I am said now to be a character that that thought he was good at talking the effects of racism and other forms of discrimination out of his career but those who do not have the luxury of being able to speak like I do have gotten the racism and discrimination woven into every part of my concerns and got about grabbing my social life and Public image simply by a media presence and a body language that helps to accomplish such nonsense. This is not reality either; reality is that they have lived in this dream world they created which featured their version of what I am really like for 15 years – so it is a real clash at this stage that they are coming into contact with a kind of person whose existence their minds cannot fathom i.e. as long as I can remember being aware of the world, I have always been stuck between the population and characters that make sense of peoples personal space for the purpose of abuses that are meant to work money and power – it is not a fantastical prospect that such a person exists on the planet, of which as we can see, what they claim is a process of weaving racism into every aspect of my concerns really is a process where I put up publicity for their terrible behaviour lest I had to contend with it endlessly – therefore what they are saying is held together through media lies. Personally, I would like them to shut it down, but they will never do so.

So the main problem here is still that I worked in a factory and all hell broke loose on popularity culture until I dropped out of University years later, I have found the academic environment to have become very toxic for me and I plan to study at home while I worked the career I had built from the joy of having attended University and hoping to graduate, so I wrote a Book and did some work at private security industry over the years, hence they had decided to hang around somewhere claiming that I am their kid on whom their future depends again, a kid that will eliminate all the violent things that bother them, so they might enjoy their lives better. The others that are being paid to assess whether or not people were eligible for government support are deciding who were parasites because they had to live with themselves but were being paid to do the job, hence fail to recognise that everybody expects them to do it properly – no idea how long they believed they would have lasted if I had gimmicks like the ones they shower me with insults for, which eventually led to outcomes whereby people laughed at my CV before they read it and hung about somewhere wondering why they did when the damage had already been done, time and time again, it’s difficult for people to avoid doing this and I magically found a job of which I have many times, the question is how long they think they would have kept that job for, if they were in my shoes for the gimmicks they enjoy so much as it were. We see the same from their friends at the Monarchy – their interest in me over the years have become more problematic for the entire system of government because I am currently living in a neighbourhood with a better thriving criminals social system than the previous neighbourhoods I had lived in and I can still remember how it played into the way I lost my University studies as well, since I always went past the same neighbourhood to attend Greenwich University and couldn’t control thereof what people did with abusive popularity that had to give me a day’s break for 5 years at that stage and was always keen to develop public abuse conversations about my tummy.  We have to listen to that big mouth blabbing about the way that I am big enough to handle it, while I never said I could: i.e. since I worked the private security industry, they had decided that I was a kid that knew how to handle the violent things that made them less important and spent time doing nothing but berating me in public places, especially the Public transportation twats, pointing criminals towards my residence and generally building me publicity that suggested I was to take the violent issues that bothered them their entire lives and set about solving it for them and for everybody else to make them popular – each time I found out the gimmicks that is a product of paying their attention to my personal life, social life and public image like so, we find the stupidities as such that my entire life had stagnated, I looked like a character that does not get paid when I did work and I had to find out what they were doing from subliminal messages on the streets, the messages will then make sense of the way it uses my public life to express its stupid self and bring understanding to bear on a self-expression that shows their stupidities to have been thinking of themselves as commanders in the Military while characters like me where their foot soldiers from whom their stupidities expected full co-operation, looking for a proper response when it blabs how it does it because I am big enough. They do say that people grabbed their jobs and careers when they were younger, of which I suppose then that if it is grabbed again as it were, this time would be the finale, considering their age. I am asked if I think that I had to explain my actions, but I do not. It’s the all-important rules – there is this problem where if I made a mistake, I will be burning up trying to rectify it on one hand while on the other they will be burning up trying to ensure they maintained anything they could torture me with, so departing from any rules is like I am asking for it and I needed to ensure I am either doing something else entirely or taking conscious steps not to break them. They do love those tales that they are a threat but I am sure they had feelings and can understand what a person must be feeling if the person had tolerated 6 years financial complications due to the practical jokes they wanted to engage in and then it get worse as that stupid popularity takes up another stage for its abuses and decided I was going to lose everything I had on account that during the time they worked those practical jokes that left me with 6 year financial complications, I did something embarrassing and it does not allow me a single moments peace in any 24 hours, which actions are always about my financial wellbeing and my health. Their excuse is that I use my position to batter them while reality is that it begins with making decisions I cannot be left alone and grows into something of picking up my racial orientation, my sex, even my career type and the kinds of people I met every day, to run off some abusive gimmicks that added up to a community from which I had been excluded and nobody told me about it, so they ended up with a crowd that churned my tummy and made me smell, doing further damage to career, public image and finances – so I had decided that I will not allow them fraternise with the Country save they were performing National service and the fear that the Royal family would fall in love with it has now been realised. They are in a fight of their lives to prevent me keeping this power, but I simply want to run a successful Bookshop.

