I am said to be terribly vulnerable to them when Politicians speak of the way I needed greater protection which I am not, just the reality that they were getting things off my Bookshop and career publicity free of charge paying off in an ugly manner, so I need to ensure it stopped, especially for the Celebrities that can clearly afford the Books. The history is that the Celebrities will suggest that I am the cause of public problems whilst criminals were fine, because I had means to solve the problems the criminals were creating, then their completely innocent fans will decide to strip me of my career and saddle me with religious problems, so I may be made to protect them from Muslims whilst they travelled overseas to get rich, these are examples of the way that I faced complications with my Bookshop tending to mean that they considered themselves to be a group of people that were at the top of the food chain and can do anything to other people to get anything they wanted, to any extent that they wanted to. It feeds into the concern that we are now living with Mob rule in the UK which I could assist with; the mechanism of the mob rule being that of older people who had spent more time, earned more money from and possessed more savings off money extracted from the Jobs market, who were already steeped in nepotism, forging an alliance with the most corrupt youth we have seen in a generation, taking advantage of other people either way people got caught up with crime, avoided it or handled it to offer them prerogatives in return for money and fame but then again it still comes through to the fact they were getting things off my Bookshop and career publicity free of charge and it had to stop, as they can clearly afford the Books. Here they claim I am not necessarily the innocent party in the matter but I am not – they started off with the idea that people who had not been witnessed getting into a fight did not deserve a career, so they needed to fight now why nobody wanted to get into a fight with me as it was incredibly expensive, so first stage was the way Politicians had to listen to their feelings and now we are at the point where it bothers me because it is never enough, the practical jokes where its famous gits repeat everything I did with public office, trash the public image and finances for it, the public transport gits cannot operate the transport system without running off ideas about an open secret everybody shared about me which I was oblivious to, they cannot cease travelling around especially with the abusive saloon cars that were purchased for the purpose without running off the idea that I am lost something important whilst clinging to my social life and career publicity, at the same time that I wanted more and what made them behave the way that they did. I have faced down these matters before and it was easier in the past as some would have noticed but I am doing it the way I am because I am regularly punished for doing the right thing by patriarchy gits who wanted details; reality is that Royals came in pairs, I had my pair and with it worked the matrimonial narcissism that ensured they had no access to the short insulting public self-exhibitionist nonsense that was facilitated by a mandate their immoral society had provided them, to hang about getting rich with a happiness that just kept giving whenever they handled my social life and personality, until somebody decided to break it and now had no idea what to do with the problem. I can recover my pair but they are all over it and think it will bend me towards the needs of idiots who marry into the Royal family to marry in property and family life, currently complaining and are not listening to warnings or taking a hint, such that it will have become a matter of settling for somebody who would do me favours to keep them out or somebody who would let them in with limits attached, which still brings us back to the same point that I continue to get out of bed and face poor book sales numbers and the inability of clients to engage with the Bookshop because of them, I will construe it an activity performed by people who have declared having made an enemy they knew nothing about and thought they were at the top of the food chain with Celebrities that have built up a media presence for criminals whose activities being so incredibly clever to say the least had since eclipsed main civil activities, deciding what economic abuses their famous stupidities can perform whilst complaining about the way the problem affected them, to get me caught up with it.

