I am told I needed to stop being so hard on others as most of what I had was developed on luck but I planned to do this work after I completed University, dropped out over their unusual interest in me and I am now getting it done in the most difficult and complicated way imaginable, in a world where others had studied Law and Economics but did not previously engage with Multinational companies to study it or indeed devise creative equity to broker for intellectual property administration as work that was to be done on completion, so here is their fucking luck. It is the same as they claim that it was difficult to tell what I wanted from a personal relationship on the other hand, of which we know they show up here to express and interest in my love life whilst ignoring my feelings meant their stupidities were independent women, others show up to express deeper interests with no intention to fill a gap left by a female version of me. Then there is the birth sign reading bits where I am most compatible with a Leo because I am a Libra that can get around the society trouble making and the big girlfriends with boyfriends that were entitled to city centre jobs – I mean they used to think I was getting around with the Duke of York’s daughter to which effect they enjoyed the best Celebrity lifestyle but not anymore, on mentioning it which they would make out that we were back there but their insults are staged on a website to help me run a Bookshop. The others who continued to supply them those self-improvement seminars in which Libras like me were described as everybody’s door mat may take the risk naturally, we know all they believed when it developed into a fight with the poor and I decided poor peoples insults was due to the fact they had the means to pay for the consequences, they will be facing a fight that they will win thereof. For the time being it is falling into the hands of we can do whatever we like with you though rogue landlord and corrupt private security fame, if it is not yet a matter of appreciation of art by trashing the finances of Scorpio and Virgo for fun and lifestyle, taken up to a point where I made my case with the Local authority so that I may highlight clearly the stupidities they invent and insert into peoples concerns to make sense of an existence brought upon them due to their personal decisions every day, whilst the other star signs developed a skill for doing stupid things with my life whenever they were making money and all claimed that state provided security provoked them. I have done my Bookshop services well enough to get paid for it at this stage and each time a Client had fostered an interest in the Books, their comments and fooling around at my expense causes interest to dissipate like a bird, the stress associated with their need to make a living by accessing my privacy and therefore my Books before the public did, alongside the practical jokes meant that the abdominal discomfort was out of this world; we are now living in an environment where Scorpios and Virgos especially want to be a Libra but the bottom chasing insults by which Virgo builds communities that make sense of its unusual relationship with road traffic due to its vagabond personality and Scorpios need to make a mess of Police work meant that they suffered consequences associated with the social stage that their stupidities had built for me while getting involved with my concerns abusively to make me stop the effects all together. In the end state provided security provoked their stupidities once they had realised that involvement with security services to work with the corrupt idiots there who read birth signs to manipulate people and put them up to this nonsense to suck up to the wealthy and the Politicians, was set to decide my place in their stupidities was one in which I was a scapegoat on account that their civil rights movements were not doing it for them anymore since it was largely criminal. I mean the part where they got involved with security services and are supposed to engage until they disappeared was an achievement save the part where their abuses was supported by the King and other twats who were doing something at the Monarchy to be real Men, so it needs to stop interfering with my client interests or I will mind and doing so will cause me to take up a series of acts that will run them down financially to such an extent that I made a case of my right to do it with the local authorities which will help to highlight their stupidities being practiced on my career and the need to get paid for being popular through it. The stage is that state provided security intervened because I built up wealth equity which performed a role that assisted state success and asset security and they turned it into a means by which people can get bullied at the hands of those who wanted to befriend the wealthy. Nobody wants to get bullied at the hands of those who want to befriend the wealthy doing so last we checked naturally but the question we are now asking is one of which idiot created such nonsense to make regular public appearance built from its silly corrupt security industry and rogue landlords that give them access to people’s privacy, shooting off the big mouth about state provided security that provoked its stupidities, whilst it continued to carry around information I stuffed them with like PR that I did not need pay for over ideas about the importance of their abusive ways of making money being a type of money where people are free from abuses because their stupidities were the ones performing the abuses – it has been 12 years of just making sure my clients cannot read the Books while keeping their own earnings, organises people to call me names naturally, so it seems that I have my tools set out for me as well.

I have been informed that the problem I got caught up in was bottomless and yes it is, I am only interested in keeping them off a profile that makes sense of where my Books were located to feel good about life and the way that they ensure they got what they wanted by taking boudoir from my clients which leaves me cash strapped, needs to fool around somewhere else and is always stupid enough to start, now I have to help it stop by getting it to make comments about its own career, especially its Muslim and American friends. I mean bottomless lies before me considering that since I dropped out of University on their account, no Office char has ever felt comfortable enough to simply sit down and work with, my bottom hurts after half an Hour every time and I was so introverted I could stay in a single place for 3 hours and leave without problems which I noticed because people mentioned it whenever I spent some time in the public parks. It is not clear when they make time to develop such insults and run it off rom a distance to arrive at a point where such things were achieved, we know they were upper class, so other peoples insults cannot stifle their finances too. They do claim it is my work ethic which is utter nonsense as the problem is that it found me stuffing some ageist gits with corrupt private security and rogue landlord gimmicks with information they could carry around like PR I did not need to fund, so it got on Media to covert it into a means by which I could be bullied so its stupidities may befriend Celebrities and the wealthy, complete with an abuse that facilitated a community that stuck its digits up my bum to solve their problems – the point made being that it clearly did not need to take a precaution that suggested it feared me well enough to avoid its gimmicks taking a boudoir away from my Clients engaging in the Books at the shop, so it is about to find out what its lies and care free stupidities can do too, if the outcome is that I have spent the five years leading up to 2022, pursuing my career matters with a sense of urgency but considering it makes me more of a target, I ended up worse off than when I started, thus needed to make the statement that it was going to a problem for all involved.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland