It is now said that I am being charged for what I use and its utter nonsense, as what is really happening is the history of life changing insults people who want to make themselves better off through the services of my career pass at me in order to get it, the foundation which was laid by their equally stupid liberal leaders. We have heard the Celebrities and we hear them all the time; I am not the guy that tried to rub shoulders to such an extent that school shootings and cinema shootings were the result, I am the guy who will solve current emerging problems, which tended to indicate the way in which it will stop to my satisfaction and end the way I determine it should. We see the same emerging from the American Republican Party too where my Royal Order is being handled by Law enforcement blabbing at what risks they will take if I took it back, to ensure that Mr Trump may make statements on myHermitage and gesture me to the left to show there is nothing I can do it. Then they claim itís a question about racism while it is really a question of our relationship with the Police and these fools who upstage me all the time over Police brutality cannot actually put the hand on heart and say Police is the racism Ė so what they are good at is this process of putting questions to people that they do not actually understand themselves, about which the power of their Country will also help them force such persons to respond to it and I have never actually seen their stupidities, irrespective of how foolish, successfully establish a relationship with racists, in which they were complicit with the activities associated with racist ideology, what the idiots say is that I have. What happens then being that my career is being kept on hold by a bunch of scum who wish to build themselves a Public image that said they were more important than I am, make such public image permanent and ensure I did nothing to get rid of it too, as punishment for looking like something that is about to expose how much time they spend abusing women and children for the distant sexual abuses their stupidities and braindead children channel at me. The others at the British Monarchy had gone to the Communist block to wreck everything I did there so their foolish Children might be able to sell British state secrets and have not yet won the war since last The Queen thought they should as soon as possible and of course we have not yet seen a generation which has not received support from idiot German Politicians for such behaviour and we are hopeful for the future.

Th talk of what I had lost at the Monarchy is utter nonsense naturally. We know that 2020 Queens Birthday parade had shown that the issue involving big brothers and big sisters laying claims to peopleís lives like in my case, everything to the way I sleep and my public image is being claimed has been resolved, that I was finished with serving Government on the matter since it had gone to the very top as such and generally meant that something had to be done to ensure it stopped affecting the Queen and so they have entered into this global stage understanding that the mess they make of the Monarch concerns will mean somebody took it very personally about getting them stuck with the most difficult parts of Armed Forces work. Now I am free to look after myself as well and that blabbing I have to put up with will certain result in more people getting killed since it is not yet clear they do not benefit from a process where I handled it by building myself a Public image which managed how they wrecked everything that allowed me carry on my concerns in relative safety and therefore needed to get stuck with the tough areas or Armed Forces work as well.Their Politicians are a bunch of fools who continue to get the imagination up my bum for it because they are stupid and these are some of the facts they will learn to stop being such a bunch of bloody idiots Ė so the stage is set, while they chose to continue, I will concentrate of handling the claims they lay to everything concerning my person and the process of getting imagination up my bum to establish the statement that I had gone an achieved something that was too big for me thereby leaving their stupidities without and had to hand it back Ė so far they hate the Police and claim I am being served by the actions of the Police, when this produces worse off ethnic minorities, I am certain the narrative will change for something better as well all together.

It loves those stupid threats but I have learned most of these things from them all together Ė first seeing me at Church says I am a weak man who should get off working for what women are too tired to do, knowing their communities can handle me and grab it for them once the work is done but how being weak to such an extent means that people were encouraged to get you stuck with gangs and criminals however beats the imagination and this is what I have copied for their own scenario as well. People have said however that I am not really weak but I am not, itís usually a matter of what I am spending time on Ė they can get the imagination up my bum as much as they liked if I were doing something else other than working on their foolish communities buying new cars and new clothes and new homes to show they are not trying to steal from me and when Police looks away all hell breaks loose, then again, the first time I paid attention to such things, it really blew up in South America as it were. Of recent, they have begun to constitute my main concern over the last 4 weeks or so and I am starting to wonder why I am living in a youth correctional institution where they are very big, some things never change and I can feel their eyes in my bedroom all day, they bang the walls to ensure what they are doing with my personality and temperament to feel good is not stopped and their communities help them get imagination up my bum and issue threats that their stupidities have not yet backed up so far.