They do claim I mess with Celebrities and get away with it which encourages me to continue and it is utter nonsense and therefore very frustrating that we are not making progress. That entertainment is produced when people explore my equities should not get me dropping out of University and ending up on Government support thereof, Celebrities are responsible for all that damage as equally as they will not stop starting and ending their business day by drawing up publicity for my Books to exhibit themselves and ask the Public to engage with them over it, leave social activity behind that encourages sex workers to take part – this total destruction of my income and income prospects comes on the back of the fact they are paid to take part in the films and each time this serves a sales strategy they are not as much as funding refreshments during show business conventions which they Chair. They do claim that the truth of it was that they wanted to keep what involvement they had with my concerns but I am conversant with this angle of the argument, however reality is that their behaviour is terrible and completely trashes my earnings but they don’t want access withdrawn or what they got involved with shut down, they have then taken steps to create the third factor of doing something to ensure I didn’t, hence it’s a reality where what they do to stay is becoming even more destructive than the total destruction of my finances – so at the same time, I have ended up somewhere between them and bug brother character that really loves to get imagination up their bums, so he is chasing my bum instead and I need to get out of the way and allow Celebrities complete the cycle of lifestyle that befits them – they only need to stop wrecking the finances and then we can all get along; there is nothing much they can do about me, I am a Royal Hermit and I have a Royal Public image, I only need to set out 6 year period in which I fixed my finances by selling Books to a Trust system that was free of all such interference and all will be well, which is never going to happen if I have already put up with 8 years of financial vandalism from them that happens every day and is set to continue.

They do claim I had declared war on them and need to work it out which is utter nonsense as what happens is that they come up with the accusation when they blow off that big mouth about me being so strong headed that I dared to resist their plans to share my earnings and so I was said to have declared war on them, so that this might be the way to get out of bed with enough energy to face the daily concerns while I smelled. I mean I declared war on them as per every time their stupidities want to show that they are nice people, it will assess my personality and everything it says will have the singular purpose of talking into me and beating me down, which plays into the pleasures of crowds built up to back up their idiocy if I responded to it, such that getting the imagination up my bum, if it turns out that getting in touch with me is not such a good idea, solves all problems especially when they are women, as stupidly as possible. Then the men will simply set about a mini war when I put out a product at the Market after they followed me around to wreck the career, which outcome is that their practical jokes had such an effect as I had built a Bookshop to look like I don’t get paid for work I do and then it began with self-employment and progressed from there – the old story about the way it destroys people’s property in order to share it which normal human beings do not do as it were, prove that it started out being evil scumbag but now is just stupid. I have not declared war on them, we simply listen to their side of the story too often, as though it was our portion in this world and they will say that my position is an unfair one considering their circumstances which it wasn’t, until I dropped out of University on their account but 13 years later, running a successful Bookshop is still very difficult because they were having fun at my expense, as if I had no way of replicating such behaviour to ensure those their anal sex gimmicks gets completely out of hand, while court of female journalists spent time claiming they have been having it with me the entire time – I mean speaking of productive fun but if they are complaining, it was quite clear the best option was the shut down the abusive gimmicks otherwise it was quite clear they were very good at looking for it, such as when there are parts of my personality that help people feel good which I cannot protect from them and therefore should know they own my arse with a big mouth.

