I am told that popular consensus is that my life is finished, and I am done for. This is not really the case, the reality is that the time between 2017 and 2020 was make or break for me and after a decade and a half of putting up with idiots that wanted to round me up like sheep and drag me down a corner where they can get rich with my work, to avoid doing any work for money their entire lives, it was broken and therefore the last straw. It is still the same challenge where the Men spend time making a complete mess of my public image and other public interests in what I am doing, such that this media bubble concerning the way that tackling Celebrities who had an insatiable need to make me fight people while they traded the resulting security as a good place that people want to be, to get rich fast, should have been my main concern but if I did, there would only have existed another group of people who will have stolen the proceeds, so most of the people I might want to tackle like stupid men running off practical jokes on my career and stupid women wrecking all I had to make me fight people which facilitated market were not the problem – the Men who spend time building this nonsense up alongside my career, to such an extent I had to pay attention to it while journalistic fools built up a media bubble that will keep my attention fixed on it, are the problem and are still at it. The stupid Children naturally want to get ahead of the weather and had since taken up this behaviour at the academic environment to achieve something important, now out on the streets running off stupid relationships that had existed as per me, them, the employers, and practical jokes associated with chasing people’s bottoms. The fans of the Celebrities do not mince it apparently, they get imagination up my bum to build crowds that will grab my career because I am a coward and I smelled. It is the last straw as it were, never seen a group of people so stupid in my whole life as such. It cannot possibly be that difficult for people to stop making those stupid statements, where my Literary Empire existed only in my Head, I thought I was Royalty and that my life is over and done for, then my fans get attacked all the time like some rule made to deter people from getting involved with me with a big mouth, we have not seen them in a difficult situation because somebody was doing something to ensure their families got a feedback yet and there is about to be one because they cannot stop it. I have never seen anything else work on this matter save getting them to complain about civil rights while getting caught up in sex drugs and rock and roll. The only barrier we now face is the financial equity gap that now exists - in my case, because of claims that my Literary Empire only exists in my Head, the business of attacking my fans, abuses associated with fun concerning the claims I am Royalty issues and of course the existence of ears of Town that I cannot travel to on account I smelled - it does need to stop and show up here only when it wants a Book or their families will get a feedback for it as well very soon indeed. Time and again, my career, the fact I am a serious-minded person, take it from practical joke to something serious but they needed to do it again and again and again, picking up service processes of my Bookshop to get on Media for a gimmick that will decide what my social life and public image would become.

They do claim they behave in such ways because they have been punished by the system. I could never make sense then of a need for conversations about the way my life was done for and finished as a matter of consensus.  This is actually not the way that it works, the way that it works is that they need to avoid some of the more severe consequences of their lifestyle and no plans they invent to do so ever works – the practical part of this is that they have seen my Books and can tell I am being paid to manage their gimmicks every time people bought the Books, so they had come up with idea to pick up my service processes, set out a media and social media presence and place themselves as advocates of their communities where people who had money to pay for Clients products and perhaps my Books which they will never allow people pay for lived, this way, we are then made to solve their personal problems in return for money, which is incredibly tiresome and the business of claims my life is over and done for, was a worthy use of their time, getting on my nerves.

It is the stupid risk I must put up with here endlessly. That I had created a wealth equity system where people picked up areas of my Public work to do entertainment that applied equities which ensured Criminals and ex-convicts were not following people around when people were chasing the daily concerns. So if this nonsense were to apply, that we worked for them and these communities they represented, not only will this have continued to suffer because it was not seen as a separate arrangement from their trash people’s lives to get paid by record companies gangs and crime gimmicks, it will also have lost its function and so time and again, I had to get off the business where they built whole communities that spent time communicating about my bottom, while doing all they could to ensure others suffered when they had to be punished for their terrible behaviour, to chase something as if my life depended on doing so because of this and the fact they cannot show up here to buy and read Books, is about to develop into something far more serious. I do not think that I ought to show them empathy because they would never have had the career that gets to their heads if somebody had done to the same to them and I do not wish for empathy from them because it is all just Celebrity bullying and I am the Punching bag - but it is also possible for the famous idiots to stop suggesting my Empire existed in my head, that I am quite insane for thinking I am Royalty and put out the way they got along with Family and friends when making their stupid comments in Public.

The factors in this; needs to stop making a mess of my social life and punishing anybody that gets involved with my books, then set about deciding on the basis of perverting my services into what it wants, that my Literary Empire exists in my head and I am quite mad thinking I am Royalty, while there are areas of Town I cannot go because I smelled and I smelled which is true because they had built a community of fools who know what they want and how to get it, such that they want to share my personal space to sleep well and if they cannot get it, they will churn my tummy and ensure I didn’t have a job, a social life or a wife because an idiot somewhere who put them up to it was famous. failure to this generally means that it is possible I am bluffing when I say I will burn their world – the proper pressure point on this is the way all the work I had done to prevent Industrial corruption and the way people destroyed endangered species to make me breathless, now hangs on the brink because their abuses have achieved a process where it is not quite possible to work on a project that others from society had not gained access to – I worked so hard to build the security that they had perverted to create this nonsense upon which all their wealth will be built for the future. It is now better if they were seen complaining about civil rights while engaging in sex drugs and rock and roll or I built up enough Industrial corruption to ensure I could no longer control it, since what happens when I do is that I get beaten down by the unlikely Media and Celebrity. What we are talking about is the sort of conditions whereby there were a handful of twats that had given up on life to say the least, now living as retired people, the Celebrities had set me out as a character from whose personal space they can get peace of mind – we are not talking about corrupt families with badly raised children doing violent things, we are talking real shit and I will cover their backsides while they got rich because they were famous, somewhere in hell.

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