I am now informed my experienced taught me to keep my hands off other peoples women and it is utter nonsense as the two gold digger gimmicks one came from the USA through Meghan Markle and the other from Italy through goons who thought Princess Beatrice’s business had much to do with me. I could never tell anyway if they were saying that HRH was dissatisfied with her marriage on my account or were confirming that HRH was unhappy with her marriage and the idea was that I would be the one dealing with consequences if that were to be the case. I do not worry about the insults too much as they were running my life with the social activities of criminals: on one hand it serves as a tool which pushes me to devise a publicly workable conversation for the fact I am working with the Head of State from a Cultural an Social platform, although I am involved with people who would never get a days job done without the academic proficiency by which to do it, the other hand was their part in the matter which is set to build up to a point where they claimed they had wasted the civil rights and there wasn’t enough to go around anymore, that it had much to do with me and then will I begin my own life changing abusive activity for them too. Having they wrecked my finances, I can always find a financially well off woman to settle down with and this was the other part of their gimmicks where its stupidities needed to stop shutting down my personal life too. The facts that have been revealed in all these is that if I am working on a social and cultural platform and was engaged with academic proficiency, when what I am doing was incessantly exposed to the public, I was the weak link in the chain, hence the point of all of this is that each time I got organised due to the stupidities of culture and society gits alongside their criminals, the famous idiots will spend it on themselves so I had to get more, meaning that I could never sell good and was always tummy tight while the abusive gimmicks got worse, hence it meant as applicable to the public that each time people got organised for their careers to experience such activities, those who engaged in it, needed to go somewhere to fight the wars applicable.

Their boasting was to do with a sense that there was no way I could make my way out of this nonsense whereas it was a matter of the fact they engaged with the public via a career because it was the way their career worked but were so insolently entitled to get involved with me that each time they did, mine stalled – there was no way that they would sell their souls to the devil to get famous and wealthy, do drug overdoses and commit suicides if I were tidying up their mess in this way, such that it likes what I am doing with my personal life and career but in terms of the benefits to my personal life and finances, it loved itself more and continues to suggest increasing interest of security services in their famous stupidities was a new public crisis. It does better by the way, when it engaged the public with my career and it stalled, it gets in league with rogue landlords who share my privacy with hoodlums and criminals, then tells social security that I am committing benefit fraud, at the same time since last this interest in my personality was taken for granted on my part, although I knew they were twisted entitled twats, ended up dropping out of University, hell had broken lose and its now a matter of them on one hand me, social security on the other and me in the middle, to change this picture, I would need to tell lies about a simple thing like a process where what I owned belonged to me and it was only also available to those who were willing to pay, thus using their career publicity to get it done while they claimed it was important to engage in these activities because they were winning and I believe I am set to stop it badly too. I do get told people thought I was a big joke and yet I am not but I suppose the issue here is that of my Trust and the Assets; I could say that whatever their stupidities who get involved with it to put up some investment and handle me got up to could be condoned and that whatever my clients and brokers got, they could get as well, until the clients and brokers moved away or I could say that Celebrities hijacking my public work to suggest criminals were better people, I was a bum, crashing my Bookshop and picking up new public work for media gimmicks, to say that I am not an Arch Prince, so that an Intellectual property administration career, built on their society madness and famous gimmicks could not solve the problems applicable, in order to make out that with their media presence any twat who came in contact with my career could make the most of it through them, as though there was a feud here with famous idiots, needed to be seen as the feud that it had presented itself to be as well – as mentioned earlier, there was no way that they would do the drug overdose or kill themselves if I am tidying up their mess in this way and it really does need to stop running off the abusive gimmicks where it thought I was less than its entitled famous stupidities, therefore needed to get out there and fight people to help it feel comfortable, if it was keeping its own earnings. It is the way it plays out, claiming that the smaller people now had the power and if I cut them off without giving the insults time to adjust, it will spend its life making trouble for me and the world would have moved on, the wealth and social inequality gap would be immense, very sad after spending some time to work on people who had gained access to wealth making systems to help doing something for society at the taps.

They claim I had difficulty keeping secrets, we know its their trivial secrets and a matter of the fact that keeping secrets came with punishment and they were the ones punishing me for keeping the trivial secrets that they shared with me abusively. In any case the King thinks I am doing a good job in all these – a simple matter of what I own being mine and people paying to get some and we have ended up with a matter of men who planned the life of a king, to decide how they will end academic failure in the population and to sort out matters pertaining to Celebrities who ensured members of the public could not keep their own limelight through an alliance with local hoodlums and rogue landlords, now they are not getting it done, they were running me down and it had become a gimmick about taking up ownership of my possessions. In the end it was a matter of people showing up to finger my bum at University until I dropped out, 7 years later and I was doing security guard job with Aldi, statements made there and the job ended over the German influence insults but it will not stop the way I wanted, so an entitled group of idiots have set out to trash my finances, tell social security I am performing fraud and employ rogue landlords to run me down until I get out fighting people to cross them, I want to see how it will stop then too, on the premise of problems that had arisen because of what was shared - that whilst their true history with me is this abusive nonsense, my real character was such a good experience and they were important enough to access it at any cost. The American connections were a threat to the fact the only route to Royal work was the cultural route and at the same time if I ignored them to carry on never the less, whatever I did would produce an outcome that got me into trouble and it never stopped getting on my nerves.

I am told I am a route by which the Monarchy asserts itself and had failed to understand people wanted less not more, utter nonsense naturally as what happens instead is that they hijack my public work, which involves a sense that crime had taken place somewhere, the details are business with the Police, the effect is something the community deals with but people can move on somewhere else and if able to facilitate it, should, it will hijack the public work anyway and put it to gimmicks associated with privileges that come from a process where somebody owned a certain amount of money. So to keep this up because I got state provided security and opened up my Office to the public, some people did popularity somewhere and they were entitled to make money from my assets and insolently goad me into fighting people to get rich every day. The only part where I tended to involve myself with authorities overseas was to do with international business and we can see the extent of its stupidities when it suggests that such information being declared and the way it made sense of its need to see people without the clothes on as a method of doing business, was a result for the bullying it would suggest I had experienced at its hands, just as much as I have warned that I am set to stop it painfully too. They do claim my academic disposition was a disgrace naturally but we know they have raised this point many times and were the people complaining about the results the most – so the facts are that I was looking after a Royal trust, went to University were they all including lecturers ganged up on me to ensure I dropped out as people dropping out for them to have a career when they passed exams was the way anything worked, since then, it will not let me keep a job I created for myself because it thought its stupidities were more important, it will not give me a job because it did not like me and will not let me do business with its employers being a business owner myself, so it suffices to say that the next time it brings up the point, the history of buying shares with companies that have worked with me, to continue handling me, meaning that months down the line we could easily at any time end up with a new campaign for a product where everything was done and the financial success was set to be a matter of me getting into a fight with people, I will push it to such an extent that I will find myself in an academic institution, studying for a degree programme that will let me take up its job.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland