They do claim they have not seen anybody as angry as I am which does not hold a candle to the truth in anyway whatsoever – it enjoys these gimmicks, such that if I applied for a job, I would not have a job interview after I got one off them for months, the time wasting nonsense was extended to my Books and thereafter to my social media, my time at University was seen as something that had to be stopped because it was resistance; now I am at a stage where I need to cramp 45 years work into a 25 year period and it continues to show up making a mess like it had learned nothing whatsoever, having taught me a few things about the benefits of fuck-more being a real man, its career was the good looking one and mine was a mess. The idea that I am manipulated into living a life of difficulty, getting into one fight after another is not really the case and this was the reason these activities were so annoying because my career really is that which many people envied but whilst I do not remember doing anything I did not want to do, I am caught up with gimmicks associated with a bunch of idiots who worked a narcissism media building themselves publicity that suggested that manipulated me into doing what I had done but then again, I did not have to get along with them, only it was not up to me, it was up to them to give me detachment when they saw fit and this is going to stop badly from my point of view – in essence those who want to make me do things I don’t want to do, could always get in touch and see if I may not apply some good effort to try and ensure they ended up at hospital because I had too much fun at their expense. They do claim I manipulated others into doing my bidding which is utter nonsense – only a matter of sociological issues setting off around my career being similar to that of some female journalists, taking some responsibility resulted in a court system, we are not doing domestic violence, homelessness and single mothers issues on the basis of mobility that was achieved through it anymore these days, we are simply suffering to ensure a bunch of entitled pricks made the most of a narcissistic media presence, its stupidities absolutely dominated everything and there was a way it was the victims fault until they got what they wanted, in the mean time history has shown the idea that assisting a woman always leaves you with your whole life flushed down the loo by feminists, has been proven to be a myth, as I did not think the women would achieve leadership and managerial positions early enough for me to carry on with my career but this is actually what has happened.

The idea I have ended up in a situation where I am unable to help myself is utter nonsense, it simply was a choice between their part where they avoided picking up my career publicity to do their own business and interfering with my Bookshop to cling to some hopelessness I expressed in order to feel good with my personality or I had to prevent myself hurtling down a rabbit hole to show up at the backyards of industrial communities, taking out some action to prevent them doing stupid things with my career, about which I would require access to the well off neighbourhoods for the wrong reasons, I will require a means to handling the rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keepers and will want the celebrities to keep their private bank balance issues away from my clients and my client interests. I mean as I am even told people were suffering because of me which they would if they enjoyed fooling around with my career and getting out of bed everyday to contend with the financial mess their conveniently stupid social disposition caused me was exhilarating, not least due to the way I responded, this was likely to be the result if there were society gits doing a big thing: the thing that got me dropping out of University being one in which the society ran open secrets about me and sent out low lives to share my personal space, run me down and open up my social activities to crime whilst seeking another existence on a narcissism media as they claimed the idea of me sitting in a bad place so that they may make progress was big enough for whole communities and justified their abusive activities, this time, they have done another one and the idea that according to my age I had achieved so little with my life had given them the strength to build it incredibly big, even suggesting that they discovered I possessed talents to tackle celebrities on their behalf but just as I was about to get support for the talent withdrew it, considering the disrespect for my person was such that the Bookshop was not a factor at all, so those who played a part in making a mess of the career were bound to end up with some difficulty. They do claim that at the end of the day I am only a snitch which is utter nonsense as what happens is an unusual interest in me making them money and since that was how we made a living these days, when I get my hands on their personal life, their social life and their career, it will all come to a conclusion very badly, the society bits was big and special, follows me around everywhere, so I am keeping it, the whole open secrets gimmicks, they had it big apparently and I intend to spend it all, chances are, I will soon earn me a reputation for pushing them into early graves – people were either by these activities responsible for all these nonsense and if they were, needed to fool around somewhere else or I should not be held accountable for my responses as it was assumed that none would be affected as I was not directing them at anybody in particular, the celebrity role in the matter having to do with punishment I deserved for failing to serve them with what I knew, their case was never a special one calling for a special process. They do suggest that I developed hatred for people when they were not serving my cause anymore but such claims are an example of the reasons they hated me too – since we were still in the process of resolving the other part where they claimed that they performed their actions because they were fighting my wars and I am Royalty with no entourage and no bodyguarding security, so I had to place emphasis on public control matters, so I could pursue my own affairs too, I mean, it would be nice to have my own private army if they were willing to fight my wars on the basis of the public control matters, otherwise I am comfortable with people this stupid getting into a habit of hurting themselves – in my case there were three parts to it, one to do with activities I engaged in to ensure I was able to play up practical jokes on their time and careers painfully as well, the second was the real me in the middle and the third was what they referred to i.e. pleasured of the flesh which I would enjoy as a direct consequence of being beaten down by them to such an extent that I welcomed it as a consolation prize, the reasons they hate my guts being that I levy upon them the risk of being thought of in terms of the actions I took to ensure that I played up practical jokes with their careers if I had to as well and after marrying it up with the pleasures of the flesh which when not serving me anymore made me violent, the real me in the middle picked up my career where I left off and they claimed it was all a mystery.

