So they say that the point they have always made was the correct one and that most of these mater arise because I am a coward but its an old story about the fact that I had no enemies, their gimmicks are not my fight and this was a process of a handful of popularity idiots running me down because they were supported by daddies whom I didn’t see or touch – so this talk of cowardice that will never go away is obviously progressing towards a certain conclusion if I did end up in a place where I decided it was a problem I had to respond to all together. I mean there is the blaming people for their issues abusively with ideas on how to pick up weaknesses people had disobediently, until the victims accepted those blame to make it easier for the stabbing and shooting, then tell me I stole German fighting skills when I do their cracked up out of my league stupidities for it as well – there is the part where taking from them everything that lets them look to my social life and public image for a means to get paid for being popular, meant that I was preparing for instances where I had to defend myself violently and they would lose everything if I drew blood thereof as well according to their stupid Politicians who cannot not control the problem and generally do not show when it comes to a need to control the immoral democracy – there is the part where parents whose children want to play with my livelihood live in an environment where they were probably measured by the devil and all look the same, a handful of low lives talking nonsense about people costing them a career or stealing one from them all the time, only picking themselves off the floor when they emulated Celebrities. All of these working out as the reasons a handful of scum with a media presence job, set about providing leadership over abusive reasons that targeted me all day, blowing off the big mouth about cowardice on my part because no matter who I am, it always still came down to me getting into a fight on the streets because their stupidities wanted to be protected – such that I picked up a hellish private security Industry job which played into it and the whole thing got completely out of hand from then on, all as a perception on media that is run off abusively enough to secure my attention each time. I mean when I was a child my Dad would meet with friends who were educated in different areas and they would go out together to secure business opportunities, disband and come together again at a different time in future – I didn’t think it was possible for people to breeze into other peoples careers, introduce their stupid selves as important people, address the victims then as characters who were servants they had accounted for financially and then find out each time they did, those victims lost market income to them, as a way of running a business – they even show up to say that what has really happened is that they gained access to and opened up my Hermitage for public access like a cookie jar because they were important enough to and could, that my Books were useless because they had set a civil rights trap for me that they think set me out as a character who was no fan of successful, rich and famous people that their stupidities wanted to be friend, which is the real purpose of those gimmicks they upstage me with all the time, talking nonsense about freedom, the entire time which I would easily meet an engineer or an architect on social media, who thought my Books were useful but had not been allowed the time to read it, during my which time I was cash strapped all together – then put a name to their stupid faces and show up on media to address me insultingly all day in order to keep the incomes going. It all then plays into the other Industry twats who claim it would be difficult for me to move it on when they came up with those stupid ideas that I have been making money from shadows cast by their parents large companies, which I allowed run to a point where they had to make a decision every time they came across what belonged to their parents companies and what didn’t of which the result is that they take both all the time and can show up here to blow off their big mouth and make it violent enough for me to set about seeking solutions for this nonsense where it is suggested I would have had no self confidence to respond if my academic work and finances was completely destroyed, if they were mad enough as well – so now their stupidities can tell what the real source of their cowardice were.

Its been 2 months so far, date 15/11/2020, when I first started to make a decision on a way to develop the means that allowed me concentrate on a process of handling their perverted interest in me, especially the wife beating gimmicks and the daddies labelling me a coward with the leadership of Media gits, to get rich at market, resulting in the wife beating stupidities their hoodlums and quasi criminals channel at me all day to make sense of their foolishness on my bank balance without getting into trouble with the Law. I believe that this is not going to end well by the 6 month according to projections and we know when it does, we will have the two part situation where those who can beat up will not stop working themselves and those who cannot will not stop hurting themselves and I will be labelled Mr smell.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland