On the matter of getting to better my career, it was a two part story of the fact that the idea my career publicity should be taken up by somebody who thought more of the British American alliance and driven into a state where I was made to fight communists so they may get rewarded by Washington, is not what I do for a living – I mean they were running wild currently because I am trying to reach clients and respond to signals but I suppose their stupidities have also understood the message that it is not what I did for a living. Mostly however, writing was bad business, since it is the sale of precious things at knock off prices, the Celebrities always pretend to assist me with the public image and pick it up for themselves, killing my income in the process, although there was a near demonic, super human way to protect the public image if I wanted to get paid, it would never work due to patriarchy and matriarchy gimmicks fostered at the Monarchy, so I needed to make scapegoats of the Celebrities. It was never magical, the neighbourhood abuses and the celeries was an activity performed by one and the same group of idiots, not  a reason I should be pulled in many directions by idiots showing up here to goad me and order my steps and facilitate their need to get imagination into my panties and criminally select self-improvement off my personal space backed by lascivious mendacity, whether or not I were handling either separately, if it is to be stopped it should be stopped as a whole and from my point of view it is set to be stopped very badly.

I understand they raised the point with the system and the authorities endlessly, that my activities were stupid but then again, the facts are that I worked on the basis of collecting real live information and data, which I shared and people used, so it seemed that the sharing and using had made me stupid, for the single reason that I am not getting the media credit for doing so – hence we could say that if all I said and wrote were gathered up and I was given some public media presence extraordinaire to help me claim the credit for everything I said and did, such ideas would dissipate but it could also be said that if the lack of credit for my work had made me stupid regardless of whether I would be dealing with the wrong publicity for my Bookshop if I pursued such things and did not need the hassle if I could get credit for my Bookshop instead, then those who peddled such ideas were being disrespectful.  So it probably also needs to put its qualification away and get down to the streets to work administration for its own intellectual property and cease bothering me, to decide which was stupid, otherwise I believed that its gimmicks and that of its celebrities have understood the warnings I have issued well, concerning their need to do the absolutely undoable with a writers business, that is already a bad business because it gives away precious things at knock down prices, picking up my public image. The question people have raised is that it was always easier to gravitate towards what they were doing, point politicians raised is that it was not clear which was the stupid one: for the latter, we can see that its gimmicks eclipse all civil activity because it failed to make good personal decisions and needs money as well, having converted public politics into sex work politics and run it off all the way to international diplomacy, the single reason people did not think it was a stupid individual was that it picked up my public image to do its own business by, crashing my finances, making excuses for it and getting on my nerves – for the former, people gravitated towards their gimmicks because I am meant to be the person whose career and academic pursuits was wrecked, to make available conveniences that can be shared with customers at the market and any person that wanted to give them money, I can be relied upon for it since I am not the murdering kind, but it appears we were now faced with a problem whereby some people were stupid, suggesting I will need to finish with them and their famous gits at short, if I wanted to return to intellectual property administration work and the creative equity broker processes by which I made it possible, raise funds for, complete my academic pursuits and close a stupid chapter. I mean they do suggest my career actually ought to belong to other people but it is a point that is here not being raised as a matter of their abusive middle management gimmicks but more as a matter of the idea that I am stupid – should raise it as a matter of my 20 year career mess due to the fact I lived in hell every time their civil rights disobedient middle management barely criminal entitled and insolent stupidities found out I had business with a company they worked for, garnished with their Italian narcissism, African criminality and German influence arse covering pricks I am supposed to be afraid of, who make the most of anything they wanted to do to build a global wide sex work politics whilst their famous fools picked up my public image which crashed my writer’s finances.

This all goes back to University when it became clear that in about two and a half years, people were set to pursue a life that followed a specific direction, in which based on what they were certified for, they were to walk into people’s premises and ask to be paid for their skill, so if they kept up the abusive behaviour, their ability to make as much money as they wanted, would be severely handicapped, so they decided that I had a good personality and forged an alliance with public transport operation gits who ran me down all the time whilst I was at University, to say that I had a good personality that all could share, to which effect I too decided the world was my oyster, and so they decided my personality would be the cloak whilst they kept their bad behaviour for any power when required, I thought it a big joke and in any case, something I could mitigate through the writing career, now we are doing stalled bookshop and a media narcissism that kept it that way 20 years on, the degree of abuses and daily insults to get to such a stage being discounted – so it does need to stop handling me or the Bookshop was set to be their undoing, I had given them an exit to cease looking the part where poor people were able to oppress the wealthy and powerful, keep their comments to their career and stay away from my Books. The question then being how they were able to secure such support from society gits so quickly and it was an old story about the idea I am supposed to move over to their left hand side whilst they moved into my right hand side, to which effect I was to exist in that way – in the context of their society gimmicks, the left was female and weak, right was powerful and they were telling me where they were supposed to be, outcome being that they had to chase their own lives like they had built themselves a history making others, showing up here talking nonsense at me, so what they think is a condition they created is one that I created where they got in league with narcissism celebrity to target me every day and had to spend their cash reserves to do it, it is not pushing me around over ideas about ways I could end up like it did, as if I helped with the personal decisions and is not bothering me about how women should behave because it was a real man anymore, its abusive interest had since turned to matters that were real and the idiots who delay my financial wellbeing until they caught up got us starting this conversation on the basis that they had a problem which concerned the fact that somebody else was stupid. I am told it will bears down on the business of reading my birth sign and it is but I am about to move it back to the reasons they hated my guts in the past to begin with, where Scorpios and Virgos were the engine and fuel for criminal activity, especially criminality that none was taking responsibility for on the whole, the rest were hanging about enjoying my privacy whilst keeping their own, so abusively I could not defend myself when bullied and I think that Hollywood will complain about me over some obituaries as well, since my main perspective is that none urged, forced or even paid them to build the monstrous society that they now needed to escape from and showed up here talking nonsense about their entitlements thereof – I mean on the whole their interest in me was criminal, since it is a product of the fact that they needed criminals to fool around with my privacy, in order for them to build distant violence that will make me feel sore all over and scare away clients at a Bookshop, on account their famous stupidities were important and I did not give a damn. On the matter of what they wanted from me, it has always been the great old matter of my Office and the fact they were important like they claimed, so they were clever enough and also possessed the means to say that if somebody took these kinds of abusive interests in them, the only way it would have affected them, would be a process where another forced them to procrastinate the business of devising counter activities that will serve as deterrence – to which effect I will need to build one for the abusive short insulting videos they claimed was the way advertisement should be made since it made them happy and made them money by picking up my career publicity hence they were in a position where they did not have to listen and claimed any action I took to ensure I was allowed to concentrate on what I am doing by their stupidities was the motivating reason, I will also need to build one for Celebrities having a need to pick up my public image and thereby crash my writers finances, beyond which I will simply pursue other unusual interests in them from which I could get as anal as I liked. The rest of it is a matter of greed, since school, when they took exams that were organised by an external body and their eyes were opened to the fact the world required a certain standard from them – the stupid greed had taken the form of the idea that the public needed security and somebody was being torn up to bring it about whilst they got to select who was, turned up here choosing me and would like to say that a link drawn up between my body fluids and a process of bring rich having been developed into a gimmick that built up to a society organised in secret to order my steps in public, would suggest their idiocy was unaware of consequences associated with such activities but my conditions remain that it needs keep its comments to its career, cease stalling my Bookshop and fool around somewhere its famous stupidities would be tolerated. It is in essence really all a failure to corrupt overseas business interest, which caused their friends from overseas to travel to the UK and meet up with their counterparts here, all seem to have ideas about the cause of public problems and who stirred their envy my possessing property that should be spent on it.

They do claim that mentioning these matters that should be kept secret does not help but it helps in my view, if they are sharing my privacy with hoodlums to make money whilst working me for homelessness over claims of social security fraud on my part, I suppose this would be the point where they complained about people solving problems that did not exist too, the part where it got serious – I mean I should be working property equity with companies that brokered at the Trust but am caught up with famous idiots picking up my public image to crash my writers finances, doing something else with my career publicity, backed by global level sex work politics pricks, after we had established with a history of people complaining, that this attitude towards my career publicity and public image hurts people. When it is not this distressing then it would have been a curse that Libras like me will never be free from whereas we know of the need Scorpio had to investigate law enforcement until the influence of criminal communities made their commit their own crimes too and Virgo running around the neighbourhood doing blue crimes here and there with intention to escalate, finished off with petty crimes, bullying and high way to schizophrenia relationship with street traffic, we already had a history and are here because a git decided I am the one doing the wrong thing but has not figured out what to do with their stupidities at this stage alongside the claim, we are based on our trajectory set to end up where we were in the past and this time on a professional basis, the rest were boundless confidence narcissists with an eye for other people’s good reputation and finances. They do claim it always came down to Scorpios and Virgos with me which it does because each time people were involved with government it was these two at it endlessly – the need to play with it at other peoples expense was incredibly, especially when somebody was involved with the Monarchy or was another person’s stupid child that got elected some time ago, then they find out they were unable to contain it for those who were elected into government buildings and those involved with the Monarchy had chased the wrong things until they arrived at a stage where the correct things to do had eluded them, they all love to play with it and I am now in a position where deciding what I wanted included a process where they kept away from my Bookshop, more insults mean more of a process where I supplied them with the conditions that made them behave the way they did, Princess Diana was a victim but she was a Virgo as well, they were all in on it – it loved this gimmick where there was a fate for a Libra, I am being helpful again over something that has in the past produced a result where they complained at the International community about somebody whose presence they could not produce, whose existence they could not substantiate.

They do claim I underestimated their indomitable spirit and the fact they were determined I was never getting off these matters until they got what they wanted, always lip flapping like so naturally – there is only the business of feeling sore all over, the methods by which they achieve it producing results when they were allowed to keep it i.e. insults and abuses about what I should be doing for them, building up to an intent that grew into a violence that can be worked at a safe distance, if keeping it, needs to cease leaving clients feeling that was their fate too, which crashes my Bookshop, the other was naturally the idea that those seen in possession of my Books were due to these abusive nonsense predisposed to street violence, a social condition their stupidities created as if I made the personal decisions for them as per the ones that have gotten them into trouble already. It builds up to patriarchy and the public academic environment, the first thing that came to mind when they started off this whole matter on the basis that all I did was stupid, on doing nothing about the matriarchy bits, they will end up with enough on their plate, to make them serious minded people too. It is a simple matter but one that shows what the true character of their famous twats were – famous, entitled, wants something, gets it, always wants something, especially that which others are not predisposed to give, ends up with organised crime product supplier friends, ends up with addiction, claims society was the cause but when I issue warnings about a result where it continues to pick up my public image which robs me of 95% of my income every day, considering being a writer meant people recognised the ways I was selling precious things at knock off prices, so they never stopped showing up to pinch, therefore the public image being pinned down to get the public involved with the Books was a writers bread and butter, when I issue the warnings it does understand what I am saying, compared to when it gets on Media talking nonsense that made sense of its narcissism on the whole.

I am told that the way I worked was shameful but it is supposed to be if I picked out a bad neighbourhood to help me write Books and people turned it into s self-seeking social cladder climbing gimmick that involved getting criminals to fool around with my privacy in a bid to have me under manipulation – it is not a crisis as I simply could develop counter measures to ensure it was not effective, so the only reason it is currently effective is that my counter measures are being delayed and procrastinated, the crunch is that if Celebrities are responsible for this and were complaining about the consequences, their unusual interest in my career should have here ceased but it had not. Here they claim I welcomed it as though it was completely harmless but it is harmless, I mean I can wire the abuses into the way I worked, so although I was not a backside covering git, I was also able to concentrate on what I am doing but this will never work when Celebrities were entitled gits with ideas about what I should be doing to make them comfortable, so it eventually always builds up to a result where I had to assess what a society that abuses people because it was clever enough to abuse people and therefore the abuse went to endlessly unlike lay people being abusive which lasted a short period of time, as a matter of what I can do to ensure that the reasons celebrities were complaining were supplied up to the point where my problem was being resolved and if necessary I managed for a living the causes of the reasons they behaved the way they did considering the complaining about uncomfortable consequences. Here it is also suggested I found a way to undercut public authority control processes which is utter nonsense – as public control processes were a matter of somebody doing something and the system responding to it, as a measure of what the person did, if I am suffering anthologies, are those who were doing it victims of anthology on my part? So it is an example of the way they spent public administration processes and directives on completely innocent people, run it off over and over for corruption reasons until they wear it down and then they needed something else to work with.

It is a simple personal crisis associated with a reality in which somebody possessed a media narcissism to play with whilst I cannot now access my private security industry history because a bunch of self-seeking idiots use it to place me and criminal hoodlums in the same environment to make me take them off the streets for the male population, public transport idiots and famous gits, hence I cannot say that I ought to simply go after one group and let the other show up to pull me in several directions.