Now it is suggested that it is becoming more and more unlikely that I will recover and it is utter nonsense: what happens is that I am good with them and those insults especially for the Celebrities which I normally should not but they will not stop bashing my Bookshop as per what the Public thinks of it, thereby killing my income margins and making fun of me for it; so the stupid idea that their freedoms look like this, is about to produce outcomes where far from getting into a fight with people because of how the famous and stupid twats had decided my body should be used, their bank balance will be affected by such matters as those stupid pictures they take blowing kisses at criminals on my social life and public image, to splash out all the time. They had done the history of insults which I did not prevent or stop, likewise the media bubble based history of civil disobedience over my patents and property rights, now they are at the white lie gestures over any positive interest the Public had expressed in the Book shop, which some people think does not add up to much but the reality is that although people knew that I did not work for them, the idiots will still run off public effect such that any who got involved with the Bookshop will risk their jobs and incomes, keeping mine stifled in the process and it was all due to a life of people having the best things in life for free and selling it for exorbitant prices to avoid working for money, which means their interest in me applies as per I worked for them. I need to get into a position concerning which I am very close at this stage by the way, such that each time I had to deal with the white lie comments especially ethnic minority and religious nepotism, among other gratuitous ways I am currently being handled by these fools, their bank accounts will pick up the cost of it, which they say I cannot enforce but we all know if it was also the case that I handled them and the nepotism abusively, such that in the end even though people knew they did not work for me, involvement with them that is positive will add up to a process of risking the day job.

There is this mystery of the reasons it happens coming through all the time and its not that complicated, we have seen that I am undergoing an education on the implications of the City being independent of the Monarch while I knew that a long time ago and none knows why the idiots assume an Arch Prince did not, save I were to assume that those stupid stories they were the Arch Prince, turning my Office into a war zone to prove their stupid selves is what the public was running with them by. So this is what it does when it is finished with the Business of a history of insults that wrecked University studies like in my case, followed by a history of civil disobedience over property ownership, it will go from characters that expect soldiers to lose life and limb for Public security while it handled the situation at the MOD, for the purpose of getting rich deploying corrupt fat cat madness, which got serious since the last time Defence Companies brokered equities with me and its stupidities got off selling State secrets over it. Now it is off to the usual process of doing National service to build up a campaign that will get the Public to chose between its stupid self and the Royal family with my Bookshop and finances in the Middle of it, it could not possible have been that difficult for any idiot with the largest ego in the world to keep its gestures and comments restricted to its own career if I had complained about the consequences for years.

They do claim that they want to see me make the Bookshop successful by spending money on it to measure up to them, when the comments had begun to become incredibly insulting but this is an incentive Bookshop, not a cash intensive business, if they are wrecking the finances to get me spending money if I wanted to be their equals, it is an activity that besides real Men Asians and Muslim twats getting imagination up my bum along with their Celebrities and other ethnic minority popularity gits, which is entirely counterproductive and set to continue if their insults do not get them needing Hospital treatment or some preferable alternative. In essence, besides the fact there will be no money if existing money was being destroyed by them, to spend on the Bookshop, it would take another 9 years of work to bring an incentive Bookshop up to the stage where it became a cash intensive investment of which their own and what belongs to their silly celebrities usually relies on a process of making others work for them using deviance and social gap nepotism, so that I might spend money on it to please them and stop them organising community insolence and life changing abuses targeted at me and because it had this nonsense to play with, it had become increasingly defiant, although it is not its bottom that hurts currently as it were, besides the question of who the fuck they think they are, deciding what I ought to do with my own livelihood that is, besides the question of what will become of me as well if I had to tolerate one more of their stupid high profile criminal interests in me as it were.

So, we can see that they are not yet claiming that the response to these sorts of stupidities were an indication that there were less civil rights in the land; an instance where white lie gesture damaged my Bookshop sales and every person that engages with their show business risked the day job because I ran off campaigns about their immorality and suggested that they were working for me too.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland