They claim it was not clear if I was more Woman than I am a Man, what we know to be true on the other hand being that the problem we faced was caused by a need to work their rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper gimmicks on me, finishing off with the idea that I can be relied upon to get into a fight with people on the streets in order to help others feel safe and help celebrities feel important, as if I had attained a qualification in being a low life, it was the last of their insults that I was willing to tolerate. On the subject matter however, they were talking from a position in which I then had to explain their main interest seem to have been directed towards patriarchy and matriarchy activities gimmicks, which if I allowed to run, would produce an outcome in which the people who paid the highest price were those who got out of bed every day to work the systems of local government, public and social services, therefore I never allowed them have their way and never spoke of it. The business of having fallen from grace at the Monarchy has at this stage driven me to the edge of my tether literally – it is about to produce an outcome in which I picked up their middle class neighbourhoods to pay for the 13 year mess they have caused here, otherwise it would have taken the warning, to cease making comments about my career and to cease handling me. The concern raised is that they have always thought they could do anything they wanted with my person but it is an old story, like it is said that security services had to guess, based on their current activities, that they were likely to do a particular thing and so the question becomes one of whether the services were right in those guesses all of the time – we are now talking about their abusive activities in terms of obscurity matters and not the fact that government sets out foreign policy and anything done to prevent them hurting people for having business with the British, only produces an outcome where their friends overseas were the only people who possessed enough money to travel to the UK, but just as much as I have issued the warnings, it needs to cease making comments about my career and handling my person, not push its gimmick to a point where we were talking about some of the stupidest persons on the planet, in terms of a response that had become violent. In essence, when people became philosophical about these matters, to say that those who gave up freedom for security always ended up with neither, they were the thing that were being referred to, which is the point it gets off claiming it had reduced me to a point where I was talking politics as well, whilst what I have said here was rather simple for anybody to understand, even without having to explain that their primary interest in others had always been a need to find out how people felt safe and to invent all sorts of abusive, evil gimmicks that destroyed or had it spent on themselves, before deciding whose wars they wanted to fight because they envied peoples possessions. We are now in a state where there was progression from talking about this nonsense in terms of obscurity matters to talking about it in terms of a residual state of affairs that suggested I needed money from them and they were at liberty to take the opportunity and make me do anything they wanted – I am keeping it, we can already see signs that it is set to end badly, if I am better at putting people to fools errands than they are, especially when I am broke. The question raised by Politicians had been one of whether it was a risk to talk about it in terms of obscurity, which it really isn’t since we are engaged with a process of saying that the public should at the end of daily affair, return to clean safe neighbourhoods from which to plan the next day’s activities for the taxes being paid, so it was unacceptable to assume that it would suffice to say that somebody should be pushed to a corner, surrounded by dirt and forgotten about – which they also claim was the thing they tried to do to me which they tried but I was happy to let happen because I had seen enough of their nonsense below public leadership, below professional leadership, below interest groups leadership and various other activities people did on their own, grooming itself to lose sensitivity to abuses of immoral society and getting in league with it to decide what became of me whenever I stepped outside of my door, to shoot off its famous idiots big mouth at me every day over the idea it thought its stupidities made it a public figure. It is the one problem and still the one problem here – where celebrities handled my actual public image for self-reinvention and I apparently had to get another, all methods of moving them on has now failed, so I am having to resort to the part that involved their insults producing outcomes in which the patriarchy and matriarchy people took an interest in them and that interest was run off to such an extent their remembered where their social position was located, because everything was taken from them right down to any showbusiness back door sex work that they might have wanted to engage themselves with, which should earn them the two factors of respect or fear from them, besides the fact that I appear to be better at putting people to fools errands than they were, especially when I am broke, in view of the fact that we are where we are because they took a wife from me at the Monarchy, the sort of abusive nonsense that appears to show to end in sight, whilst there were complains everyday about the effects. Ultimately all can see how their sex-work politics gimmicks has completely taken up the situation between the west and communism, it is really supposed to produce an outcome where the growth of the sex industry was uncontrollable but time and again, at least once day, had something to do with me instead, the warnings clearly not taken, hence I was thinking about handling the matter as per an ability to shut down access to public life and open it for education, culture, media and sport, to which effect I have been engaging with a live journal, media based work court for 20 year at this stage, so that I could convince the public at will, that the work market was the best place to resolve their financial matters, they had enough personal resources to figure out their problems by themselves, need to cease making comments and gestures about my Books, my career and my Business at the Monarchy.

