There are items in the matter – like abuses being peddled to ensure all I worked for was spent on random crowds that bought products they were selling whilst complaining about my responses, as for the comments about my age with respect to my finances and ways I am supposed to make way for younger cleverer people, I think there is a tendency that I will send them to an early grave or worse over it. They claim there were things I will have to clear out at some stage in my life which is utter nonsense – they have always enjoyed the business of seeing me fall apart, I have always taken solace in the fact that if they enjoyed it so much and I did not have to get along with them, it was nothing to worry about, their interest in my Bookshop and a need to order my steps has revealed the fact that for each of the times I fell apart, it was a product of their need to read my Birth sign for abusive reasons and each time I fell apart, enjoyed seeking out a future for themselves by setting me out on a pedestal for it, the German influence sex work politics stupidities, what they are currently doing, was to say that they were able to perform these activities in a condition such as they were doing financially well enough to be entitled to do so, it should be the last straw for any person. I mean if I want to run a trust system, it is easy for me to get it done, same as a Court and a consortia and a coven, all easy, their stupidities got into the financial aspects of my concerns at a market arena, it should considering it knew nothing else, knew nothing better but it actually did and this is the problem, no need for me to live in this world if my Bookshop was working for me on schedule and I did not set it up in their names or display books they wrote. It does love to boast about the ways that this will end badly for me but it had only showed up to get on my nerves and provide me with a license if it turns out that I am the cause of public problems but they could not live without me and were unable to explain this to the public therefore resorted to time wasting abuses – they employ the same processes that racists did, that if they were able to talk ahead of me, they would regularly knock on my door and run away, so it became distressing for me, I lived in the worst kind of neighbourhood whilst they handled my career to feel good whilst doing crime, organised crime, drugs etc, when stopped by law enforcement, then law enforcement worked for me, the stupid need to show up here complaining about public problems with favourite insults that put them in charge of my affairs makes them so disingenuous all of the time but it was not clear why I was being made to waste my time on it by another group of goons who stopped me because I was not worthy of the methods by which I protected my career and having since arrived at a stage where it was impossible to contain the problem, let’s just say that what I have been saying and doing does not feed into a 2 decade career mess and set out clearly the reasons insults about which careers were my size and which were too big for me leading to results where my assets could be accessed by anybody was not the main issue here, if it claims that should I continue as I am they would have no way of defending themselves from social wrong doing whilst it was also equally a 2 decade process of issuing the warnings and for the celebrities 8 of those had been spent telling off the famous over a need to hang about goading me over my public control measures, unable to be convinced they are not important people and I did not have to do anything for them.

The question is then raised on how it came to this but if I were to ask those who raise it if they had yet found out why a bunch of idiots with a narcissism based media presence enjoyed goading me whenever I am engaged with my office authorised public control processes, they would then claim that it was due to the hype I was given at Government offices and the Monarchy, which is going to send me over the edge. So it seems that there are two main premises here, one of them being that the Celebrities could not live without me abusively, if they were using the quasi criminals and hoodlums as characters that helped them to feel important and the information I provided through my career harmed a bunch of internet trolls who trap my career and build themselves a popularity on the basis of making sure I faced one challenge after another every day and how I overcame them was put to other people’s notoriety, the harmful information being a product of the fact that intellectual property administration could easily involve receiving equity from clients as causes me to produce Books which story is about characters that take high industrial offices from others, know nothing about how to run it successfully and were employing local criminals to help them keep it through a narcissism platform that helped the male population solve its problems. Hence from my point of view, what Celebrities did with wrong doers who helped them feel important had nothing to do with me, my public control work was done impeccably and the information I put out for my career was harmful to trolls, people should make comments about their own careers and play with the work that is paying them at this stage if I had complained about it. As for the hype I get being the problem, I assume that the people who would get the upper hand if I did not do the public control work, would be patriarchy and matriarchy gits who would run down the local authorities and move on to the local law court systems, when I do require that hype to keep a Bookshop, the purpose of doing so will be the part where I wanted to see what they were made of too. On the social side however, the thought of patching it up with them is usually met with the sense my bank account had a mind of its own these days – telling me I must have seen the balance sheet, if it transpires that I am unable to access my public image due to their interest in the git who loved to bank roll their gimmicks so they can attack the public endlessly, not wanting to engage with products that were built to baby sit his stupidities, especially at Washington, meeting up with a need to goad me over my public control processes and if I am not getting my public image back as soon as they were clear on my part about what my activities were considering a need to have me checked all the time, I will begin an attack on the stupid society and build it up to the rogue landlords, corrupt private security, abusive shop keepers, short insulting videos they made out was the way advertisement should be made and set about what I must do to gain access to their bank accounts balance sheets as well – it is currently  as though their jobs involved bullying me into responding to the abusive activities of wrong doers that helped them to feel important as per after my public control processes, I am usually the only person completely oblivious to the abusive things people were doing about me behind my back, then gets off claiming it was the hype I was given as though I am big enough to deserve such a hype, having fun at my expense every day.

Here the fun continued with gimmicks that I thought I was so important if I did not do my bit the country would fall to pieces, we know however that the stupidities had no coped too well with idiots who needed to investigate law enforcement on behalf of their society to a point where they were influenced by criminals into committing their own crimes, history is that they have not coped well with the racism and police brutality that came with it when others were unable to get it under control as well – I simply need the Bookshop to work for me on a schedule, it does appear that we are set to resolve this in terms of a process where I started a direct response to the media narcissism, which I will not be getting my own brand of fun at their expense from doing so as well. This crisis is built from think air – my public control work is well done, my information is not conducive for trolls and what comes off the celebrities who need wrong doers to feel important is not actually my problem, I need my finances for purpose, the media and famous comments need to be made about the careers of those who make them. It is not true that everything I did was wasted either – the abusive gits were supposed to keep their salaries and show up here to run me down for money to the effect that they ended up with two jobs, one paying them and the other involving a free process of bothering me but because I am just as insane, they have taken up the third one of something in their minds that always had to get done but if the media was helping I cannot see why I am struggling with the fact I do not write their Book around here nor have I set up a Bookshop they were permitted by law to get involved with or handle, the media assists with the narcissism because they want to see something unusual, originally it is not my business if they did as all can see, but I need to keep my income as well if their narcissism had gone down that route. Currently I am set to engage with the work market and there are backlogs of trade products that needed to be cleared after they were acquired in terms of a market that existed because Celebrities were abusive, so I am going to need the abuses to run for a bit longer or it will when the famous are in pain. I do get told their dislike for me was unreasonable but it does not surprise me as they have always been at it: assess people they normally clashed with and devise a completely unrelated person who would fit that bill well but was small enough for them to handle, so it will need to cease stifling my bookshop, breaching my patents and picking up my career publicity for a different cause that suit its purpose or it will stop doing these things to my career the way that I want it to stop doing them.

They do claim they have never seen anybody as optimistic about successfully attacking the famous like I am but this is not optimism, these people do not live in a working environment – the only group of managers and workplace leadership that were engaged in turning the work market into an abusive gimmick that got lower qualified people serving them with career assets were those serving celebrities and this was the main motivation for a series of social activities that wrecked peoples careers whilst they hurried up to complete their academic pursuits. In the real world, working for somebody else when you were professionally qualified i.e. a university graduate could be a downgrade considering you were both equally qualified, difference being that he owned the company. So I am certain nobody is paying the famous to show up here ripping up my career, actually going on to a series of activities which meant that they got paid as I got bullied by them, so eventually the result with the help of narcissism media is that at the end of an 8 year period, they were being paid to bully me and there was nothing their employers could do about it – it does love to lip flap at me endlessly, should know what we faced was a massive mistake and they should never have been trusted to serve as a direction for the public to follow as per products people could buy which would get the public Intune with economic conditions and build up to wider economic success and wealth for everybody – it is not really a mistake as such as there were celebrities that had spent most of their years campaigning against bullying at work and at school at the time that we gravitated towards such results, so the point being these idiots should know I am aware they were on a revenge path because I put their parents in a box so I may be allowed to concentrate on what I am doing, needs to stop shooting off its mouth at me, lest somebody pays me to get rid of them. These are the technical results of bullying Royalty which can be taken to any extent they wanted – they could breach my patents and create an outcome where a secure banner for my livelihood was making money by taking advantage of the public on behalf of another enterprise, then had to marry up something they have done which looked like the Nazis did not have the time to achieve, with their neoliberalist stupidities – same as the other part where they were so much more manly than I am, that they could follow me around, copy my client activities and pick up my career publicity as a method of directing me towards doing what they wanted – now we are talking about ways that they wanted to spend money on crime in order to solve it and I was the cause of all public problems and could only be allowed to run a Bookshop with less disturbance if I got into a fight with people on the streets to prove my bravery, like a cluster of entities I have not done some serious harm to just yet. However, talking about it as per the consequence of bullying Royalty will not be as much as fun as I would like it to be, so we start with the addiction I had failed to recognise, that they needed to make comments about their own career and cease interfering with a Bookshop schedule, needs to leave me alone.

They do claim that if there were celebrities that campaigned against bullying when all these started, then the failure is mine which is theory but in reality it isn’t as the business of producers that were said to have pandered to the needs of a useless individual in the form of my person, in favour of those that will fool around with German influence gimmicks and a behaviour they described as gaslighting started around 2013 and its true effect had been felt around 2018, whereby it was decided companies that wanted this needed to allow other people’s creative juices to flow as well, so that whilst such gits would create entertainment that delighted people who cannot keep their hands off people’s privacy and would never allow other concentrate on the daily affairs, other entertainment makers would entertain a different crowd; I am writing this in 2024 during which time I can confirm they had built a new history with me whilst the abuses have intensified, the reason it needs to stop badly and they need to cease shooting off their mouth at me lest somebody paid me to do it. This matter is therefore under control, there was never an issue with it, I am doing what I am doing for market reasons i.e. when they buy entertainment which criticises the fact they did not allow others concentrate on the daily affairs, it would not have meant they did not enjoy the entertainment and if they suffered mental illness for it, the question would be one of whether we preferred their criminal activities instead which would certainly have come once the abusive behaviour was evolved enough for it, we are in this mess because there were incredibly stupid people running around at the Monarchy which friends in Hollywood, never mind the German influence poofs getting all over my affairs all of the time. They do claim there were underlying issues in this and there were, crime control publicity was developed, people refused to engage with crime, some volunteered to join the security services and make amends, the Americans failed to put their house in order and have been blaming others for people with criminal background running off abuses at the security system but the Celebrities took it to a whole new stage claiming I am the cause of the problem and the active criminals could be controlled through spending and now I am just getting fed up with being the person to pay the financial price for such nonsense year in and year out. here the idea I have been predisposed to being taken advantage of my talking about it, is not based on reality as the need to interfere with my wealth politics had to end if the outcome so far is claims that I am the one doing the wrong thing, up to the point of doing damage to my career and failing to solve the problem, such gits were supposed to let me concentrate on what I am doing and at some stage painfully.

They have recently claimed that I am a threat to National security – I could never tell anyway, as I am rather aware whilst I am not at the front lines of where things were happening at National security that their gimmicks were hurting them since it was a product of building up a web of lies in public as a platform for press and media presence, then set about getting all over it everyday with my public image as a tool for fulfilling dreams, normally what they spent their time on when they were not suffering the consequences of so much lies by hurting themselves and hurting each other too. I suppose then that the aspect of dreams that needed fulfilling at this stage was to do with the idea that I am a threat to National security. Here they suggest that they had arrived at a point where they needed to stop picking on me but I have no idea which part of Politicians being confused whilst at the helm of what is happening with public and National security, such that when idiots claim I am a threat to National security, there was credibility to it, that they failed to understand – it was fun when the answer for all problems was a need to claim that I am the one doing the wrong thing if these gits were uncomfortable about the way I kept them off my affairs, on account that some people were not feeling as if they were more important than I am over what I did, now even whilst they held public office they got confused due to the sheer pressure and abusive information being offered in an abusive way. It is like they claim they were characters I did not want to mess with, which leaves me wondering if the moral of the story so far is not yet that whether or not I looked like a weedy peasant they wanted to squish, they should not be doing it, it makes me something they want to mess with naturally, like I am a threat to National security and it was not clear if their convenient alliance with criminals, alongside their friendship with deviant German influence gits who would rather offer body and money bribery than get their academic pursuits completed, made us all feel safer, my point being that it was fun for those who did when they did, to continually trash my career and finances because they were not topping up their social standing with my career, the idea that they were confused about institutional fake news whilst they held governmental offices does not necessarily mean that I am a threat to public security. Even if they raised the point that many things were being linked to me, it would still have been the part where it was not their business what I did with the person I had decided to settle down with in a marital relationship, so what we can see is prognosis for progression at this stage is that they are likely to pick up a disposition whereby it was not in their interest that I settled down in a marital relationship because they were using that aspect of my affairs to feel good about themselves and fulfil dreams – an example of the stupidities that eclipse mainstream civil activities before they claimed I was a threat to the public; neo liberalists they would say they were, right wing media they would say they were but they are all the same thing and only those who continually provide support for these stupidities were the people complaining about it the most. I have warned about the abusive ways that they spent everything I did about these matters, my career and clients interests at my Bookshop, each time they put up these gimmicks and wanted to keep going what the public thought of them, it alongside the other gimmick where they raised a point about my finances with reference to my age and point out reasons I ought to make space for younger clever people offers a real prospect I will at some stage be motivated to cause them serious physical harm – the comments should be kept restricted to the one that paid the salary which motivated them to perform most of these gimmicks but overall it is an example of the reasons I am on the correct path if I am working to stop it painfully. Here it is suggested these activities stick to me because I appeared to be somebody with a lot of problems to face, which I am not, the public face of this nonsense was a group of stupid men who took an interest in my career in order to work social disposition of women for themselves, especially the so called reverse psychology activities but it is the Celebrities who decided that I ought to be set out as public enemy for covering myself against it, that deserved majority of the punishment for the results were now faced and for my part I need to ensure that punishment goes on to end this fiasco for me with a lot of pain being inflicted on them for it. The point is then raised as to the reasons people behaved in such ways but we do not know why anybody would decide to get off performing wrong doing of public proportions, then come up with a method to ensure that other people suffered the consequences on his or her behalf, only the psychologists had the answers to this ad they have suggested these people were mentally ill with the mental illness leaning heavily towards narcissism; so it is a matter of narcissists, sociopaths and celebrities but if the narcissists is uncomfortable on my account people will rip up my finances and claim I am the one doing wrong on account they did not get to feel more important than I am with it – if the sociopath considered that their resources were not enough to handle me considering there was so little benefit to doing so and other people they wanted to befriend before attacking as they usually do, I will be made into a character that had to get on the streets to fight random crowds like a mad man who gained a certificate at being a low life, in order to prove I was brave enough to deserve my career, the Celebrity one was a mystery as they often complained about the sociopaths more than any other group of people in the various works of life, the narcissists being things they got into a relationship with, so they may show up ripping apart other people’s career and family over ideas that they were important, it is a problem to do with the way that I became public enemy because I covered myself, the reasons I need to ensure that when this stops it stopped very painfully for the famous and the trolls.

I am said to be this vulnerable character that believed he was invincible which is utter nonsense but if this was the case, I could never tell what the source of false confidence was that after all we have seen, they had learned nothing about me for their part as well, so they possessed a society from which they performed activities that were the causes of all problems I faced whilst they showed up here educating me about wicked destructive things that can be done even to a point of gaining financially from doing it by casing victims a lot of suffering, whenever people possessed something that I did not – an example of the way we end up with a story about those they considered worms they could step on had caused them a lot of harm and suffering and they could not even go on to tell a story about it because it was embarrassing. This being the reality, the main matter here is that these celebrity activities and that of the society gits who supported them were criminal, in which condition I did not have a job that caused me to spend time among criminals for the purpose of performing a role which would get me paid, but was not allowed to feel rest assured that these were criminal activities, so I am always adjusting something of a sociopolitical and socioeconomic context, to which effect I become the one in a position where people could pull my legs in many directions, get imagination into my panties for it and leave me exposed to all kinds of criminal activity including the fun parts – so it needs to cease making something of instances where the German influence deviance idiots it picked up to help it take candy from a baby around here, such that it performed activities that goad me each time I am engaged with a public control process or the financial damage is a real example of the reasons that I should never be thrilled that celebrities were financially comfortable and ought to respond in a way that stopped this nonsense badly, up to the point where it was clear their financial well being was the cause of my problems and I got about solving it. The idea I am vulnerable to their gimmicks is badly placed – it learns to live in an environment where prevalent history is one in which I did not respond to its famous abuses and insults, that history also contains a two decade career mess that was inflicted on me whilst they lived the high life running me down, I need to start living in a history where I had provided them with a response for the society gimmicks where they made money with my property no matter how much I disapproved and the celebrity one where their financial wellbeing was my career barrier, showing up around my Bookshop every day to run off all kinds of stupidities including the part where all I did got spent on their needs via a narcissism media and statements were made about my finances in terms of my age and reasons I needed to make way for younger cleverer people and if it does not want this needs to cease goading me over any public control activities, especially as the German deviance influence pricks needed to be firmly placed in a workable box, shelve the insults where people appreciated it (they say people who messed with the German influence issues always ended up with difficulty and they have always developed publicity to explain my career to people as something which did, that said, it seemed each time I stayed away from it I am a coward and each time I pushed back I had done something which affected their stupidities, ripping up everything here to cling to a history in which I had not responded). Overall it is not really the crisis it seemed to be, the idea is that I am broken hearted but it is not a happy experience to assess my current finances and history with the tax man, that said, I am not the only person whose finances failed to look the work that I did on this planet, it simply loves to run me down because of it and steal more of my property to make its own money on a narcissism media, it was a real motivation that they did, need restrict the comments to its own career, essentially keep its mouth shut and read a Book on showing up near a Bookshop (it is not as hopeless as thought either, the business of running me down all the time over ideas they should be able to manipulate purchasing power at the market place whilst somebody else out there possessed the same products as me had failed, so they figured out something that gave and kept giving i.e. my birth date, then there were people born on the same date, then there were people within the same astrological sign and it continues to spiral out of control but it could shelve the insults, keep an ego away from other peoples property and when it shows up near a Bookshop, exhibit some respect for a livelihood). So it is suggested that if it is not hopeless, cries over spilled milk, why have am simply failed to concentrate on my own affairs? This is because it was impossible, a German influence idiot who was everybody's parent with a need to work reverse psychology gimmicks on absolutely everything that is not their fucking mate works me everyday, especially as I had rented a space from them, then the famous idiots got involved to cling to my finances and attack it each time I failed to get into a fight on their behalf and cover their backside for a living, whilst sending out some low lives that had nothing to lose, to share my personal space and shoot off a big mouth about attacking me over smell issues everyday - so if I am to get rid of something to begin a recovery process, the celebrities picking up their need to bang walls and doors at me and get about right wing media, goading me over public control processes I am known to have succeeded at, their financial well being and that other big mouthy lip flapping about making money from my property no matter how hard I worked to prevent it, will be the thing that I needed to deal with. They do claim I never had a chance but where there were no celebrity insults and political industry idiots with ideas about making more money by handling my property, my public control measures are usually effective enough to keep peoples imagination out of my pants, so here was the fucking chance, needs to keep its famous mouth shut and run the publicity campaigns about its own career lest it be the thing that I had to do to get on with mine (all about money and yet they were not living on food banks to say the least but owing to a need to make even more money).

We now have to listen to the gimmick that people performed the abusive activities they did on my career because they wanted to find out how I did what I did – it is naturally the most abusive and insolent nonsense ever as it was clear that engagement with the Bookshop was replaced with such it and I can only make sense of what they are doing by also taking out a series of activities which results were that the best aspects of their career either led to their demise or played a contributory role, particularly a major contributory role. Here it is suggested I easily out of the mess but it is not really the mess people think it is from my point of view, it is the entirely expected and usual aspects of a activities performed by a group of people who looked and talked like they wanted a priest to perform and exorcism on them ASAP – that I am a character that the public adored and there was probably a time when I stepped outside and was met by an adoring crowd whilst I was starving and did not have the energy to engage with the crowd, to the outcome that I ran out of energy and probably did not recover, the stupid famous neo liberalist, modernist, superficial nonsense that others had to suffer all the time. It does get off boasting that there was nothing I could do about it naturally and should know that it needed to cease bothering my clients – currently I am handling it as per the clients were having to deal with a lot of it and if not, then there was a managerial prick who enjoyed making a mess of my Bookshop career and finances by bothering the clients, the idea there was nothing I could do about them is likely to escalate my bits and I could never understand what it meant when they made sense of the state of my finances in terms of my age and suggested I ought to make way for younger and cleverer people, ripping up the bookshop market that is now 14 years old and for all their interest in it daily, they have never once paid for a product on it either, followed up by a business of spending everything I did about every problem on themselves with a narcissism media over and abusive an insolent claim they loved me. I am already aware that their nature takes this form, just as much as my analogy here may be construed as another instance of assisting celebrities, whilst I have worked hard to get rid of the history celebrities had built with my career only to have the finances stifled until they built another one to show up here feeling entitled, which is therefore the risk they have accepted, as we know they have never once made a decision about where their career was to be located with reference to the work that the prison service was doing and loved to claim others did too much about crime, at the same time those who tackled crime were taken advantage of and those who did not were taken advantage of, hence I never had need of the education on it, comments made should be restricted to the careers of those who make them.