There is now a held consensus among popularity madness communities, not on the reality of everything they were able to damage because it could not be said that most of my emotional attention was directed towards a singular person,  that I spend my time dreaming of getting caught up with a woman of great class, wealth, and position – an example of the way I end up spending my time on back breaking reorganisation that will deplete the finances I had left while I was not sorting out means and processes of replacing lost incomes. I must work so hard already, to ensure that any persons I ended up with for relationships reasons was good enough for me and what I did, which is what is really happening. This then feeds into the sense that I should have tackled these public matters but now spend my time tackling Celebrities, while what happens is that when I do, the Celebrities trash my finances and livelihood, which I could make them stop and ensure they ceased to get involved with my concerns or the process of doing so could drag on for years if there were no high drastic consequences for it, as usual.

There is no love - hate relationship with Celebrities as insinuated, what happens with Celebrities I worked with, was a process where they made statements that my public work catches on with the people i.e., is popular, on which basis they set about entertainment, trading and activities which ensured ex-convicts and other social ills did not follow them around, especially for those who had a history of bad experiences. The outcome of our success here has been that another group of people had taken up a position to suggest if they owned this structure they would be rich, led by Americans who never hold back at abusing people and they had since successfully built publicity on what they claimed was the disgraceful way I lived after their perverted interest in my Books had made a complete mess of my finances, the disgraceful way I lived which had changed my social status, due to the sheer amount of abuses that they instigate and incite against me on media, to build up what they think is a sense of public appreciation of their own popularity, leaving the local barely criminal gits that take part in it, to see me as a punching bag they got to attack in order to befriend people who had possession of money. I have experimented with several alternative ways of curbing this problem without success, hence just the process of taking physical steps to develop a deterrence for their interest in me left to be exploited. The theory is festered on their Public gimmicks endlessly, that this began as an excuse to provide people with more security and now ends in ideas on how their freedoms could be controlled; the truth rather being that it is said I am not able to get along with popularity people because I had an embarrassing history which meant I could not tag along, no matter how much I tried, whilst the reality was that all embarrassing history I had was due to an involvement of some kind with popularity people and their sales army, hence serve as a lesson to keep them out of my life, going way back to the original that involved the idea that I was not allowed to leave home because my physical attributes and social life suggested I came into the world to defeat their enemies and they had to get paid for being popular on the relationship I had with my mother, finally arriving at this stage where a truce had been called which involved an agreement that I could tag along if I agreed to a career debilitating abusive behaviour that will set me out as the cook.

They do therefore claim that I am really homosexual and should avoid taking too seriously the note that I am not - it is utter nonsense naturally as the factors in play are matters I delayed about my career, concerning which their celebrity interests in the difficulty it causes me is about to bring to public places feelings associated with the fact that I am not actually thrilled that they existed - this is added to the abuses and insults and need to hang around somewhere berating me until my finances are affected, then build communities that get imagination up my bum, which then suggests the idea I am really homosexuals implied they ought to be in physical pain every time those insults and abuses applied and the option of beating up women at the market place to make career progression is not a good one, the big media and popularity blabber, claiming I could never accomplish such a thing and their stupid civil rights looked like that, none here is fooling around with their stupidities as such. The three matters have added then to the business of being caught up with abusive processes associated with how they got to avoid the consequences of their personal decisions by getting others to make sense of anal sex - so the need to tell me I am homosexual can be explained as something to do with informing me they were chasing ownership of my career and had Political arrangements and a Media bubble to make it operable by, usually so stupid, the only thing it understands besides the daily complaints concerning the suffering inflicted on me when it puts itself in charge and does not know what it is doing, is violence.