There is a part of my personality that makes people feel good, I cannot protect it from them and they own my arse, the entire time the Politicians have not had a day’s break from the complaining about me aspects in 9 years but it will not keep away from my Books and make its comments about its own social life either – an old story of a group of people deciding some evil behaviour they want to practice on me as a Community but I cannot now ignore it and carry on with what concerns me, to such an extent my career and finances is in a total mess and they would want others to believe that they were not expecting a response from me either. So I have damaged their popularity culture beyond repair and yes I have, now update is that my bottom hurts and they are about to secure themselves an eternal publicity for being the people who do that sort of thing and I will make it global too; dropping out of University because the idiots kept following me around to make a mess of the career and start a mini war when I put out products at the Market place was the beginning of the way that they lost the popularity culture by the way, it was the last straw – the other gits banging away at me I bet do so because they were afraid of overseas tyrants, so its purpose should add up to something that progresses from new stupidities they could add to my Royal reputation through abusive processes which response on my part would have to be violent doing more damage in the process, into something that creates a bigger tyranny than they were afraid of when they returned to Africa, the claim that it does not foster global peace like I had set out to work for being utter nonsense on their part as well because it will when I do it. I could never make sense of how we got caught up in all these – the part that stands out most being the way people laugh at my CV before they read it, to wonder what on earth got them to do it which is usually too late and when they had reached a point where the whole thing got to decide what their tummy did, they came up with other ideas that involved the fact there were perks to being bigger than I am; outcome currently is that it is suggested most people would sort it violently about which all that happens here is big brother character rallying abusing community croons who already had a thing for ignorant rivalry to get imagination up my bum and encourage local petty criminals to get in touch and they come with their German influence stupidities – such that they do eventually say that they were meant to do these things to Celebrities but I got in the way, while the most damage being done to my finances are done by Celebrities as well, so I have got my work cut out, where the Celebrities that get along with me must have been aware of these things getting out of hand all the time and if we did get along well, I need to get to the bottom of what went wrong, if I have and they are still here, then they will certainly make enemies of both sides. The fear is that I lost control of this but I have not really – line up the facts back to back and what we had was the German influence gimmicks with ignorant rivalry, getting resources together to crush everything that added up to younger people picking up part so my public work to work popularity culture that covered them from the abuses that wrecks the academic work and career, the reason being that it ensured criminals couldn’t move about and ensured ex-convicts had to avoid people due to the risk of smell issues due to the way the popular culture was run off every day so intensively – then they progressed to doing the abuses that were to have been prevented in the first place, after which they eventually decided that a certain abusive way of handling the personal lives and personal spaces of the victims helped to protect them from reprisals – the Celebrities were a part of it but now that I am trying to rebuild everything all over again, we find that they want to ensure that I didn’t shut them out and that I didn’t shut down the process, so what they and their Americans friends who facilitated this nonsense in the first place do to ensure they stayed is now more destructive than what they did to damage it and wreck my career in the first place. There are now ideas that all these issues exist in my head but I don’t know if people normally need to build criminal atmosphere communities and hang about with a crowd abusing others until their victims had to change dress code to make them feel comfortable or whether the idea peoples diet was provocative was a necessary form of filthy decadence – all I know is that 4 years into holding down residence in a neighbourhood that is full of it has left a career, personal and social life stagnated, I cannot tell how that time period has passed.

The Politicians have asked for details on how I get about these popularity structures and I suppose it would be apt to declare it here as well – something about making it obvious that there were people who wanted to and prepared to get involved with Industry property owners and that I had an interest in it with something to offer, so the popularity process is always specific for purpose. The troublemakers do have their own as well and it involved sending out some of their most abusive girls to pick up people’s business service process and pass it off as how the victims got into a violent situation on the streets to make them feel safer and more important, however we can see that they were convinced they had to wreck mine. It does eventually develop into a case where we will see the boundaries emerge between characters who are loyal to the causes of American businesses without question from Asia, through Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America, show they were different from everybody else and when it comes to the things that happen fast and destroy lives, sometimes take lives and destroy property because people were running businesses as though the US did not rule the world, garnished with perks of being larger persons, it is growing into a situation where a boundary needed to be set out and the stupid popularity will come in very handy for it thereof. I do get told the Authorities needed to be clear I knew what I was doing and yes they have been when I defer the career, since I could see that dropping out of University was inevitable over revenge that prevented popularity culture that got them struggling with smell issues for abusive involvement with me, so now there are few questions that needed asking when people can see that returning to an Academic institution was not only violence waiting for me but kids waiting to get imagination up my bum, in support of those in their communities that already had jobs, as an expression of their loyalty, while my online business and any process of studying online is currently being hounded. They do claim that even with what I have said, I am still vulnerable but I had no idea what more education they need for the fact that looking after Mr No 1 ideology although secures followers who want a comfortable lifestyle as well, is only as effective as whether or not they moved the money into an economy where it was possible to oppress others, besides which now that they are in control of what money does, want to think about doing what money is meant to do. It is an old story whether the innovation does not come from multinationals necessarily but companies that locate gaps in the market that they could not fill due to their size – where this nonsense fits being that the person that was supposed to employ them will get off paying them for being popular, the persons that want to get jobs never will because they are being run down to enhance and facilitate popularity, while the Government loses revenue the entire time. I have been told that I made the media what it is and now enjoy blaming them for my problems all the time; it is utter nonsense as what happened is a process of working a Court with female journalists on the basis that the male journalists and their female counterparts that co-operate with them were so corrupt that they ceaselessly worked involvement abuses that culminate in the wrongful use of law enforcement powers, at the same time which we become unable to prevent people being attacked by those they feel in love in from a faraway neighbourhood but the one that really gets to me is the fact that the Court was worked in a way that kept the female journalists informed about Political matters, so their jobs did not become a threat to them if they had to operate in war zones, which the male counterparts completely destroyed, even offering up explanations that suggest such activity only enhances the required levels of awareness from their superiors, such as would send them into war zones, to punish them for their attitude and I have never gotten an explanation for their vandalism and abuses as such.

I understand they needed to tell stories that I am finished and done for at all times of which there is no link to reality. The reality on the other hand is that they wouldn’t claim that something serious had occurred if famous idiots hounded people out of University and embarked on a 13 year career vandalism over a need to get the person tagging along with popularity, at the end which we found them pick up service processes of a Bookshop to pass off as indications the victim was meant to do security guard work to protect their famous stupidities, we would be made to understand the world had come to an end, if they got a proper response for it. I don’t think it is a crisis, just one of those issues where fooling around became very expensive and they had to ensure others were paying the price to such an extent the victims were said to have been fooling around on account their stupidities had made some money – something about which a person should not get off responding to on a whim, which is the reasons I never talk about it; when one responds on a whim, the usual outcome is a case where the Police will show up to have a conversation about the day job or type of day job that a person is currently doing and what the likely consequences could be. On the other hand should I want to respond, it would be one of those cases where Celebrities chase down my Books and trash it to deploy its contents and my public life for personal gain as well, on account I had refused to acknowledge and agree with them that my Publishers were racist, racists that had taken steps to ensure I didn’t have to show up in the city to suck up to rich people if I wanted to be successful by getting my Books Published – whilst I thought it was the worst experience of my life, they callously spent another three years of my time screwing with my social media until they settled in on it as the means by which I will get off fighting their battles and taking good care of them and I saw it all happen, of which the idiots are still here as we speak. They have made these comments naturally because of the fact they had done so much damage to my personal life and my finances, so they need to express something that shows the personal life and the finances had been damaged but none the less nothing about the question of the reasons it had to be always personal life and finances anyway. It’s just another one and nothing particularly unusual – same case like when I build up wealth equity and have to put up with some discomfort because somebody was trying to secure an important business deal, so Celebrities want me to put up with it permanently as a state of affairs; in this case they want to get to managerial and producer positions but any support I gave to them would not have been the reasons I dropped out of University, no, the dropping out of University would have happened because it is something they do.

