I have been informed I can only do what I am doing to an extent but I rather think it is very misleading as the part where Politicians stifle my academics and finances to help some social goons with finances and self-confidence should have been the end of this stupid and insulting processes of making personal progress by stuffing down people’s throats what they do not want, as they were neither in need of finances or self-confidence nor was I in need of either of the two anyway; they are here like old fools, who are clearly too old to change their foolish ways telling me I can only do what I am doing to an extent because they are not yet certain that I can take the Self confidence from them if it continues to approach me and damage my property so and beat it down seriously all together, blabbing about my fear of Politics while they are the ones that have not yet grasped the fact that those who were not part of the winning majority have to follow what is being done, which does not necessarily mean they view it the way that the majority does and consulting the Public on a matter a hundred times, such that you were hospitalised is not necessarily guarantee that somebody else will not have a different outcome when they consult the Public on the same issues, what they are certain of however is that blabbing insults loud enough on media makes them right as though people can only do what they are doing to an extent is some stupidity I am exhibiting to cling to the salaries the way they cling to my earnings with it looking for trouble.

So it is then said that I am at war with those who have republican sentiments while it’s all good claiming my involvement with Monarchy adds up to stuffing people with what they do not want, whereas their whole life depends on that stupid asset of theirs that is an alliance with my parents and black people to make me do what they want when they want money, talking nonsense about war as though if I were at war with them they would have needed an announcement for it. What really happens is that they want to rip up my empire over their greed and believe they have a set lie that will let them get away with it and that lie involves a process where doing so it meant to serve a purpose that involves connections with other Countries to lay the foundation for what a new British republic would be – I am not at war with them, they are out of their depth. I mean even now, we find them rip up my finances and academics and hope they will keep it going until I am 40 and then with the help of mostly public transport operative idiots, I will be a fool forever thereafter but nobody sees me going around seeking a new Country; their case was however mostly self-inflicted – something about those kinds of things I used to think about when I was a child but never dared to bring them out in Public because I thought people would laugh. At which stage they will say I am afraid of them, which I am not; what I am worried about is those parts of culture and society they love to play their stupid games with, which can decide what is to happen to another person’s life, such that it is not true that I would not kill if I had to do it to defend myself for instance but does it then mean that when I claim that it may be a good thing in certain circumstances, I am really good at telling lies? The fact is that there is nothing wrong with the Country that we have, the fact is that the Country we have is not killing or starving anybody, the fact is that they will likely get rid of it and invent one that starves and kills people as they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing.

So I do get asked if I was never idealistic in my life but I was, it’s just that I matured rather early i.e. if I am to keep gangs and criminals of my career and academic work, is it a new Country that need on account that they exist or which part of everybody having some product in their garage to sell to their neighbours has something to do with inventing a new Country or if somebody delays the payment whenever I have sold products at my garage to my next door neighbour, is my problem going to be solved when I have a new Country? So then if these sorts of matters are not the reasons that a person might seek a new Country, then what else could possibly have been that important; ideals?

It’s like the story of racism where they say the Country issue is largely a matter of integration and a sense we have no idea how to do that but it was rather a simple matter of the fact that everybody has seen or been told of the sorts of horrors which occurred during the world wars – so the reality is that still unless the busy body opportunist career crime seeking goons are tackling a white person and whispering racism into their ears until white person adopts it to make them go away, there is nothing else that takes the form of racism in the Country, so racism really does not exist after the 1940s, what we have is the Public issues which exist between majority populations and Minorities; we know this to be the case as there isn’t a Law Court in the Country that is yet able to decide that racial activity was a crime, we also know the Law Court exists within a parameter that allows a decision to be reached as per what a person did to provoke the other and what the other did to take the law into the hands – so this is what is really happening and people need to stop calling it racism which tends to cripple the authorities. The reality on the ground is still best explained according to Industry; were Dad does all the hard work but he gets his expensive Car and fat pocket money for the purpose of going around doing peoples stuff, to a point where he clashes with those guys that fit into the carrying stereo on your shoulders finding a way in life category and then he ends up with a monkey in his closet and we can clearly see how stupid celebrity culture and popular culture has since become when these characters have been detached from it; never mind which I do have my own admirers that show up to make songs on my Public image, get a record company to put labels on it, which the trouble makers have promptly started pretending is available to all too and there is going to be a problem thereof because of it. In the end it’s a Bird in the hand versus Bird in a Tree situation and we are all left saying ‘but it’s a bird and the reality is that it does not actually want to be caught by you.’

