As for the incessant obvious need to threaten me which people seem to harbour every time I meet them, it is nothing anew but they are starting to learn in a real way, what a fight with me will likely entail and I am sure I have mentioned it more time than I can remember about the threats – it seems that it comes a lot from the premise that they are financially well off although they do not actually look it and I do not have a foggiest clue why they would think I should become interested in that either. It’s impossible to be a Royal Prince on other peoples left hand side and even in terms of other things I do which I linked to pain employment, it is impossible to be a security guard on somebody else’s left hand side – it is an insult that goes way too far for their own good all of the time and when I declare a time for war on them and that their stupid Communities, they never do anything about it either as well. Some for them are apparently security guards too and I am impressed by that sort of security guarding all together for my part anyway.

I hear it is my war on celebrities that causes it, which does not actually make sense to me but gets to show that nobody has been listening to anything I have been saying because they are financially well off although they do not look it from the outside and therefore assume I am interested. Since I myself have mentioned time without number, not just that everything about them is meant to be crooked, meant to ensure that nothing is where it should be, meant to set out difficult paths for others and that whenever they do, the great story is that I must not get rid of it or else, knowing that it is a condition in which somebody else is likely to get stabbed and get shot etc. Never mind the fact that they are not Book readers and they are not Book sellers and they are not Book buyers and have no business with me whatsoever – even if they were, they or their children are not famous actors or directors who provide jobs for famous actors and even if they were famous actors for instance, of which I have seen some of them read Books too and pretend my Books are being imposed on them, to show up on media and blab all of the time, my Books are written to handle the fact people deploy my half priest Royal Estate to make Movies and it is this asset that is being managed, never mind the fact the Books I have seen them interested in reading is novels and others and nothing like Royal Equity hence cannot see that I have had enough of this nonsense all together as it were. Besides which it seems the assumption is that I have never actually known that Celebrities are allied to society people whereas if they looked well, they would find certain celebrities I have listed in a certain category as the ones with whom I work celebrity brokerage as it were, considering these are they that want to take nonsense from their goons on the left as well. I have no idea why this is still an issue for my part personally anyway – the blacks are the ones that have found me get around taking it up and sorting it all out to establish normalcy, so those who have personalities people want to kill in a gang fight can exist as well – this I guess is the white ones and it is the same pattern whereby some group of scumbags want to get out of bed every day to spend my life and property on themselves and I am saying I understand they are financially well off even though it does not look it on the outside and I am saying they need to piss off and stop threatening me too, no idea why their celebrities want to make films and get jobs on my Royal Estate as well anyway, considering I must have chosen them for it myself in the first place as it were; apparently it’s the Politicians sanctioning the whole thing and they find the distress they cause me amusing, so I have to assume they are not hurting badly enough over these matters as well anyway.

There are other things I want stopped too – especially the one where they are always attacking me to copy how I make power deals to get by, in order to please female security operatives that are authorised to use fire arms on one hand and on the other facilitate confidence for corrupt security services operatives that are always making sure they are a protected people, without reason or purpose. So that the way it plays out is that they are the reasons I am not doing well with my Book sales, getting a job and risking my life taking public transportation everyday; when I create peace and quiet in my Office so I can hear what terrorists are saying, corrupt security service goons who like to take over my State provided protection to blab of how I need a Father figure in order to behave properly, work out how they want to be a protected people with it and it does show that they will never be. I hear the talk now ranges in terms of how I want to take the terrorists on myself, which is utter nonsense, as the reality is that if every terrorist decided to lay down their weapons and ask for a deal to secure their lives, the anti-terrorism programme itself will become a rehabilitation programme all together and these idiots need to stop risking the lives of security service personnel that are Loyal to me, as it is an example of one of their really clever ideas.

They do say I pretend the problem of terrorism is over when I do not; the reality is still that of what people do when they lose the sanctity of their religion while engaged with it but in terms of Islam there is also the part where people get killed for changing to another religion, which does call to question if or not it is a religion all together. It is the bit that means that when you fast and pray for 10 hours and walk past somebody on the streets, he wants to make you tough and make you a man because your existence is weak and gets on his nerves and he therefore tend to know where your anus and penis is; it happens thus until you do his own as well during the Muslim festival and he radicalises because of it.

They all play those games of certain individuals whose existence constitutes the Birth and death of Nations and how owning them is the route to wealth and power – never once giving thought to the fact such persons may fight back and push back too; I have no idea what their problems is with me anyway.