I hear they say I am a traitor that has been tested and proven otherwise since but it usually sounds and feels amusing for people to do such things, reality of course is that they make a mess of public control processes here, so because they were pulling me in several directions, when they say such things, the people who helped them work their narcissism like a crowd on my door step getting imagination into my panties and abusing my privacy, took it to whole new stage. Then they claim I had a lot of hate in my system too which is not the case and it has been for 12 years a very simple thing for people to stop making out my public image, the biggest thing happening in it being a bunch of corrupt security service gits working the system to help them get rich by avoiding the jobs market, ripping up my career to spend money on their celebrities and getting the Politicians to provide them with the money for it, especially in the USA, it is my public image not their own and if it is still do difficult to progress from complaining about the consequences to ceasing the claim that the public image was a tool for celebrity self-reinvention, I am unable to make out what the problem was all together – then there was also the society bits I have mentioned above where public control was so corrupted that I had crowds on my door step getting imagination into my panties due to their criminal history. It loves to boast that at this stage they had wrecked my career and kept their own, what has really happened being that it is becoming clearer and clearer, the issue associated with a bunch of people having a need to abuse others for the purpose of getting the wealthy to share money with them and therefore make them rich, being so obsessed with doing so, that they had gone on to build exclusive neighbourhoods from where to launch such activities and where they can return to a home after they had, at the end of every day, therefore clearly setting out that if after they did damage to my career and I became like them, it would have been the worst possible result of all, it needs to cease handling me and my Bookshop and such is that it spends most of its time fooling around, that it was fooling around elsewhere. I mean for what the confusion was worth, we can go back origins, the way they started off my case with a sense I was unable to have fun, then the fun became the problem, after I was a coward, then I did something brave which created causalities that disrespected them and now we are back again with the idea that I had to be brave to deserve my career, whilst complaining that the absence of means to handle my affairs left them with an inability to carry on – this would have been a warning to normal persons naturally if the details were that I provided them a response for the fact that they have wrecked my career and finances as part of something achieved in the course of a job that is paying them to do something else entirely, such that my intention is to ensure they were stuck with it, as much as I have given them the warnings to keep the comments to their careers and on seeing that making my public image a tool for celebrity reinvention caused painful social and personal results, refrain and desist from doing so. So it has not wrecked anything around here, is simply building up to a result where I will launch an attack to protect my affairs and they will not see me coming, if they did, will have to catch me to stop me and catching me was a problem in its right to begin with. We have established that what is hurting everybody is the idea that I can be expected to get into a fight with people as part of the method by which celebrities were important and that my public image was a tool for celebrity reinvention, so I think that it was apt my offer of an exit was accepted gladly – the lies be it suggestion that I am a traitor that had been abused and tested for years to prove otherwise was all meant to get the other security service gits spending money to help them get rich by avoiding the work market, it should serve no other purpose and the need to push deeper into my affairs ought to be avoided by those who complained about the painful effects of being caught up with a Hermit that made little or no compromises and an Arch Prince that did otherwise being the same person.

The core point raised at the end is to suggest that nobody really knew how to approach these public matters, in terms of the push and push back that seemed to go on for an eternity tiresomely, whilst we actually do, if it was obvious that we were living in a world where political authorities wanted us to make sense of what lazy people were thinking – we are now waiting, growing old as we wait for them to ascertain what it is they wanted to do with the jobs market if they were keen to live in a world where we made sense of what lazy people were saying, and so every time the lazy were about to get involved with work, they would undercut me at the most basic of my feelings and with respect to my health, chose a painfully abusive gimmick that will provide them energy to do so, whilst my own narcissism that allows me to ignore their meaningless gimmicks were being stopped by those who wanted to show they were in charge but could not control what the lazy did to investigate law enforcement for society until they committed their own crimes that they blamed on others. They claim I had failed to see the benefits of making allies from the Celebrities whilst their completely innocent fans abused my privacy, fingered my private body parts, wrecked the career and ensured the public was unable to engage with the Bookshop, as another git worked me for homelessness at social security – how does one get to befriend Celebrities at Public office anyway? I mean the best description would be one in which my imagination veered off to what is happening at the docks, people keeping out the international criminals, so if Celebrities were obsessed with my Office and picked up something that happened because of it which I approved, I would have befriended celebrities at public office, besides which there are no other meaningful reasons to do it. On the claim that Celebrities possessed power and I was afraid of it however, what they mean is that they were white and they owned the country, so if they pervert processes that were meant to ensure public figures paid attention to things that were growing all around, to which effect culture was being implemented at Government buildings, into a gimmick where they lived in exclusive neighbourhoods from which they marshalled plans to run down others and get rich fast, it would have meant that they were powerful and I was afraid of them but the power bit specially being that they were white and they fingered bums to make people do things for them, to which effect only ethnic minorities that played along were allowed to benefit from it too – hence what we have ended up with is that their bottom hurts on my account which was unacceptable whilst it continues to trash my Bookshop, now we have like most responses to their insults, established what was causing it i.e. making a mess of my public work, public control work and making out my public image to be something else. Here it is said that if these facts were taken into account, the economy was a right mess because of them but it would have been if there were no responses – having been that businesses have been enlisting my assistance on red tape cutting matters, I and my Royal Bookshop had a role to play in the engine of economic growth and were never going to give way. Here it would raise the point that I and my state provided security expected them to do their own security but if considered that it had again picked up what it claims was an admittance on my part to ensure things grew and to provide them security from every little thing that tickled their stupidities, we can see how much of this nonsense was fun for their famous well off stupidities – so far it is just the part where being stuck with a series of important things that were achieved via a job that was paying them to do something completely different from what has been an achieved, likely to develop into a serious crisis as I am never going to let it go when I push back, being the source of international level complaints. Not least more so these complaints were being made on the basis that I am a weakling who loved to make out I am tough whilst I believed I was putting my energy in the right places as we would have been talking about fair arena as well if we were talking about tough and the place is such that when the Princess of Wales married her husband the same Italian influence idiots were on the streets over what was originally a gimmick suggesting that I was a nice person because I expected parents to hand me inheritances considering their appalling behaviour with ideas about seeing what people did with me and the work market and seeing me attend University and a sense there were plans for my existence, now they had outright support from the king and as usual as not currently being tracked and made to live with what was their personal social decisions.

They do suggest there was no way out of it for me which is not the case as all is well and both my leadership and administrative activities were working at top proficiency, the main problem being that I am sore all over all day due to distant violence from famous idiots who simply wish to be more important than I am. The mechanism of itself was to do with running off endless ideas about what I should do to make them comfortable which then build up to intention of violence and developed into violence that can be practiced from a safe distance, naturally an activity worth chasing for 2 decades of my time if they were complaining about racism in their society at the same time. It does leave me wondering, considering they are always so abusive every day, what it is exactly their stupidities could do about me and they have continued to suggest it was to do with what was happening at the Monarchy which was largely the Kings leadership that really had nothing to do with me on the whole. That said, it seems what has changed at the Monarchy is the removal of the abdication option for a system where public service rules never changed in centuries, what does being the guesswork associated with the personality of the incumbent Monarch, the so called guesswork wrong things to do being what was obvious to any normal person, that chasing the male society or female society interests activity would be the wrong thing to do in such a position, likewise pursuing celebrities, which then creates these results where some Royals have pursued the wrong thing for so long they cannot now find their way back to the correct one, doing away with the abdication option now means that Royals like these held their position Heir to the Throne or not and we got to the heart of what the problem was, not fail in every turn to get things done at the National and Diplomatic backyard because the Celebrities associated with abdicated Royals were all over it. I am fine and all is well, save the part where I felt sore all over, given these idiots an exit to show up here for Book reading or keep their comments to their careers and fool around somewhere else to no avail, so they have now pushed up the stakes and the business of thinking it is worse when after damage to career I became like they were, was set to give rise to an interest in their abusive society, the rogue landlords and corrupt private security, the abusive shop keepers and the personal finances of the famous that made a mess here everyday whilst they were not chasing the bank account pass codes with me and I suppose they will see me coming too. I mean they do claim it had all gone badly wrong but it was still difficult to ascertain how it ended up here whilst time and again I assessed the so called show business products they were selling because they loved me so much they enjoyed making me smelly and breathless, to find that each had at least a 6 year projection of messages put out to their idiots who sell show business products by making me feel sore all over, the criminal connections that abused my privacy to manipulate me etc, 6 year projection at least of the kinds of trouble they would love to make for me and once I had gone from a mess to my academic pursuits and work market activities, to completing my Book the real assault and the need to cling to the Bookshop and my finances kicked off, the idiots were not bullies because they wanted money anymore, they were because they had it – their perspective had taken this form since school, a need to assess whether there was a public security problem and or create one when there wasn’t, then set about taking advantage of people over security to avoid the work market and make money: we had since arrived at the stage where the other gits that were supporting them at the Monarchy had not worked out what to do with the aspects of my affairs that they trashed i.e. that when these idiots signed up to security services to pick up security service work and target me by it, the consequence was that they had to make the choice to integrate into the system for which they had taken up a job or get out of it and in my case, refusing to do so was directly linked to some need they had to target me, it was my business and my business alone, save the idea that they were signing up to a security service that was controlled by the incumbent Monarch (made a complete mess of it to put up stupid statements about their so called financial success that I can account for better than they can because they never stopped clinging to my earnings naturally and have not figured out what to do with it, showing up here to run me down everyday as a sign for respect for the King) - there is the daily complaining just as much as there is the disobedient continuation, continuation of a process where Celebrities claim I had business with them but if I did, I would have stated it, however if I stated it, my public image would have been a tool for self reinvention and none would have been aware that I had, what is happening contrary to having business with Celebrities being a need to get back to administrative directives that ensure they faced enough problems to be persuaded that it mattered when others were allowed to concentrate on daily affairs as well, history is that they wrecked it to cling to my income, running me down, making stupid statements about the ways I created the public problems whilst criminals were better human beings, however could not live with the criminals, so I am being attacked to do something about it, like stupidities I have never before witnessed. They do claim it was all right wing media groups, of which for the right wing Media groups, the story was the same i.e. they were in charge but people who held offices were doing a better job than what their vision already offered as a whole, the nonsense I had to put up with as a matter of its need to be abusive everyday whilst political parties were voluntary organisations and politicians were practically self employed, recent interest in me concerned security service operations at areas