I have been told I am one of those characters who have never really taken into account the reasons people hated the British but we know that they needed to suspend my career and finances with practical jokes until they had built a community that will abusively get me to deploy it as a tool that made them comfortable, the idiots in Government offices who stopped me every time I wanted to burn those stupid arrangements they claimed was the look of their civil rights, have seen that this was not remotely excused by a sense that we grew into a situation where one existed previously, whilst they complained about it as well, as stupidly as possible. I do not think that it is a crisis as such in any case, we have seen that everything their famous fools did here, was to make such a mess of my career that I ended up with problems that even Law enforcement could not assist me with, we have seen some of those activities happen without reason or purpose, right up to pictures being taken on my social life and public image as though they were engaged in some premarital photo album with me, shutting down my personal life which hurts them and their stupid fans as well and we have not even gotten to the part where I enjoyed shutting down their marital happiness as well; what we have is a claim I am a character that people could do whatever they liked with because I was such a coward and a crowd that was built on it for criminal purposes, churning my tummy all day long, while another group of fools who claimed they had a responsibility to protect me and I had organised my career to make them take more risks with their personal security, had come through it, so the usage of my personal space in alliance with rogue landlords has become abusive enough to be violent and left for their grandparents and community croons who see me without my clothes on all day and did not have a job. Then there is the reasons that the British was the most evil thing in the world, ranging from a need to take up peoples lives and gamble with it because they thought they were leaders and builds up to what we now have as a thousand and one stupid things it does with peoples lives and careers because it was engaged in a process of making money, which we see every day while it pursues its daily concerns. It claims this is the same mentality as terrorists who basically think of it as a matter of where and when justice would be achieved, progressing to a consideration of how the weak can be pitched against the strong successfully, I am not of this type, it needs to make comments about its career and show up here to read a Book, or I get to take mine up starting from graffities on public monuments that announce areas of town that they had colonised for the purpose of those stupid things they needed to do with peoples lives and concerns in order to make money, I will likely stop it painfully, as we can see that it builds this nonsense from a certain behaviour towards my public image and areas of career publicity where I had to think of other peoples needs due to a product I had made available, claiming to be victim of some form of extremism, looking for more of what its stupidities are complaining about, perverting my career to such an extent law enforcement could not assist me on emerging issues when required. It is clearly not yet a matter of the part where I actually got to lose my temper and left this Hermitage to handle them for it as well apparently, of the type where they did not have names because I replaced it with the word idiot, with an intent to share their Office spaces for all the wrong reasons, it is currently having a great time alongside some stupid women, deciding how I existed with a big mouth. The core of the problem is that the wealth equity publicity that I built to ensure people could run a social life that kept the criminals away from them, is now being used by famous idiots and German influence twats to ward me off while they got to cling to my career publicity and public image, like something I have not done serious harm to yet, so we are now seeing such results as it needed to cling to my personal and social life for the purpose of feeling good and the risk of financial destruction that could progress to crimes of passion, as I mentioned, with a big mouth. It is never true that I pursued the folly here I thought everybody ought to agree with me either. It is the same story where it wants to move into my right hand and so needed to do something urgently and on a schedule every time it did, to which effect emerged on the other hand, my career and that of the Celebrities, who make such a mess of my public life that every goon who was disgruntled about the law being applied could show up to work with them over my earning margins, while they turned up here looking like crime of passion fools. What then happens in terms of the emerging crisis before the impeding clash between myself and the famous is that somebody had taken up this problem, so these goons have been having some history building unusual, borderline consensual sex with a feminist somewhere over it but when the women who have paid such a price protest the abuses of the famous who believed they were entitled to pass their insults at me, my state provided security had provoked some powerful idiots who had media to play with, besides which their stupidities shutting down my marital happiness hurts them as well because it harms their fans, just the same way the effects on me harmed the public. The other part of this as claimed, being that I suggested I could make a show of my status and pick up the tabs which I am as well, the problem being the idiots who helped and have helped so much that these famous fools were able to suspend my marital life until they had developed enough homosexual insults to build a community that cannot keep imagination off my anus, would make sense if they stopped helping so much. Overall, it is good we ended up in this situation where they never stopped tackling me to handle my career and get what they described as a feel of equality, as it meant that we did not need to take up such a broad brush each time we tackled wealth destruction, which was going to get us complaining about the plight of the poor later on.

The main point is that my career and that of Celebrities do not meet anywhere, save the specific areas where people were interested in a commercial sense, the meeting point being that Celebrities want to own it, they have progressed from financial destruction into something of a public profile which suggested they had rescued me from society trouble makers who kept businesses that were not making progress, to look over peoples shoulders - so we have arrived at that stage where I needed to eliminate every areas where they were relevant to my concerns, recover lost finances and do it myself. No more claims criminals were better people who were more willing to take a chance and make money and no more claims I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, as I am set to eliminate all involvement with the wealth equity movement and get it done myself.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland