Now with regards to how the root of all my problems is my lack of respect for the Prince of Wales however, I am not actually aware of anything I do which is a matter of major concern or indeed any of the business of the Prince of Wales, however what I am aware of is a group of people that need education on the fact no body likes the idea of somebody smaller of office than they are taking up position behind somebody bigger to throw insults and abuses at them like their existence depended upon it, one day they will take a wrong bend and it will cease to be so funny as well. The American ones just hear racism and want some of that as well for their part, so it does not bug me so much; all I know is that for them its a matter of the fact it is not their usual discrimination we see now because they have built a new one from my career, creating two facts one of being that when you institutionalise with what they get up to, they change it and create this sense you share an existence with them and will be exterminated, the other is that I intend to build one discrimination out of their lives and careers as well and it is on that and the fact their really expensive new discrimination built from my career and property that this matter is likely to go haywire as well; regardless of whether like their British friends it has got something to do with the entire country already. I mean they think what I do with Bush and Obama is the end of course but it was all just the warnings - they do need to get off my book sales and get off my work. The public funds corruption money is none of my business-it will make no profits here either, they wanted to be the employers of everybody and now they have got the money need to get on with it as well, spend it and give other people jobs and leave me alone. Most of these activities do not actually trouble me half as much as is made out; I mean all I have to loose is Political idiots hounding me for these trouble makers all the time so they can take cheap shots at me until it becomes power for their society to attack me all the time, then they can get on media and complain about things that are missing from their lives but for them we have to look back at the numbers these fools like these murdered during the second world war for example with their collaborations and strange decisions, to see why they are not nice people around here and the start of the trouble for those who continue to insist on my work and property is just the part where happiness, health and normalcy is relative like they have claimed it is, otherwise if it is not they can force me to be a God they beat up into giving it to them and continue to complain on media for that. There are other matters too like when they claim I make rich people less excited about their money so they can get even richer which of course is not their real problem as their real problem is really the reactions they seek from me which will begin from the process of how they know what money is and the importance of money and I will make them into Gods I can beat up who will ensure it ends up in my pocket all the time as well. So it is said I have no regard for peoples homes when I rent them but that would have been the facts about things I do to show people that when you pay for a space, it is your space and should not be encroached upon by others even as a fantasy. I mean I am a law student and the first job I have ever had was work in a factory and so people do not care what my life looks like and why I live it the way I do, they just feel something which they have brought upon themselves to feel with their intrusion and then decided they must not be denied. I got redundant from my factory work some 8 years ago and have since been unable to find another one while they play their games; every training I take in to work in a different sector leads to a plaything with their lesbians and so is any application for work that I make lead to a violent behaviour from their lesbians whom I am trying to unseat according to them,even though there is no truth in it, its important to be able to abuse me like that. Then of course 8 years of looking for a replacement factory work because of them and the process of getting on my TV to do it all the time was not bad enough and it is not as though it was any better when I was employed either; at that time the most notorious of the stations was London Heart and I was not the only person in the factory that was either targeted or was going mad because of the abuses. I for my part am not giving back that stupid left either; the trick is every abuse of me from it leading to a shut-down of it as well as will pay for the damages done, at some point I am confident we will live in a society that aspires to the right so they can meet people who really hate them and find out violently abusing people in the hope there will be money made from it and if not then fear will settle the next step is no really a worthy activity. Of course there is also the talk I complain but hurt people in such ways as well but that has more to do with people playing forces of reaction around here, a process where they believe anything media fools tell them about me, which is supposed to have been the pinnacle of this condition where it seems as though everybody in the Country has a whipping stick and it is meant for me with a big mouth and they will likely loose their lives as well before it improves. Its generally a matter of some of the things we say; I mean for my part people do what I have done all the time i.e. divide their career into a cause and a mainstream work - in my case neither the cause or the mainstream work has any kind of civility based regard or respect - mainly because they have also got these their insolent African friends who like people that advocate progress for them so they can unleash their boundless greed and then kill such persons at the end to make sense of it and they have gone off to Africa where they have connections with them to bring them here and point fingers in my direction every single day as well. So the wonder therefore it still that of whatever on earth it means that a sense of regard for my career is a fight on a daily basis. However what people say is that they are good people; imagine being a contractor of some kind who gets two contracts a month and then one day had a good feeling about a certain deal and pulled out the stops for it and along with those contracts and normal earning, made an extra £20,000 and went home to ask your wife to plan a holiday, then imagine that another time came along and it was a bit more challenging but you made it work and the benefits were even greater and imagine yourself boast to your wife about how you pulled it off - then imagine that the purpose of your exploits were not contracts but really evil things with respect to culture and the hurting of other people and then imagine what kind of a good person you would be when it is the bane of your stupid career. I mean these idiots have families for goodness sake. So of course it continues along the claim I act in ways I do which gives my earnings away and earning potential away to others because I am manipulated by them into so doing and of course it does constitute one of the real big issues since I am the same that is responsible for making sure they do not blag their way into profit and have therefore only ended up giving away a lot of money to celebrity idiots they will later ask to give it back to get around to stealing mine. I for my part have no idea how it would ever have been possible that what I say and do happens to be said and done by me on account they exist but the problems associated with this being of course that they think they are relevant when they are not and because of that set about getting my books without buying a copy of their own and trying to make sure there is some stupid reason or another on National Television as to why they should and everybody should as well as a function of their extended goodness and generosity. I understand therefore that they just feel as though there is enough wickedness welling up in their heart that they wish to express by taking up my life and all I own and ruining it therefore, claiming instead that it be a matter of how I am somebody they wish to see do violent things to make them feel comfortable and glorious, which if I am remembering correctly was not the problem here anyway, since I have decided that when I see things I must want them and when I want them as I see them, then I must have them as well - so they are not the only one since they last started but the devil worship of handling my earnings is the reason I like the insolent bets so much in itself, especially because it is developed around that rubbish about how they were most suiting for violence and will sort out me. I mean, when you have been shown how to live on unemployment benefits while handling peoples economy and financial system it does not necessarily apply that you happen to have been a person that people want to trifle with; it is the wider implications that stop me from acting to the extremes and thereby implore them to leave me alone which they like to think is the bully's prize acquired with a big mouth and will likely end in a process where standing over me to chase profits that are unconnected with me, leaves the desire to show what Christians believe is the will of God done on earth as it is in heaven over that stupid insolent money yet. I mean especially for those of them on media, they were made for the violence and I will get beaten up while they use make up to do their jobs. Besides which in any case as far as I am concerned administratively, it is a simple matter of the fact I too have come to the conclusion that the idea people evil greedy people that do not attend church or practice what is thought there are free people and practicing freedom with their freeness is not good enough any more because they never practice any of their stupid insolent wickedness on themselves any more. The depth of how I feel about these matters goes down to the issue of being the abused Prince and how I intend to wait for them to spend what little grace I have left over the matter so I can chase them down and ensure that no matter what they have and how much millions they own, any scum can get in touch with them and communicate their purposes and their aesthetics will catch up with problems they grew out of as though they were indeed poor, so that the money might become meaningless and therefore become for me the meaning of life itself like they want it to be. There is no security of the fulfilment of my office from these familiarity and abuse based corruptions, especially the corruptions of involvement and I have put up with the latter due to my Christian faith for all of my life and will not any more because it is becoming physical and the contact makes it criminal; regardless of which some people will tell me it is cruel but this matter stretches from very bad behaviour they do not change because they can give money to their culture scum pop stars to sing about it and make even more money destroying the property of people such as myself and now it has become the location of somebody on whom they work painful experimentation to find out how cultures and histories can be made and unmade - sounds like the kind of things that Christ walked out delivering people from as written in the Bible and the only things they have to show for it is a really insolent politics and a big mouth media yet - it is insufferable. Now they feel as though they want to have conversations about the things the upper class does to the Politicians and the Political class to the upper class and I find it so difficult to figure out how it would be a new thing at this stage if I remove from the matter the fact they are doing so on media to squander what they have found at my business and of my earnings recently as punishment for something I have done to make them react, which really does not exist. The fact will never however change that they have been at this for years now and those their stupid Pop stars as well and how things can never be done except they are done through and in the Political way, along with their Political scum who feel as though if they do not tie me down somewhere to tell me these fools are good people they cannot move on and it seems to be villain, villain, villainy with them and everything that has to do with and belong to me everyday. It does not trouble me either; I was born into a world where they decided the US rules the world and perfect love was a taboo, so now they have lost that I have no idea what the new order will be as well as a result of me - all I know is that any normal person would expect somebody who was born and trained to do a particular work having it treated like they do, having himself treated like they do me because of my own work and their stupid envy will do the things I do as well, maybe the real issue remains that the idea Politics is eternal is delusional, I could not care any less either, it simply is not a new thing and I find it difficult to figure out what their media think they will get lots of attention squandering anyway. Am I as such aware that the success of the entire global economy bearing in mind Communist economies that are not affected will be affected if western ones are doing badly hinges on whether or not I am a happy person? I am of course and I do try to keep these mad men out of my life as well, so am I aware of the various parts of the online community and what they communicate in my direction and that contrary to the notion I think my company is not established, it is comfortable and sitting pretty too. I have no idea as to why these trouble maker always want me to be troubled about what they get up to with themselves. I mean it beggars belief people would make time to do such things as a line between my livelihood and theirs being blurred in a condition where they have the upper hand, what does it mean then and why am I expected to be concerned about their activities all the time when