They say that my Books provoke people at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense as what happened was the anomies the Prince of Wales built up to a fault showing up at my Books once I had enough of them tackling me because of the final result where I ended up dropping out of University. The do this all the time shake me up and churn my tummy, then set about building anomies that target me until whole communities were able to do things to me whereby nobody was really responsible for the result, chasing my personality to secure jobs and become successful at the market with it, then I wrote a Book about the way it affected me and testified the facts and contents to myself, my person and social life, only to find them hunt it down over 5 years, rip up the rest of my career, keep the dream of ageist idiots making me grovel for money and civil rights fools setting me out as a character whose hated rich people while they had changed in order to get rich, just to build crowds and get the public responding to it in a manner that their stupidities controlled. I mean they do say if I write more Books it would add up to a crisis at the Monarchy while it was rather better to target me with antisemitism, racism and nepotism because I had a bunch of women getting around my concerns to make money while protecting me from popularity bullying, only to set about building me publicity for being a terrorist and spending time fighting my battles to facilitate communities that wanted to chase my private parts to make money, which avoided facts on the way this court system showed that I knew what terrorism did and took steps I could to avoid it. Now we have reached the stage where the Books are the main source of all my problems in the sense that they want to handle me to gain from the contents of the Books rather than buy a copy because if they did, I would have earned a living while they and their children had no respect for me so I plan to bypass every process that would have allowed me set up a public disposition to engage in discourse over it and try to teach them a lesson they will never forget as well they do realise at this point that I have built up this processes of controlling their stupid behaviour that comes up with abuses that target people over money issues until the criminals we think of in terms of what we must do if they never stop doing it and never stop encouraging those who do, got completely out of hand, then fail to show when its time to solve big violent problems, they know I have built up enough range of control to handle whole multinational companies as well. I have been told it tells in what I have written on my websites, whereby I may have vindicated my Books but the websites present a new issue and yes it does, as their stupidities are the things that are being tested this time around.

They do claim I am completely oblivious to the way my activities are helping draw people closer to conflict but these are not my activities, to which effect I suppose then that the fact nothing has gone in this Hermitage as God and nature intended every day, for 15 years, on account they had a media presence to fool around with does not draw their stupidities closer to conflict in their opinion.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland