Eventually we end up living with the idea that the cause of all these were the fact that I had made my career too complicated for others to engage with – whilst we know this all started on the basis that somebody with public standing wrote a Book without thinking of winning an award for writing it, therefore hell broke loose because they always had a need to order other people’s steps, it seems what we now faced was to confirm they were not as clever as they thought they were. My career is not complicated at all, it is simply a matter of much disrespect and abuse that they were also affected by their own gimmicks, in essence, this is a good result in the sense that I have lived in a certain way for a period of time and during that time, they had two forms of career publicity i.e. one which attacks people to secure a sense of privilege that can be shared with those they needed money from without a care for the way their actions affected others, shooting off their mouth at me everywhere, especially social media and the other, basically stealing all the time and seeking out crimes they can commit which was not stated in law to be a crime; so what they are saying when they claim my career was complicated, suggests that they would love to undo all their mistakes and engage with my career the legitimate way, which is not a problem that others should be made to share with them. Here it is then said that if people could make sense of how much control I had on this matter, it would be easy to carry on without worrying but it is not a matter of the control I had, I mean, to explain the control I had, we are talking about people who decided I was the cause of public problems and criminals were alright, claiming their civil rights had taken such a form, so what we are dealing with were practical jokes associated with an inability to live with the criminals getting involved with the career that caused them to entertain such an abusive opinion of other peoples existence – the practical jokes were such that a history of no response from me was the reasons my finances were a mess, such that I rented a space with them and they shared my privacy with hoodlums to make me provide them with free private security service since the last time they decided it would make them real men and real women and I was involved with private security industry work that for some reason they needed to stoke their perverted interests by but a lack of response from me was the thing that actually damaged my finances, the Celebrities would be the people that had not foreseen that they would be seduced by the way that the criminals purposed personal and social affairs, the way that their brush with the law was career publicity, response to work interview and everything else in between, such that the loop holes that causes the nostalgia down to the stomach would be mitigated by getting others to suffer on their behalf, they all however show up here ripping up my career to issue threat at me, which is the amusing bit and I am not doing the work that is not causing them harm as well, beyond the end of February 2024. The aforementioned good result itself all together being that this was a consequence of what seems to be their opinion of other people and what other people did for a living coming back to bite hard.

Public problems are never solved save somebody gets hurt or killed for it, so they would then decide that if they came up with these gimmicks, they would achieve a result where all the instances that people got hurt for public problems to be solved, were at their disposal to sell as prerogatives for their employers who helped them secure their weekly champagne or anybody willing to offer them a contract or make them rich by selling products to the public in a way that harmed people who dared to enjoy or own something they did not. So eventually the point is raised that I was unable to say specifically which aspect of the celebrity activity I had a problem with whilst it is a matter of the insults and abuses, the way that some were favourites because it put them in charge of my affairs. It claims they were a product of the fact I am unsuccessful and privileged, as much as it claimed it was due to a process where people got hurt doing their own public security because of me – for the former unsuccessful was when the Kings mothers recognised my talents and conscripted it for the Monarchy, about which hell hath broken lose since trashing the academic pursuits and putting what seemed to work as a millstone on my legs with respect to career and finances, working a media narcissism on me every day, besides which I could never understand how they end up with the sort of problems that caused them to seek out the ways of making somebody else suffer on their behalf, which involved building communities that worked people with distant violence in terms of people not having the clothes on, whilst we know culture being enforced at Government buildings was the top end, then it drops a tier and we were talking about making vows to live with somebody else forever, then it dropped a tier and we were talking about an arrangement with a trusted individual who pulled you back when you looked like negotiating processes were causing you to throw baby out with bathwater, then there were other insignificant ones that played into a sense that bad things do happen to good people, before we arrived at their case, facilitated by immoral society mandate, complaining about obscurity problems whilst imagination went down peoples private parts so intensely it wrecked careers and finances to keep its own, selling the prerogatives to those who helped it make money with which it funded organised crime products  but I do know their problems do not bother me in anyway and I am now done with the famous insults which put them in charge of my affairs, just as I did warn them about playing it off when I am involved with the work market. On the matter of the people who did public security, we know it makes a mess of everything I did to keep trouble makers out of my career and finances, claiming it was an accolade that should belong to bigger people who were more willing to attack others and take personal risks to help