I am already clear about my feelings with respect to the idea they think they are cool and people want to see them get famous and the attention and fame seeking destruction on my property no matter how many times I tell their flashiness never ceases or goes away – I mean if they are not convinced we can go on some expedition to find out how much I am really concerned about the fact they exist and that they get up to things I should be concerned about because they think they are important and that what they think matters, whereas it does not because all there is here is a process where I am the one with answers they need for the questions they face and my life is being taken over by them so they can get those answers; they ought to therefore put themselves in such a place and then settle thereof how important what they think really is and why I should be expected to be bothered like that all the time. Of course they say I pretend I do not know why they act in the way that they do and yes I have never pretended I do not – I really do know why they act as they do and it has much to do with a process of what they do to get rich with the working of very intense arts of persuasion, which seems to have something to do with pervading or usurping my faith and work or both all of the time and so where they think I should be concerned is this link they have established between that rubbish making money and a process of getting reactions out of me but in actual fact what I do about the communities was meant to sort out the Politicians and the support that those give them so if they are drawing my attention to it, then it means its purpose has been fulfilled and I do not need to be worried about the fact they exist or are getting up to anything whether or not their entire lives are built around media where people need ideas all the time and do not mind grabbing other peoples copyrighted work; they always think they have those insurmountable excuses too therefore as it were and I believe I have been clear it is either you decide to do something about it or decide not to do anything about it and has nothing to do with whether or not getting me worried can be induced. Naturally therefore we have hence ended up with the usual corruptibility self improvement hunters. Proper economic recovery is likely then.


So the Leveson Enquiry verdict is due today 28/11/12 and they say it is the end of free press but in actual fact they are really a group of problems that the economy and society faces when it is not rich and needs to stay rich when it is, so if they are not committing crimes then there is no point to their point. Its much the same with their Politicians, especially those who advocate building on Greenfield sites to look into housing shortages. I mean it has now reached a point where there needs to be clear legislation on the matter that Greenfield are Greenfield, Agricultural Land is Agricultural Land and Worthless land is worthless land and only one of these three can be developed. About which of course I will be informed of things I say without giving thought to how it will affect me which is because they are talking about immigration but about which it is not important that if they are, they ought to see that Housing is a factor in immigration as well. As for where it will affect me, that is an entirely very simple matter i.e. these are a collection of idiots who are the problems that society and the economy has and so therefore they can put it down or foster the racist policies that will ensure they teach me how to press them for and get the solutions to those problems they create out of them with a big mouth and nothing else – racist policies can only racist Policies my bum. The fact remains that if we take a look at the Housing needs of the Country and immigration Policy we have, most of the factors that should determine our immigration Policy is not being taken into account by corrupt Politicians who expect some far right extremist to do something about it before they stop their pranks that they think is really funny. With respect to which it is all about the Labour Party which has the most support from none white communities and at the same time knows of black people that are the problem of white people and never ever make proper polices because they fight for peoples civil rights before they were born and do everything by having their way with the people. So if it is institutionalised that stupid things they will will be comprehensively undone once the electorate has removed them from office, it will have become clear to them that there is no point in doing those things e.g. lies they go overseas to tell their black friends who are happy to believe those lies so they can live in the UK and earn pounds which translate as a lot of currency in their home countries, when in actual fact such an advantage is only short lived for the first five months of their return to their home countries, unless that is they can shuttle in and out of the UK at will which will not do. I say less about these matters because of what they really are i.e. these people are not aware of the difference between having an opinion about a person and physically touching them or things that belong to them and that the latter is a criminal activity and I am not interested in Court cases either which why I see them as pranks, very expensive pranks that the tax payer picks up the bill for to a tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds every year per person for the Politicians. I for my part will continue to extract the highest possible price for these pranks on my work and property every single time that they happen and of course for the female ones one fact has always been clear, that when women behave in the most appalling way imaginable they claim it is because they are women and so because people are women they cannot along with their men see a copyright sign on your work and due to their familiar insults must handle it if they wish – I say they can keep up on that path as we have always had a history where it ends very well too i.e. these individuals from discriminative to those that are the worlds worst envy freaks are really the problems that society and economy has when it is not rich or when it is and needs to stay that way; just like we individuals have problems that propels us to do something to earn money. I hear they speak of things they know about me and how to take me on at my own turf and so I also think that their insatiable thirst for violence that can leave people a chance to breathe for what seems like every second is due an education as well and this is what my turf really looks like too, by the way of which another thing I have learnt from them is that when you are bigger than people the purpose is to scare and threaten them all the time to make them work harder and harder so you can put your feet up and have anything you desire at the same time; hence the female ones can carry on the path they have chosen as we have always had history of how it tends to end really well too.