if they showed a certain degree of regard, the stupid community that makes up their fans will always find something profitable in it, hence those wanted some too. It is a matter of my Public image, getting back to it and never allowing those times that I was detached all the way to diplomatic disposition to occur again, while they had decided to stall my Bookshop and draft in whole industries and employers offices and even children at school to stall my public image and there is never a reason for it – does go on to say that it was a matter of power by which all was possible but we are talking about what they complain of endlessly when an issue is as simple as an idiot picking me up in my privacy to share images with people in prison and mental illness institutions, then show up to build a community that fingers my bum, doing what they thought was best done with their own time but the other fools who build them a media bubble to claim what they knew about me added up to a successful process of stealing my career were not looking for trouble, they will stop when finished, this was it or we could make it complicated. Eventually it claims I was never a threat but it is all building up to the road to work that is pursued by abusing me, same as the road back from work and same as time spent at work, eventually leading up to an arrangement to say they were not getting enough security and were so important that I should be made to do something that will enhance or announce their sense of importance even if it meant committing a crime, the famous idiots had since picked up on it after claiming they were nice people even though they committed crimes while I spent time trying to rub shoulders with important people who clung to my public image and career, they had since gotten in on it to suggest I can get my career back when I had complied with their gimmicks and gotten myself into trouble with the law, shows up at my Bookshop service processes to convert awareness into a version of me whose existence its famous stupidities would feel more comfortable with. What they are now saying is that these problems were never resolved and the issues that pull people in several directions were never tackled unless they were in charge but since it is not clear whom exactly they will lead, I would fancy it expresses its stupidities and cleans up its filthy life on its own career and finances, if it had a fame and media career to fool around with or we will enter into a phase where all was done on the basis of the economic abuses of the famous that play into the heart disease causing insults of society gits and Celebrities that could only keep their careers if they publicly took responsibility for it.



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I am told that I have lost all I had at the Monarchy and it is utter nonsense – what has happened is a group of some really stupid people building a Media presence for a gimmick where they got to run my life with social arrangements which criminals built to run criminal arrangements by, they have been following me around to make a mess of career and academic studies, starting a mini war after I finished my first Book, churning my tummy with it but what they are saying upon delving in since 2016, is that they could not have delved in if they did from their well off neighbourhoods, therefore needed to wait for me to find a bad neighbourhood which availed me to facts concerning my Books, to delve in with. They speak of what the Queen thinks but the Queen thinks that the way I worked caused a lot of tummy issues, that said, I am not the one doing it; these idiots with a need to cling to my earnings and run off insults that will gain public effect in terms of their bad habits and an interest in my personal space with it, telling me to swallow all I wanted to say down to my tummy and make a bad smell, while making sure the way it affects me affected everybody who listened to what I said, were responsible for the tummy issues – if it wants to take it to another stage, it may get off fooling around like that and ask me a physical question towards effects and consequences of its insanity as such. They claim I am a prat naturally but there is no need for name calling, it does not have to be that stupid, I am in charge and they are not, fighting my wars it appears, is one of the things that gets them through the difficult tasks they had to carry through at National service not least made complicated by their gimmicks. I do get told this was all I said about it which was not enough but there isn’t much to say about it mostly anyway, just that it does not have to be abusive that I am in charge. The rest of it was the Men’s world picking up my public service to improve their lives like something they deserved – raise the point and it will say that it was an important person but is really an idiot that has never once made a useful decision about the location of the prison service relative to its career, punishing me for the existence of bad people and punishing me on my income all of the time, shooting off the big mouth a bottom chasing public life about confiscating my public life, no idea what brought it on, exactly the same as the Celebrities, push it further and it will say that people in its silly community professed its behaviour to be perfectly sound, which can only continue until that stupid community was the problem that had to be solved.

I am told there is a huge matter concerning me at the Monarchy about which I am aware of none and any issues arising was never the concern of outsiders, especially those claiming I think I can cope with the Monarchy whilst I cannot. What has happened mainly is that the Duke of Sussex married his American wife, making statements about the importance of male society, it got a response from me, while Princess Beatrice married for money at my expense and it did not, so those who judge me for Harry and Meghan need to figure out Beatrice and Mapozzi. I mean I have run my finances on a low key, because it would not have been an equal relationship, should I end up in a situation where the wife never once made a decision about whether I could have something or not due to money that is tied up in a business venture or she had to organise space for a meeting concerning work or business venture and we built it together, everybody had a role and the role came with a life lone accomplishment associated with the way private wealth was acquired, alternatively I didn’t and we married for the world and then I will get the blame when I want the world as well; what has happened is that these gits show up to commandeer networks I build for my personal relations, to get Celebrities and gold diggers all over it, then stifle my social life and finances with media appearances and seek financially beneficial narcissism from the process everyday – at some stage one or two will show up to express how well a personal relationship with me would turn out but loved to run me down on the money issues and leave it for sex workers – so it does go without saying the two mentioned above were the last time people married into the Royal family to handle me obviously, unless people wanted more. They do now claim they loved to see me attack the Royals which is utter nonsense as what happens is that when trusted with a task, the realist would accept that at some stage the heightened state of affairs where the Head of State wants proceeds from that task to accomplish something will occur, so normal people think about what might happen if when the Head of State needed it, it was not available because somebody was fooling around with fame, genetics and bedroom issues – then there is the personal side where even if I controlled them, I could not actually decide or control everything that my own children got up to. In the end they say I make my life complicated which I don’t – I am an Arch Prince, so I should have a suitable lifestyle for it; a good House, perhaps a car as well and above all a family and necessary means to ensure government matters proceeded smoothly, 6 years I have spent working on issues which prevent this from being the case only to end up with the same group of gits that complicated all in the first place building industrial parks that would operate to prevent me from having it, recently developed into children at school being raised a certain way for the purpose of effective insults – so currently it is complaining that I build a veritable banner which describes them as stupid men and adorns their way to work but will not stop, it claims there are women who make a mess of my concerns fighting them whereas the women were fighting personal turfs and really hated people who tackled me, what has really wrecked my career going beyond the fact they always needed to show people that women wrecked career, to something of a need to say that when they provoke the women who cannot tolerate them and turn up here to build communities that finger my bum, claiming I can only get my career back when I did something to get into trouble with the Police and their famous idiots will not hand back the public image until they were finished what they wanted to do with it – either way which is none of their business either.


