It is claimed that nothing I say can change the fact they had the money, I didn’t and they planned to handle my concerns and keep it that way; it is something they cannot back up, as what we know is that they handle and deploy my work to make products and people have been consuming that product, a successful intellectual property administration destroying civil disobedience career ripping – I cannot go back in History to remove those products, especially the insulting entertainment types but I can burn away the history that now festers which is what I will do. As for the business of handling my Assets, we have developed the matter to such an extent, it is no longer possible to claim that it is all an Industrial popularity gimmick. So we have ended up with a situation in which they never listened and it meant that their need to interfere with and build up a money making process, a social life and Media bubble on the basis on something that I had been unable to accomplish which gives them a right to keep my failures the way they are permanently, I will need to develop a deterrence for the gimmicks whereby they run off investments, trading and market with publicity which suggested I had lost something important and get about trashing their careers as well, considering the effects of these activities are that they had access to every area of my career where I had done my best work, to make a mess – so I have to make a mess of anything I see them do which comes with a tag that suggests it was important. I however could do without this work and need a break, although these facts do show exactly how useless Celebrities are, if in context of claimed actions taken by common people towards them was abusive due to their insatiable need to destroy peoples careers and it was linked up to my leadership, it turns out that I am caught up with the bottom chasing gimmicks of their back stage gits, quasi criminals and big brother, because they familiarised themselves with me to pick up matters of public control at my Office and set about making me cover their bums while they got rich, which had produced a public crisis.

It appears they had no wish to abandon the business of achieving a process of getting me off my University studies the first time round, over this matter of the financial needs of their fans and a need to get paid for being popular, as worked out in terms of tackling me over the way other families that are bigger and more corrupt than they are, attack them for these activities as well, they have even enlisted criminals that will just run around Town with a talk of the Town insult that takes up all my time, chasing me about to achieve the same effect.

 The matter at hand being that the only way to tackle matters associated with the management or even administration of the flow of commodity if I worked for Government from here, had to be a process of stripping away the finances but it didn’t mean that I had to live on Government support all together either, that is something they have accomplished and the pressure point is that they had earned themselves a right to damage whatever anything they saw to keep it that way, which is about to secure the response I have aforementioned. I had no idea what they thought was wrong with the fans of an Arch Prince anyway, I have never been informed of the reasons they attack my fans, which is largely the only way that they get to make decisions that impact my financial wellbeing.

The situation that has now emerged contrary to the suggestion that I have always had a need to set off looking for trouble on these matters, is that after years of inviting themselves into my concerns to get paid for being popular on my personality, a wealth inequity has now existed, such that my fans are now being tied down somewhere due to those gimmicks associated with areas of Town I am not allowed to venture to because I smelled, while they found a way to read my Books before they were written, published or sold. This then meant their fans ran around town getting imagination up my bum to keep this going, through which process they make me a punching bag when they suck up to rich people and employers to preserve their jobs, then spend the money on Celebrity products, while the Celebrities got on Media to protect them from me. These are a series of activities that have progressed this problem from what was originally a need to get off their low lives existence and get paid for being popular on my social life, the Labour Party spending Government funds to rip up my finances and help them out with it, to a need for chasing sales on my social life while I pursued University studies until I dropped out, something of a need to deploy my morals for the improvement of public opinions about them and their lifestyle, which would make them more viable business partners and employees, about which they had since fed themselves exotic foods (Class A, B and C drugs), stocked up and are prepared for a fight, about which I will forfeit my career, blabbing about US influences which insults that are due to their pay packets affecting me to an extent where my pay packet was impacted is never brought before Politicians when they complain and now a free fall where everything here had stagnated including an ability to get into a relationship with others, giving way to a process where they worked these wealth inequity, not just by making stupid comments on Media which ensure that all sorts of low lives chased me around for their own piece of the pie, most concerning being the part where sex workers and their community croons with city centre underbelly businesses doing it as well and of course a need to threaten me as if being helped to government funds when running a business meant somebody could not take it out of your life and beat you down over it seriously as well, now settling up on a need to pick up service processes of my Bookshop and build it into whatever they wanted which is the thing that is crippling my finances, claiming they were able to because they had more money than I did. I now need to ensure that they showed up here to make sense of who I am by reading my Books, failure to follow this means that I am going to make them spend time with their own lives, painfully, I am about to start interfering with those salaries as well. It seems that if I am unwilling to support people on this wealth inequity that had emerged, the Bookshop will never be successful which then makes sense of claims that I had picked up a problem that was too big for me when it really is a very small matter of keeping from my Books and making the stupid comments that they hoped will get me spending my career on themselves in an exhilarating way, as a matter of the way that they got around with friends and family, if they wish to ensure the matter did not escalate as it were. They do claim it’s impossible to tell how somebody ends up in the sort of predicament that I find myself but this is not a predicament in anyway whatsoever, I can do it for an eternity if I wanted but some things I incredibly important: it started when they saw my interest in Church activities and thought they were so modern they had to inflict some form of insanity on me, fooling around with apostasy – since then everything had degenerated into all sorts of social quagmire and the idiots are now telling me that it has been an embarrassing 16 years for which I will forfeit my career with a big mouth; somethings are incredibly important and I have issued the warnings about where they are to keep the nasty lasciviousness comments, I have issued the warnings on their need to invite themselves into my affairs and pick up my equities to get paid for being popular, I have issued the warnings on their need to pick up my Bookshop service processes and build their own version of what they want it to do and I have issued enough warnings over their need to get involved with me for other purposes save making sense of who I am by reading my Books, I have issued a warnings about their need to build a popularity Crowd that supports them on this nonsense and pushes them on with it every time.

So they do claim I am responsible for the fact people got punished at the Monarchy and we know what happens really is that like we have seen them investigate my life to pick up important areas for the purposes of their popularity and financial wellbeing, they do the same with people at the Monarchy – so when the Queen wants to instruct somebody on a particular matter and how to get about the issue at hand, it turns out they were already deploying it to make popularity, such that they then make statements that none need worry as they were fighting the battles and wars for the persons they had handled in such ways. It is not really that much of a crisis for me, as it was possible to take into account the abusive activities of poorer idiots that want to be like them, making sense of the effects their activities had on Government administration, in terms of those who had fallen by the way side and were caught up in a carrot and stick routine on the part of the Government to help them make a life for themselves or the criminals who are convinced the Government was responsible for their problems; I too can make contributions to the stupid wealth and social inequality issues they complained about all the time and have now got a license to build my own popularity crowd based on the lies that I wanted to tell about them too. They do claim it is complication associated with public administration, which it is not in my view - as Politicians have continued to assume I will get off the destruction of my University studies and then my finances and the building of communities that get imagination up my bum, as part of a need to kick me in the teeth when I am down,  for popularity, to fight corrupt violent families for them and I only tend to see myself get off on an angle about the fact they have been fooling around at Parliament for long enough.

They do say that the Men have really harmed me badly, but they have not. It’s a wonderment to see them work hard at the business of randomly getting around the streets to call people into my personal space, while using CCTV to corrupt my state provided security and ask people to get a good night sleep and peace of mind and all that they need to feel important from my personal space, then there is the security guard job I did sometime earlier about which they needed to express themselves as per whether the security guards job never ends and the cases he creates follows him everywhere. If it suggested that 14 years prior it had followed me around to tackle my career, finances and wellbeing because it wants to handle my personality to get paid for being popular, the Politicians would never listen to its complains but its need hold up that stupid idea that I thought of it as an important person, had eventually gotten from getting me to drop out of University because it wants to get paid for being popular on my social life, to something of a make or break situation in my career which definitely broke without a hitch, I turned 40 and grew sideways, the same way that I dropped out of University the same year that the world’s worst recession began. It’s important to take these into consideration as I rather believe that when I had begun making their lives complicated as well, I think that the sheer speed by which I will tackle process of back tracking revenge to the University fiasco and making sense of it on the filthy things they do to get to top industry offices, which is the reasons their children always needed to be so abusive, will determine whether or not I got away with it (It is suggested that I have been spotted and I am afraid of everything that moves. We know this is a dream these idiots have always had – the Labour party will want to deploy a whole government to wreck my finances and brain wash me into doing what other people wanted, they are actively looking forward to making the most of any instance at which I am involved with people who got to tell me what to do and of course the business of sharing space with others, which meant keeping up with House rules is the one evidence that I am afraid of everything that moves, which the scumbags are currently building up on media, which has stagnated my entire life over the last three years and is the cause of the wrath that I will visit on them for the events of the last 15 years. Then the pressure points which is that the way I selfcare, the way I manage my life and even the way I sleep is being stolen).

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