They do say in Parliament that I withhold important facts which leaves what I say ringing in peopleís minds but I donít; what really happens with these gits is the same money and security gimmick that does not even come in when people have messy finances or when people have organised finances or when people are rich but the entire purpose of it was to make sense of the importance and power of money, whereby should you chase it up as it looks, you will never kill the bastards and hang around somewhere wondering what the hell your new accomplishment is Ė so we find that the processes and procedures created by Public authorities are there to ensure people conducted their daily concerns and allowed the fools go back to their families too at the end of the day. The insults it loves so much alongside its media gits does not affect its family, when it uses the bathroom, when it goes into its bedroom, when it steps out of its door, when it shows up at the Office, the only thing affected by it is that they go to the Office to work on me, say something as though they were saying it on what they see when their eyes are fixated on my body, have a conversation with people like they were talking about what I think I am but am not, write something as though they were writing on my body and showing people why people should avoid my Bookshop by picking up the service processes to run down as a point of conversation with the general Public Ė at the end, they show up near my work to express something of their superiority and why they needs had to be prioritised or I will get into trouble and I had to get off the way that this behaviour affected me when I went to bed and when I got to the bathroom and when I had my meal times and when I stepped outside of my door, to sort out the problems they had while the main premise they have created and encouraged others to get involved with, as an expression of the way my bookshop should be handled, suggested me to be a character that achieved whoopies, while I now do not have to get out of my home to do because they had enough modern technology to simulate it and ensure it affected every part of my concerns. It now does need to get off the Hermitage and engage itís stupid self with the Books or it will be surprised to find that the Book was its undoing for the part I have to play in the matter. Some people have said that I delay until my life is completely wrecked but I donít, what really happens is that should I chase it up, I will jeopardise female society security as such; so what must happen at this point is a condition where I had begun to work on the public premises of the brands and public operations of the firms which employ them in a bid to ensure their media gimmicks over my Bookshop was brought under control, either how I wanted it or how they did Ė I mean it does this from the last time that it saw its wife bear a Child, so it knows a secret about the fact there is no way that a person can return to their career 100% after having children and this is why it clings to my whole business, lays claims to it and gets imagination up my bum Ė I am as such setting an ultimatum here, to ensure it was obvious there was prior warning concerning any future surprise on how quickly I can get their own ready for it too.

I mean every good natured thought says they have a reason for their behaviour and one is probably being reprimanded for something but so am I aware this sort of reprimand is counterproductive, yet their stupidities are actually doing something wrong all together. It did start out stupidly enough with Celebrities claiming any arrangement I had with my Publishers is where their fame was located, while these gits claimed I had written a Book which caused nostalgia and should not have been written Ė once the other fools who are real Men got involved, it became a case of me writing a Book that solves problems and will soon blame people for wrecking my life to get problems solved Ė during which time I thought I probably had met some market authorities as it were, since then itís gone downhill, all the way to physical damage to keep their gimmicks going. They claim I underestimate how much they hate everything associated with Law enforcement and yes I understand that as it is also the way they underestimate my feelings towards the damage of my Health, career and finances while their stupidities do not even know who I am, on account they had ideas about whom they were superior to and which populations should band together and solve their foolish personal problems. If a person lives in a world of money and security like they did, I am certain the prospects of having to deal with Police brutality would be just as great as their own is and when I talk about it like so, their stupidities may revert to what existed before and pick up that nonsense where they follow me around to make a mess and when I write a Book start a mini war again, to see if I would want to make my next response the finale as well. I mean it beats my imagination all of the time; that was come into the world to defeat our enemies, itís a weak man that should work for money and hand it over to women because he knows what will happen to him if he does not make women comfortable, civil rights are about looking after women who want to bully those that can be made to serve others and improve peopleís prospects of getting rich, one is a great leaders who knows many things so he might tell others how best people may lead him and then my personal favourite where they get their imagination up my bum because they were very important and doing so was associated with a process of securing attention to match, of which itís not clear whether their foolish children raised to be so insulting are equally as important all together Ė I have now ended up in this environment that is reserved for those who spend time thinking about or taking part in criminal activity for absolutely no reason while their stupidities have become accustomed to trying out a process of introducing types of public image to me until I got to show them how to acquire one. The idea was that if black people dumped me in a food market, it would be over but it has only created a circumstance where I too wanted to see how their big mouth will stop doing it, especially as soon as I had built a Public image for it as well.

I have been told I am aware this is all about Celebrities but I prefer to dither on the matter but I donít; we all know that the cookie jar must be locked tight and then the training process for Public service Office pets may commence thereafter. So they say itís a tough issue which it is not; we have American Political corruption, Russians bullying and Muslim Oil money, European gits with ideas about their children driving in limousines to pass insults at every person that is not their mate and the reasons it had now become such a big problem is that Obama consolidated it and gave them word to tackle those who had personality that can be used to resolve their problems as a community, producing the outcome where the need to put me through hell and hang around somewhere claiming what I am doing serves Obama and his Legacy meant, I will soon start digging Mr successful Lawyer and Oil Tycoon wife in the African American Communities, to ensure it did get to spend time on its own life and perhaps offered it up too as a concept by which people may discuss and resolve problems like he told them to do with mine. They do claim that people would stop but I am completely insatiable and its utter nonsense Ė what happens is that they think when they make too much trouble, it will be pointless to enforce public order; so you have public service on your hands and your backyard is wide open for black people to build spiritually developed powers of society that can make them rich, Muslims to fool around with violent youth deviance and corrupt Hinduism to run out of control and they are all absolutely relentless. The reasons they say I am insatiable is that I am determined to see them bother Celebrities with it and they need to ensure I understood they had to wish to do such a thing, while I needed them to understand I was determined that they will.

We hear those insults all the time where I do not belong in the UK and need to move to the USA claiming this is their turf and we know that I already have a reputation where I stuff them with what I know so they carried it around like PR and begun to develop their whole lives of civil rights distant violent stupidities associated with process of being very corrupt fans of what I am doing, who cannot keep their hands off my bum for a single second, with a reputation like that it is assumed these sorts of insults might stop but they clearly have not. So, it goes without saying it is one of those matters about which I will likely get off an angle where I want to decide how a person spent his days on this earth too all together. Itís an old story about who they cause the smell issues and take to the public stage to tell their mates about which one should be seen making a vagabond out of himself on the left hand side with a big mouth; so if they run off popularity at your expense with ideas on how your personality should be used to make people more comfortable and they have built publicity on that for a while, the issue is how you bargain for your own wellbeing at such a stage and so itís still impossible to make sense of the threats they issue when they smell it too.

They say I will only talk like that until people got off fighting my wars for me and its utter nonsense too as I have pointed out before that they are very good and building up a mess then use it to make Public operatives deals over violent situations they do not handle properly Ė personally itís a matter of being informed that they are at a loss as per what they must do to make me understand they need my personality to make popular culture fame and money by, hence are getting desperate; we were here first with those insults that run here like an undercurrent giving momentum to everything I did in all the wrong ways have not stopped once since 2002, while I have written this piece in 2020. They claim itís insane that people like me spend time with culture and society trouble makers while everybody is trying to get away from it which is utter nonsense as we all know that if they listened to the women, they would have heard that the part where people say culture and society goons are nice depending on conditions, had to be explained i.e. the one people really need to be worried about as what they do is get down a road, knowing where it leads but going anyway Ė even then, women do not ask people to get into government buildings to cover their arse while they got famous, so when it shows up here, it does need to buy a Book and read what I have written. Itís really building up to a case of the corrupt religion goons and the black people with society developed spiritual power that makes people poor, reaching a point where they kept their eyes on their shop floor and not me, their minions kept the imagination off my bum - this is 4 weeks since they became my main preoccupation.

I. Uno I

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