The Politicians have suggested if they staked public interest in what I am doing, it would end badly as I was only just clinging on but I am not; it’s the good old case of screwing around with my career and if I find myself at the backyard of Industry because of their general hoodlum gimmicks targeting me like that after my 20 year career mess because of it, I will be coming out of that situation with their jobs in hand as well. It is the story of being punished by convenience and vice seeking idiots because you had a responsibility and bad people did bad things – so their own was clearly above the law. The popularity git had gone far enough to pick me up spying on me, found something to share with the boys from the YMCA, Homeless centres, foodbanks etc, they had to do that their thing that befits their physical appearances and are now vouching for an opportunity where celebrity security will be deployed in their interest at some stage to tackle me as well. The society gits were more about the outdoors; they had to ensure they trashed my career and finances to build outdoor life which was worthy for the men and the fathers, the problem of course by that I await the part where they finished, so that I will build them publicity to say they got on with their concerns, so that their personal and social lives might make trouble makers happy enough to avoid bothering others, protests in my view by then would have meant we were making progress. The Celebrities were the main problem on the business of punishing me for the bad things that bad people did naturally and e have done 5 years paying attention to all these issues, it is clearly very important to them and needs to be a main part of their fame and public image – I am personally progressing towards the part where I did not care what their schedule for putting a stop to the mess they made of my Bookshop every day was.

They even justify it with claims the British Government sets me out as a positive influence while I am a trouble maker touted as one, at the same time it says I am disrespectful as it would take weeks to clear out such nonsense when my audience were trying to read a Book, only to make stupid statements about what is in their bank account with respect to my needs as well i.e. what I mean when I say they needed to channel the narcissism elsewhere or I will channel it for them. They do claim this was all punishment for me as I tended to act first and think later, which is utter rubbish too, what is really happening rather being a matter of the alpha males and alpha females gimmicks taken way too far; they have gone on to burn my assets and get everybody sucking up to Celebrities at my expense with respect to Defence Policy, torn down my Public image to get paid for being popular and have set out a stage for Politicians to help them out with privileges of injustice against me, as they set out hotels and restaurants by spending my personal life to ensure they could guarantee people will not be touching their Clients, after all that trouble and the people that want to get the fingers up its bum it wants to move into my right hand to build restaurants, it needs to eat. The Business of prostitutes taking up from its gimmicks with a dream to address me over the idea they were better people than I am, in order to sell sex, all over the internet for instance persists, even as I continue to implore them to channel their narcissism somewhere else lest I got to channel it for them.

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(Royal Allies, The Royal Village in Europe, Industrial Community and HH Leadership at the Company Trust. Security at Political Honesty, Finance support and Governance of Social problems secured as Live Daily Equity for the Royal Village in Europe and Royal Estate Bookshop Security.)

They do love to suggest that none did a thing about my sexual habits whenever it came into focus – I could never tell anyway but I suppose the claim was a matter of people inviting themselves into my concerns to find sexual habits they could report to the authorities and I am wondering at this stage, if they had found what they were looking for. It never gives an answer, it just moves on quickly to the other part where it suggests its stupidities were about power and a business of dominating me but they have no power here either, just gits running off communities in secret that are meant to decide how others existed, those communities which should do what they were doing in Public but will not, so it becomes a real problem if I smell during job interviews, the abuses make me infectious with problems so people use bookshop services and run away from the Books and the jobs market laughed at my CV before reading it while the real men especially the very disobedient Islamic ones got to see me as a character that tried to do business where people were bigger and got cheated out of all those precious things that others have had eyes on. We hear those stupidities that it is the start of a gimmick that will progress from a need to get me all caught up with people who did not get their issued sorted on time, so that they can get fingers up my bum, into something that claimed my life and it is utter nonsense, the kind of nonsense that will get me making them understand blood for blood if they did – the stupid community should be doing nothing in secret, this is the fucking problem i.e. when they get fingers up my bum each time I stepped outside of my door, hundreds of people in it said it was perfectly sound behaviour and it continues because they had fortitude while I was all alone in my opinion but are not paying the bills in this place, need make the most of the social life that comes from it and try not to shoot off the big mouth at me thereof – the community is the problem that needs to stop handling me and my possessions, the threats were the usual alpha males and alpha female daddies talking rubbish and running other peoples lives while they did, an endemic problem. We know they had ways to ensure that their famous idiots got the dirty social life and bottom chasing public image to rely on others like it does me; it had to be somebody who looked like the social life was without problems and then organise themselves at popularity and begin the relentless lasciviousness facilitated problem dumping, about which I want to dump issues of Law enforcement on the stupid fame as well, to make a statement that they are not in charge of anybody in this place i.e. years of working sexual narcissism on others publicly, preferably people they never knew has produced a war of the sexes and this was first indication, we are now doing the part where it wants to run peoples lives but had not yet made sense of public service disposition, has never once made one good decision about its career with respect to Police work and the prison service, just enjoys shooting its mouth at me. I am told that it will not be easy to get rid of them, especially the Celebrities who loved to handle me but none was paying them to abuse me, stagnate my finances, personal and social life, preparing to attack something they used to love – this will never ever happen either, like it does not know what it is talking about whenever its famous stupidities shows up here with a bottom chasing public life it says it does not want anymore therefore getting its stupidities to rely on me while none asked them to build and own one, talking nonsense about confiscating mine with a big mouth – what is happening is that it had picked up my wealth equity public image to make its own entertainment setting me out as scapegoat people got to attack to befriend rich people because it could never do anything the way it is meant to be done and is always a publicity hugging pervert, I want to end the arrangement their stupidities built, I have made enough trouble for them to get them seeking to end it but the entertainment they made from it is still in the market place, so the market says something different.

This is the problem: that I do work for the public through my Bookshop but each time the environment where they read the Books emerges, it is spent by idiots with a Media presence who wanted to show me they were important – so it disappears and therefore is it incredibly nauseating to live like that. I am said to have turned out a complete mystery as per the way I became a public nightmare but I am not - it is just so annoying and frustrating to spend 8 year negotiating with famous idiots who had a media presence to play with, as to whether my Bookshop was a real job, since it was that when I provide the public a service through it, an environment emerging where people engaged with my Books is spent by somebody who had media presence to play with, informed me their stupidities made them important public figures but I never believed it. It soon after saw me do something with private security Industry and it became a do or die affair that I would be serving its House proud stupidities, grovelling for money to provide a service with security talents and that it was something it wanted because it loved me. Its the work, the delay and the fact it is the families of these idiots that have started a campaign to get the rest of the public putting labels on me which suggest I am a bum - people do not just get off reading Books; you must facilitate the time, environment and keep a lifestyle alive so that may come in and out because they were sharing their minds with you - what happens is that I finish the job and the environment, the instance where they get to engage with the Bookshop is spent by idiots who informed me they were important but I failed to believe they were, it has become such an issue they found it so difficult to make sense of what somebody is saying, if the person suggests that he was full of their own. I am told that I provide false hope of being able to do something about the celebrities but it is not false hope – a simple matter of the fact my career stalls because a bunch of idiots loved to finger my bum in public, they claim then that their entire communities thought it was sound behaviour, so the stupid community had become a problem that needed to be solved if they did not do it so often as such but actually did – the Celebrities loved to wreck your finances and throw money at the problem repeatedly, so the money was the problem, their fame maintained by handling my own public image, about which I need to discredit them until they lost a fortune too. so I am told its all German influence at the end and yes it is, the German influence was the third factor: the ethnic minorities will show up to groom me into the position where an abusive interest in my looks and temperament was a matter of those who failed to get their lives sorted out and this would mean I am ripe and ready for bum fingering, which the whites will carry out, the German influence part was simply the idea if they supported this nonsense and used it to distract me from what I am doing, which has gone on for 8 years everyday relentlessly all day long, at this stage, they would be able to grab and own my career offering prerogatives to idiots that paid for it, the idiots who pay for such nonsense which have not yet paid enough, hence where we are.






Please excuse what my language has become on some occasion, as it would be pretentious and dishonest to avoid them completely having been my Literary work is so rudimentary to ensure it is thorough in its service provision, considering what the problem of Celebrities and Popularity figures become when they have had their unfettered access to problem transfer means and Media at any rate taken away from them or restricted.


They do bring up that story that I am so weak it is irritating which I have no idea who asks the questions on it anyway; what we know is that I found it easier to fight back than to get around looking for trouble and they made me out to be flesh man, running off all that nonsense about weakness thereafter and hence the next question on the complaining while they made it up. This nonsense continues generally if they have access to other people’s civil duties, will do nothing to defend themselves if faced with difficulty and will never stop tackling vulnerable people. The other idiots with ideas about how I brought it upon myself never stopped interfering with my finances for those stupid comments they cannot keep where their career and finances were located as such, I therefore think that the next time show up here to get imagination up my bum and build me reputation for being weak while its criminal juveniles got completely out of hand and never stop picking others while they will never fight their own corner all together, blows off the big mouth that I am so weak it is irritating, I think they will kick off another scenario that their stupidities will likely hate. The problem here is the way that their little sexual things on the streets dragging people into rabbit holes, thereafter coming across some money for fine things through Celebrity culture, about which an Arch Prince is trying to pay some bills and he will be made to give up his Office for it, the entire time which I have never set them out as little sexual things so others might pick on well whilst I have ended up with a history of abuses, insults and University fiasco, finally an assault on my Bookshop which gives them direct access to my finances to do damage, which I think I should ensure their Celebrities suffered for intensely as well, as it were. So originally everybody loved an Arch Prince who believed people ought to work for money but did not live a life that was full of enemies at the same time, so there was tranquillity everywhere, now I am dealing with insults and abuses back to back to ensure that I was caught up in a life of getting into a fight with people to help civil rights twats feel safer, the next time they compound it raising that stupid point about me being so weak it is irritating, it will go beyond the part where the stronger sections of their civil rights stupidities got to make sense of the fact if they did not want me telling them what to do about racism as well, the next time they pick up my assets when one of their well of twats who keep putting up his insanity on my social life disobediently faced racism and made stupid statements on my social life, I am going to beat them down with those abuses until the racism problem was solved permanently as well.

The question raised at the end being that of the reasons these low lives loved to pick on me, but it is an old story about making a mess of my social life to get across a good amount of money with which to buy fine clothes and possessions that fuel their need to get imagination around people’s private parts but the scum that loved to target me have not even learned to speak properly yet. I have been clear about the fact they needed to stop bashing my Books, where they need keep their white lie insults, gesture and practical jokes before I got to take my own steps as well, I have been clear about making their Celebrities stuffer for it intensely – long before we got to the part about what they must do to avoid having me get into a habit of abusively making them do something about racism. For the time being, I rather tend to make good the other warnings that if I see the Culture and Society, they will see it for the last time as well; this means that their perverted interest in my social life and public image is matched with an interest in the environment built from those fine things they had acquired and it tends to cool me down, such that when they no longer had access to me, this will play into my already rich sense of discipline and ensure all gets back to normal, never mind the fact it serves as a countermeasure for their silly interest in my Public image – I do not believe the threat that if their white lie comments, gestures and interest in my Books does not stop wrecking the sales, this matter will end very badly obviously, so we are still dealing with a lot of stupidities displayed on Media at my expense.

