They do claim I am always filthy, it is like a last resort controversy that was used to pillage my Bookshop when they came up stuck on their daily money making gimmicks – I could never tell anyway but since we were running blame culture, then I am supposed to take this up on the basis that I am always filthy because it was their fault, we know however that it is their fault but I need to sort it out at this point on the basis of the blame culture that they enjoyed so much. The facts are that these are a bunch of idiots who blamed me for everything wrong about the effects of their personal decisions, to such an extent I cannot cover distance from point a to point b each time I stepped outside of my door, considering their blame comes with intent to physical contact and a problem with my entire personal life, career, social life and everything down to my diet, so the other opportunistic idiots who support them became the people I wanted to ensure stayed that way for the foreseeable future and it is all supposed to come to a conclusion as a matter of their abusive interest in my affairs, leading up to a need to have sex and make babies but this time it is not stopping there, so I need to be prepared to say they could have go whenever they believed they were mad enough, once they were done following it up with a society that was always insulting and abusive in its nature, that it decided some people were plebs and that on the basis of coming into possession of something they envied, I existed below the people they designated as plebs, stifling my Bookshop to shoot off the big mouth on Media. So eventually since I am now determined to put a stop to it on the basis of the blame culture, so that it got to stop the way that I want, obviously in terms of what I would say to stop it myself since they were complaining about state provided security having devised a way for this nonsense to end without controlling any of the factors, it would be the part where I suggested that if I wanted nothing to do with their famous stupidities who were using my career to cover their backsides because their personal decisions had not turned out so well, at the same time that they felt they were more important than I am if they could not live without me, then they ought to stay away and cease handling me or indeed any of my affairs – before then the fun bit was obviously the part where I was the cause of all public problems and crime was the part they could easily spend money on, pushed to a point where they did actual damage to my career and progressed on to keep the damage going as a premise for blackmail over a 9 year period. I worked so hard to prevent instances where industry gits picked up my career to get rich which would have been followed up with abusive activities that were designed to ensure I gave up permanently what I had given regardless of instances where what I had given was a figment of their imagination but now here I am with an entire society that had achieved such a thing – really enjoys getting on my nerves and shooting off the big mouth on a narcissism media when it cannot cover it backside by itself.

They claim the UK Government was completely oblivious to the fact that I knew nothing of the way the private sector worked – the truth of it is rather that there was a history of engagement with the work market on my part, I have done their abusive door to door sales, where they needed to get imagination into my pants and make a show of it on the streets to get people interested in what they were selling, killings were made; I also did private security where the same process was repeated and this time to make more killing apparently by getting involved with Celebrities who loved the way they showed up at the premises to run me down on behalf of the famous, so having arrived at the stage where the other well off neighbourhood twats had joined in with a sense that all I had done to prevent work place idiots picking up my career for gimmicks that will also ensure I lived in hell because I had given something to people who were out of my league which I needed to give up properly, had completely failed considering they had built a community that achieved it – it seemed to have been rather clear that if people did wish to cease complaining about me, they needed to shut down these gimmicks and their media pricks needed to read the fucking news, not shower me with abuses all day long. It is really a simple matter of completing the academic pursuits, on their part, then showing up at the work place to ensure I had nothing in every turn because I was completing mine in bits, with respect to the challenges that I faced at the work place, so it would have been logical to any normal person to shut down this gimmick, it simply isn’t to these idiots due to the fact especially that they had a media narcissism to fool around with – my point being that if they wish to cease complaining about me to the Politicians, arriving at such stupidities as the idea I knew nothing about the way that nobody has ever earned anything they did not work for except their stupid sales army idiocy and the rich gits who give them the money to attack the public, nobody has ever earned anything they did not actually achieve and more so achieve it in real tangible terms, what people do with the finances, is to find other things that can be sold to those who needed such products and services to achieve a career aim, which is then paid for, so that they can pay their way to the ultimate achievement, with their stupidities involved, the part where people had something to sell in the meantime on the way to ultimate achievement is completely destroyed, so that they may feel as if they were able to order other people’s steps, needs to stop getting on my nerves and pay attention to the one that is actually paying the salary which gets to its head or I will stop it badly if government had to listen to their feelings about me often.

They do speak of matters at the Monarchy which was really the cause of all these in the first place – seems to be a leadership of the cursed, who raised the point about being parent age with respect to me and my unwillingness to do what they want made me a bastard and the cursed, which then makes sense now that they are in charge, considering they have always maintained that they were right and their parents were wrong – but on matters of the way I am involved with the engine of economic growth and the way my assets and equity assist people with investments and new markets, they were a bunch of poofs who needed to let go of the profitable insults and abuses, if they believed they had made enough money from it for me to have become something lower than a pleb or I will get my hands on it and they will cover their distances on the roads to pursue their affairs without bothering me, painfully. It should be seen that this matter is not a crisis from my point of view, it simply meant that we had come full circle – shows up at University to finger my bum with a bully personality it had not gotten rid of since school, then gets in league with fellow famous and popularity idiots who lived the same way, the latter being a group of people industries gave money to because their fan base could easily follow them in a certain direction that meant the products which channelled people towards economic recovery and national wealth were being consumed but had since resorted to media narcissism and the outcome is that they have been spending money on criminals and wrong doers, so it was impossible for the public to argue that the wrong doing was the wrong thing, leading up to economic ruin and political instability, hence the current symptoms being that I argued and talked but they were doing well so it did seems as if what they were doing was the correct thing and when I am done talking will join in literally, worse case, I get eliminated whenever they shot their mouth off way too much. We have come full circle in the sense that their ideas about how I knew nothing of the way the private sector worked was to do with the idea that celebrities were the location of big money and big incomes but so have I made it clear that their need to rip up my marital relationships as part of the gimmick where they got to fight national enemies on my behalf to work with their cursed leadership people at the monarchy running me down every day, the need to pick up my career publicity for another purpose that involved fighting some Americans and some Communists were the three things I clearly did not do for a living and if it does not cease stifling my Bookshop and finances on schedule, I too will get out of bed everyday to provide for my Bookshop by making sure they lost their jobs – needs shut it down and keep their hands to themselves, especially the other busy-bodied patriarchy pricks with republican sentiments on the mind or find out when I get my hands on it, they will have seen it for the last time, I am a celebrity of sorts myself last time we checked.

The idea that celebrities had bent me to their will is part of the insults that caused all the problems around here – they had money, I had the royalty thing they loved to try and extract money from no matter what they had; so it cannot live without getting involved with me but its stupidities suggested it was more important and I had to be settled, currently none knows what it meant. They believed they have been in control of the events that have unfolded since last they decided to rerun their gimmicks on me whilst I am engaged with the work environment and the deadline at which I would be willing to clear out the mess they make for my career and Bookshop had since expired. The truth of it is that people are never allowed to concentrate on what was actually the main concern in any 24 hours, I for my part am in such a situation, save I had taken steps to ensure they suffered the abdominal discomfort for every attempt at involvement, so now that those who enjoyed stopping me had realised they knew what to do with the problem, I need to return to the applicable section of office (they run an abusive society – where they picked up bits of my Books to find me a fight with every low life they can find, as they clung to my market takings, picked up my career publicity to assist criminals, develop it into a gimmick where I got to fight some communists and Americans, breach my patents to make their own money, I want to see and invest in more of what is making them behave that way, I want to invest in the problems that make them behave that way, so we are now in a situation where my career delay and the fact that I need to cramp as much work as I was supposed to do between the age of 28 when I was meant to have graduated and my 40, when the destruction of my books, breach of my patents and shredding of my finances as achieved an 8 year mark and I was officially labelled a bum, we are now making a living like this permanently). They do claim that hand on heart, I was trying out something I could not do, when there was nothing yet to burst that stupid fate bubble where it claimed it had found a coward it could do with as it pleased, to the effect it screws about with my affairs and wrecks everything around here, showing up at the other end to shrug off all responsibilities and keep any money it may have made, its stupid view of the world had been that way since it completed the SATs exams that provided an understanding of a world beyond the classroom teachers, it is only a Book but what they are doing is about me, so it does suggest I am unable to cover my backside from its patriarchy stupidities and it may continue with a gimmick where it shared the shape of my bum and penis with hoodlums and criminals all it wants, the pricks that said they were set to attack me on their behalf because of the smell did not do their dirty work for them, it needs to read the fucking news being abusive every day. I need my financial structures returned, I do not want their bum fingering picking up my personal life and career publicity to feel important media and celebrity money or they can see what the alternative was, talking nonsense about work I cannot complete in my lifetime, needs to fool around somewhere else. It was even publicly amusing the kind of trouble I put myself through, to clear out the previous history that bigger than you and wants to do whatever it likes with your career and finances famous idiots who would succeed doing so especially when they got some support from German influence pricks, they have built new ones at this stage (it does not mean I hated the male population as they have claimed it was either, it is always abusive towards me, hangs about with the same abuses making use of my upbringing as it does not get that level of respect at home, then I lose everything I get pushed towards criminal activity for it too, the disrespect never ends, no matter what I achieved, who I became and what my age was, the backdrop being it had endless dreams of what others could do for its stupidities and never stopped expressing those in my direction whilst complaining about racism - I do not think it is a crisis, I simply need to return to a public image that was built on the basis of Police involvement with their affairs which left them doing passionate things publicly, whilst some girls made music from their passion at popular culture, what has happened over time is that I am said to have done the wrong thing and they have come up with the idea that what I am doing was my own passion expressed in terms of authorities getting involved with my affairs, revenge complete, they even got rich from it but the fundamental problems remain that they need to hand back my Royal finances structures and I need to concentrate on what I am doing here). They do claim it seemed my problem with the famous was that they had left me behind and it is utter nonsense – what they handled to make popular culture and fame with was crime control publicity, they got to a stage where they suggested I am the cause of public problems as crime could be alleviated by a process where they spent money on it, which I accepted but it also turned out this was a gimmick designed to befriend organised criminals who then got off making use of their need to breach my patents for stupid statements that suggested I had been a wise arse, now I am not able to get rid of them because they had become clingy, the original question was a matter of schedule as to when I was to get rid of them and start over with the process, now we are also working the part where I had hit my 40s and the financial mess officially designated me as a bum, like things they would do if I was not the murdering kind. There is also claims of disparity as per Celebrities I had recently built up a history with too but these are remnant of people who dished out the wrath on men because they were affiliated with me - what we have seen apart from the celebrity culture revenge of a society that wants to be able to finger my bum, express their feelings about my physical attributes openly without inhibition and would do anything to achieve such abusive nonsense, claiming it was due to their financial success, is the sort of predatory nonsense where people who had nothing in common with, had nothing to offer you and you nothing to offer them, got into a relationship with you because they did you favours at security, had babies with you and were now waiting for an excuse to leave anything they were doing with the relationship to people you really had feelings for. I think that it will continue to run me down and churn my tummy with bad habits until I decided to provide it a start date for a series of activities about which I will expect a response from their stupidities, where seeing the German influence interests anywhere on this planet or doing anything in my direction will spell the last time that they got to see it too, and then culture would look like that (it is news at this stage, just worth reiterating that nothing had worked in this place since 2012 when their need and that of their sex industry narcissists took up gimmicks that will help pursue my income whilst they breach my patents and handled my public life, by 2017, the Bookshop had stalled all together because my weekly and monthly development plans had practical jokes built alongside them stage by stage and they have done that everyday since, I am writing this in 2024, did warn them I will not be clearing out the mess beyond February of 2024 and it had been 2 weeks since the deadline expired).

They do claim they hated me and the hate is growing but it is still nothing but a bunch of pathological lairs who really hated the work market, not me but in terms of their insults and threats, it would have transpired that they claimed wealth and social inequality issues were the main problem, I said this was caused by middle men if evidence suggested that it took talent for people to get involved with wealth building systems – they have taken up my time, trashed my academic pursuits, built communities that rummaged my private parts all day, chucked the work into the bin and settled for a narcissism media and a convenient criminal alliance with famous idiots that will spend quickly any of my possessions that I could not keep secretly or securely enough from them, so now they were clear about what they hated and I am not clear yet about what I hated, the stupidities will not be expressed else where lest current conditions changed. I mean it was always a high risk getting involved with wealth and social inequality issues from my position but it was the way that they presented it i.e. some people had on average 3 opportunities to secure a job that will eventually pay for their retirement in a life time and most of them were women, I was left with an assumption that if this situation developed further, we would end up exploring various kinds of threats they could pose to my person and my interests, besides which the idea that some people had about three opportunities to keep a job that will pay their pensions in a lifetime whilst others screwed around with their interests and wellbeing, built up to structural unemployment, somebody needs to mind their business and take their stupidities where it was appreciated. They speak of American influences all the time and it was nothing unusual that the narcissism media was the bee knees for them but will not fly here. I am done playing a game of tidy up with respect to famous gits choosing me to play a game up domination and cannot keep my hands to myself, goading me into a fight everyday which wrecks everything around here, going on to the narcissism of claiming it was my fault in order to double down – does like to boast that I talked and it was never likely to proceed the way I talked and needs to stop pushing me into a state of mind where I developed an intolerance for the stupid completely innocent opportunistic pricks they regarded as fans, they were having fun from the gimmicks that makes the mess here and need to have the fun till the end, I had been clear for 5 years so far at this stage, that its stupidities needed to cease making a mess of my public control measures and needed to cease goading me over it – since 2012 I had warned them about potential consequences of organising their career for industrial jousting gimmicks which they claimed was set to make them money on the basis that I was in such a condition that if we got into a fight, they would win, as part of an ability to show the media could do something other industries had failed to achieve, it was the 4th time they organised their stupid media career to do harm here – first was a need to pick up my public image to get their children befriending the children of wealthy people, thereafter it was a need to attack me in order to impress wealthy people, after that it was a perversion of my career into a tool that helped them secure and sell up social inequality matters for a living before we arrived at this stage, I mean I cannot be held to the idea that I had not given them time to adjust and move their gimmicks where it was appreciated, never true that I did what I did because I could, needs to cease breaching my patents, setting out a sense market I built for the Books could be diverted to serve another business in their interest, whilst their stupidities knew that their narcissism society and verbose sex work idiots on social media were making the most of my royal public image each time they did. This Bookshop is not in a condition as to say that I could not control what Industry gits took from it, knowing that it will all develop into another violently abusive process by which I will be made to give up what I had already given and I will be lucky to see my 60th birthday according to current trajectory, the single problem it faces is a bunch of bits with a media narcissism to play with who decided that if I protected the Bookshop from Industry trouble makers, they could find people to rub shoulders with on the basis that the shop is now vulnerable to them, in terms of being able to brainwash people into thinking they were expressing affection for me, so when they attacked me, they claimed it was an expression of affection and continued to any extent they wanted regardless of what people really believed and I have given them fair warning about their behaviour if it would have been fact that the companies they worked for was not incorporated with the system like mine and we are not competitors, they were not the controllers of the companies they worked for either and are currently paying more attention to my career than they did the jobs that paid their salaries, claiming that involvement with me felt good and they were so important I had to be punished for withdrawing it due to abusive activities – these are just the kinds of people, where I say that they bashed my Bookshop and I bashed their jobs; for the society people it is to build up to a process where anything to do with their communities getting involved with Celebrities will earn my wrath, otherwise I can step outside of my door and move from point A to B without such a degree of insolence and abusive methods of making use of my personality that the public could not engage with the Bookshop, for the Celebrities it is to be a matter of abusive shop keepers, rogue landlords and corrupt private security as a matter of their fabled bank balance (the complaint is that my attitude was precisely the reasons people were abusive at Industry but this is only the part where I have had enough of them, as the premise for handling other peoples talents at Industry is usually that both myself and such a person would have had talent to handle a particular matter but the way that they did would make more money and employ more people, it is some sort of unwritten rule and code at Industry and people would rather comply than waste time, these guys are not engaged in any rules or codes, their gimmick is a survival plan, to say that if social conditions were complicated, others ought to behave a certain way towards those who made money in it regardless).