I do get told I do not appear to have made a lot of mistakes in my time but the only mistake I am aware of is masturbating, which I intend to keep making for as long as I need to – I only tend to build it up to a stage where people think I have committed the entire worlds sins, so they just get to let me be.

It is now said also that I desire and demand fairness from Members of the Royal Family which really has no basis on fact or reality; the reality is that it is the Media annoying me all the time by gathering up goons who have ideas about the Monarchy and Royal Family and then getting those to run my show, whilst we all know they did not get a commission from the Queen. The truth about the Royal Family is that it really is like a Family and you do not speak to people like Family, you speak to and work with them as persons that were skilled as specific Political matters, so HM sets the rules and you never get the curtesy wrong – looking at this dispassionately can be amusing but it is the most deadly serious part of Royal business, hence I am neither in a position, disposition or mindset to seek a form of equality or even equity from others, especially as all my Royal work is rewarded with Equity from the Crown due to the fact it is not funded by British Tax payers.

So what annoys me a lot of the time is that old case of people who get on Media to run off a competition on provoking me by building me a life that I should then be made to fit into when they improve the level of access they have to society – setting off all this nonsense and also meaning they are able to prevent my Books from keeping the intended effect it was supposed to fulfil as a service to me when I wrote it, looking like people that are terribly good at seeking out trouble. The other is when their practical jokes got co-operation from other Members of the Royal Family and got me dropping out of University, such that when anything is required of me the academic work becomes so important that a question emerges from the whole process of however on earth I am about to get it done from where I am, which makes me very angry – hence I do not fancy people pushing it and it is the main reason for scathing criticisms of members of the Royal Family on my part when I have done it. The outcome of which is that the process of having a family and being in a relationship and having a livelihood is now in the hands of others while they play up Media and Celebrity, so it must be stopped, stopped, stopped.

We can never be free it seems, from the Men tackling me because of something women said to them, but I do not know if they tackle me on account they want me to go without state provided security or want me to sack their tribalism raids at Industry to look after it again. In the end the business of women waiting for them to dig themselves a hole and then shoving them does the job anyway i.e. the job of making sure that they do not rip up peoples livelihoods to invest money on the market people build for a business, family business especially, so that they might get about employing the same people who built the business and sit about pleasuring themselves by chasing bottoms, like the reasons I dropped out of University was that the Men fancied me a homosexual and will get it at any cost a cowards gimmicks – it does the job a wide social benefit of ensuring that when people are employed, whilst responding to their bosses, they can fight their corner at the work place against goons that are Loyal to the Men, so I really have no idea why exactly they challenge me on the things women say to them over their attitude and then display it on media as though that stupid theory that they have a leg up on me is actually based on reality. Hence it’s still the same old case where they say I speak in such ways but people are still never free of me, bringing to light the facts of what their insults and practical jokes are worth i.e. a spectrum of an Arch Prince’s Office and Public image measured against a world where Men get women pregnant and then vanish without a trace or get single Moms who have had their children fighting for alimony – each time they fail to mind their business, they forfeit their freedom.

I do get this information about the need to tidy up relations with the US of which there is no tidying up need required, it’s a matter of incompetence and blame  and each time Americans apportion blame for their problems or get involved with people’s concerns over their issues, there is no sense of personal incompetence that one may blame the self with in order to find out point of improvement, which shows that I had done everything well and they had showed up to rely on me to do nothing whenever they wreck it; the Obama Administration was big on the part about putting up financial leverage for those who wanted to get out of poverty pillaging British interests in America, the Trump one is just good at allowing some stupid white daddy characters who want to take over my market and then employ me in their companies and get Celebrities to keep an eye on me as to ensure I do not make a mess of the products to get completely out of hand. So it was something about which steps needed to be taken to control, not least more so as they do hate my Books for it; at the same time I get told British Celebrities are getting away with it and giving me a hard time, which they are not – what happens with British ones is that of Industry trouble makers giving them a lot of Money and then waiting for them to play off that case where if certain persons are picked upon the population rise out of poverty and Buy celebrity products in the process in order for them to get rich and so this is a wait that will continue for eternity in my view, however my risks are that we cannot carry on like that as a Country, so I had to neutralise the problem itself and it came at a price considering the history of insulting me that they have already built however which the job had been done successfully. They do claim I am boasting about what I have not accomplished but we all know if I take care of my corporate identity, then what is left is a process where people damage my property on account they wish to ensure I was never successful and therefore deserving of respect seeing that all their assets are now invested in insulting me and then we will find out which Legal Premise has given them the right to, which Economics and or Business and or Financial Industry text Book has taught them that their stupidities adds up to how it is done. For the US Government it becomes a simple case of putting up the money leverage to play debt games and then finding out that when they do with China and the opposing batting partner, the smaller Countries are better off financially because they tend to make better use of Credit due to their size and willingness to innovate and then like we see done on my Books, the price of our success will be that they got Lobotomised – no grain of truth in it naturally and no qualms about the lies either.

The game here in the UK is that I will be taken care of which is utter nonsense; these goons have always chased the bottom especially the ones that have gone from claiming they had found a kid that needs to be dominated spiritually first before he is allowed to finish academic work, then tackle my academic work and make out whether or not I did get a job would depend on my attitude, to a process of complaining about the kind of difficult situation I have created which I did to ensure they understood I have had enough of them and putting the society in my face any further will mean they get to see it for the last time as well – so now, the business with Trump is a process of gathering money to take advantage of what the twisted evil scum who show up to cling to my Books and ensure I am getting into a fight with their enemies on account they always get what they want, get up to, in order to plug products into my market, buy shares in companies, employ me and get the Celebrities keeping the eye on me a busy body opportunism insults and of course as ever the bottom chasing has gotten to me because I have started responding to those stupidities about what passes on their left hand side and on their right hand side which is basically dicing with schizophrenia over my career and finances which is called personal finances for obvious reasons in the first place, relying on me as though I know who the fuck they are, to do nothing about it: so it is clear when I handle their own as well I am certainly going to make them far more stupid than they already are blabbing about Trump support. It feeds into the business of wildlife slaughter of course; where they would never think of approaching a Lion if they were lost, tired and hungry in a jungle but set off on helicopters to shoot one if they will return to a warm meal on a dining table with their families at the end of the evening; so it has never really explained why it has killed wild life and continues to point out cultures whereas most cultures understand that wild life are usually very clear on their relationship with humans the way domesticated animals understand the relationship we have with them; so killing wildlife is usually something that involves cultivating their population or indeed when you have killed ones like Lions or Wild Cats who do not really make the feeding menu, we find that in most cultures, people do only if their lives were threatened and hand the remains to the local chiefs lest they became famous for all the wrong reasons. So the two systems that kill wild life without meaning on this Planet are still the Chinese and the Americans and these are the two that set up financial gimmicks but when smaller Countries are better off getting the Credit the price of the success was the lobotomy of the bigger Countries; it has got some power, now it wants more, cannot leave people alone, becomes a threat, stop the threat and it stops the thing that stops the threat, then everything that it does to get involved with you has to be made to be very expensive – like if I go on to point out their greed at the secret services jeopardising the lives of British operatives who have in turn Jeopardised their CIA and FBI ones too, the stupid business connections nobody understands what they are doing with at the security services as it were; it is their duplicity – the need to be on both sides of absolutely every argument on the planet, to be right when wrong and wrong when right and vice versa that along with the untidiness it causes them and then the subsequent corruption of involvement that churns my tummy and makes a mess of me and everything around here, likewise their friends claiming to be middle power and starting some terrorism that means when they get killed I get to feel it, of which nobody knows what convinced them of some Middle power status in the first place anyway. They have bothered the women to a stage where the Country is now full of American and African and Middle East goons who talk nonsense about what passes on the left and right hand side like they do, so they now have a real problem to deal with when they are Champions of it – my bit will be the part where these trouble makers want to pass exams and work in a 6 figure job but I am unable to run a Royal Estate and broker equities to sell my Books because it’s a matter of doing what I need to do at the time I see best fit to do it; so it compounds the problem of the fact they enjoy running off to large companies to collect these money for talents they have not got, so that while I deal with the Companies who feel duped later, their stupid socialist mistresses will believe advertisement means getting on TV to pass insults at me.