I have been told it is never clear what this fighting issues were about all together and that they continued to claim their behaviour was due to the fact I am a coward. The truth of it is that I am not and what happens in their case is a need to impose their version of what fighting is and means on me which really stinks, besides which it does not get me doing any fighting and also frees them from the fighting too, so it’s not really a disposition that helped people calculate which persons were cowards, however they had decided the damage they did to my career was because it decided that I am. So we find the claim on the other hand to be that it was a behaviour expressed on me because of the way that public security operatives handled them which meant that this conversation had no purpose but if we delved into details we would find that they are not being paid to interfere with the jobs of Public security operatives, that they understand Public security operatives do a job that protects people, that if Public security operatives cannot do their jobs people will be in danger, they also understand but will spend a great deal of time and professional intelligence executing some form of interference they thought was amusing and fun, so when people got frustrated I got feedback and therefore am in a position to think that the feedback is just as good. It’s like when they say they are not responsible for trashing my career and finances, such that if I had developed access to information that showed them the part they played in the matter and implored them to cease inflicting my Bookshop with poor sales, I am certain that normal people wouldn’t be having stupid conversations about where I wouldn’t say what I have said because I didn’t have the guts to, they would think of stopping it. It’s the story between what happens when 90% of what is said when there has been a fight has nothing to do with fighting, it’s the 10% that suggests a violent person does not have the right to be violent, so if they hit somebody once, they are guaranteed that another attempt will secure a response – I am sure this is a mind that normal people would think can develop a way to attack them no matter how rich. They do claim however that I interfere with the Media which I don’t; a female journalist is likely to have met thousands of people if she appears in a Public place to help people make sense of the day’s events 3 times in a week over a five year period, so if she met me as one of those that can help her with support that works her career – it’s very abusive, violent and unusual to find the male colleagues had decided that she had to terminate involvement with me – it would show they are accustomed to selecting acquaintances for their female colleagues but the problem is that they have selected mine too and I am not accustomed to it – then it gets serious as the managers get involved with the part where people had to lose acquaintances on account that their male colleagues will cease to be their colleagues if they didn’t, which supposed didn’t mean losing the job but actually does and there will be the manager that supported it too because he was a man – so a little sacrifice here and there will help her get to supervisory and then managerial position where she didn’t have to put up with it, would take between 5 and 7 years to reach that stage but I must have dropped out of University during that period as well and they were nice and completely innocent people the entire time.

So they do claim that I had found a way to slip racism in by the back door which is utter nonsense as what happens is that Companies broker equity with me and then they want to put their minds at rest, so they may develop a paint work which showed they brokered equity with a black person but it is never as simple as just making a statement – it is usually an equitable process and is usually temperamental, it must also capture what my person was like at the precise time that they did, so it is very expensive and they have to patent it and lock it in a vault. I don’t think this matter is a problem, only when we have to take about it along the Political lines – reality on the other hand is that if you told the companies that they had done racism by the back door via such activities, they will probably invent another paintwork that involved dialogue I had with them or even an occasion of what they thought is the way things should be done or the way they felt that a particular issue should be handled as a partnership, so you must be pretty special for all the wrong reasons to beat them all. That said, the problem is still the way I am sexually violated by ethnic minority scum all the time and it’s an old story where I am not a fan of their civil rights leaders, goes without saying if I get my hands on it they will see it for the last time as well – the yapping usually suggests that I cannot while the reality of when people warn them I am a very destructive character is that for each time the idiots believed they had achieved something important violating me sexually with the imagination, we find them sit around with a few other white people during industrial conferences making sense of the newly acquired disposition of being an important scum, addressing investors, consumers and industry workers, which is what I am going to attack at face value, if the bloody idiots took up the stage of claiming it added to their fame and popularity to violate me like that all the time and blow off that big mouth about the smell too. Generally, it happens because this is what Celebrity careers really look like and if I am not caught up with those, I never had to put up with it, which also means that the blabbing from Celebrities on where I would say what I say is likely to ensure that I got the two to meet up while I supervised. It can get worse too i.e., the business of way laying them at the stock markets and during the business cycles to ensure they did not have money to support their insulting sense of importance and it can get even worse with respect to the wars they claim will kill my relatives in Africa as well with a big mouth. Most of these activities are a function of the incentives these idiots had acquired for it; when it knows for instance that if a violent situation emerged, its position will be one where it suffered violence but didn’t have to give back the public image it made a mess of to get paid for being popular or the money that was paid for popularity but I have never been compromised with them to such an extent until I met the Labour Party, now the excuses are not coming through anymore because the governmental office idiots are no longer able to control these fools having been they claim to have located somebody that will never fight back no matter what their stupidities did – so if it came to a fight, I think that the existence of the Labour Party would add up to collateral damage as well. They do claim most of my problems stem from where I reside but we also know that there was no history of a handful of white idiots corrupting private security industry to get imagination up my bum and establish a link between me and local criminals as a process of settling hierarchy and the right to earn an income before their gimmicks began, where it had settled in being this business where people I shared a space with made contact because popularity that does not want to get a job because it can screw with another person’s social life and public image was lucratively dangerous and I have not had a day where I am allowed to get on with the business of handling it either, it is meant to take over my life and run me down apparently, hence usually the best course of action to think that if any of the parties involved wanted to move on with their stupid lives after, I would likely think that if they otherwise didn’t, it would be better.

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