There are a few inescapable facts which have emerged – the first is the need of some to be the Men in my life, claiming that I believe I will have all I need if I waited for it, which comments as usual I do not prevent people making but I want them to put out their social lives for it, as I too plan to grow old and see my grand Children, not get killed by stupidities associated with their lasciviousness and the follow on practical jokes of gestures made about something they have added up, added to or preserved on the right hand side of my existence that their idiocy now occupies – they need put forward their own social lives when they make these comments or I will try to kill them first. The other side of the story is that everything I had built here were designed to ensure those I got involved with got what they needed and I owned a successful Bookshop, I am not incompetent, so it was always predictable that should they invite themselves, to ensure that I was broke and therefore respect for me was lacking, to facilitate their gimmicks, they had to destroy the Bookshop physically – hence for now, what they want to do with their time is to get involved with my concerns at their own volition but damage to my Bookshop is about to be followed with a whole lot of consequences, the part where their involvement was to be a problem, is set to occur soon enough. It has now grown into a three stage affair: the Men chasing my finances and social life for practical jokes and power vandalism, the fans of Celebrities getting imagination up my bum while building crowds that rob me of my career over claims that I smelled and of course their stupid children who want to get ahead of the weather and they need to give me my space or carry through the fighting but be sure to put out their social lives when they loved making comments.

It is never true that I am interested in causing division either. The problem is sourced from the invention that this people have developed i.e., a social condition that can be practiced repeatedly, concerning an abusive dichotomy which existed in a three-part case that involved me, them, and the employers in the land. Their conclusion is that if they formed a community that spent its time practicing abuses that they had experienced at the hands of employers on me, they would change their social standing, so it is something they do again and again, wreck everything around here, claiming that my Literary Empire existed only in my head and I thought I was a Prince which is quite insane - technically this is everything I am and everything I do smashed but we do not hear them raise the point with the Politicians.

They do claim that I had become a victim of female misogyny which is utter nonsense. What happens is that they will invite themselves into my concerns to pick up support for their public problems, then rip up my career to annoy me well enough to make me get into a fight with others, only to hang about somewhere selling up things I might have done during the fight, to industrial fools that get imagination up their bums on putting themselves in charge of public matters about which they knew nothing and I for my part had committed a crime against them as far as they were concerned, because I know what I am doing – the problem then begins when they return from this disposition to set about making sure I lost my career, finances, social standing, academic pursuits and public life, so that they might feel as if something had been tossed to the dogs to acquire a means by which they can step outside of their door without fear of harassment. It shows up to invite itself into anything that its stupidities wants to be a part of like so and when the prospect of a journalist just picking up somebody randomly on the streets who then helps her out with important areas of her career, like a fear of going to work to earn less than the men for instance, they will show up to join the band of brothers in a gimmick that involved choosing my friends, the abuses will get completely out of hand and a simple business of supporting people in this situation until they got to managerial positions where they didn’t have to put up with much of such things, becomes the reason I dropped out of University, that said, my academic pursuits are no longer a factor at this stage, none can therefore tell what their problem is but I guess that they will continue this way a little longer and then I will become a victim of female misogyny and they will regret it. Their problem has never been a concern of mine as such but at this point they have had 15 years of this nonsense, I will not tolerate it anymore – I need to drive this matter to a stage where they learned all they needed to know about me by reading my Book, failure to generally will mean that the Books are set to become their undoing and I am set to burn their world for them; as ever, I have built them a much easier exit point, where they got to stay away from my Books and make their comments about the way they got around with friends and family, instead of my social life. In retrospect, it is accepted that we lived in a tolerant society and if there are women hanging around somewhere feeling themselves to a point where it affects everybody else’s life for instance, it is deductive that some people will take it to the extreme but I am sure they can tell when they are causing somebody else a lot of pain and distress, like the claim I appear to be something women can take advantage of, which is the result of years of insolence, creating this outcome where they are out of their depth, they had believed their own lies and still have no respect for anything in their stupid lives, making those stupid assumptions about the prospects of what they can do to handle me. The rest are supposed to have taken up position at the Monarchy; where it’s more a matter of the Men being a product of Princess Diana’s Legacy and the Women associated with the Duchess of Cornwall and we hear I am the one responsible for the fact they got punished at the Monarchy, while what happens is that it has occurred frequently that each time the Queen asks an Aide to do something, it turns out they had been deploying the public issues around the matter to chase payment for being popular – the way it turns out at Parliament is that every clown of this sort is linked up to the Labour Party, where it becomes quite clear that Politics was really split between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, while Labour is just something people did when they thought the rumours that somebody was grabbing their power was actually true, that said, it has nothing to do with me and they need to call it quits here.

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