I am told they suggest endlessly that they got me and got me good, it is incredibly stupid naturally as we were getting around a bunch of people who always came up with ideas that somebody had to get hurt and come to harm as part of a development that enhances an existence where they can conduct their affairs as they would want to and in safety, this is due wholly to their perverse nature and the fact they always had to objectify everything in order to handle it, up to the point where they were at lease to get abusive when frustrated, in such way that neither the abusiveness or frustration would affect their perspective in terms of their aims and what they wanted. The history here is that I also had a habit of ensuring that each time it was targeted at me, I took steps that created a result in which that was a prevalent state of affairs and they were the centre piece, what is remarkable is that I am being stopped from doing this, having they recovered from me, have started all over again and this time have done it better, hence the insults and abuses about getting me and getting me good, which if not stopped in time will soon create an outcome where I will want them to work alongside their American pricks for friends, to peddle the stupid popularity where they did not keep imagination out of my panties and enjoyed setting out communities that will protect them from me, as they developed a habit of extracting money from my career publicity, as a method of getting on my nerves with the insults, which outcome is set to be one in which I wanted them to find out what my best responses would be. The backdrop if I had to respond to concerns about the fact there was potential for me to cause them mortal harm and get away with it – reality check is that it is always showing up here to pick up my affairs as a tool by which it got to make people run the careers separately from public policy and those who tried to recover faced a narcissism media, an abusive society and celebrities that extracted money from peoples career publicity for a living whilst they were being mocked and abused; in my case it was easier to do this than it was to read a Book for their involvement at a Bookshop, the system had intervened on that and they had claimed state provided security provoked them to escalate it, if I get bullied by racists I get into trouble with them for not fighting back on their behalf, if I get bullied by them, I get into trouble with them for looking the part, if I did not get bullied by racists, I got into trouble with them because I was in league with racists and no matter how impossible this was to accomplish, I would lose my career over it, just as much as I have warned them we are not mates and the narcissism media needed to be shut down, especially if they were complaining about it more than I am. So I am set to pick up what was stopped around here and ensure that I ran off my affairs on a publicity where that stupid need to solve social problems by wrecking peoples careers fed into the state of mind of those who will want to respond violently – I am now a real threat since my deadline for these gimmicks had expired and they claimed the response they got from the system was a provocation that escalated the behaviour. At this stage they suggest I talked like this because I did not have control which is not true as we know they had access to me, celebrities had access and a bunch of gits that were victims of everything had access, then again, each time they claimed I was only Royalty when they approved of me and made a mess of my public work doing so, they needed to tidy it up as the gimmick was their idea but from my point of view, the main problem was still that they were incredibly important, their interest in me was to do with an important public service they claimed they were providing and their incredibly important gimmick had created a public problem that others had to fund, I have had enough of it and the insults, we are not mates, need to go away or it will go away painfully instead, like the proper poofs they were.

