The new story on the streets is that I turned out very badly, I could never make sense of the thinking process myself anyway, if it was easier for people to live with a bunch of twats that helped them make money doing stupid things with people’s lives and careers, growing into characters that they had to live with, without setting me out as a point of solace, a source of protection, a shield for instances where the same character spoke to them as though somebody was in need for services from an exorcist. This nonsense has now come to a stage where the gap between me and these idiots alongside their celebrities was to be addressed, they claim the gap was a hindrance and that they knew in their hearts that they were the superior persons, after suggesting that the gap made me superior, so to breach it, there was the incessant insults, some of which were the favourite insults that put them in charge of my affairs, it complains whilst pursuing this endlessly, especially when those insults were brewing into a public problem. The Politicians have suggested there was a lot of instability thereof as such, I could never make sense of this either, since what happens is that Politicians have witnessed these idiots perform these activities countless times, whereby they get off at the authority of their society, to investigate law enforcement until the influence of criminal communities drive them to commit their own crimes as well but for keeping them off my affairs politicians will wreck my career to show they were elected to be in charge, cannot now tell if I am informed of instability because I am being put in charge myself.  The consequence of these gimmicks are the reasons these gits have now gotten off claiming I had turned out badly, since there is my career but the top layer that everybody saw concerned their need to continually do something in public that feeds into a hope mendacity that was worked on the basis of keeping secrets about me that everybody save myself knew, for the purpose of crowd mentality activities that would be targeted at me whilst their stupidities clung to my career and income margins with a media narcissism, hence what people see was the top layer where the famous were working with criminals to do strange things with my privacy and bend me to their will, thus the claim that I had turned out badly and it will not cease the gimmicks if when it shoots off its mouth none can make sense of what it is saying whilst it can understand the warnings I have issued rather clearly – in retrospect it does this whilst complaining about racism every day.

It speaks of underlying problems whilst we know it was so disrespectful that it follows me around for a period of time and was such a man that at some point it picked up my career publicity to pursue its own affairs, never mind that when I broker equity and assets with companies, it will turn up to ensure I lived in hell especially if it held a middle management position, we have since arrived at a stage where it needs to stop getting on my nerves, the sexual context insults continue whilst it complains and this was set to constitute a proper problem – the measure of their stupidities were the endless ideas about what I am supposed to do, a process where they put themselves in charge and decide where I was in terms of my Office, dismantling all I did to assist clients with intellectual property matters whilst it had no solution and did not wish to get into a fight with street hoodlums. I mean, I understand it is nepotism but as long as it is willing to spend its money, assets and time to earn broker rights, its nepotism was a positive result, an unwillingness to do so would be an example of people shooting off their mouth at me after they created problems for themselves obviously, it continues where it ought to stop and is now getting on my nerves properly, first time around I dropped out of University and they passed exams to take up the middle management jobs that now provide them platforms for the media narcissism where they were accustomed to the two things of ripping up my career publicity whilst keeping their careers thereafter. I am certain it would be difficult for anybody to make sense of a process where I worked career sociological matters with a bunch of female journalists, to face idiots who had invited themselves into our personal affairs and now abuse my privacy as the answer for all their stupid problems with ideas about their criminal gimmicks doing strange things with my privacy to order my steps, only to rip up career and finances and set out complaints politicians had to listen to about their sentiment that they would like me to stop bothering their stupidities.

I do not consider the matter a crisis, I simply need this nonsense and those who worked it to be carried out with a sense of understanding that I had to pay my bills too, keep their hands to themselves and stay away from my Bookshop or it seemed that their gimmicks continued where they ought to stop whilst they complained and I am now set to start getting worse. They have not wrecked my career as claimed either, it has been a two decade career mess here, the more educated and financial comfortable they get, the worse they got, if I attacked them, I would damage the political system and if I did not I would end up looking like there were people who needed a good beating, should I not do it, others would attack me instead. So it’s gimmicks and communicated nonsense have no meaning or purpose, needs to stop shoving its immoral nonsense in my face as part of favourite insults that put them in charge of my affairs, stay away from the Bookshop and my career publicity as there is now clear evidence that it is starting to get on my nerves in a major way – I mean as mentioned, their insults and abuses appear to have created a problem of obscurity that is now linked to their body type and physique, so they would love to work the top executive offices to make it go away.

The idea this was all some punishment for a behaviour on my part which these gits did not appreciate, is utter nonsense too, there is no punishment they can effect against me, they simply have come up with a Media narcissism that was supported by another group of gits at the Monarchy, to suggest my publish image was a tool of self-reinvention for Celebrities, whilst facing the difficulty of explaining to the public what I am doing at the same time that they were trying to steal it to serve the King who thought my work was not relevant to his reign and leadership style, they also ran off another gimmick that suggested I never seldom carried out my duties on time, so I had to be urged and sometimes the abuses of their famous and civil rights gits did the urging the best. It is not really a crisis, rather a sense that I had to explain here, the reasons that I do what I do i.e. the insults and abuses of their celebrities who make out they were more important and since I am black, my career ought to involve fighting for civil rights whilst their own ought to involve being famous, have since been run off to a point where it is claimed I am the cause of public problems whilst criminals were perfectly fine, only for the idiots to find their decision impossible to live with, so the breach of my patents and privacy, helped them to secure some sense of peace at home, rip up anything they find to make money and avoid the work market and secure my privacy as a tool for building restaurants where they can eat, once done with the gimmicks – this is he reason I do it, then there is also the society who do not have the wealthy homes they claimed they did have, so the way to keep up their gimmicks, breach my patents and trash my career to get rich fast, was built of a civil rights insult that could get involved with my affairs as much as it wanted, on the basis of playing my own personality back to me and maintaining a community of society pricks that got imagination into my panties for them to secure my attention any time that they wanted – this is the second reason I do it. As for the threats they issue, no idea what talks the way they do, just as much as I am certain they can understand what I am saying for the warnings that I issued too. They do boast that they had taken everything they wanted from me which is natural like the bigmouth suggests I underestimated the threat they posed whilst reality was that being friendly with them was a proper threat to health, safety and wellbeing, as it was the only way to eliminate a process where explaining the stupidities of their interest in me on the basis of the interest the public showed towards my career could become an actual threat that can be put to language that people can understand, it also helped to integrate their gimmicks into mainstream civil activities whereas it really had no meaning or purpose – it needs to stay away from my Books and restrict its media comments to its own career, since its stupidities knew nothing about mine – I have provided an exit when it looked like building exclusive neighbourhoods from which it shows up here running me down to get rich fast and share prerogatives with powerful people at the Monarchy who were the reasons I delayed duties because doing so ensured they were easy going too, a real bum covering prick that enjoys making a mess of my public work to get rich, it needs to make comments about its career and stay away from my Books. Here it is suggested that it was probably a risk that I only knew how to respond to their gimmicks and did not have a clearly set out way in which I said that they were doing something unusual and I was responding to it, which is not the case – these are some twisted very evil scum, who talk the way they did because they came into contact with some light that made a total mess of their stupid minds, never mind that delving deeper into the spiritually charged reasons for their activities, would reveal that we lived in a Christian country and it was such a satanic prick that it was pathologically terrified of laying down its life for something, unless it found a way to undo the status quo, currently lip flapping the victories it had gained over me and a sense its famous idiots can play any vicious practical jokes on me and get away with it.

I am told they claim I am the one initiating the process of being stuck with them, which I am not – it picks up my career publicity to run off gimmicks that will either get me attacking people on their behalf or will get people handling my concerns to attack other people on their behalf but by far the biggest and most problematic is that they get through to my emotions on the basis that I single, to which effect they interfered with and made a complete mess of everything here to keep me single for as long as they needed to feed the behaviour, then we find the expressive stupidities pick up another stage to make statements that I spend a lot of my time being seen, trying to fall in love with people who were beyond my league, another stupid thing achieved in the course of a job that is paying them to do something else entirely. Then we hear that they were really beyond my league about which none really cared around here since I am not provoked by society abuses, as it is always possible to make it an aspect of my public place operational activity, whilst we know they wanted to keep most of the abusive behaviour secret, when I do not wish to be affected by it or I ignored it in the understanding that it will get through to me from time to time, if the main concern was that another group of idiots needed to be informed that the air was free to breathe – this is not unusual, it is public work but the point being that they were desperate to get into a relationship with me and last we checked, nothing was preventing them from doing so. The point of this is that I will not be working with them in these ways beyond the end of February 2024, at the end of mentioned month, should it transpire these gimmicks continued whilst they complained, we will be at war, I will be willing to explore their personal time and activities for the purpose of taking up the best work they had done for their careers, as a tool that facilitated anything I wanted to do, to be an arse covering prick, and this will be the part where I was being nice, trying to make them understand the instances where they made a mess of the public control and spent years of my time punishing me for failing to serve their all important stupidities, when I had not yet killed a famous idiot that created a problem which left me feeling sore all day, only to be punished for failing to serve their stupidities because they were feeling the pain too, before we got down to the rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers, in terms of what is located in their bank account, determined to see if they really had it like they lip flapped at me for every day. They are the cause of all these, always getting involved with everything and always messing it up – this time it is a court I shared with some female journalists alongside whom I worked career sociological matters, likewise they worked their own with me – I assisted them on mobility matters, including single parenting issues and domestic violence, whilst they assisted me in the course of news reports with the business of hurtling down a rabbit hole to find myself at the backyard of industry where I then tried to prevent people deploying my career for all sorts of nonsense. It gets involved and so the fun days where the days when it never stopped getting up its immoral society platform to brag about an ability to acquire anything its stupidity desired, a need to make a mess of my writing career had simply made it serious. The suggestion that they may attack the journalists to get through to me is that which I think they would not dare do, we are currently caught up with an alliance they forged with highway to schizophrenia German influence gits that I am supposed to be afraid of, providing them boundless false confidence, since the last time they trashed my public image to make statements that I was the cause of public problems and criminals were perfectly fine, then discover they were unable to live with their decision and set about punishing me for failing to serve their self-seeking famous stupidities with my career all together – doing such a thing would go beyond the other part where women at Parliament were pushing back their well off neighbourhood arse covering stupidities, running peoples down to rip up careers and finances and get rich fast, which is simply a process of people property taking risks through my public work.