They do claim there was no way out of these matters for me whilst they would not last a week if it was considered that their gimmicks ought to be put to recognisable public place activity and in that way resolve what the most popular thoughts on it were. I do not think the matter is a crisis anyway, it simply loved to make the statement it hated the idea I am Royalty, needed to stop me or shut up and show up here to read a Book, fool around somewhere else. I do not think it a crisis, the assumption that there was no way out for me is simply wrong, as they maintained their gimmicks by playing back my personality to me i.e. somebody who needs to secure a qualification and a job that supplied funds to stand up to society abuses, now thinks they are of the same character and personality as somebody who is organised to one moment welcome dignitaries and the next help to take out the trash in the neighbourhoods, they apparently needed the way I am organised because it will assist them once they were done running off the sex work politics to take everything from nice people, finishing off with rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers, they got to cover their backsides for it. It should be noted that the main cause of my problems were a group of gits who foster the nonsense that my public image was a tool for celebrity self-reinvention, to which effect they showed up here every day to make a mess of my concerns because according to them, they had support from the King, I mean the support from the King part was true and the effect is that at Industry, I might possibly be working with three firms, one an actual client with assets on the line, the other a bidder asking questions and sending signals, another a git who thinks taking candy from a bay was a livelihood, with a public image that was handled by famous idiots for self-reinvention whilst I had to get another, so it eventually builds up to a sense that if they were having support from the King, then others should obtain support from characters such as Borish Johnson, as a method of getting the King more engaged with State and Parliamentary matters, projection of risks averted by doing so, would be instances where criminals who only knew how to find problems and decide who was to blame for it, ending up in government seats because everybody had thrown their lives to national level enemies, would be averted. This brings to bear the idea that their behaviour towards me was to do with the stupidity of my career – reality of course is that the problem was to do with an involvement with something they should not be involved with; like when I make arrangements with female journalists over mobility matters and they get involved with it to get through to me and ensure they got to employ their parents and grandparents to hang about the neighbourhoods beating me down in my bed, for them to have what they wanted at Industry, then the career would be stupid – another was the need to get organised the way I did due to public affairs because they needed to cover their backsides and set out places they can eat, once done with these stupidities, hence a problem that existed because I shared too much of my work, which I shared in a safe environment, even informing paying clients that I am sharing content with people I thought would be worse off if they had to wait for me to sell contents before it was available to them, then the career would be stupid considering they had a foggiest clue what they were doing with their own careers. At this stage which it was clear, if I said that the complaints about me was mostly to do with the idea that my control processes were unhealthy, if they had no wish to express their gimmicks somewhere else and I am left in a position where they were set to attack me because they targeted me with the gimmicks and claimed I smelled, which will motivate me to invent a plan that ended their practical jokes permanently as well, they would then say that they had people at Industry who would spend my assets building them products they can buy to feel good, which would have been a total waste of my product development evolution assets that I brokered with large local and multinational companies, making my point that it needed to cease issuing threat at me and fool around where there was likely to be less risk, making the sense that the idea I was sleeping with the problem was not one developed upon fact. This is the nature of it, that they were a bunch of trouble makers who must have had a brush with the law at some stage and their interest in me simply goes on to make sense of the fact that my actions and responses causes them to move on thereafter, the hindsight being that it may continue these activities, as completely alien to the rest of society, then claim I was at odds with the male population, attacking people who were only keen to get what they wanted out of life, whilst we know there were people orientated in an environment dominated by one sex who have made compromises to get along with the opposite sex, whilst they stood out as a bunch of idiots that doubled up, whose personal and social lives were then linked to my career publicity, talking nonsense at me every day. So difficult to make sense of their thinking process unless one took up the stage and risk to point out the obvious ingredient of a mentality that they were people who could take anything from and do anything to others without having to face consequences and if they lived in an environment where this was not possible, they would find a way to achieve an environment where it was – on the point that it was done to allow them get what they wanted from life however, the question moves onto the matter of disillusionment and confusion, as per where it is all coming from i.e. there is public leadership, professional leadership, interest group leadership and other voluntary even personal things people were doing with leadership, what we are faced with here being a series of activities performed by immoral society gits, to see me without my clothes on, pick up my career publicity and shoot off their big mouth at me every day over a premise that helped them to suggest they were famous public figures, making the stupid assumption that there was no way out for me. It continues where it should stop, the hope mendacity just an aspect of a gimmick where it clings to my finances until it retired from the work place and had support from the King to do it, now it is about to develop into something serious, as I want them to keep away from my Books, make comments about their careers and cease everything that handled my career publicity and finances at the markets.

It is never true I thought I did not like any of the Kings plans, not a matter of like or dislike, just a matter of mentioning his plans are attacking the public from the cellular family unit level, as per executive office where once done with leading them to get out of bed, get out of home and pursue daily affairs, you ran the public ceremonies from time to time – I am only mentioning that it does, so if people were complaining about my responses to the distant violence, insults, abuses and a process of feeling sore all over with famous idiots unpicking my finances whenever they felt I either did not get sacrificed for a boy they wanted to have babies with or I did not allow them to make other people get into a fight in public on their behalf as will help them feel safe and important, there was no reason for the activities to continue then, not least as I am rather well educated about how insolent they could get. It is not that the Kings plans do not make sense and more so simply because I am not as relevant as I would like to be, the way it is suggested, just that security services were not the proficient operatives we knew from the first day, there is always a period of orientation with the executive authority that lasts a few years before they get good at it, so I am wondering first of all when this process is set to begin if the other Celebrity bit was so important that during the reign of the previous Monarch, we ended up with two Monarchs because they were afraid that if they waited for their turn, those who could prevent it might come up with a plan to do with, wondering why I am the one paying the price for it. It continues considering they were in charge of anything in this place, pervert my public work to build exclusive neighbourhoods from which they regularly turned out to run people down and get rich fast, get people I rented spaces from to share my personal times with their hoodlums for the practical jokes, first time around, I dropped out of University, this time it was incredibly big when I had not yet put it to career publicity so I could work with it, always complicit and talks nonsense about attacking me because I smelled whilst it maintained an atmosphere over me through a society open secrets about me, that encouraged crowd mentality behaviour in my direction, never got to do it yet so far, performs the most befitting series of behaviours I can only put to a description of incredibly good, daring and abusive bum covering pricks ever seen and issue threats. Its biggest achievement, more so, to show I am a coward, has to far been to enlist some American idiots to bully people sexually here, over a need to make the statement that we thought we had power but the power rested with Washington, has achieved this nonsense and the practical jokes that other would be smaller world power idiots wanted to perform, by means of a job that is paying it to do something else entirely, getting on my nerves.