I have been informed of this case where it is difficult for the authorities to settle what exactly bothers us generally but its an old story rather of a process of trashing everything I do to get by as though I am a criminal with a livelihood that needed to be stopped and at the end, they tended to make claims that having seen those issues I had to resolve on my livelihood and having seen that they are now in a position where they had the power to make me resolve those issues as to make them comfortable, they had solved the problem that needed to be solved by adding me as a problem to their list of problems and I am very certain that I am not the only one. We see the same with Celebrities and their insulting corrupt fat cats that make rules at the Monarchy with a big mouth as well – I was this popularity insults waste of space replaced what people saw when I stepped out of my door as somebody who makes a living with his thought processes and we are now entering a phase in which their abusive industrial espionage that ensured no patent was safe from their famous stupidities no matter what, resulted in outcomes where working in this Office was linked up to their backyards and their living rooms where my information must have ended up. The rest of it is linked to that nonsense we have to tolerate all the time, that I am completely detached from realities of discrimination when they set about those gimmicks whereby the fact that what stops you when you had passed preparation and set up stage for what you are doing what your own input, so they had come up with ideas like they did on my patent and market income margins, if their stupidities were going to get paid for being popular, to ensure I am always caught up with those who are bigger than I am, those who can talk over me and those who can scare me – the Politicians take it to another level that involved setting out pyramid schemes to get rich and privileged at Public Office but none knows why they rely on me to take no action when there is criminal activity targeted at my Books and social life.

My point is that I am likely not the only person who have ended up in this scenario even though I am largely not affected by it, whereby solving any issues that arise from my career, social life and public image led down to the one issue and we also find that they had something going on which needed to be hidden while I had ended up with a reputation for digging it up, in order to expose me to violence if I pushed back, which the Celebrities have stifled my Bookshop to be a part of after the claim I spend my time rubbing shoulders while criminals were better people who made money to buy show business products and set about punishing me for the last three years to 2020 since I withdrew access to my concerns as it was no longer tolerable after what happened at University, claiming my involvement teaches their children discrimination while they clung to Diplomatic disposition of my Arch Prince’s Office, patenting bits of my life to their stupid names at show business. So it isn’t necessarily alarming as such, just very insulting when they referred to me as a conundrum and I had to observe the many forms of stupidities to get rich fast which eventually culminates in processes of making me share spaces with idiots that had given up on life and relied on my personal space for peace and quiet like they were important twats.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland