I am told people agitated the idea I was working with communists which provoked them and it is utter nonsense as what has really happened is an involved with the security services to target me, now claiming that I am working with communists – I did warn them I will cease to tolerate it and find a way to pick up the early lives of their celebrities, so I may begin my own gimmicks too, if it was repeated when I got involved with the work market and they had done it again, now there is a new warning about the fact I will not be working my affairs in their interest beyond the end of 2/2024, this deadline had expired whilst their abusive activities had only intensified, garnished with a narcissism media that allowed them to carry it through every minute, every moment of the day, so we have to look towards another instance where Politicians were again made to listen to their needs over the fact that they possessed an ability to call for backup with respect to these activities – history being that we were merely done with their need to rip up my ideological block assets in order to show up here bending people to the will of their celebrities, now we have a new one concerning a need to run me down and perform a series of destructive activities associated with ideas that were to do with living in an environment where they could do as they please, my finances bearing the brunt of their gimmicks that is, now offended by the fact they had to take something seriously for a change. It is not really a crisis on the whole, save the crisis they create from making a mess of my public control processes, to show up here with a process where a version of me that was created by media, celebrities, terrorists, criminals and a bunch of characters that were victims of absolutely everything anybody could think of, feeding into an activity that got them involved with the armed forces in order to target me but I did warn them about running it off when I am involved with the work environment and I did warn them I will not be tolerating the abuses that came from their finance market gits and celebrities beyond February of 2024. Here it is said that I am not really as bad as people suggest I am which does not make sense to me at all, since the issue was that they had a problem with a large Slavic country by the east of Europe and the president there was a Libra, so they hated all Libras, it seems now that they wanted to be like me apparently, due to the fact I have always remembered people getting involved with my affairs to ensure that life continued after justice had been served, building up to the business of their antagonistic gimmicks that rip up my assets and mobility, to show up here issuing threats at me as well, looks like they were looking for trouble and had arrived at a stage where they were looking in the right places – the more accurate perspective was the one coming from people who said we Librans had few bad aspects to our characters, the obsession here seems to be one in which I had most of my personality and social life spent on others with a narcissism media, leaving me with embarrassing things I would do to survive whilst they complained about the ways that the results inspired them to do violence. Ultimately it seemed we were living in a world where people could not make sense of what I am doing with my websites, whilst it was rather obvious that the Celebrities and their abusive part of society needed to keep away from my finances if they were complaining about my responses. They do claim I am unable to get rid of them which is not the case, as the work that was being done with crime control publicity, that fed into international industry has been suspended because I had to get rid of them, they believe rather that the fact that work had temporarily stopped implied that whilst I want to get rid of them I needed them more than any other person on the planet and are always so abusive like that with their idiots getting imagination into my pants every time that they did. They claim I am playing catch up considering the effects even the financial effects of feeling sore all over from their unusual interest in my person that allows them to attain their stupid popularity that makes the most of the idiots who want to live in a world where they could do as they please, perverting the financial system that offers people credit to build a life, so people got into the work environment to work it off, into a destructive and abusive gimmick that served the needs of the famous, then show up here telling me most of its insults and that of its street pricks were due to the ways that they had a huge amount of wealth among them that I cannot surmount; so I believe we have arrived at a stage where they understood that I am well aware what their pride and joy was and that they could make sense of a plan devised to keep their abusive society away from my finances, which I will push all the way to handling the rogue landlords and corrupt private security, alongside handing the abusive shop keepers, with intent to get my hands on their celebrity bank codes literally, they have always had the alternative to allow my Bookshop work for me on schedule if they were keeping their financial wellbeing and their abusive society had always the option to fool around elsewhere if they were not appreciated by me. On the matter of stating where I stood on international affairs, we know Russians were up to something if they suggested the war in Ukraine was a side diplomatic gimmick whilst they have already so far lost more than 300,000 troops, but we did not have to make our decisions based on what a bunch of perverts with publicity decided to do in order to live in an environment where they could do as they please – the fact we have simply oscillate around their need to wreck areas of natural conservation by converting what was progressive diplomatic policy that achieved safety for conservation workers whose lives were on the line because those who attacked areas of conversation thought it was the next best thing to destroying human life if they felt like to, into a gimmick where they stood in front of burning bushes (as though they were talking to God) making silly statements that there was nothing anybody could do about them, to clashing with China and then Russia, would rather have suggested that the US government needed a lot of assistance, as this would be the people who bankrolled the presidential campaigns doing what they might if they thought that nobody was likely to get in their way, not what they considered to be the means to control allies and wreck peoples lives and countries over claims that those allies possessed a tendency to go elsewhere. I am certain they can understand what I am saying and the inability of their civil rights and popularity well off neighbourhood fan idiots, to keep imagination out of my panties, is set to become the stage upon which I began something they would regret.

They do claim it would imply I was being intolerant – whilst what we know to be true is that if I am aware of an original provocation but decided to overlook and ignore it at executive capacity, then I was building on a lie, so the premise must either be that they were famous gits pulling my legs or it was far more serious than that. At this point it wants to know how I get about providing a Russian who buys a copy of my Book with service and does not engage with my Books, ripping up my equities to make its own money. We are talking about a society just getting around everyday with a sense of intense personal problem with the fact the system responded to a complaint they lodged and a complaint I lodged about the abusive activities channelled towards my career and finances, in terms of the way it was easy for them to get involved with my Bookshop for everything else, save Book reading which had become a monumental task, yet the simple process of making sure the famous did not become a paid version of the same civil rights problems they complained about had failed because people preferred to make bad decisions at my expense. So it is not just as simple as the way they explained it, that I had society support but rejected it, since the idea is that a wealth equity structure which allowed people to build products that they sold to people who spent money to attack them due to personal unhappiness, of which we can now see the main problem to be the famous, although we must never cease to take the industry goons into consideration, was built to satisfy female society, indicating the lack of respect for my person was a problem that was unlikely to improve.

They do claim they did all these because I am lazy and incompetent, I could never tell anyway if it comes from people who would burn the entire world to live in an environment where they could do whatever they liked, claiming they were competing with others in doing so all together – it is not really complicated, they think I smelled and was to be seen as a person who resided in a terrible place in the world, leaving it for them to select a better existence, I see them as people who enjoyed breaching my patents, to be consigned to the history books so I could move on with my career, if the physical contact with my Bookshop persists, I will physical contact their well off neighbourhoods as well, it is not being made up.

As for the boasting that they have completely wrecked my life and were proud of it, I could never tell anyway, since the problem was that if a certain group of people enjoyed building up ideas they knew something about me that others did not, even though I knew what they knew about me, those who tried telling me would be punished unless the process of telling me was being used as a civil rights bullying, to decide how my person should be used, whereby they regularly sent out low lives that had nothing to lose to run me down, get the head together, make some money and buy a life that was better than mine to run me down further, then I did not have to get along with them – if there was another group who took up the need to decide what I did with my time, up to the point where their activities in my direction was so abusive it could be construed as repression and was worked so intensely that they were able to push and project violent activities at me from a safe distance, whilst complaining about racism and discrimination, at the same time that they concentrate those violent activities on my anus and penis, to ensure I could never sell nice, then I did not have to get along with them because it was damaging for my career – if another were so adamant that perverting my public image to make money at show business made them more important than I am and needed to make a mess of public control matters here, by picking up the fact the first group had a society that was running off open secrets about me that allowed some low lives to get involved with my personal space and run me down all the time, as a tool by which to say that I did not deserve to have my career and income because I am a coward, I did not have to get along with them – if another group of people had become so fond of doing things with my concerns that I disapproved, that they had arrived at a stage where if I got bullied by racists, I got into trouble with them for not proverbially fighting back, if they bullied me which they did all the time, I got into trouble with them as well and if I was not bullied by the racists, I got into trouble with them over claims I am in league with the racists, I did not need to get along with them, especially when we could see results where people who had to live with the insults I put up with when they had business with me, this week were more important than those who had to last week, thereby suggesting I am making career progress in a perverse manner. So the problem we faced is that they took an issue with an intervention from the system which had since created a since that there was my Bookshop, there were these activities they engaged in and the system itself was a completely different entity, the option they appear to be vouching for, is a response on my part concerning the money they extract from my affairs by working macro-economic matters in it, on the premise that others were bigger than I am and I did not have the right to feel good or smell nice all day long, which also made sense of the city centre and my existence as a person – the alternative is that when keeping its income without suffering interference on my part, it stopped interfering with my bookshop to shoot off the big mouth at me through the media where they televise their Holiday destinations like a determination to get away with it, knowing well I have issued the warning that it is a retirement that they will never have or enjoy. It is the same single problem that there ever was i.e. an involvement of the media with my Office public control matters where my career was trashed because on people doing unusual things about my existence behind my back, I was too much of a coward to deserve my income and my career – it does lip flap when not boasting about wrecking me, not only that the stupid society was their civil right but also that these activities were helping to sort the problems of inequality in the country. As for the role that their millennial children were playing in the matter, we can see that the need to wreck other peoples lives and collect trophies from it that can be handed to people who may want to give them money, in terms more so of those who would give them nothing losing something as a matter of age group, plays into the fact it takes a certain degree of brutality to do harm to another person, which now needed to be understood in terms of the fact that they had a history of stopping me. I mean I have been told that being vulnerable to them was a failure but it is not really, we are looking at another proverbial case of having to complain that I do not make their personal decisions for them, so my social media is inundated with people who have spent a lot of time ripping up careers to offer prerogatives to celebrities and any other persons that might give them some money and the problem is that they were so badly wrapped up in it, they needed other peoples existence to smell good, as it so turns out that the work market was really the correct place to resolve their financial problems but this was not the issue, the problem was that others were not allowed to get involved and they were not buying Books at the shop either, the Muslims had since picked up my social life and career publicity as a tool for doing things they saw my clients do, to serve their needs in the middle east, free of charge, like a bunch of people who really needed to be conquered.

They claim their problems to be mostly the way that I thought others should have to contend with National level enemies, which was an inevitable advantage that came to me for living in an environment where all these activities were added to parental narcissism gimmicks – they were there performing a series of activities, right next to the system which was so stupid it eclipsed mainstream civil activities, got people confused and disillusioned about public policy, yet those who got involved with my Bookshop were unable to tell how I was responding to the aspects that affected me and claimed it their own confusion about the three items ought to be the cause of my financial difficulties until their problems were resolved. It then gets off boasting that it had taught me lesson when it was rather clear the lesson had to be the fact I am never allowed to feel good, so people avoided my livelihood because they needed to keep away from my problems; fuck-more they were real men suggests I am in huge trouble and they did not need to take seriously the time I have given their stupidities to decide how they wanted to stop and where, especially if the argument with Politicians, that the stupid society was some sort of civil rights for them is now at a point of failure. The idea that they had risked their lives for my own safety and security and were entitled to perform these activities is utter nonsense, what has happened is that they had embedded themselves in what seems to be a two tier security system that they had created, one for them where they could seek favours that allowed them to handle me abusively in a gimmick where they were engaged with criminal activity as much as they were bigger than I am, so the bigger than I am ensured I was never rest assured they were engaged with criminals activity and the criminal ensured I never smelled nice, making the assumption that I would be unable to devise administration processes for it which I have at this stage not failed to do and the other being the main security system - the interest in my Bookshop suggests that this was the plan for as long as they engaged with the jobs market, to continue until their retirement at the age of 65 with the big mouth they got going for them.