I am told that deep down I actually liked Celebrities but it is a matter of what I liked specifically; if it picks up my income margins to make money, considering they can never stand up for themselves unless they were able to buy security guards, with which it helps me deal with social and work place bullying, so that I can provide the Public with the direction applicable to my Office, as to the ways it was clear that sorting out career and finances was to be done via the jobs market, then I am happy. If it makes the money to bully me and everybody else, ripping up my finances until I did something to show I ma brave enough for my earnings, then follow me around to update its gimmicks and hang about with verbal abuse twats who think its new shape was the actual form that artists and foolish women with money ought to take, we clearly had a problem and it needed to stop handling my assets and bread winner clients on the global stage, as nothing in this place is likely to be suspended so that its stupidities may adjust its important career, a second time around. At this stage I do not want to work with Celebrities anymore – we are talking about a global stage crisis that had emerged from an instance concerning work I did as applicable to an environment where criminals were being pushed to spend the proceeds on legitimate market products and not items that will pose a danger to the public, in which environment criminals make a decision to work with law enforcement all the time, I had therefore become a low life that rubbed shoulders with them to a point where a conflict had emerged, whilst criminals were nice people willing to take chance, make money and buy show business – so I wish to find people that want to work the system and further involvement on their part will only build a profile for the work I am doing, at their expense and against their wishes.

It is understood better in terms of those instances where they claim I still had not taken seriously the matter of assessing myself to eliminate aspects of my concerns which people did not like the feel of. I could never tell for my part anyway if my concerns were so far removed from their own as a matter of important decisions that I needed to make with respect to where the prison service was located as a matter of my career, whilst they always leave their own, so they could take advantage of others in such a way that being on both the side of criminals and law enforcement was beneficial for them. What I can say is that they had a problem in the sense that I did not have enough of an ego to respond due to the fact I am a Hermit, hence they cannot actually tell how serious the problem had become – the nature of the problem itself is that they are not important people as to get around telling me what to do as such, in terms of public leadership, such as the Prime Ministers Office which takes precedence over professional leadership, such as the people who monitor Medical registry of Practitioners, they were immoral society gits who only tend to make sense of the effects their insults had on others, when victims never smell nice and cannot step outside of the door, I cannot see myself taking seriously the idea that they talk like this because they are expecting a response on my part. It is the same as we hear them claim they did not expect Politicians to make mistakes while they were doing their day jobs on a professional basis, compared to Politicians who are elected to make Laws whilst they have never studied the Law in their lives – so the rest of us who respect the Politicians as people who can take up the business of vouching for leadership Offices to a point where they succeeded and then did not burn themselves out in the first three years, to keep a long career, understand that most Politicians achieve the bulk of what they set out to do, in the last two years of their mostly 8 year career, whilst those who were talented enough to make less mistakes compared to others are likely to go as far as a 12 year career. I for my part have issued the warnings enough times, concerning their need to show up here to retrieve my assets, power of office and public leadership for gits at Industry who were financially well off and businesses that were already successful, both of which they wanted to be subservient to, I have warned them about the fact I was bred to deal with being attacked on grounds I possessed something others did not, now being attacked by people who had nothing in a way that causes me to attack people who have something I don’t, will make for an eventuality where I got to have a lot of painful fun at their expense, especially when it gets to the point where I worked the civil rights at a Royal Office and I was the one being oppressed. The famous idiots and media gits are not making any sense, just talking nonsense on Media everyday which stifled my Bookshop and got on my nerves endlessly because their abusive idiots thought that watching others on security systems to get imagination around peoples private parts, was the form that the culture of the Land too – it has in any case come to this because the insults were such that as an Arch Prince I am overworked and verbal abuses could easily account for the reasons among many others, assumption being that nothing would come of it, I was hitting a brick wall all the time because I could not talk and behave like they did, hence they have eventually created themselves a crisis and needed to stop stifling sections of my personal and social life in order to get by over it, as stupidly as possible. The rest of the story was to do with Americans developing an obsession to be the people history recorded as having achieved what I had from Industry through to Politics and Diplomacy - it does not bother me half as much as assumed; it is a residual problem, in its worst form we have seen it in history, gunning down three Presidents in 15 years, so it did appear as if the problem was to do with a sense that they had too much time on their hands and hence with Obama and Biden, they were clearly running the White House.