The Political matters behind these seemed to have been one of ethnic diversity, of which we know that their stupidities were pushing us into a state of political assimilation that the British system does not have the history and some may way Political DNA for – I mean the American type that was their big idea involved getting off to fight wars on behalf of those who protested the assimilation when they protested too much but we do not have such things here in the UK – we however know they were complaining because the system decided they should be getting into a fight on behalf of society because they were such a bunch of wise arses, I mean somebody came up with that phrase wise arses, they were not wise as well and loved to suggest that I knew how to get about the problems that they faced which I did as we were living in a country and all people had to do to find persons that can tackle an exiting problem is look well, that said, I am onboard with the system and they need to be out there fighting for the interests of society because they were such a bunch of wise arses. The idea I had no control and they were a threat to me had no link to reality in any case, the worst they can do with a business of converting a process where I stuffed them with information about my Office every time they showed up here bothering me, which they carried about like PR that I did not have to fund, into a narcissism media that allowed them to get away with the nefarious deeds whilst making a me a victim of my own control processes, is that they will move it on to the backyard of industry and all it would achieve there was a series of abusive deeds that caused people to feel inclined towards settling down in a marital relationship and they needed to bear in mind that if that was the way they encouraged people to settle down in marriage they always needed to complain less about the marital narcissism that will come with it, we know the reasons for their gimmicks to be that they had already experienced Victorian era but it underestimates the fact that they will be experiencing something entirely new with state sanctioned privacy as a premise. The sense of irresponsibility would suggest that it was this such states of affairs were responsible for creating the world wars, as much as it also underestimated that some of us hard learned from it, like the way we started out this conversation over a gimmick that involved boasting about getting me good with popularity nonsense that trashed my income, showing up here to ensure people were pushed into running their careers separately from public policy and those who lashed out over frustration that was inflicted because they tried to recover, on account that they were famous, performed activities that would be blamed on me and provide them excuses to extract money from my public life – absolutely no way that it pushes people to a state where they saw others as less than human, then to a stage where they acted on it – it could be said that they were suffering the same things that caused them to claim religion was the cause of all wars and we were now at a point where we religious people could enjoy from freedom from being judged by them so abusively every day, bearing in mind their version of it was an absolute animal on media carrying out these nonsense in the most violently and provocative manner, alongside a King that loved ripping up my finances for practical jokes, which was none of their business since it would not constitute a problem for me when I ran Bookshop publicity on the basis that it was happening, hence their single interest in me was one in which they got to ensure I ended up in the same shithole as they had.

The idea I did not have tellable control of my Office is not based on fact either, what is happening with it is more a matter of the King having business with a bunch of people who loved to work abusive patriarchy in my direction and had decided that they were free to pursue any corruption they wanted because my attitude suggested that I had means to tidy up any of the problems that would come of it. It is not really a crisis as if I ran PR for the Bookshop on the basis this was happening, then it would simply be a matter of Monarchic affairs which had nothing to do with them and their involvement was meant to ensure I ended up in the same hell hole as they had. They do claim on their part I should not be messing with the King which I am not, they simply think that they ought to get the interests of the Head of State caught up with my work whilst His Majesty did not find it useful as yet again another instance where they had dreams about doing something and got to do it no matter what – first time around was the complaining and issuing threats due to a result where they ran off open secret gimmicks in my direction which created a social vacuum that people could get involved with to perform group mentality behaviours on me, claiming even when I knew it was happening, that any who informed me would face harsh punishments, which allowed them to do as they pleased and send out low lives to share my personal space and run me down endlessly, always had to do what they wanted to do and it always involved an idea about handling me, even when I took up these activities that none had claimed responsibility for, and set about running PR on it as part of an assessment to the determination of my sanity, which result is that I had gas lighted the gas lighters, entirely by accident as part of a process where I ensured my own sanity, they did not take a hint, they only got on media to issue threats because their abusive activities had affected them too whilst the role that the famous played in the matter involved enlisting rogue