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I am now said to have set myself out as somebody that did not require state provided security and it is utter nonsense as what happens is for instance the money greed madness playing into reasons public security operatives keep their work secret, whereby the Media had an itch and Americans were powerful for all the wrong reasons applicable – they were all over it all the time and what happens being that my work supported service operatives in a certain way originally and then it developed into the interests of new recruits taking up from the way I faced adversity and then the women with their view of the world as per whom they need to eliminate or control to stop the wars etc – each of these instances are work gaps that needed to be filled while what they have done is make a complete mess of security matters to chase their popular culture and the big mouth blabbing about how powerful they were to make money by avoiding work, so they are also unable to see that when the White House deploys them to duty and they thought that they deserved something extra from the public for it, they never made sense to some people such as myself. Personally, the matter is set to develop into a case where interests in me that detract from people reading my Books, will be followed up with serious consequences, reasonably, giving away information to avoid looking like the character that knew about it but preferred to write and sell Books first before others found out, should not make me vulnerable if their stupidities were complaining about civil rights. They do suggest that whether or not I am a disgrace depended on a definition of success which is utter nonsense as what happens is that each time the neighbourhoods and families and communities involved in the Trust system that was set out as an incentive business because I started it during a recession, they run off gimmicks that involved following me around to make a mess and when they see my products hell breaks lose – first consequence was the fear that I had no respect to them to such an extent if the poshest white boys hung about somewhere, I would want to chip in but I have not been able to pay my Bills over a 10 year period because their practical jokes and gimmicks keep showing up on my accounts Books, hence prospect of a second response. The story behind this was that people wanted to know they could be proud of me when they needed to be but there is nothing here to be ashamed or proud of as such, just a lot of people trying to get ahead of the whether – the whites, blacks and real Men Muslims being the main culprits, such that the career I built before I went to University is still good and if damaged, I will burn their world, which they say I cannot do as such but we are talking about such instances as a process where I broker equity with companies and they saw me as the means to access the assets of those companies, so they might get around to some natural resources money by which they pillage the company market to get paid for being popular among other practical jokes, which outcome is that I may have protected other peoples intellectual property but cannot protect mine, therefore back 15 years where I started all together, blabs the insults all the time that ensured the public was more interest in labels placed on me than they were in the Books I write which is going to end badly, especially as they had since progressed from this to a business of building communities that get imagination up my bum to hover over me and steal my time for every personal changes and every career changes and every good idea I had produced, abusively, blabbing I cannot burn their world when they damage it as such.

It is said that it has been one mess after another but there is no mess, just the mess that the Prince of Wales made alongside the Duke of Sussex and the problem continues because the Prince of Wales is still at it – he had to show he was a good Military operative even though he knew he had state Ceremonial duties to provide leadership for, that said, if he did it to support his Mother who was the Monarch, it would set out another idea that women mattered, even so whilst he is not the Monarch, he had to do it. The fall out now is that of a case where my activities were disrespectful of the male population, their inability to keep their hands off me and my possessions leading down a path where I will find myself a very good incentive to cling to, as the means by which I ensured that they stopped passing their insults at me, especially the Americans who are currently unable to see that if they kept their mouths shut for long enough, most of their problems would have been solved when they realised we were not mates. They do speak of the superiority issue at the heart of the matter which further supports my point. The greed factor people speak of being the part where it wants to be the person who tells its Children that it was manager of the company that was so big it was a local landmark and hell breaks lose around my work and my earnings because it wants to catch sales targets by getting the Public to seek equality with me as a feel good factor to facilitate lifestyle that support products at the Company – it gets to that stage where I have to accept that it did not really matter who was manager or leader of what, as long as the Public got the products they paid for and services purchased bore the same expected value, but then it gets to the Office or Boardroom and a new problem kicks off. I do get told I am not necessarily the victim but I am not – it started out with wealth equity structures built in a manner that helped to control organised crime while supporting younger people all over the world – first it got involved with my Trust Canopy to access the structure, make a mess of it and drag younger people away from studies and into popularity culture where people got paid for plugging disobedient stupidities into my social life and Public image, then it grew into a story of the way my finances had been so badly trashed I will be forced to rebuild the wealth equity systems in the USA for the purpose of other people who wanted to get rich, so I decided they will move out of South America and when they do, they will still be the victors, certainly not a victim.