where ideological blocks were a matter of main concern, to hang about being peoples fathers who decided which one lost something dear for its stupidities to get rich by, running me down everyday with a big mouth - naturally getting on my nerves until I ended up with a new history, like right wing media groups, by the way the left wing were selling show business products hence their bad habits and insulting nonsense I felt sick all the time. They are not interested in the security service activities that were to do with the manipulation of prevalent threats to ensure somebody lost their lives to help project the powers of their patriarchy and matriarchy gimmicks, they were interested in the fact that having their idiots at Washington damaged existing security structures and they found out I had means and ability to rebuild it, I could be handled, insulted, attacked, abused and manipulated into fulfilling any dream, like something that needed to be attacked viciously naturally - I have provided an exit, needs keep its mouth shut, comments restricted to its own career and show up here to read a book (it has been two decades of a career caught up in the obscurity afforded the gimmicks of some incredibly stupid people and it has been costly for me, I am certain they were complaining about a prevalent history and do not want further response).

I am told Americans found me condescending which I am not as the problem is to do with a bunch of gits taking over and running the political and diplomatic structures by means of sex work Politics but the fact that the sex work Politics was the best they could do, told them nothing about their social standing, so they devised new methods of bullying people every day, my case building up to a sense I needed an alliance with the broadcasting community to make what would be statements that could show that it was possible for the poor to oppress the wealthy and powerful because the course of doing a job that was paying them to do something that did not involve me, was an opportunity to get on media where they could tear up my Bookshop and therefore my finances. We are now in such a place as all is well and I am handling their gimmicks proficiently but was sore all over which creates a sense that any seen engaging with my Books or coming into possession of their paid copies would face the same fate, due to the activities of their completely innocent fans, set to build up to a direct clash. It is the classic psychotic narcissism that thinks it is better at what I do than I am, was the greatest person on the planet and never takes responsibility for wrong doing – really fits the stereotype of somebody you can waylay in a street corner and attack for a 2 decade career mess, after blindfolding them, so that they could not tell the police about it and it was kept like an open secret as well, supposing I wanted to show that like them, I had not lost any of the bully personality that I picked up at school. It is not really a crisis as such, just reality that it was the authority of immoral society asking a bunch of people who were socially below public leadership, professional leadership, interest groups leadership and various other activities people carried through, to show up here ordering my steps and deciding how I smelled whenever I stepped outside of my door, loves to boast about it, not least boast about the process where I rent a space from people who share my privacy with them which they kept and ran off on me like an abusive open secret, when I had not entered into a state where I thought that if they were allowed to complain about Police in riot gear because I did it better, I would feel cheated. So on the point that my actions still fed into a reality where celebrities were important and I was being bullied into acknowledging it, we know it is not bullying in a dormitory by somebody that was raised in a criminal setting anymore, it is celebrities no matter the distance, it is now getting on my nerves a two decade career mess, soon to look well enough to find the trouble it seeks (it is a gap that wife should occupy as she is the main object of my marital narcissism that counters all the happiness by which these gimmicks helped to sell these idiots products at the markets through my public image - they were obviously told in the world of the way that those who knew what to do and somebody of my intelligence should not have ended up where I have, whilst I have only been keeping a Bookshop that they have been ripping to shred everyday for a decade and a half, the statements made by gits living in dream world, none the less which I have ended up in a situation where the methods by which celebrities shared wealth with them involved ideas that the Virgo and Scorpio birth signs possessed a natural right to dominate me, none told them about the way we will end up in the same work environment where I earned the right to abuse them so that celebrities may buy products I am selling too, we will abuse each other to make money, the company will not go under and we will not lose jobs but will get to the work place everyday to see who loses their minds first, so this will be the part that none told them will occur if they continued to trash my Bookshop so I ended up in the same situation as they had). Like it is suggested that we Libras could change our personality to avoid some of these problems and we know that it is a predatory gimmick where these gits had a need to pick on people who looked weak, such that we Libras always looked weak according to their stupidities, it was clearly easier to change the personality so they could get on and find easier victims - the system works in the sense that when they turned the work environment into a method of abusing people to get rich, they complained that state provided security provoked them as they must have lost their minds by then and only those who were not engaged in the business of tearing up careers would be able to make the most of instances where Celebrities were buying products from those who ran people down all the time.