They do claim my whole life had been hijacked by politics which is not really the case – same story about a bunch of gits with bully characters they picked up since school, leaving people in wonder as per the fact that they might be older than I am but have not lost the personality, like something that would fit well in a scenario where I waylay them, not on the high street as that would be difficult, one of the high end bespoke trades people streets, areas of London where some streets are usually closed to the public and opened only for trading during the day, just as he was about to grab my penis and finger my bum every moment all day long come through at the other end of a street, I bag his head and beat it up so the German influence stupidities could not tell the Police about it a bully personality. I mean the underlying issue is still the gimmick where a bunch of stupid people always had ideas about what I am supposed to do for them, which ideas had since built up to a sense that whenever they had them, they could also call for a backup crowd and eventually builds up to such a sustained period of abuse that their imagination could get into my panties and when I rent a space from people they could enlist such persons to share images of my nakedness with hoodlums and criminals in order to make it work – needs to cease handling me and have its famous idiots make comments about the career that is paying their wages. This is what it is, that I could say I want to bag its head and beat it up on this matter but will in a short period had come across somebody who wants to give me a gun and knife for it, the central issue still being that the famous idiots will not stop goading me over my public control work until they really had to – in essence this matter had been resolved in terms of claims that I was the cause of public problems whilst these idiots even when they committed crimes associated with a need to fight racists and criminals of their own authority using my career, so that it might be possible for their industry fools and political gits to let me have my career only when they were done working any stupidities they had in mind with it, they were still a problem that could be mitigated with money, goes without saying I did manipulate this nonsense properly and if the Celebrities were complaining about them should have been the end of the story, save there was a wise arse at the Monarchy who enjoyed pushing people into an entanglement with doxy society and even when it was all I could to, to ask them to make comments about their own careers and lay off my career publicity, which I go on to enforce, they do not appear to have fallen in love with the results associated with doing such things.

We then hear that Americans thought I hated them which I don’t, it must be understood that the abuse and destruction of my career, public life and finances is being perpetrated by a bunch of people who see me as Royalty with respect to whose personal and social life, finances and career, one must be subjected to trophy collection and get rich quick market gimmicks, in essence criminal treasure hunting. They have perverted my career for this gimmick and I could say they were supposed to plan their finances properly or I could say they were simply a bunch of twisted evil twats like their celebrities express that they were all day, all of the time, whilst I ran my career the way that I did because some people in the USA lived in a world of teenagers who were caught up doing an internship, home coaching and a college degree all at the same time in order for what they got out of the market and the system to be barely enough for them, as to say that if I am running wealth equity where people were encouraged to build products which those who spent money fighting them were obligated to buy as it did appear the latter were incredibly unhappy about something very important all of the time, with a risk to their careers of the effect that if they did not, others would buy items that should have supported them on a career that got to their heads instead of them, then it was a system upon which the US government could spend the fabled fiscal excesses which when kept at the Federal reserve created more problems, implying that they should be doing very well because I ran my career the way that I did but what we have currently is that my career and public life is being corrupted by fame industry and popularity gits who enjoyed passing the insults at me when they were not complaining about having to take great risks with personal safety and well being on my account, which indicated I was in league with racists. I mean I have ensured my equity and assets were all safe as the authorities will have suspected but it is quite a commotion to achieve nothing good that should be acknowledged, involving a bunch of gits who perverted this process to get rich by avoiding the work market, save their energy from work in order to dominate others with a sense of superiority, trash it to share the incomes of the wealthy and leave me open to the home wreckers who could do the same on social media.

The point is reiterated that I had ended up in a complicated situation I am unable to get out of which I have not, just a bunch of gits who will hand back my Bookshop so I could pay my way like everybody else, as soon as they were done satisfying themselves with all manner of practical jokes they would like to play up on my career and my feelings with it, over a job they were supposed to do. I am not really vulnerable to the practical jokes, my clients are, they show up at the premises and get so badly distracted by it, so I suppose the way to respond in order to prevent it would be to say that we had since come full circle on the matter, where they ripped my academic pursuits to complete their own and keep the good jobs and I had to face all these whilst I needed to complete mine in bits, depending on the challenges I faced and the instances where I came up stuck with something at work, whereby if I took applicable action my clients would still have been left distracted by abusive gimmicks that called me names and made a case for their financial successes; they were just the kind of people about whom no other method of deterrence worked save the part where I measured it in terms of the damage that I did to their career and finances each time they did distract my clients like they were so fond of. They do claim I had no way of winning such a fight, I am such an extreme optimist, whilst we know at this stage facts have shown there was no optimism about it, just technical reality that they were hurting themselves because they had run out of resources for the practical jokes, assumption is that if they staked their finances on the business of winding me up, we would not end up with the same results. They do claim I am not loyal to anybody of which it had nothing to do with loyalty, rather a matter of the hopes and dreams that the general society nursed with respect to my person; they say I am able to let the bad people run their course for a while and pick up my career where I left on at an agreeable time, not really an issue, likely this is where the money is, just the problem of another group of idiots perverting it into something else entirely which I can handle by saying it made sense whilst it does not to indicate that whenever people said something on media and social media which distracted me and my clients and developed a barrier to my Bookshop success that I had to tidy up, I pursued it, took it up and assassinated it – they would claim that my activities were usually an indication that I am an eternal optimist, but if I started doing this I would have a lot of fun doing it.

Enjoys the boasting that the stupidities had completely wrecked my life and career on the basis of making it their business to find out what my business was, in the effect that they were a group of gits who were incredibly good at making trouble for others – I am told that I did not like them much especially the big mouthed German influence idiots and the question of whether I am motivated by hate was a frequently raised one but I am not motivated by hate at all; the original problem is that there was public leadership to which effect culture looked a certain way and leadership is groomed into a position where it became difficult to take easy decisions as a method of solving problems regardless of the destruction of newly growing things in the process, so its idiocy ran off years of insults at me whilst clinging to my career publicity and arrives at a point where it built a community that would finger my bum, claims whatever its stupidities were doing was culture, including the part about getting murdered by racists and gangs who did not wish to do my harm on their behalf and had their lives wrecked for it and that I ought to be groomed into a position where I could take no measures and make no decisions which affected the methods by which they wanted to get rich by handling my personal finances – now it seems that its main problem involved showing up to get on my nerves, making its abuses more physical and sexual in context and ripping up my Bookshop following me around with stupid statements that I am a waste of space bum, my age ought to be linked to my achievements as a matter of what the needs of younger people were – hence I am helping in writing this about it because when it shoots off the big mouth about having wrecked everything here, gotten into a habit of making my business its business for such a purpose, it must mean that it was too stupid to actually explain to the public what it was really doing and what it meant. The part that famous idiots and media pricks were playing in the matter being the business of grooming me for it by goading me over my public control methods and the disobedience about this is the reason for our most recent crisis, the other part about perverting my public work into something that served celebrities whilst being completely incapable of explaining to the public what the new public work was supposed to have been, is still in the works, so if I am issuing the warning, I only should on the former for the time being. All can now see that fighting some communists and some Americans with career publicity, garnished in terms of comments being made about my age as a reference to my financial situation and the needs if younger people and in context of whether the Russian president had conducted a series of activities in recent years, which suggests he wants to rule the entire world, was not what I did for a living, it needs to make its comments about its career or if complaining let me know where it wants to put a stop to its stupidities and this is a retirement they will never have – make comments about its career, show up here with a mouth shut and an interest in a Book or fight communists on my behalf to begin with. It is not really the crisis it is made out to be – what we have is a bunch of idiots who have built an abusive society that supported them whilst they wrecked other peoples lives and careers with practical jokes whilst they kept their own, this meant that when victims responded the communities offered support and the effects were not long lasting enough to deter; the outcome is something to do with the way they gang up on women to prevent the female community getting involved with popular culture over concerned about matriarchy and something about American pricks who bankrolled every stupidities to do with my age in terms of my finances and achievements, understood in the context of what younger people needed due to the needs of patriarchy, complaining about the way that women decided if their bodies looked a certain way, the risk of abuse was greater at sex work and therefore want to get jobs at any cost and some decided if their bodies looked a certain way, the risk was greater at work and will never get a job as long as it was possible to sell their bodies for a living, whilst they abused privacy, shared naked images and in my case gained from the fact I rented a space from their stupidities with hoodlums whilst maintaining the convenient alliances with criminal communities alongside their famous idiots; they did this at University when I was 24 and have started again, except this time I am in my 40s and deserved it entirely – their understanding of this situation with the big mouth when not complaining I am responsible for street deaths and street violence, especially when it is racial in context, usually a matter of setting out I am supposed to get hurt or killed, which I played up as a social need that had to be met whilst they had no way of managing how they got affected, which were a product of taking up what they abandoned in their own lives to show up here spending abusive time on me, to the effect that I ratchet the pressure and tie it off on the neoliberalist insults, whilst I have never met those being killed and those who killed, is that I am the most annoying character their stupidities had ever met and since we already had a history there was no tendency for a proper finale. It should be noted this is not the crisis that I sounded like even at this as well – it is all a product of a group of idiots who loved goading me over my public control work in order to make me serve some famous idiots who gave them some money, so politicians at some stage decided I had to stop and I accepted their disposition as that which was ignorant of the fact that if I stopped once the problem will return to its form as though I did nothing about it at all but clearly if I did not I became a monster, so now that all is clear, need to return to the part where the abusiveness was linked up to any necessary expenses that can be taken from the areas of their lives they abandon to show up here spending their time on me.

It needs to stop running off the mouth about my age as a matter of my achievements and finances in the context of what other young people needed and a process of fighting communists for the USA or fighting some Americans for communists, building its own version of security services over ideas that service operatives got around my concerns most of the time that they did the best work for their careers, which I am required to make way for or this nonsense that suggested I needed to engage with talk of the Town insults whilst I have never been in a relationship with their narcissism stupidities as to need doing so to manage their insults and the well being of my family will stop very painfully on my terms – it is a retirement that they will never have.

They do eventually come on to claim that this was all the systems allowing me play out my need to entertain personal frivolity to any extent I wanted, when they were not done suggesting they did not know who I was, which did not matter as their behaviour generally tended to create a sense I must be some King character with property they created a National and International crime for, once the system had found out about it and the Monarchy gave me something to do, hell broke lose – either way which it continued to show up here putting up gimmicks that suggested my authority was being challenged, so the fact it did not know who I was and I did not know who they were, really made sense of the conversation we were having and showed that when it came to seeking trouble and finding it, they had limitless resources. There is no frivolity involved as I could easily point out these was all happening on account I am single, they never gain access to me, they have because they knew I am single and was looking for a partner as a matter of public duty; so if I were in a marital relationship, it would have been clear that this family does not respond to society abuses no matter what and then I had to take care of any problems that arose, especially when it came to an inability to keep their hands to themselves and run off the sexual context insults, it will end up keeping it hands to itself the way that I wanted. For the time being, they had already run off the gimmicks to an extent where it became clear it was not in their interest for me to be financially comfortable, then set out to keep it that way permanently, the new gimmick involving my private family life and the actions being taken to keep me single permanently is the last straw, the last I will tolerate, the next comment the stupidities will make about my age in terms of my financial achievements and reasons I needed to make space for younger cleverer people, will see me burn their world for it (we did start off this conversation on the basis it claimed it had completely wrecked my life and it was fun, which I had to explain to the politicians).

The claim that I am vulnerable to the media is not developed on fact – just a bunch of gits who enjoyed working intensely, social issues that you were meant to avoid by completing your academic pursuits however way you chose to complete them, into other people’s careers because they possessed a media presence which gave them an opportunity to be narcissistic bullies; it had no meaning or purpose although from my point of view there was meaning and purpose to it where their career was located, if stupid enough to let me bet my hands on their finances likewise the completely innocent fans and popularity gits that cannot keep imagination out of peoples privacy, it will truly spell the beginning of the end for the gimmicks around here too. At this stage they had worked it to a point of being philosophical, a narcissism platform built up for the male population and their female friends to solve personal problems, whilst insults about what was in my head staying in my tummy had become so intense they built a community on it to finger my bum and ensure I was never permitted to smell nice, then get about issuing threats on so called smell problem too, wasting my career time and handling the career publicity for other purposes over claims I was an old man in a bad place making way for the young and free to progress; the industry gits had ideas about which careers I lost to them, the society gits had hopes and dreams on how they were to make use of my career, the Celebrities were home wrecker doxy, the politicians were amusingly corrupt; not really a problem as it tended to perform series of abusive and very insulting activities which were the main deciding factors as to what my diet looked like, the provocation is that when I devise the diet they stole it before the media narcissism damage to my finances continued disobediently and the big mouth lip flapping off all day began (I seem to have objectified the stupid as well, so they ruined my vocabulary and took offence to my diet).