landlords to show images of my penis and anus with hoodlums and criminals, so that a sense those who were bigger than I am would not allow me to feel rest assured that they were engaged with criminals activity and those who were criminals would never allow me smell nice, became the means upon which their fame careers were built but as soon as they found out about the methods by which I handled crime control publicity and ensured I could concentrate on what I am doing, they got about shredding it to enhance a career that was developed on a convenient alliance with criminals and a process where they were blame culture specialist whilst the involvement of the system with what had become a matter where unusual activities like these being performed on my Bookshop was easier than reading the Books displayed, they escalated their activities on the basis that state provided security had provoked them, their completely innocent fans and internet trolls securing an opportunity to rip up my finances for money on the basis none could tell the difference between the three entities of me, the system and the people who engaged in these activities. They do claim that I am not in a good position which I am not aware that I am not – the King is working with patriarchy at this stage and they know His Majesty does not find my work useful first of all, as much as they are aware of how much I had expressed the ways that patriarchy got on my nerves – I mean my career was provocative because I defended myself from people who feared the markets but wanted to be business tycoons never the less, a career built on ideas about how people could handle my person which had since grew into a need to do favours at security services to earn rights for it, whilst I am being attacked because I simply want them to match their abusive activities with some daring do at the security services or get a real job which was the way that other people got the finances done. The matriarchy on the other hand enjoyed having borderline consensual sex with society gits on my behalf, to help its famous idiots seek an income from my social life and career publicity. So they are aware of where I stand but always had ideas about doing things with other peoples bodies and then got on to do it anyway: it is just a huge amount of fun and I do not have the time for it, I mean my own version of fun would be the part where the wife was pregnant and I had to work on the diet and other processes associated with childbirth, whilst they played up their practical jokes as a centre piece and of course they claim they had since stolen this diet whilst the matriarchy shut down my personal relationships, at the same time they suggested I am the person being provocative, supposing then that they were concerned I might devise a diet that helped me cope with their stupidities and then I had to continue stopping myself from doing further harm.

There is no dishonesty about public matters as suggested either, the facts are that for each public matter resolved, there will be a gimmick that Politicians and uninvited abusive famous gits will perform to ensure the process was repeated again and again to serve them in a capacity where they were such a bunch of entitled bum covering pricks, that were arrived at a point where public problems did not repeat themselves and the famous were abusively untouchable. It is usually that which people can live with save instances like mine where there was a physical contact with my property and livelihood to boot and I had given them a deadline upon which I will cease to tidy up the mess they made for me and instead view it as a series of activities they engaged in because they considered they existed at the top of the food chain. On the matter of relegating duties at the Office, I have done no such thing, just ensured I and only I was in charge of anything I did with my career publicity to the effect of encouraging people to build products which helped to babysit people who spent money fighting them – the question raised being the reasons I had to work like that whilst all could see I was unable to sell Books at the shop because matriarchy started off with a gimmick by which they will show they were out of my league but none knows what it is doing at this point anymore, save the part which makes sense being a need to get rich off this system abusively, whilst on the male side, they claim others were unqualified low lives but they leave work for which they were being paid, lying around to such an extent that the unqualified low lives were desperate enough to go off and get the work done all together, never mind the convenient alliance with criminals that half the time rips up other peoples careers to serve them whilst they could explain their interest in the criminal community as something they did because they possessed enough finances to engage in a spending that would alleviate the causes of crime, clinging to my property in a setting where bigger than me does not allow me to be rest assured they were engaged in criminal activity and criminal does not allow me the right to smell nice (the causes of all problems on legs literally) – hence people have their 18 to 65 affairs hijacked for this nonsense and I am unable to convince them that the work market was the bees knees, leaving them open to get caught up in energy sapping gimmicks that involved the look of other peoples bank account and the dream of coming into possession of some of the wealth in it, so I am set to provide the equity and convince them to get involved with the business world for the purpose of building products that will help baby sit these characters who were obviously incredibly unhappy about something really important.