The claim is that it is never clear why people like me do what we do as it is a losing battle but I had no idea what convinced people this stupid that a person of my standing would have engaged in a losing battle anyway. I am not really nearly as finished as they claim I am, it still all goes back to what happened at University; they are not nice people, they need another person to be raised in a moral background whose public image they can deploy to be nice but also because they are really bad people, being bad will come in handy when they needed to push people around and have their way, so it was the easiest way to get everything. It has started to develop into something of be becoming interested in working the usual control measures abusively as well, something about the way they trash my career so absolutely because they have no reputation whatsoever and are so reliant on doing that it was preferable to suffering the consequences of their personal decision, I am now victim of their narcissism while they had built a community that will ensure they were entitled, so we can see how desperate they are to have my reputation and my social life, it is what people become when all the days of their lives are spent showering people with life changing insults which gets the victims spending their social lives on the effects. At this stage they are bragging about what they have done to me because they were completely unaware that I had developed a way to run my enterprise on it, to such an extent I was desperately reliant on a process of doing so, since I had no way to turn and have been exploring foul language in my Bookshop, intending to spend whatever social life and public image was left of them repressively; this is because Celebrities have no wish to stop ripping up my finances, a bunch of silly men had no wish to stop paying for show business products only when developed on my work and public image and their fan idiots never stopped chasing to lay claims of ownership to, any environment I built for my audience. They do claim they had their exit and it was the fact I smelled and will be used against me, I have however tried the cure to it which involved developing a real atmosphere of hatred for them as well, in less than a minute it had come to me that they are a handful of idiots who always more so by their very nature facilitate the resurgence of social ills, so it played into the part where I wanted them to spend the Celebrity culture, popular culture and society abuses on me until they ran out and left me an understanding I can resolve the situation by making sure whatever bad things they do had to be redone and that they were well known for causing resurgence of social ills for it too, which social ills were their responsibility, putting their twats on the line thereof. So it is clearly something to aspire to and it always ought to show up around my concerns to seek its way in the world by showering me with insults while being backed up by other stupid men that were bigger than I am: it is all likely to develop into a problem I had with the stupid community, such as it will become obvious that the idea I had cultivated fear for them on my part never really happened, whereby it seems that if I had a disagreement with somebody I could resolve it and it was never something that stopped me chasing my daily concerns but if they had need of my social life and public image, needed to ensure I understood this by sending out these idiots to run me down all the time, I will not keep the job or livelihood and I will be sick, so will I face discriminative and abusive threats from their stupidities everyday – therefore easy to see that there was something here their stupidities could chase up, catch and make to face consequences if I wanted to begin the business of building the atmosphere of hate for their stupidities as well, needs stay away from my Books and keep its user stupid comments where people had expressly shown they appreciated the insults. People have said that I loved to create the sense this was a bad thing but it really isn’t – I don’t really create the idea it is a bad thing to respond to them in this way, its just more complicated in the sense that when I broker equities with companies that create products they do buy it for celebrity culture purposes, the problem comes when they will not allow people to prefer the jobs market to popular culture as a means of paying the Bills and then the stupidest low lives of the middle classes were all over it talking rubbish at me all the time. The part where I got it done on short notice will be the one where their imagination getting up my anus all the time was very vile nonsense, making sure they got stuck in with jobs that they found incredibly tough was no longer enough and I needed to build the applicable atmosphere of hatred for them and the stupid communities over it as well. 


I am now said to live in denial of my situation which I don’t, as there is no situation to deny – the choice it between these gits who claim the Political system I see, which was built to deter people attacking the interest of the fathers, was built on a civil conflict keeping their political system, or losing it over a need to handle me – my history is that I dropped out of University and now living on Government support because they have not yet found a suitable toy that will replace their need to handle me, if they were complaining about it. The third factor in the matter was the Celebrities and the main reason I hate having ended up in a position where I discussed the matter – they complain about these abuses and once I found a workable solution that allowed me carry through with my career, played a part to wreck University degree and are now attacking me because a version of me they loved to get involved with no longer exists, which is due to a need they had to pick up my public work and do something which changes its meaning and purpose, usually bearing towards questions on who will get torn up to protect them because they felt they were incredibly important, now since developed into an alliance with society gits as well, so I believe that attacking them as a method of solving all my problems will not only go to make a statement about the fact it does this no matter what it had and whether it got it at my expense and also settle what they had built from the solution I found for these abusive activities, which involved making these goons think what I am thinking so every insult meant I put word in their mouth for it, which I understand is the reason they need to tell me what to do all the time and the Celebrities need to assist them by interfering with my sleeping patterns which has created the abusive gimmicks that set me out as the wrong place for all clients and therefore crashed my Bookshop but that was before and not after I dropped out of University, threats of doing it having before them created the only point in time in my life when I felt normal and healthy enough to pursue my own business without interference from them. They do claim it was about power but we know it is about power – when it picks up my Bookshop and makes it a contact stage to get involved and wreck my career, while its stupid men peddled insults to say I did not win a great battle every time I told people what I did for a living, which meant they were able to indulge the discourse of the way that I should have remained out of public spotlight for intellectual property administration services, to look like I never existed or wait for somebody to create a counterfeit product which then created a problem for a company first before I acted, when it does this to such an extent that after broker process, any instance where my Clients go public resulted in them making narcissistic oncomes by copying process, designs and assets from the social disposition their insolence had offered them, none hears about any of it, for the part where it is going to attack me because I version of me that it loved to get involved with had been withdrawn occurring for its gimmicks when it is not dead because somebody bothered it yet.

Eventually they report to personal life gimmicks where they set out to show that libras like myself had commitment issues and always cheated on our partners. It is utter rubbish, normally libras that sleep around if they hated living outside of a personal relationship should have indicated somebody was looking for trouble, but they have built an existence from a business of showering people with insults all day and being bigger than everybody else naturally. It continues like that with an effrontery to finger my bum like we have ever seen genocides where their stupidities were not a main contributory factor, when I had not for instance gotten my hands on the stupid jobs yet. The truth is that they are always out to make use of a Libras personal life for lifestyle issues and to get rich at the markets, whilst they feared the markets so and cannot engage in it without societies that help their stupidities pinch peoples flesh, when you fuck fringe society Scorpio it does not spend more money the last time we checked and of course it will challenge the idea if it does not clash with somebody who thought the next time its stupid children showed up with an influence that was a product of the actions of criminals, over ideas concerning the security pie and how little of it was available to their civil rights stupidities and or their celebrities made another statement about clinging to the earnings of somebody whose existence was just disrespectful, it will keep the job and finances when it hits me. these are all a product of building oneself a good life and others who did not having an advantage when people were violent and immoral and or a process where their violence and immorality built them a veritable meat grinder, so they imagined if they picked on others they could get a release from it, unless the Politicians loved their version of bullying when their mates will not serve the master’s in government buildings. I do not think it is a crisis, we have been working on some issue and more eventually when the recession caught up with it; the public seemed to allow these idiots have their way because they seemed unaware that buying products puts you in partnership with the companies that sell it for instance, among many other causes of wealth and social inequality, once done clearing the issues up and setting out those that needed to be unwritten rules, I will return to the point and if they were still here, change the stupid story. I mean we do sometimes get to a state of confusion, where we think that somebody must have damaged their sensibility and felt sorry for them, in that people had work and people had home and finished with work, they went home, until something like this comes up. 

