The idea is that we are always needed to talk about Russia because they were superior, but this is not really the case – they are isolated, always meddling in other people’s affairs and any attempt to get close to them is unusually met with violence. The problem was never that I arrived for instance a stage where I broke that barrier and was able to make sense of Russian society working in what was parallel in its nature to the way British society worked, as per we fundamentally grew up into an environment where we chose to be rude or not but if we were rude, we knew we only had to run with a certain crowd and try to avoid the rest, but in Russia it was a choice between being a good person and being an evil person but if you were an evil person, chose to be an evil person as the choice is never up to the state, your pool of friends were limited to a certain group of people. The problem is that it seems one of the people who chose to be evil is running Russia, but his actions cannot be said to have been entirely evil with claims of consistent provocation from the USA. The American one therefore was a business of always being so disrespected that I have my career and lifework trashed, so that I may be groomed into a position where I endured the insults of some verbose bimbos constantly as they were backed by idiots with muscles on account they were making money off it – can make sense of what I am saying each time it shows up talking nonsense around here with the narcissism media that had an eye on my social life, finances and well being constantly: so I am set to pick up on the abusive German influence gimmicks, the Italian version and their version, since they had no wish to keep off my finances and cease attacking my clients, burn it up to the point where we met in a setting where they burned my career publicity and finances until we did meet, so it would end where they got to find out what I am made of and I what they were made of or I suppose my Bookshop will be allowed to work for me on a schedule no matter how perverse their mindset was – the British version of it needs to stop showing up here looking like they needed to push me around, if Politicians were being made to listen to their feelings about my response. There is a sense then that I am inherently vulnerable to them which I am not, only a matter of jumping hoops and once I jumped them all, caught up with a  gimmick associated with ideas about how they had seen things being done in other countries whilst they cling to my finances, the other gits who stopped the small measures by which I kept them out of my affairs but have not worked out what to do with their gimmicks, is now hanging about looking for excuses where I may be bullied into performing my duties, over claims that I had been so hurt by their patriarchy stupidities that I had stopped doing so and this sort of nonsense goes on again and again when they believed a lack of response from me provided them a license to become an outstanding problem. Even now in talking about Russia, I am faced with another barrage of insult that were financially profitable because my methods of keeping them off my affairs had been stopped, so the short insulting videos they made out what the way advertisement should be made, had caught up with my social life, to say this was the domain of Germany, so we are not allowed to whilst they built abusive community that got imagination into the pants all day, do or say anything about the gangland and organised criminal activity that came from Russia because it was such a haven, protected by a policy of isolation and violence for those who got close, reality of course is that Germans are not some sort of westernised communists at all and their stupidities had nothing to do with Germany and the struggle continues with a sense that I am being cruel whilst it shows up here making a mess of my public control matters to ensure people had to run a career detached from public policy and those who tried to recover would be frustrated by narcissism media – I am certain when I get my hands on their career as well, I will want to hand it back literally.

The other serious matter being that I am still single, so it is suggested that it was my fault women perceived me the way that they did but it wasn’t as it was clear that if I am an active Royal whilst a woman was nobility but not an active Royal, then my work had to be kept away from incessant public access, the idea she was out of my league is a business of looking for trouble. In any case the others who started out showing they were out of my league do not know what they and their celebrities who now spend a lot of time stifling my personal life with their problem associated with an existence where those who got into a relationship with them needed to prove capability, were doing with my wealth equity publicity and my financial affairs, whilst I lived in a world where we did not respond to anything society did no matter what they threw at us – that if there was a woman that could live with me like this, then I could settle down in matrimony otherwise it was not possible to do so and I suppose it would be the end of an era, especially as showing my wife what to do after marrying her would mean an existence where the stress never went away.

The claim that my actions played into the hands of Communists and was a threat to democracy which made me a provocative person, is that which I find unbearably annoying, something about a bunch of idiots I always find doing what they wanted with my assets, ravaging my career publicity and picking up my income margins via a gimmick where there were places I could not go and things I could not see each time I found myself down a rabbit hole to show up at the backyards of industry because I am keeping a Bookshop, it would imply they were now thinking about the big picture, concerning which they were a threat to me and Politicians need to stop peddling it for them at government buildings as if I had been a bad children and will soon be punished, it is also very provocative nonsense coming from government. The leadership premise with respect to Government joining in is that the gits had since built a monstrous society, which treats people as less than human and will only stop when they had made enough money to bow out of the work market or had retired from it, thus the only method by which victims could ever be free of it, so those who had dropped through the cracks therefore want other peoples finances, career, personal and social life to catch up by and they had no plans to shut it down, as such it is very provocative nonsense that whilst I am trying to govern them separately from everybody else, they were getting governmental support to claim that my actions assisted communists and posed a threat to them and democracy, which also causes me to pick up the fact that the Politicians are always being disrespectful and the way the abuses played into my involvement with security services served the stage upon which their enemies made statements in their direction – not the first time as we know the Politicians have continued to reiterate that I am the one doing the wrong the thing even when they know of the racist violence, politic brutality and gangland activities that comes from their need to investigate law enforcement on behalf of their society and end up in a situation where they were influenced by criminal communities, up to the point where they committed their own crimes too. The Celebrities have had a special role in this naturally and this was my point i.e. that celebrities were the big wigs in a world of people who never stopped treating others as less than human and objectifying people i.e. if you said overseas business interest, there will be such a violent interest in your personal and social life, as to a terms whereby they and their friends had taken a certain amount of risks to make products available to you at the market place for which whilst you paid for it, had to be so grateful that you lost your career and family, showed up on the streets to do violent brave things that served their cause, arriving at a point where they were now running the business on the basis that blood was shed and it was your blood that was shed to help them feel safe and important, sort of objectifying people – so let them peddle the statements by themselves about how my actions played into the hands of communists and posed a threat to democracy, politicians needed to stay out of it unless they were had a major role to play in it too – I mean has now told anybody how much it gets on my nerves the past 7 years leading up to 2024, where it enlists corrupt private security and abusive landlords to build up society abuses in my direction as would ensure if they wanted to attack me, if you have been a matter of time and not a matter of how, if I did not waylay them on the street corner to bag their heads and attack them so they could never tell the Police for example, a welcome change if I worked intellectual property on the basis of their vandalism and society insanity, making a mess of mine and enjoys the good feeling of running its own career by making comments about mine disobediently every day. They do claim I thought I could do anything but it is simply achievable that the next time they or their girlfriends rip up my finances over claims I had picked up a career that was too big for me, favours done at security services to earn the right to handle me and abusive gimmicks associated with handling my career publicity to make money, the stupid houses, cars and healthy bank balances that stifle my income, I will show up at the city centre on their account and find out how they will like to end up their gimmicks too. It would like people to think that according to what we were seeing, besides enduring their need to objectify me for money making purposes and gimmicks that would prove they were brave, the abusive and destructive activities played into a process where what they did at the Office involved a process of providing leadership which decided how people were to get products that was paid for at the companies where they worked and in what condition people got those products, they had not become a threat to those who did it, they were important, if they lost their temper they made friends and I am a nonentity, it was never easy to see that most of their activities were developed around being able to stuff a briefcase with bonds at an opportune time and bail out, run off to a tax haven to put the feet up. Will not keep the healthy bank balance, the abusive cars and homes in peace, will not quit whilst they were winning.

The claim that I am not a safe hand for the western interests at my disposal is utter nonsense too – I mean we have ended up in a scenario where the method by which I operated involved a sense that the Chinese could easily build a state owned automobile industry which purpose was to make political statements and I was the best hand to decide which was one okay and acceptable as a trading premise and which I frowned upon, the reasons I have ended up working like this was their security services orientated insults and ideas about brave things I am to do to both prove myself and to serve the American Government, of which I am never likely to decide I wanted to frown upon a Chinese statement automobile which did them less favours for example. It does get on to boast about its activities being a product of a need to cause me a lot of hassle but we know first of all that the sense I felt as if I could do anything was a product of something I did to securitise my equities and assets for which purpose I set out important aspects of that process on a website, which meant that it could not be stolen because blogs were always time dated but it had not deterred them as I am now cash strapped because they believed it was their place in this world to make money on the basis that I am afraid of them, which makes so much sense of the way I had decided that they ought to play their hand and see what came of it – the idea of picking up my career publicity and working it into an outcome where they did their own thing with it naturally plays into the hands of some git at Washington who bankrolls that stupidities because they would like government offices to become a cesspool, the business of my career publicity up to asset equity I brokered with clients that worked through to product development being perverted into a gimmick that allowed them make money when they were working with communists and make money by fighting communists for America was not what I did for a living and the poofs have not yet taken a hint even when I informed them I could not have enough of the fighting aspects. Needs to keep away from my books if I am not ripping up their own too.

