They do claim their problem to be that I am completely shameless, but it beats the imagination as the problem was more a matter of having been given a royal commission before I was abused until I dropped out of University, which is not really a test of my mental capacity. We have seen them run off those sorts of rubbish everywhere to arrive at a stage where they put labels on me to say I am a bum and that their media fools could make definitive statements about what I could or could not do about the famous. I have written this on such an occasion, to remind me that I had made a promise to myself that the next time I had to tolerate similar or same statements, I should make it the day that the abusive activities of the Celebrities in this place give rise to results where they started feeling me as well and the profile of their popularity idiots changed from fools who ensured all I did with myself, career and personal life, led to outcomes where I got to hurt, to a profile where I join in on the fight and did something memorable with a gimmick where all I did with myself, career and personal life, led to outcomes where I got hurt. It is not really a mystery, I am simply stuck on bringing myself low enough to engage with the wickedness that is being channelled at me by the famous here but some areas really stand out, like the need to get to know my Publishers and so ensure that they gained access to anything I wrote before it was secured well enough to be my property and were in position to influence my publishers into shutting down my writing career if I failed to co-operate with their needs, the rest of it is a process where there is nothing wrong with my career and finances, simply on one side a process of watching me and hurting me with distant violence, to say that I had something they did not, so the habit we are aware of that involved hurting me to fantasise about it and picking up my income margins with strange products at the markets ensured and on the other picking up my service processes to get me making promises that will cause me to abandon earnings in order to bail our some stupid men who should have solved a personal life problem by reading a Book that was published and publicly displayed. It does need to keep its mouth shut about definitive things it thought I could not do about its famous stupidities as we are now in the 12th year of this gimmick and they have been trying to get help from top levels of government to handle me but are still fooling around with my career, as though they specifically want me to inform them that they were low lives, keep its mouth shut and find something to read, stop trying to get to be the penis that wrote my Books or the vagina that made a mess of my Court, consortium and Coven, playing with the boys from the neighbourhood and trashing my earnings with lesbian gimmicks in order to pay her own bills, blabbing definitive realities their stupidities were certain I could cause no harm.

It still come down to the same old problem – never once made a decision about the work the Police were doing, as a matter of its dream career but it was a public leader, makes a mess of my career and finances, developed a habit and returns for more while keeping its salary and has not learned that somebody thinks that the part where it did keep its salary was important and that such a person deserved to have bills paid properly as well. Its like some people say that I am the wise guy who thought those that were successful never knew about the news and so set out from a Royal Office to assist the poor but I don’t – I mean the poor are a group of people who would know where a road leads and head there with disastrous consequences anyway and then I would end up with something on my conscience while they would become brave and famous, so it really works as per intervening when others interfered with peoples lives to create a standing and or long standing problem for others. It needs to channel the narcissism elsewhere or I will channel it for them especially so with respect to Americans and the stupid American women keeping their fingers off my private parts, I don’t mind the media insults in the circumstances, none is paying attention these days to the fact the insults were coming from National Media, which is a terribly public position, they rather believed they can rely on me. Public leaders on the other hand had to accumulate so many of these decisions about the work Police were doing and a dream career, that they could say they handed a situation to somebody else to follow them by. It may continue to run off that stupid publicity where they want somebody to get killed by extremist as a bid to enhance their freedom, of which time and again, it will wreck my career and I will find myself bump into an instance where I looked the part, again and again, not enough have died yet and I am clearly not getting away with it – I mean on this occasion, they claim I have been so well exposed there was no way the extremists would spare me if they got hurt, the sole reason I am doing it being that it had all become gold digger gimmick of ripping up my career and finances to pick up my service process and build a version of me their stupidities can tolerate, has never once paid the bills.

On the idea that the issue about being shameless still stands, I am not shameless, I need ensure the Bookshop was successful, get my finances resolved and finish my University studies, they have in turn decided if they cannot continue fooling around at my expense to wreck such things although I piled it up to such an extent that I could excuse myself on the basis of having a tight schedule, there was going to be another mini war, with a big mouth (They claim it is something about my social life and social decisions but likewise here my point being missed, that the first stage on the matter of how much they enjoyed making their lives easier by giving me a hard time, is now complete, whereby I built myself a tight compact schedule, next stop, I will be certain to fuck them over with it properly).

I. Uno I

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