They do claim it was a massive crisis and that what I said was borderline extremism but it is not in anyway – really the simple way it works is a bunch of people who loved to tell you what to do and follow you around to enjoy the feeling, having wrecked their lives and decided they could do the bad things that happened to them unto those who had a better life than they did, in which conditions the benefits would outweigh the consequences, it had become such a huge matter but the core of the problem is that I continually have them imposed on me in a personal way, by Politicians who consistently suggest that by not wanting them in my personal and social life I am discriminating – now we know they are complaining and since they cannot stitch mine back together for me as well, it is a matter of the blind leading the blind – the reasons they hated me in a personal way however went up to the part where it was clear no human being farted consistently for hours like they claim I did, in the mean time picking up my personal life to share with the boys from the streets and the people from mental institution, so they played and were saturated with their stupidities, then it had to do with me in the bathroom or bedroom etc, then it was transferred into a behaviour that was exhibited towards me on the roads and at the work place, they have not yet attacked me over claims I smelled, they were working on a process of finding a way to help them do it safely. The biggest was the business of building wealth equity so popular culture can be made from those instances where they were incredibly passionate from the Police taking an interest in what they were doing. In the end Celebrities have always loved to get around with bad men because they thought the good ones were a given, have been claiming I am the one doing the wrong thing and it was a matter of what it did when it found out it was wrong, the next time it claims it had an issue with disrespect towards the famous on my part, it will keep the career and finances, showing up here to disobediently pick up my public work for self reinvention, if it got to hit me. Ultimately it was a statement to say that those who asked paid, those who paid had paid and those who stole had it all.

I am now said to have ended up in a degree of trouble which is incredible, but this is utter nonsense, much the same as people say it goes to hell and then gets cleared up when I say something which is because there is nothing in it save very violent and abusive gossiping. All together it is what the famous look like when they are not complaining; there is a job that needs doing, you have done it and over years of abuse, they had created you a profile and a community that fingered your bum to bend you to their will, which sets you out as somebody that is supposed to fight for them on account they were important. The part that causes the smell they were so proud of was the way the mess made me sick endlessly and then another group of idiots who made a real statement about the way Americans spend time stealing peoples property when they were not engaged in wars they could not explain, in the sense that even if it was an imagination, such an imagination would be sufficient but it should be said that they picked up areas of my work that I had not yet gone public with and were off getting rid of producers and managers because they were going to make money from a business of setting me out as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, we know the famous idiots who convert my work into something which fights for famous people helped them on by consistently claiming the criminals were nice people until I dropped out of University and now we have arrived at the stage where they were first fighting Russians to control me and now are fighting Russians to fight my wars and sex workers could make money from insolence that famous idiots channelled at me endlessly – the crunch point being the part where it is beginning to push off statements and threats and the next time something I did as a matter of competence caused resistance while it was trying to handle my concerns to make money and entertainment, I will get the war I am asking for and I too am of the opinion its male stupidities may pick up my concerns to make the entertainment again, then push off those statements and see what will come of it – on the whole it seems to be a bunch of people who only let you be when you were doing something wicked with their health and well being as well, for now described on my part as the stupid men phenomenon. The others at the monarchy only tended to allow the public to see what I am doing what they were not pushing off their abuses at me but their abuses were protests to the effect they thought I was doing nothing, so I suppose it does stop when it does stop naturally. I am said to have this difficulty getting along with Celebrities while somebody in my position should not which is not really the case – the problem is handling my concerns for other purposes, I mean the fear people had was that I am unable to control them which is not really the case as well, considering they were a bunch of narcissists that clients gave tasks to sell products, they were useful because people wanted to drive their cars in a way that allowed a statement to say somebody needed to stand aside as scratching it would not be cheap, we know that giving clients such appraisal for the second biggest family investment through your company was absolutely essential, that said, they would sell the products if they got help from my Books but there was so much disrespect that they would get it free of charge and now I am being blamed for the effect of the disrespect, so it had to be made clear if they were complaining, needed to stop handling me as well. I do not have difficulty getting along with Celebrities, I mean despite famous people who suggest I spend time rubbing shoulders with them while criminals were nice people until I dropped out of University and picked up my service processes to build me a profile that will get me serving them to crash my finances as well, there are people making fame careers here from the fact work I did on the diplomatic front helped them keep a fame career while keeping in touch with their cultural roots, I mean the latter are bother famous and human it should be noted – so I really despise this idiots continuing further involvement with my concerns, otherwise situation which would have created a sense that such information did not help me at all; the clash points are usually instances where for example somebody who picks me up at diplomatic work to perform an act for a living, in such a condition the act was not their personal and social lives and did not pick up or interfere with my public work while their careers were conducted in a way which allowed them to engage with their cultural roots, had the whole system interfered with by these fools who wanted me to be a character people bullied to get rich, which was also opened up to gold diggers and sex workers, so it is safe to say that it does not currently believe that I will stop it badly as well (all together I needed a factor to help me control them and access to areas of my work that I did not go public work had set the stage for appropriate campaign).



The idea of doing an odd or strange or terribly unimportant or difficult and taxing job followed on with all necessary disgrace has not been a matter that comes to be important so far. Those who create such ideas have been struggling to build it up and make out the sense that it is relevant for the best part of a decade  so far. More recently they have reverted to the old measure they gave up some time before of making it into some kind of social quest for self confidence. In which case this kinds of abuses can only continue, especially along the lines of great victories gained since Royalty has done some Job, until they cannot find any more of the jobs to do and then all will become a little bit more serious.

The truth however is that they are evil people thus what they needed to do earlier was to find a servant of God through whom by overcoming him with the powers of money they will be able to hop over the Law and exercise their evils in the real world. What they got as a result of getting involved with me being unable to resist doing this even when they knew I am a Prince and they were never more important than I am, was a loss of their ability to practice their evils in secrete all together as well. So they have done nothing but build up events and simulated ideas of my suffering since, the trouble being that ever since, people have formed a habit of taking advantage of me for it while devising ways by which they can ensure that whenever they do, these evil people cannot get to or hurt them for it. So the only way was and still is to ensure they are footing the expenses for all that they destroy or costs that they cause me, the difference between some years ago and today and the only difference as it were being that with their boasting whenever they do these things comes an increase in these costs and expenses, thus the point where people have come to feel democracy will come to their aid and therefore permit them these things for which they will be able to be as evil as they wish to be as a population of the world: begging for Tyranny and more so at the expense of others and preparing themselves to be immune to it.

While (of course) on the backdrop those that have always had an ambition to rule and dominate people get into a habit of gathering and using information on what they need to do to be in places that matter from me through every possible violent means. The reasons for this being that they are encouraged to see some possibility of success in their plans to get ahead of the law and consequences of various other means of destroying the lives of others because there is every chance of ending up writing books which are made up of my intellectual property which I sell as security to others only to end up where they had copied this especially for those of them that have businesses and feel such is the purpose of their wealth and then possibly find a friend that works in a National security role as well for the purpose of making certain I am financially impotent so to speak, while they have done all that I had done first in public places and made more money from it. Hence the prognosis of how they come off with the idea I have stolen their beauty when no body knows who they are. However the problem they have to put up with is that if somebody makes another financially incapable in order to use their intellectual property to make their business richer and or therefore themselves, then they would have been commandeering such a  person's equity which here is rather stupid and creates one of the reasons I cannot make out why they have not given it up even now because what I do for a living is put my equity into writing as sellable books and securities therefore a very simply stupid means of bringing about the destruction of entire economies depending on how widespread the practice is.


I approach these things for them in much simpler terms so far; such as asking if people know what copyright means and what power it gives to an Author but I do not seem to change anything my income and books are still being used by people to make Politicians great Celebrities famous and increase the profit margins of Businesses that have nothing to do with me and then going off to copy what I am and do their own as well; so if I must reiterate-its mine all of it and it will all continually get serious more so and especially as they are getting within range of my firing lines (again:-this time for the money). 

Which leads to the Question many Immediate Members of the Royal Family ask (more Publicly the Duchess of Cambridge): what would the Country be or do without me? The answer of which they have also recently realised hence I put it here for declaration, that due to my Office and the fact I am an Intellectual property author, the answer to this is a negative prerogative to mention against me; that it would become what it would become if I did not exist which then means I am irrelevant to the Crown and cuts me off from my Friends and Connections and powers in Her Majesty's Government and my role in British Foreign Affairs. This is not a matter which concerns me much because there are others that can either compete for my job until they detach me from the Monarchy or indeed compete until they assume or take my place all together. For me it is nothing of that sort but simply the challenge that lies before me with respect to my academic work, hence I am available and open to competition.

What I do for money on the other hand is the Intellectual Property I sell and of course the things I use my disposition to do for the Country which it could not exist without seeing to it that I was doing it, hence my fame: these are the things that men will gladly kill me to steal like they express show themselves to desire on Public media all the time-especially business idiots and media scum they incite over it all the time.  



The World on the other hand is not in any kind of peril by the way, its all about some people keeping their Political, Politically based and Politically motivated insults to themselves for a change, the bit where they attack people and offer them as prerogatives to Politicians for favours and when it goes bad for them can still control the lives of those people and make themselves better off with it using incredible lies Politics and media, all about boundaries respected. It is the best indication of people indulging con activity-all covered up with men seeking beauties to peddle and young people fighting for them to give them such things in return for being rich and famous, while they for their part find ways of getting connected to richer and more powerful people; where they can even boast that the clever ones never get caught, especially as important people like myself will be made ugly with cultural violence while cultural corruption and decadence will make them rich. 

The link there is as it were between spiritual wickedness and financial corruption and the gluttony of those who work it all over the West which has never been a matter left from me or via my Office for music industry fools. That is all something they do as a matter of the corruptions they dish out, which largely operates as a function of singing their problems at me to get rich. What is mind bending however is how these people and indeed their Royal allies propose to steal or copy the fame of a Prince who is part of a system that governs a Country only one of which there is in the entire planet; the only two relevant things in it of which are him and the entire world. 


I am not the subject of some kind of stupid revolution either. That is rather an idea brought about by music industry gurus who have turned other peoples Arch Prince into something they control, which balances out the evils they make deals with in order to earn his income and get rich. So all there is left in it these days, the music industry as a whole I mean, is lots of sex and lots of PR for me, which I will make use of so they might never and will never get the chance to ensure it becomes perception that they use to get rich all the time as we go along. They always do think of themselves as the ones that people should love, the ones that should be Princes when they are no one and they really do believe that they are the traditional rivals and threats to Royalty. So this idea of theirs gets to mean the Law can no longer protect people who have jobs in their industry any more and is bound to get much worse because their insults and abuse does not stop i.e. they start earning my income by picking up on things I do which bring about fame and hence I consider it makes no sense and then when I do something to earn it as well, which of course is my job from which I am meant to earn a living, it tends to affect their CD sales and their advertisements, as they always place it at a point where any act to make progress will, then the bullying starts and it is the time I get told that all these while, I was the shrine for people to have wealth and glory with.

For now as far as it is concerned, I am doing the early parts of my career, involving the part where they wind up racists and very violent and mad people all the time for no reason and then drag them to and point them in my direction. In revenge for the fact that they are trying to peddle my faith, personal life and studies and career, while stopping me from getting a job, which they do because doing so is getting more and more difficult. So when I attack the racists for example and others because they talk rubbish all the time too, I attack them as well and build a business on the conveniences of whatever exists as a result too and share it with people through my books.

Of course they know it. They know this is what is happening. They know it when they see my equities and securities on products, they know it when they see my colours and temperaments on products. They just feel that when they destroy it or claim to own it by which they impose on me an opportunity cost decision with with they crowd me out of the point where I earn all together or copy it or use it for any other purpose, no body will do anything. It is how the idea I do not appreciate my privileges is used for the worst kinds of crimes when I damage businesses that are illegal in nature and allow doing so to protect vulnerable people that are my fans, while they attack me and help those entrepreneurs to set up new legitimate ones and more so at my expense, by which they earn money and use it to take revenge on me for damaging their illegal businesses, while still running smaller versions of it as habits and stifling sale of my books which will help these fans further with any money they get from it.



So I want to go around grabbing stuff on this basis by the way: the structure will be going around grabbing anything I see in the name of the Queen but if I don’t use the fact they ruined my academic work as a yardstick and their insolent Labour Party in the UK together with the act of ruining people's finances to make them available until perceptions are created which suggests they give lots of attention to community goons to the point where it becomes real, as a barometer for it, it will never work. I mean the Americans have got theirs as Iraq Bombers, Whites have their fascist and Muslims have terrorist and are always bullying people and talking nonsense about doing hard sell to some vulnerable customer, after which they say they are not terrorists as if I care; now it’s the turn of the blacks and we are still working on how it will have to go. I mean I know the blacks already have their Genocide but it does not seem like it is enough these days any more. I wait, still will, to find out how depressed I will get when they are having all these stigmas attached to them.

I wonder what their leaders who now make arguments about freedom were thinking anyway when they are the ones that give money the more it belongs to tax payers the better, to criminals who have had their businesses ruined by things that a Christian Prince has been doing, so they can set up legitimate ones and get money from it for revenge? If having a legitimate business was so important to them why didn't they save the Christian Prince the trouble in the first place? 


I should reiterate that Overseas Aid from the UK will never be discussed or operated along the lines of what can be Politically achieved in poorer countries, which is where media are always pushing the conversation each time it is being had in public because they want to have and make lots of News and therefore lots of money, because people are stupid, people are evil, people are selfish and their ignoring of their own problems can be deemed criminal so is their insatiable desire to attack those who do not have the same problems they do. Hence it should get more difficult for the Popular Music Star versions of these trouble makers thereof.

I get told regularly that there are threats in the form of men and Americans but as far as I know, last I was aware of what their problem was it had something to do with getting all over the place because of the consequences of having a problem with the Christian Prince's no sex before marriage Policy (obviously they are now terrified of the little girls they want to have sex with before marriage, while their insolent women are holding me down somewhere with their secretaries/sex partner attitude taking notes and giving them a future). Now what they seem to suggest is that their problem runs along the lines of the fact no body can make a living where they exist without having shared their sex life with others as much as they had wanted. So some years of my life thrown away thereof because they are trying to figure out what they want to do with themselves, which is why they pay for the expenses all the time, although it is not enough yet because they have laid in tatters some really important aspects of my academic work currently. The old matter of culturally powerful women and their destruction and vandalism here is a very well known one but I am certain they understand that if they wreck mine I will completely do the same theirs as well - they do not foolish thieving control my heart in anyway whatsoever.


 Of course I am aware a sense has emerged that I have allowed my literary empire to be deployed by money mad trouble makers to satisfy their needs in order to save people or save the world which means they have used my property to extract a lot of money that they now do not know what to do with from others using the markets and that the violence that continues still to create disillusion for people and money for their inability to work for a living or tolerate a sense they do not have everything while others seem in their view to have a high tolerance for it, was not and is not worth it either but that being the case, it has been a matter of competition that can either be resolved by a future built for our younger people and children when it comes to competing with them successfully on one hand or simply a sales and competition platform I have built for those I hire to do the job of selling the books for me, which I may pick up myself.

It is normally said what I say about such matters as domestic abuse are either unbecoming or not understood but the matter is really not an emotive one in any case; the assumption people make all the time that domestic abuse happens to stubborn strong women that men simply cannot stand and therefore attack them for it, whereas that will better describe the idiots I will tolerate no nonsense from and really think they need to get beaten up by a man regularly anyway, which is why I wish it all the time. I know yet again I will be told I have not said anything progressive but domestic abuse is not a progressive issue when two people are in a very unproductive relationship and one wife that is not at work cannot groom a husband that needs to because she is all beaten up and the other issue is the story of companies in an area and people getting jobs from it and the strange things some woman does because either she or her husband is trying to set up a small business or something which then brings into public light the things people do to push themselves harder and harder to work for their money and the third is the big case here i.e. these idiots that must get out of bed to try their hands on my job where it earns money and cannot do anything else with their time except earn the perks of my job and ensure I can never breathe because they are making out it is funny as well looking for trouble; so for now it is the lesser methods of handling them which involves never responding to the men because it is their women and celebrities that suffer the most when you don’t so that leaves me the opportunity to take him down financially and yes of course they are off to the media to cover for that so they might never stop and it is great to see they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak.


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