I am told these activities came with racist undertones but they did, I mean the scenario is that I am involved with security services and in which condition I had to decide, to what extent somebody that was incentivised by criminal activity, was likely to take advantage of my affairs, in which condition there was also a duty to get some of the work done: so I closed down areas where I might be excessively vulnerable and opened up areas where I wasn’t, so anything that allowed me to perform my duties in the areas that I am not excessively vulnerable is being systematically dismantled by Celebrities and I cannot simply hang about looking like I did not wish to see my 60th birthday, so I had to make the decision that Celebrities were the same as the racists. The point is then raised about the abusive troll characters who between them and their friends owned the country, concerning which I could not breathe, which has been a long standing issue in the sense that I worked office crime control publicity to ensure they knew I had a tendency to make too much from any instances where the Police got involved with their affairs, to which effect they were seen being publicly passionate people, which allowed me to concentrate on what I am doing for change i.e. it is dismantled by Celebrities because Celebrities are the same things. The statements they make about what they claimed was a right to rip up my Bookshop and which was considered in terms of the fact I am not ripping up their finances as well, was to do with a sense they were incredibly important and promised whatever tickled them which I could alleviate by serving them will be an activity that I engaged in one way or another and they would see to it, adding to the fact they were some sort of big wigs for a society that never stopped objectifying people as per they had horns in their cars and others could not breathe because they needed to enjoy the best day of their lives and were fundamentally entitled to a sense that when they abused some people, their business activities took a turn for the better, so it goes without saying I have given the famous pricks enough time to make their stupid comments about their own careers and cease ripping up my affairs to sell good feelings to the public in a bid to achieve this aim where I was forcibly made to serve them like they had promised I would on account they found the disrespect or indifference I showed towards their incomes unbearable, before it turned towards a result where a famous idiots had lost their lives.

They do claim that I was stretched out and it added up to some sort of achievement which I am not – this is what I had to do when people had a problem with any instances where I had gained an upper hand against people that were incentivised by crime; the criminals and terrorists, the celebrities and abusive characters that were victims of everybody being versatile with evil. I must govern them separately since they will not shut down the monstrous society they had built and each time they feel through the cracks they needed my finances, my personal and social life, my career publicity etc to patch it up, about which there was always a way that their personal decisions were a fault of mine. Same as the story they got fun from taunting me, of which I do not feel that way, I feel they have had need to see me respond to being taunted, ended up hurting themselves and developed a habit, now they are attacking a Bookshop which is not a factor save they were incentivising me to attack their jobs and incomes too. The claim that I will never catch up on the financial side is well understood but this is not the case as I need to recover financial structures, career arrangements and assets from a system that is not sustainable for the whole economy and deals is making some stupid people with a narcissism media wealthy on the basis that products were bought of which the paying process was still in the works, there were ways people could come to money whilst they were actively absent careerwise from the applicable business premises, and other peoples careers could be trashed to secure the macro-economic factors from the existence of the businesses to which the careers were applied as part of the means that helped them maintain the façade – I need to pursue this by encouraging people to build products that helped to baby sit them, considering that tolerating the fact they were famous and were not living on foodbanks, so they were allowed access to the funds they had because it was assumed that they would spend it to help people keep jobs, not fight the public and empower an abusive middle class, where I am concerned, tolerating them on this basis had become unsustainable for the entire economy too as it was building up to a financial crisis all together; so the products that will baby sit them will help to ensure the social life they kept alongside their industry friends where their families and parents were not affected by their abusive activities and it rather incentivised them to enter into a two part social life where the families and parents where the place to feel good as their abusive activities towards other people intensified, the financial aspect of this exact behaviour being that I was never allowed to smell nice or feel good because they were prepared to abandon their jobs and abusively acquire what I knew, in which respect they had become very stupid people whose activities were incredibly damaging for everybody and if they did not consume the products as per they were incredibly unhappy about something, somebody else would consume it for them. They do claim it was an American leadership designed to put me in my place as a matter of Americans marrying into the Royal family through the Duke of Sussex but such nonsense will only mean that areas of my public life that is about keeping the public informed about their famous persons insults will increase dramatically, with a real risk that I will eventually get my hands on the financial matters which got to their heads with an intent in mind, we are not talking about the opportunistic gimmicks of people who were supposed to be more powerful, those were waiting for a chance to show up here stopping at nothing with abusive activities as part of a statement that when they wanted to do something they got to do it but I bet would not love the PR for all the tracked results. Ultimately without delving too much into the ways that not tracking the results of patriarchy power shows up to leave me with astronomical personal finance costs associated with a need to be able to say that whenever they wanted to do something they would do it, there was the matter of defence spending and we could see that at the tail end the work that the Ministry of defence did eventually to succeed became part of public psyche, hence based on current spending levels, even if it was possible to achieve this on the basis that the budget was available to do so, we would not have been able to keep it for long because the other corruption gimmick that ensured billion pound defence equipment was not fit for purpose in short periods of time would have evolved well enough to ensure that we did not – we see this gimmick play out not just in terms of a level of disrespect towards my person which was so intense a bunch of poofs working with famous idiots picked up my career publicity to do their own bidding and extended it to the middle east whereby we then had to care for middle east allies, pilfering things around here all the time.