There was the exit plan developed on the claim I spent everybody else’s time trying to accomplish what the Americans did of which if I did not, they would wreck my finances and career using hoodlums that were supposed to test my bravery and self-seeking incredibly important poof will never let it lie over access to Media and if I did, then there would be a problem with the fact that I did not fight communists until I got killed – so it does not make any sense but the part that caused real concerns was the way it took years of career stagnation so that they may handle my public life to reinvent themselves in order to avoid a history of sexual indecency catching up with them whilst I seem to have gone from activities carried out to prevent a bunch of idiots who built a society they claimed allowed them push for what they wanted into a gimmick that took an interest in me for sexual reasons, to activities I carried out to prevent their unusual interest in my career being deemed the wrong thing to do because I was not hurting others and getting hurt to allow their stupidities feel important whilst their society bellowed violent practical jokes orthodoxy in my ears all day, to the point where they were still trying to convince people that if the methods I worked to keep these gits and their quasi criminals off my affairs was wrong whilst a society people built to get what they want was channelled at me for sexual reasons, was the correct decision for their incredibly important stupidities to make, especially if I too had decided it had to become the way that we were making money at the work place especially with respect to their famous pricks. They do claim the German influence people they employed took special interest in me as per the way I always declared people before I got about doing what I did, utter nonsense naturally as it is usually an outstanding problem when victims had not yet decided on an acceptable course of action, like in my case where I do not make their personal decisions for them but the source of all my problems were corrupt politicians amassing wealth for their families by picking up my income, which is normal as per a response to a process where I got fed up with the destructive narcissism and allowed the trouble makers to learn how their job worked as well, but then again, it meant that everything I did simply created a result where the audience were not listening to me or my Books because they were caught up with those who spent all I did on a business of selling their own products to amass wealth for their families and making excuses for it – the Celebrity part on the other hand was simply to do with picking up my income margins with celebrity culture and as soon as they ascertained they have provoked me well enough for me to become a threat, whether or not I became one, my personal and social life was the place to feel good considering their stupid personal decisions and the consequences that came with those and I will have no money unless I attacked people on their behalf, to which effect these were another group of idiots whom when not complaining about Police officers in riot gear, engaged in nothing else but showing up at the work market to read my birth sign and attack me to solve all their problems with birth signs I am supposed to be afraid of, so the response currently is the part where I need to ensure this gimmick was the way people got elected, it was the way people got famous and since I will be doing that at the jobs market it will become the way that people made a living, if the air to breathe was free to breathe. Thew German influence thugs are not yet complaining that their stupidities had developed into a license for me to do what I liked if it turned out the implication was that I on performing social activities that keeps a bunch of idiots converting a barely criminal society that helped them get what they wanted into a gimmick that targeted me sexually to help them make money, was the wrong thing to do, had become an issue upon which I did not allow them, their criminal connections and narcissism media a moments peace until their own was based on it too, it terms of working it as a matter of what I have described above, we know we have been there before, people died and I dropped out of University because I was impetuous, this time I wonder if the point raised is that I write their Books in this place or did by some way set out the Bookshop in their names. It lip flaps the way it wants to be free of people expecting it to fight some communists on my behalf naturally, which I supposed is a confession of where it wanted to stop its gimmicks if its madness and that of its American pricks meant that people showed up here unable to listen to me or the Books they paid for because the stupidities here had eclipsed mainstream civil activity, which began with claims that I picked up a career that was too much for me and got more worthy people to take risks with personal safety and well being on my account, was set to stop soon, otherwise I ought to assume it was another instance where their stupidities relied on me, clowning around at my expense again (I do get told that I talked as if what I am doing was the wrong thing, especially in terms of overseas business interests but I am aware it is the correct thing to do but this is all a business of adopting the disposition, since the gimmick was mainly about making it astronomically expensive, that on doing the wrong things, I was so badly affected that I got off doing the right things and they could manipulate and control me with practical jokes - so I had to do the right things in such a way that they were encouraged to continue, the problem now being that when people engage with my Bookshop, they expect I ought to be a completely separate thing from them but each time find out information I am giving, showed we were in the same place although I was separate from them, so people were unable to listen to me or the Books that were being paid for if they were unable to keep their big mouth blabbing press and fame narcissism about their own careers).