This boasting that I was finished and done for was clearly something people did with the foresight that it was never going to end well I presume. Clearly everything they did with their celebrities to make money, involved money market manipulation, effectively stealing people’s incomes by perverting the capitalist system, so the way they caused my financial problems was to have me stuck with gits who made bad decisions and wish to spend my resources correcting what must be the decisions I made for them and the wrong publicity for my career. It leads to a need to consider responses on my part in terms of an attack on what they valued the most especially the American version of these idiots, moving right through to the part where they had spent a great deal of professional time on me which I will return to them or allow them adjust their careers to cope with, somewhere in hell, bearing in mind I had warned them before that if I had taken such an action the resulting wealth and social inequality gap would be astronomical but it continues to show up here stifling my Bookshop, time again, arrives at a stage where the German influence pricks will take centre stage and claim that my work, career and property duly existed in an environment in which there were no rules as to how people associated with it, will not get a real job and plans a whole life on what had to be done with me for being selfish and in such ways it would turn out that it was my fault all these nonsense occurred in the first place, whilst at the same time, keeping its income made its stupidities into a bully for a behaviour that started out with a sense that the work market was poison. So we see that these series of decisions that they would like to waste all I had to deal with, stifle my personal relationships to deal with, which are both reasons I do not take the business of responding so seriously, as I do not make their decisions for them and those who said they loved me did not have a millstone tied to their legs, preventing them from getting to know me, are all a product of the need to plan a career on the basis of causing others huge amounts of suffering and difficulty, they have planned it such that the victims would only get a break when they had retired from the work place but stopping it will cause huge wealth orientated public problems, a series of decisions that would mean they were able to pair gimmicks that suggested they owned the country with the difficulty such gimmicks would cause them career-wise and ultimately a process of being able to get celebrities sharing money with them. The claim that I am not necessarily victim in the matter is apt naturally – we can always live in a time when it was easy for me to get by like they did, since the business of being a character whom when bullied possessed a personality that made their lives easier, did not sit well with women who employed them and had not established the business which employed them in such ways – it continued to a stage where the women took more risks with personal safety, they had since returned to my case on that basis, claiming I did not deserve my career and income because I am too much of cowards to deserve it and that their stupidities have been fighting communists on my behalf – could never tell what the problem with fuck more we were men really was, I can only tell that it was their twat on their line and their civil rights pricks were keeping the hands to themselves.

I mean eventually I am told they thought of me as some low life who believed he could be of assistance to some wealthy and powerful people. I couldn’t never tell anyway since the problem is that I worked intellectual property administration and my simplistic Books could be understood and read comfortable by people with a pay packet that ran into the millions, whilst they showed up here with a series of calamity – I had publicity for my Bookshop but it was the nosy one and crashed my finances, I had people getting involved with my publicity platforms but it was all people who made bad decisions and wish to ensure my resources were spent paying their way out of it free of charge, so I am cash strapped; it is easily the single problem we had here, that people listened to their version of my Books and not the Books I actually wrote, just as much as its stupidities were all good but it could make sense of what I was saying whenever I issued the threats on the contrary, needs to move its neo liberalist, woke trash, sectarian conservatism away from my Bookshop, if we had established that complaining about ways breaching my patents hurt their tummy would not have meant that if I got rid of the patents, I would be able to do the work that the patents were doing, as stupidly as only they can. To which effect sense could be made of the ways that I responded as if by responding they would all go away, which is not what I am thinking as it is obvious that the real me was a completely separate thing from the version me that celebrities, media, terrorists, criminals and what is generally a bunch of idiots who were victims of everything created – they are so abusive and needed to stop handling me if every response on my part got them complaining on behalf of the entire world.

Always so abusive and needed to keep away from my Bookshop – on the matter of estimating properly what this was about, it was clear that if I am to feel like this from this moment until they retired from the work place on account they always got what they wanted etc, chances that are I shut them up painfully whilst they possessed the option to decide how they would stop the gimmicks, the way they felt comfortable about stopping it. It is not really a crisis, just what must be seen as something people did in terms of the idea that if there was a way to discern and separate people who later became wealthy in the older generation it would have been possible to channel such minds to other purposes that suit their needs by conscripting those who were stronger to do it, so they have decided to set me out as an experiment for it but it is done by means that was so abusive that I looked as if I had made a lot of money and lost it, so I am off to a second run and when people suggest it was another person’s turn to make money, it would resonate with a crowd, yet I had everything here trashed by means of society gimmicks and therefore did not make the money, same as the prospect, the dream that I would ultimately for failure to let them handle my social life for popularity or cover the backsides of the famous for a living, have everything I worked for taken away from me a few years before I retired abuses being pushed in my direction every day, whereby it was clear if the Nazis could do such a thing, they would have done it. The lip flapping was working the money market with celebrities, to run me down every day, I am now motivated to begin a process where one more instance of doing it to tell me there was nothing I could do, will see me off to a series of activities where I ceased to protect the Bookshop from them, so they could do whatever they liked with it and work hard instead to get my hands on their financial wellbeing for macroeconomic purposes that suit my needs, at any cost.

The claim it is the curse of my social status is utter nonsense too – they say I smelled and they have always dreamt of somebody at whose expense their society could move on with life, I say they breach my patents alongside their media and Celebrities, so I ought to consign them to history and move on, what we had instead was a new history being built every day by a bunch of people who complained about the consequences using a narcissism media and it is all driving towards a terrible conclusion. They claim this was all due to the way I set myself out as a tough guy which never really happened, just as I never mention that they would not shut down the narcissism media however it hurt them due to a misconstrued sense of facts that I thought they were likely to shut it down because I complained but rather asked them to shut it down because it was rhetorical, a form of narcissism on my part i.e. it must be that I am not tough enough to handle my own problems. Eventually it simply feels better to say that I am lazy but there is so much resistance here caused by people who need to handle my career in order to feel as if they liked their jobs which makes a mess of my finances and we know they did not have to be so destructive about it if they were not living on food banks to say the least, so these are the sort of facts they find amusing which absolutely breaks my heart and will motivate me to break their hearts too. Its also like they suggest that these are problems associated with being caught up in the security industry but there is nothing wrong with the industry and I would love to be allowed access to my history in the industry – the strange thing about this being that I am saddled with security narcissism everywhere I went, up to a stage where they earned the right to abuse my privacy and enlisted quasi criminals to access my career for them in the neighbourhoods but I am prevented from accessing my own history, feels like something they will keep up through to their retirement and it is a retirement they will never have. They claim it is the way I smelled which provoked others – there are reasons for this, one of them is the fact they are mandated by immoral society and need to better a person decision that involved owning the country in a way that helped them make money, using other peoples personality, the other is that they disturb people, they never stopped disturbing people and do it all of the time, the third is that I am a writer who mitigates their interest in me by tackling unusual activities they channelled in my direction by building an abusive society that kept open secrets about me for insults, so if we are done with the part where they were going to attack me for it, which will cause me to try and hear it from them, that the air in this country was free, especially when people were collecting the bins in the neighbourhoods and we knew the local authority was keeping public control and a Police car was whizzing by so we had to stand up straight and cease looking like criminals hurt our tummy all of the time, to try and hear it from them painfully that is, I would like to return to an existence where I could breathe and if I felt I was beyond starved, eat my sweets, give it a while and recover well enough to eat my food.

We are told that Celebrities performed these activities because they wanted to make me serve them, as a part of a process that will develop into a method by which a historical injustice would be corrected. This is not actually the truth – the is that the system has now responded to my complaints and their complaints, to the effect that it had recognised it was easier for them to get involved with my livelihood to perform those gimmicks, whilst the products in the livelihood required more work that it took to create the career if they were to engage with it, it had eventually ended up being easier to play practical jokes on a Bookshop than it was to engage with the Books displayed and so what the system did about it with them, had nothing to do with me, blaming me will solve nothing. Here we see the idea to be that if I they were suffering, they could blame me to make it easier, but it is obviously not making it easier for them at all. For their part they claim my Books were complicated, whilst I did not think the work market was poison unlike they did, writing the Book on the basis of what I am thinking, the mentality which thinks that work market was poison being a product of something they had to do, something that involved owning the country, that once they were done laying claims of ownership to the birds and the trees and the roads and the weather and the climate successfully, work market was poison and they had to secure financial well being from Celebrity culture, mandated by an abusive and immoral part of society – so abusive that their activities were unbearably stupid, so stupid that it had eclipsed mainstream civil activities, to leave me with the result of being stuck with people who helped them to make money that justified their ideas on my social media whilst they attacked my finances to ensure that I served them – the men were men and could never keep their imagination away from peoples pants, considering their plight is not the only example of the ways they put themselves in charge of matters they knew everything about last we checked, only to blame those who dared to possess material items they did not, whilst the women will not give up the narcissism and insults they claim helped to show they were important, which changes nothing about what the system does if it was easier to get involved with my Bookshop and attack my finances to get served than it was to read Books upon getting involved with it. It is wholly the usual story about a people who were in themselves the mother of all stress literally, about which we were doing this because I held some public service authority, so they created a national stage crisis from the sheer abusive corruption of my public control methods, which they have confirmed is seen as something I ought to do to serve their needs, claiming my Books suggested a career that was built on the ability to get Celebrity culture and an abusive society under control, of which they could always do that especially if they had a need to show that I was incapable, rather than bother me and trash my finances with media narcissism due to entitled desperation. If they were interested in equity broker and to buy Books, I am currently in possession of 7 working websites - it did eventually a long time ago, develop into a matter of employers being unwilling to employ the use of my public image having to do with abusive activities that were channelled at me to help them with the energy needed to work a career, before I then took steps to prevent instances where people took risks with personal safety over what was my private affairs which I had displayed on the websites too but apparently we were doing this because the famous were incredibly important (the Libra - Scorpio mystery being explored, having since suggested they needed to provide the latter with public recognition, create their own security services that will serve the needs of the male population by it which is not doing very well at this stage, claim that the way I stood up for myself when antagonised had to be handed over to the Scorpios who were more willing to serve them, complain about their bottoms hurting and blaming me for obscurity problems, then get on to throw financial support at corrupt Libras that helped them rip up my ideological block assets, trashing my mobility, to show up here getting people to do the bidding of the famous - the Scorpio one being that alliance with quasi criminals who investigated law enforcement until they made a mess of crime control and got influenced by the criminal communities into committing their own crimes, whilst getting imagination into peoples panties, attacking those who smelled complaining about extremism that they had become convinced was a problem others had to deal with, as such a mess would provide them with a condition where they came across a huge amount of political power).