So annoying when I am told I needed to take a side in the war with the communists – the assumption I must settle in on therefore seems to be that what was the inescapable fact over a 2 decade career mess, is that the results of Politicians being able to pinch my income whilst their idiots read my birth sign and abused me on the streets and media, was to say that they would be able to get away with it, as in the Politicians stealing my income everyday and when they were not inciting people to assist them with it, they were getting about international industry picking up my assets to end up with two challenging jobs which they had to keep by wrecking my career to ensure they could secure information from me through a convenient alliance with criminal communities, which they do for such a sustained period of time, claiming I bottle my anger and my birth date is the way they found out I am likely to, is that they wanted to see something spectacular occur because of it – the prognosis for the rest is that after a two decade career mess that involved targeting and attacking a Libra to solve their problems, they will keep the social life, the career, the finances and the neighbourhoods, which is another example of a bunch of incredibly stupid individuals, especially the abusive Scorpio and vagabond Virgo, underestimating what I am capable of for my part as well. It is not half the crisis they believed that it is – they simply had to build their own armed services that does not do anything it is asked to do because security services were doing their best work aligning themselves with my work, so it was clear whenever they wanted to tell people they possessed the right to pick up my income and needed to do favours that convinced others not to intervene, they were free to use it, fight some national level enemies and show up here being inconsolable that somebody had died etc, it needs to stop running me down and its politicians talking nonsense at me through parliamentary offices to make out that a 2 decade career mess was likely to convince me that their stupid wars were a far more important thing for me to engage myself with, never mind the fact that I am not actually neutral in the war all together in the first place. The Politicians need to consider that if they were complaining about the sex work politics, they ought to allow the idiots go off and get killed by National level enemies as part of a process of tidying up the sex work causalities they had brought into the security services to meddle and antagonise security service staff – the history of it morbid last time we checked, full of security service staff who on leaving the army, would deploy their skills at Industry, do business with them in a condition for losing everything at the end, then get murdered, to which effect none would have found their killers etc, so I have tolerated enough of their nonsense around here, my Bookshop and my income margins are not a factor in their stupidities if they were keeping their own. they do complain that those who risked their lives for the country should be treated the same which is exactly what is happening here, taken up in terms of the fact that they are always corrupting the system to antagonise security service staff and are now picking up what connoisseurs did with me as part of a process where getting involved meant that after justice had been served life continued as normal, to such an effect that some of them had to fight and so they did, to claim that they were entitled to anything they saw as long as they did any fighting but their own is an abusive special case that needs to make a mess and get it tidied up without bothering other people too much – time for me to chose a side in the war apparently, makes more sense if I suggested they need to keep their imagination off my panties, their insults and blame culture to where people appreciated it and go fuck themselves.

The talk that they wanted to see me out outside and meet them in real terms is nothing unusual but it continues to suggest the abusive society was its civil rights whilst my bottom hurts and the abdominal discomfort was unbearable, now wants to play it out in a condition where those who can attack me successfully will not keep their mouth shut and those who cannot will not stop hurting themselves, fair to say that at some stage I will consider that responding to this was the only way to provide for structures that assisted me with my financial wellbeing, it simply needs to keep up the comments and insults that helps it feel good immersing its stupidities in my career publicity to feel good, stifling the finances – there will be so stupid causalities where I got to make society a more dangerous place to live in like they think I will, it needs to get good feeling from its own personal life, social life and career, needs to make comments about that all day. It is not really a crisis as such, just a bunch of idiots who investigated law enforcement on behalf of their society to end up committing their own crimes because they were influenced by criminal communities, so they spend their days oscillating between the law and their society, getting involved with security services by handling my public life, garnished with some of them becoming famous thereby earning some sort of exception at public policy for the purpose of narcissism media that does not stop until there was an unusual response to its abuses and insults, so it is all new and when they want to do favours that ensured others did not intervene each time they handled my person, they were free to use this system and get hurt by national level enemies to do so, whilst Politicians stayed out of it and out of the idea I am the one doing the wrong thing. I personally could never make sense of it anyway, especially when they claim it was a situation in which there was one law for some people and another for everybody else – the rest of us are usually content living in a world where we were simply better off, so when criminals did crime and we were better off it would meet somewhere in the middle, they were the people activity engaging with and encouraging crime, so it was easier for them to make sense of the work Police did, considering they were likely to acquaint people that came into a brush with the law, yet they were the same doing these things I have described, getting off to suggest that their activities were meant to keep me away from the Monarchy and other important institutions, always a need to set out a sense that if an issue of authority arose and I wanted them to do something I wanted, they would wade my ideas but have not yet waded the talk and warnings as we can see, they had a history of stopping me – naturally I am unlikely to get involved with the Monarchy as a matter of public affairs in my current condition because it would suggest I was dropping out of the basket and top authorities needed to do something to protect me or keep me in it, however they were not the people who decided how I ended up, currently will run off their gimmicks to keep the careers, the fame, the money and the neighbourhoods when finished, this is the general assumption. In the end they claim I had failed to see the link with German influences of which I had not, the German bit is supposed to be a society where my success was offensive to the male population, shows up here with insults all the time, complaining it had to fight wars on my behalf, stupid girls with a need to show up and perform something over my social life which bore down the high way to schizophrenia and I am likely to break the stupid Political system, plunge them into a crisis with no way to be held accountable – what their celebrities believe will happen is the need to set out a society that built up open secret abuses that created a vacuum for crowd mentality activities to be channelled at me, then send out low lives that had nothing to lose, to share my personal space and run me down all day, what it means is that each time they got on my nerves I am supposed to fight something like that as they were way too important and this is never going to happen. The way that Celebrities were important bears towards the idea that what I am doing is unnecessary but if involved with executive leadership and they started these kinds of provocation, one cannot afford to build public leadership on a lie, should I respond 15 years after or 20 or 25, if they started it, they started it, the part that beats the imagination being that the problem was to do with a lack of respect for what others did to make a living which then built up to such intense abuses that they ended up on a stage within the limelight where obscurity that was due to Government policy meeting up with law enforcement and local authorities maintaining clean safe neighbourhoods and people could get imagination into their panties, so they were so important they lived in a state of obscurity that was a product of being excessively exposed to the limelight; pure evil I might say. Where I am concerned, there will be no such thing as attacking a stupid low life that runs me down because he thinks he is a high and mighty trouble maker, I am to find the rogue landlords who groom me for it, abusive shop keepers and their insults, corrupt private security and in terms of telling us they were the clever people in expensive clothes within a world of learn, do and stupid, find out which famous prick keeps pushing it my way because I failed to cover their backsides for a living (its like they think they have succeeded in getting me tangled up with Russians who were doing unusual things with my affairs whereas like I mentioned, on successfully breaking the barrier of isolated Russia that attacked those who got close whilst meddling in other peoples affairs, is that like we grew up to decide if we wanted to be rude or not, if we were rude spent our time with a limited pool of social activity, in Russia it was about doing evil, those who chose to do evil spent their time with a limited pool of social activity; the choice issue in Russia however was a massive thing, the endless bombardment of citizens with causalities and questions, however the choice that people made was entirely and wholly up to them). They do claim the way I attacked Celebrities meant I might as well be a communist, which is utter nonsense as they were taking revenge for the things that people who took part in my court had done to them but each time they did, had to justify the fact it has been a 2 decade career mess for me and they have not been paying the bills, the problem remains still that a need to handle me for feel good purposes abusively meant I am unable to concentrate on anything I am doing - it gets off from this to convert career and academic processes into a gimmick that involved having outdoor fun and being immune to activities that might deny you the right to smell nice whilst it builds the obscurity that causes it up to the skies, then it covers its backside and gets ahead, we are now having to deal with the fact that there were too many idiots providing leadership out there to make stupid people more money, the pool of real professional leadership had gone to hell - for my part, I am so stupid I have seen it all before my 40s, it now needs to keep away from my Books as there is likely to be nothing new (I mean, they claim I had business with them and cannot simply back out which is not applicable - they decided that my career and finances ought to come to a stop because I worked my academic pursuits and career with respect to sociological matters around it that met up with that of some female journalists that had similar sociological matters surrounding their careers, the idea is that they want to live in a free world but we can see the sheer level of economic abuses and National media insults that were used to make mine smaller, needs to keep away from the bookshop and career publicity, it is not a factor).