I am told that people hated the British Monarchy and I have failed to understand the feelings of black people concerning my involvement with it and it is utter rubbish – we know from the way it began with a need to only make use of their freedom of speech when engaging with a sense of what the world should be for them and for the young and free, when they were making statements about being superior to me, that it was largely a matter of being happy only when one of their own and not a riff raff like me was allied to the Monarchy. So the threats are all good save when it brews an outcome where it’s a case of me versus their entire communities like it has been before – it is an old story about what they think I should focus my attention on if the fight kicks off and they thought I was one of the smallest men in the world, coupled with their need to cling to peoples incomes, markets and trading property to blow off the big mouth about being bad people, eventually giving way to somebody making sense of a right tool and proper measure with respect to preventing them handling others abusively, a point where that stupid bad peoples reputation would really help to solve a fucking problem. They do claim I hated black people which I do not: they think that their gold-digging stupidities was well covered here in the UK and that getting imagination up my bum narcissistic popularity their celebrities loved so much had no consequences attached until they decided when it should. Mostly however it’s the Celebrities that have helped facilitate the way their civil rights set me out as a person that belongs to black people, so I am never a student, a writer or an employed person but a character that belonged to black people, whose career and finances existed in a world where they could invite themselves and make a mess of the best parts, but this is the story celebrities leave out of the complains whenever they want others to pay attention to the crisis that is brewing between me and their perverted interest in my Bookshop. We have to listen to that nonsense about solving the problems that black people create as a black person; what it does is pick up my career and finances to play up stupid show business games with, alongside the other black twats who ensure my bottom hurts if they liked what I did and hurt if they didn’t, soon after we find that it will have picked up that of somebody else who say a place in the West Indies that I knew nothing whatsoever about and turn out with a cultural awareness that allows getting finger imagination up my bum to make me co-operate with its needs while telling me to solve the problems associated with the black people who did it first and we are talking about cultures where group public sex was some organised rite of passage for instance, not that I am mentioning it because I believed they were in need of education as such for my part, just that I need to point out we don’t see me chase the career and finances of an English man to make myself comfortable then decide the Scots were responsible for an issue which I built up in public to bugger the English about problems I thought the entire of Britain ought to spend its time on, perhaps because I am not a Celebrity. They do claim their statement here is that I needed to spend more time with black women which is utter nonsense: the time with black women started all these i.e. they decided to lumber me with those talk of the town insults that facilitated their obsession with celebrity culture narcissism, it was meant to wreck the career and finances and if I got divorced from a marriage it would get worse and left me with the two part choice of beating up women at the market place to be successful or being homosexual, in the end their obsession with me resulted in building a Court of female journalists who then set about selling my personal life to Industry gits with tribalism raids in mind and now whilst I am trying to shut it down, it comes up with ideas about a completed process of getting me to get around with white people before I returned to their stupid selves where I belonged and I think if it continued long enough it was likely to end very badly too, complete with wonderment of what indeed their Political leaders had accomplished, from Nelson Mandela to Barrack Obama, if they need me so much but my bum hurts when they like what I am doing and hurts some more when their stupidities didn’t like what I am doing. The story of hatred for black people then not being founded in the real world, this business of people telling me I had shown respect to white people which I would not show to a black person only started making sense 7 years ago and have been running off for the best part of 8 years until then – the Celebrities who keep involving themselves with my studies, career and finances to express those stupidities that suggest I am not a writer because they were able to involve themselves with my career for other purposes, are the ones setting the stage for how this got concluded as far as I am concerned. The truth of it has always been that each time these people suggested that they had to do something about racism, it was largely about finding somebody they could claim to be superior to, which is what they had turned my writers reputation and personality into, therefore deserved the same culture disposition that racist had and it is one of those proper tools and measures, such that we are at risk of racial segregation if somebody tried to solve the problem from a Government building – such that we must ensure those who were not offended by it did not get redress from it, if we were to secure an administrative means by which to say that the problems they beat people down with, is something we wish to ensure they got to solve whether they liked it or not, while we supervised and the one about wealth and social inequality is particularly appealing. What then happens is that it is not really much of an issue when a Celebrity says your interest in their popularity was something about which you should be reminded where you belonged racially but it should be noted that the white boys that were successful were because I respected them well enough not to get about messing with their personal space, so they could have a career and look like successful and well standing people in society, so this would have been about the second time, they had enjoyed such things at my expense. The problem then being the part that their black friends play, such that black people must be organised to get by and so with the way that they had to be organised and the way they got to spend money to be, those who worked abusive and discriminative activities could make money 12 years of my time has been spent grooming me for racists to gain from in such ways by black people, after which it was their civil rights to get involved with areas of my career where I had done my best work, to make a mess, issue stupid threats and get paid for being popular – hence I had to do mine manually, where they got to stay away from my Books and make comments about their own social lives or I should take more stringent measures to ensure they and the stupid celebrities stopped altering my reputation and social image as a writer.

Eventually we hear that they needed to make a mess of my personal and social life to cover themselves as if they did not get involved with me, they would look like something that a racist should attack – that it had spent 15 years of my time trashing my career to make statements about its superiority, only to say this at the end, is usually an expression of how clever maybe. The truth of it being that there are no problems whatsoever i.e. society makes statements about the reasons probably that you are happy to dish it for others but come up with tricks when people want to dish it for you, which then sets the direction that most male Politicians and Public leaders like to follow – the culture makes statements about how far indeed you are willing to go, either way of doing the right or wrong thing, which sets the stage for the direction that most female Politicians loved to follow. These idiots will then invent something about how to steal in a way that meant the law could not catch up with them, then it gives way to the way they want to pillage my personal and social life to get paid for being popular, decide how my career will be used to solve the problems of male society, after that female society, after that the Celebrities get involved, after the Celebrities they get the career criminals involved, such that planning my finances in a way which meant that the woman in my life will be doing money issues, implying it was the only way to ensure I was tied to her as well, meant that I lived on Universal Credit, then it gets off claiming that my involvement with the Monarchy was annoying, before it claims it needed to handle me to avoid looking like something a racist wants to attack and we know that this plays out all the time, when white people attack people and it begins with the idea their victims were supposed to do something brave asap, at the end of the violence make sense of the madness by accepting the idea that they were racist. Racism on the other hand was a set Political ideology that was meant to achieve a specific goal and we know that racists would never take risks such that they made a bigger sacrifice compared to the Political gain and we know that the prospects of having an all-white country does not exist anymore.

The stupidity of it is what we see at Industry endlessly – it will disobediently pick up my social life to facilitate advertisement for products, I can see in its eyes that it had worked extremely hard on the business of ignoring my complaints until it got what it wanted, if I tried to stop it, endangered species will be destroyed. The same behaviour applies with their idiots with respect to whole societies and is the main way their stupid Celebrities were obsessed with me and my Bookshop, which sets the stage for the way I ought to end it too. They do claim that the work I do is the source of all the problem but it’s not really the case as such, as I am rather good at it – society trouble makers will likely secure themselves a disposition that meant they served both Government and criminals at the same time, the gits with abusive ideas and how they thought others who were cowards did not deserve a career would get killed by gangs of other corrupt families that were stronger than they and the Celebrities have their popularity shut down, so they got to do more about crime. The reasons I have become stricter naturally is that it’s not my work but the need for Celebrities to trash the earnings especially when they found it useful – this allows all these ills to develop new statements and build communities get imagination up my bum, which the Celebrities have explained as a means to get me working for them – on deciding they needed to stop handling me, started a mini war as they too had decided they would be unable to control their tummy if they no longer had access to something this special and my intellectual Property administration business had been facing impossible times because since all my work, I am unable to achieve an environment where people can read and therefore had no income. Much as I loved the way it meant that there was less interest in me from talk of the town insolence black people, I need to get the bills in this place paid, besides which we know that they are able to complete their studies and secure good jobs because I am not forcing them to achieve manually the process of settling relations with siblings and parents, to concentrate on their studies and career, of which it was also in their interest to prevent a process where somebody showed up here to suggest their achievements were due to white privilege and racism too – failure to do this naturally means I am going to fix mine manually and will fix it for them specifically. I do get told nothing I say indicates where I really am and it doesn’t, I am at a place now where I need to spend more time with my Office and its duties but if nothing is done about Celebrities ripping up my Bookshop, trading bits of my life to industry gits that help them make money, inviting themselves into my concerns and generally developing a public position for my Bookshop for other purposes other than a process where I wrote Books and they read it, I will be penniless, this is only likely to happen if I had accepted a life set out for those who do not attack Celebrities, otherwise it is fair to assume I needed to buckle up the Office and in the course of paying good attention to the issues that are preventing financial success at the Bookshop, I went to war.

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