them feel safe, arrives at a stage where it made such a mess of my career publicity, its famous stupidities was affected and it got in league with quasi criminals and rogue landlords to access my privacy in a bid to build restaurants because it had to eat once finished – whenever they make those statements for example that state provided security provoked them by suggesting I handled social matters and picked up my career where I left off, it is actually a process of stealing, an activity that is performed because they believed that galvanising a crowd for it will help them steal from me for example, so it is never true I cannot set out actually which aspects of their activity was causing me provocation as suggested. Never stopped making the silly comments about my career over a process where I got punished for not letting it sell my equities as prerogative to any idiot that wanted to make them money and it is now about to decide if it wanted to stop trashing the career and finances the way it wanted or it would like me to decide how I protected the career and how it got to keep the fame job that gets to its head without much consultation. They do claim what has happened is that I had been brought low which was always fine but the issue it seemed is that they had to manage the fact the methods to bring me low was achieved by convenient alliance with criminals, now I have to set out and pick up only the practical jokes that affected my finances which I really did not need to and ascertain if I want to respond to it with or do so without consulting those who might get hurt – practical jokes like the last time it shared my privacy with hoodlums and build communities to work a secret about me everybody shared but I was unaware of which has nothing to do with me but it points this nonsense out each time I stepped outside of my door so the clients could not engage with the Bookshop every day, once I got its stupidities under control another group got off goading me over ideas that I ought to get hurt so they could sell prerogatives from the situation to get rich and it has been a 2 decade career mess from it as a whole and other little bits associated with the fact they have experienced not overt response on my part yet so far.

Here it is said I am not half as unsuccessful as people claimed I am, which I am not – I mean the prevalent problem was the way that it needed access to my personal space because a group of people built communities that decided it needed to share its wealth; so I decided if I broker assets with clients to build products in a way which took the problem into account, it will be mitigated, so they became a paid version of the problem they were complaining about all together, making up new versions and abusing me to make money every day – I would think it was the best of the best meeting up with a bunch of people who believed their favourite insults putting them in charge of my affairs was an actual career. It is difficult asserting exactly how they come to the decision to extract personal, social life and career prerogatives from my concerns and make a living selling it off to anybody that wants to give them money but if I think of it, I realise they have been doing this for ages, so abusive, so disrespectful and they will delve into my personal life, prick their own feelings over it and find somebody that was better in everyway to fall in love in love with despite risk of domestic violence etc which they will definitely blame on others and complain about being trapped in, then show up throwing me to the dogs every time they felt their lover had to take risks with personal safety and we have not discussed a license to rip up my career over claims that going public with something I worked on for years, was the day I had done something to make educated people at the security services take more risks with personal safety on my account, which had to be stopped. Eventually they do claim I take accolade for the security service work other people did, which I don’t; my work is simply useful to security services and so is the way I organised my affairs, especially in terms of the Police I had to walk up straight lest I end up walking like my tummy and bottom hurts for life etc, where I had to explain the power I had from this, there was nothing significant, just an understanding that if we eliminated the fact that these trouble makers took unusual interest in others because of their brush with the Law, we would be left with the fact their gimmicks were a form of patriarchy and matriarchy abuses, should be assume that they did not have people over the barrel of a gun to get into harm’s way on their behalf as part of a method of feeling wealthy, powerful and at the top of the sex divide, we have seen a series of activities as a means to an end which was as good as – so failure to keep them out without having earned support from security services would still have meant I had done something which robbed people who were working the social, public and civil services of their security by allowed them to be manipulated, the idiots have ended up on Media with celebrities ripping up my finances over a period of another decade to make my career into a tool that covers the backside of all important famous gits by inviting them there in the first place – so it is a gimmick that had not stop, I intend to ensure that happens by allowing them to manipulate the famous to such an extent that even when the famous where desperate enough to do some show business backyard sex work, they would have it taken away too, considering both the claim I want to be like them whilst I am also a Libra that should be abused because we would do anything to keep the peace, my kind being the doormat because I am not even willing to plan a relationship with them that they will complain about due to the first two years being about when we lived it large, second two years being about the part where I ensured the break up was all their fault and the last break up year being about the last thing its stupidities said about fighting at my expense, and the part where their bottom hurts tended to suggest my career should never have been set out with any protection whatsoever.