It is never true I must have ended up in a life where I progressed from one calamity to another, as suggested – what is true is a bunch of incredibly stupid people who had a history with me that had lasted two decades of making public appearances and public statements to suggest that I had picked up a career that I ought to hand over to more worthy persons, having this nonsense lasted so long, we seemed to be living in a world where if I did not murder them, somebody else would do it. It is supposed to be a two part story between sex work politics gits and celebrities – the sex work politics people would steal the money I was meant to make at the markets by running their problems off on my career publicity, as allowed by Politicians who were playing about with the spirituality of the gimmicks associated with a society they do not wish me to perceive as a threat until it was too late for me to do so with meaning to my actions, whilst the Celebrities were interested in everything 18 to 65 that I might do because they have made place to get rich handling my personality, such that although I will have deployed the career for purpose, they could build activities that suggested I could have deployed it for something else, in order to make show business – what they claim is a disaster was the activities of another group of gits from the US who spend money on their insanity to dominate others, and were the people suffering the most from all these because their stupidities were bankrolling it, that said, the fact that they existed was my career publicity, not something these idiots should be seen playing around with, I allowed them to because it made for an environment where those stupid children they raised, showing up to fool around with my Bookshop, ended up with a result where the problems I resolved to create the Books, showed up personified, to suggest I am a wise arse and that although I may have helped, the world I lived in did not want my help, churning my tummy and building societies that made them careers on the basis I was not allowed to smell nice, such that if I did not murder them, somebody else will. We see then when it is suggested that this situation indicated I did not have control but I do have control, as this is all my cowards personal life that runs on the basis that they have been making a mess of my concerns and needed to employ parents, grand parents and relatives in the neighbourhoods to run me down all day in order for them to make personal, career and financial progress, even then we had to listen to its gimmicks about something I got away with it, suggesting we are back where we were from years ago i.e. when it takes women into a corner at society and teaches them all sorts of nonsense backed up by a gimmick where its muscles will come to their aid, allowing them to show up in public places and target me with insults endlessly, at the same time, it realises that its strength or where the strength had been effective in the past was when somebody who had less muscles had to get into a fight for survival, so it follows me around to make a mess of my career and career publicity whilst explaining its actions on the basis of my qualifications or what I was studying at University at the time, arriving at a point where the career will be worked on the basis of trying to survive on the basis of violent fate, indicating I had yet done nothing to their stupidities, to express the fact I spent resources, time and energy to build the career and whilst I should deploy what I had left for the purpose of meeting relevant people for contractual reasons, I was caught up trying to survive fate due to their own personal decisions which I have had enough of. I am told this matter is more complicated than I had let on but it is – the whole business I have described above was supported as a method of attacking me whilst I was still at University by the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown who visited the University to foster the gimmicks himself, what they are now saying is that since my career is still kicking, the fact the idiots had also adopted a media narcissism and were building public problems from thin air should be something that I suffered for – so my station was one in this nonsense was the history, the present was to do with an inability of their middle management and famous idiots to cease picking up my Book titles that they made into something that caused those who possessed a physical copy to be predisposed to street violence which then stalls my Bookshop and the future of media narcissism, so they can get rid of it for face a reality where I will need them to cease disturbing my clients, the fact they were a bunch of entitled twats who have ended up in a situation where their abusive behaviour was not the answer for all matters being something I paid the price for, it set to end very badly if I am pushed to express the fact I have had enough of them as well. It is all my private life and should not be exposed to the public, the exposure is something they were doing in the course of being paid to do something else, hence the media narcissism, the fact that there were Americans bank rolling their gimmicks is my career publicity, but we can see their stupidities knew now limits, currently running away from a monstrous society they built in the course of doing something they were actually paid to do, this is their newest venture and if I did not murder its interest in my Books, somebody else will.

The big idea is that there is nothing I can do about them, reality is more a matter of insults from sex work politics gits, the rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers working with famous entitled pricks to cling to my career publicity for feeling good, stifle my finances and run off abuses that ensured I was never allowed to smell nice, then show up to device punishments for the bad smell which they were currently not courageous enough to implement and find out what I will do about their stupidities for my part as well, so far, is completely incapable of doing anything about them; they have been fighting communists on my behalf, but I had been made to believe that this was progress all together too, the theory is that the system did not care about them naturally but this was all made up as a matter of what was the most profitable thing that the system could care about with respect to their interests if it cared about them, so at some stage we had to decide what was structure and what was something they made up in terms of a process where they were allowed to do what they wanted on the assumption they probably had been furnished with information that the system was not but all they have is problems and people they were certain should be blamed for it, bearing in mind that this was the main support structure for career crime, it was only according to evidences likely to get worse. They were convinced that there is nothing I could do about them naturally as a matter of all I have so far done, to prevent the stupid statement that they appeared on a red carpet, made a deal with my publishers to read my Books free of charge for self confidence when they did, paid for it and breached my patents for each red carpet appearance, to help the public make sense of personal problems they could not explain away by themselves, nothing it seems will get this behaviour to move on amicably so far, as for those who stopped the things I did to ensure I caused them suffering which made me happy as well, on seeing that doing so deterred them and their friends, that they were forced to spend their time on more relevant social engagements, I am yet to be redressed on what they thought was wrong about it all together, what we do know for a fact being that there was nothing wrong about it, simply that I had failed to serve the famous with it. The world we are asked to live in, being one in which, they tore up peoples careers with public practical jokes, targeted at those who possessed something they desired, such that if those who knew better, failed to respond, we ended up with a life of gangs, mafia and organised killings, their case, the lip flapping at me, that I attacked the famous and made an example of them because I had need to set out methods by which to control high crimes is not a statement that will win the day. I suppose they were keen to find out why people did it, if after I made such a statement, I had to face one more instance where an idiot who ran off practical jokes that were sexually so abusive they damaged my career due to the amount of money in their bank accounts, concerning which they were not sharing the pass codes as per it was a private and personal finance bank account, I will take personally the stupid ideas they ran off thereafter of the existence of somebody I had to fear on their account.

It is not actually half the crisis it is made out to represent, especially if Politicians continued to suggest I knew of what was going on but preferred that others who worked the system with me, had to operate on a loop, the reality of it is that they were out to achieve one thing only i.e. getting others doing things for them, beginning with the perversion of good intentions, feverishly and uncontrollably, such that in my case, it had arrived at a point of threatening me on media when the insult I am supposed to hand my career to more worthy persons had failed, with a big mouth, that said, there was a crucial difference between their interest in me and what clients were doing i.e. the clients believed all engagements should be tied to the idea that my Bookshop should fare well too, their activities simply mimicked the clients and lacked this element – even so, their problem is that they performed this behaviour to succeed and get rich even when they complained about a monstrous society they built about which they needed free security from other peoples personal and social lives, never mind that racism existed in too. It needs to cease breaching my patents to kill off my income margins getting rich, telling me what to do and placing an accord on what I did, for its own benefits, if complaining, since I am now determined to stop it badly.

Now we had to listen to news that they wanted me informed that they would simply like me to leave them alone – the truth is never a matter of whether or not I had refused to leave people alone, it is a completely unconnected scenario, the scenario is that I am a writer, simple matter of quiet life which in terms of my career should be extremely quiet, which people who wanted to read got involved with and I would occasionally pick up a public appearance to engage with people I needed to, for contractual reasons, what has happened instead, is an obsession with the way that society gits taking unusual interest in my affairs, was met with a process of stuffing them so full of information they would carry around like PR I did not have to fund, as a method of making me work for them, enforced with media narcissism that had converted it into a convenient alliance with criminals, that helps them take advantage of my career but it is the part where they complained that they had been affected by the effects of doing this and that I was likely to get attacked for the fact that they were, which had constituted an incredibly good reason for me to provide their famous stupidities with an appropriate response, to which effect they have been complaining about me on an international level. It is not a complicated matter, as in when people say I am absolutely everywhere, if thought of in terms of the fact that they often investigated law enforcement of their own authority and a society they built to operate in secret whilst it ordered peoples steps in public, end up in s situation where they were so influenced by the criminals environments that they ended up committing their own crimes, since I am obviously not law enforcement. I have to think of it as an abusive group of gits with a society they built to operate in secrete and order peoples steps in public, the process by which they did it being the patriarchy and matriarchy gimmicks, so it becomes clear that if I allowed it to run, the people who would pay the price will be the people running the system and the local authorities and soon after the people who were running the legal system – then there was the party piece at the Monarchy, who had converted everything associated with a simple matter of availing my social life to Monarchic interests due to a process of being conscripted for it, into a tool for ripping up the academic pursuits, the career and finances and now telling me that my resistance of its need to work local authorities in the interest of Celebrities meant that royals were unable to find suitable spouses, whereas its need to rip up my career and finances working the system for its famous gits, as far as a tit for tart was concerned, suggests that instances where the Celebrities found secure relationships would be those times that I must have dropped the ball somewhere, considering I now have career publicity but am cash strapped because as stupidity as it possibly could be, it was the wrong publicity. As for the part where they show up with the nasty habits and I was sick to the stomach whilst their interest in my personal space caused the smell, producing a result where I got attacked, it would have been the part where they never stopped lip flapping save they had something to feel regretful for, goes without saying if it did happen I will stop these practical jokes badly and painfully. This brings us to the idea that my entire life had been completely wrecked of which no such thing had happened, just their need to be complicit with instances where an idiot takes my rent money and shares my privacy with hoodlums and quasi criminals, so it became something I faced everywhere I went, including the work place, everybody knew I had a small penis, curtesy of a need to build a community that gets imagination into my pants and everybody uses the insults to rip and tear my career publicity to get rich fast, the place where it occurred relentlessly being the work place itself and then they read my birth sign and label me a coward for it, before it turned out an announcement was made where people needed to assist them with an understanding they simply wanted me to let their stupidities be whilst they continued – seems to have come at a time when I am set to clear up the matter with them and put my effort towards the cause of all the problems being Celebrities that had a need to order my steps, push me around and tell me what to do, on seeing I am involved with public and crime control which makes me sick all the time and will not stop save it really did, when it came to be nefarious bits, only then do they appear to know what they were doing. I do not consider the matter a crisis by any means, just that we should not be doing this at all, considering they were simply a process of reenacting public matters I had already put to rest: a cross section would involve politicians for instance, where at this point the wealth of the wealthy had become so distracting they were faced with questions on whether they wanted the job anymore all together but if each time I engaged with a client, they trashed my affairs to seek the benefits of nepotism, it would add up to the re-enactment of a problem I had put to rest and any response should not be taken into historical account as doing so would be the mother of all stress, regardless of whether or not I actually carried through such a response. Here they claim the main problem was a fear to involve myself with the violent matters where necessary, what we know to be true being that if I decided certain activities added up to a factorisation of public affairs or the seeking of denominators to factorise public matters, to which I assessed what it was and devised a plan to respond violently, in a manner of causality, they would claim I had created a threat which affected them should that response be put to practice but if it was said that the Police that were a bunch of people beyond reproach to such an extent they could engage with the communities without tail back disadvantages should handle the matter, it would not have been enough for them, only the process of losing my career and finances to their practical jokes in order to experiment with patriarchy and matriarchy would do. There are no factual elements to the claim that I am vulnerable to Italians either, I adult life had developed with some experience of what Italians are like I should mention, these area bunch of gits who play my own personality back to me and then fall in love with it to such an extent they were going to keep it for themselves, having to resolve the question of doing so whilst I was still alive, with the idea that when enough people and businesses were involved they would be able to do so – I am not saying they are not Italians or friends of Italians, I am saying that people usually plan a career in such a manner that it was possible to grow despite resistance, these are good at sustainable ways of looking for trouble, such that there was no direction to turn for those who want to murder them, playing my personality back to me on public and social media like something that belonged to them would have suggested they were anything near what a Royal Prince was, the backbreaking work of tidying it up which does not pay me and will get on my nerves once I had completed it.