So annoying when it gets off from here to run down an angle where it is suggested I had met my match, there are not matches for me here, only narcissism which takes more time to get rid of when the victims had paid too much attention to it, there is this way to pay attention that is causing the complaints however, where I got those who ensure I paid attention to it into a position where they lost something important each time I did. The history of narcissism was one in which it was important to pick up career publicity and any structures by which I engaged with clients, to run off gimmicks where my assets were spent on other people until I agreed to fight communists or respond positively to American interests, which is not what I did for a living, I am simply tidying up at this stage, the fact we had established this was the main issue and need not be distracted by other gimmicks that helped idiots with media presence pick up my income and Politicians had a role to play already with gimmicks where I had met my match. Their part in this was that they were seduced and fallen head over heels in love with the way that criminals solved problems, alongside their celebrities and were so clever that when they came up tickling me like so, they had not even scratched that problem and the chances I was going to get away with another ugly history was astronomical – then got off telling me that most of my strength came from criminal community support whereas they were the same making the most abusively of the fact that the criminal communities hated my diet, this prevalent sense that when I dinned I stirred resentment in a bunch of idiots that will not get a real job instead of picking on others to make money and they did not understand the reasons, save the idea that they only had the right to tackle me if they were bigger than I am. It is an example of the way these fools have not heeded my recent warnings, considering we arrived at such a stage because their friends at the local authorities had become fed up paying up the unemployment social security which they also claimed I was committing a fraud to get, spurring this whole process where we had to get to the heart of the problem and find out which of those they could manage themselves all together – have not heeded my recent warnings about making a mess of client interests with their big sibling gimmicks in this place, as this entire matter had been resolved since 2018, their friends at the local authorities picking up a problem with social security that became a career crisis for people who were on it but were working to it off it for them, since then, hence 2018 to 2024 and their famous stupidities have not paid a single bill in this place, although they would love to tell everybody that I had met my match. Its like there were patents attached to my work and property, what work involved in maintaining those patents hurt their bottom and this was the reason I was being punished by politicians, seek seeking media gits, famous idiots and fashion pricks – I did warn them and so this my start. They always suggest it will not be easy for me but it will be a piece of cake, their stupidities are always as stressful as those who handled it cut the corners, I am unlikely to do that if I think there was no meaning or purpose to it, since I am the one dealing with communities that touch my penis and finger my bum due to their famous persons harassment considering their stupidities were so clever they eclipsed mainstream civil activities and they wanted a different result so they could carry on with a career that got to their heads thereby producing such a result in the first place, needs make the comments about the career and fool about elsewhere.

I am told they claim that people showed respect in my direction which I did not deserve but this has always been the issue, their insults are that the respect I am accorded was rightfully due to somebody big and strong and powerful and willing to attack others to help them feel safer and more famous than they already were, similar activities being performed on important aspects of my career because they considered themselves to be at the top of the food chain, now failed to heed warnings I issued, hence this is my start as well – not least because a whole society has been built up to finger my bum so they may handle my career to cover their backside because they were done with their gimmicks and could not access my privacy to build restaurants where they can go to eat without their stupidities biting them in the backside as they say. Here it is said that having spoken of it, what I am doing had become clear, but it is the matter of ripping up my assets, to show up here fighting communists on my behalf whilst telling lies at Washington about whom they claim was in league with communist enemy to get rich fast, I now need to label it with an ending badly. It is usually a self-resolving problem i.e. I am older than you are, cash in King, my age allowed me to save more money due to the time I have had to earn it at the jobs market and I will use it to rip up your career, social life and finances, working with other corrupt younger pricks, but then paying attention to its narcissism media that taps into my personality to secure happiness that never fails whenever their stupidities were selling products to get rich fast would be the actual cause of the problem because I am saying that I can do the work that my patents were doing whilst I really cannot do it. The same as claims I have been properly cooked by German influence gits which I have not, as I was engaged with them via the private security industry and I was an entry level, it was always a job where security was provided by much talking, being entry level meant I talked more than most, we talked alright and they now need my career to cover their backsides and that of their famous gits but the lip flapping and a need to work practical jokes on my career publicity was set to push it up a notch – I mean attacking German influence is never on at the Monarchy but it isn’t, in Germany cash is king and they solved problems by blaming victims, one might think it predisposes them to tyranny where leadership expects the Public to take responsibility for problems in order to alleviate them but it does not because they do not really tolerate the whole idea of young strong people making their own politics fiasco, these other gits have already had a history with me and a need to play up practical jokes that stall my Bookshop and income is set to build up to another one. The rest of speak of ways I cannot back up what I am doing would be people involved with matters they should not – I mean my main worry is that their involvement with the way public servants organise a career in order to cover their backsides considering their lifestyle, now adds up to their patriarchy and matriarchy society robbing everybody else, leaving us feeling unhealthy whilst they found a way to set a stage to deter us pushing back by public display of decadent lifestyles and healthy exotic foods being consumed – the damage to my finances was all a product of trying to finding out if they can trick me etc hence the main reasons we ended up starting the response associated with the fact they had failed to take my warnings, as per the idea I had met my match of which the reality was more than I was made to pay attention to narcissists by people who could not afford the consequences. The claim I am a joke is nothing out of the ordinary, I suppose they would like me to inform them that other peoples entitled brats had no right to show up near my affairs and spend my time passing insults at me but it is better I ensured they understood how the business of stuffing some society trouble makers with information on my career, that they carried about like PR I did not have to fund is now set to feed into their rogue landlords, corrupt private security and abusive shop keeper gimmicks that was the core of their celebrity culture, so it is about to develop into a no-brainer that if their stupidities kept a source of income, I should be allowed to keep mine too and I intend to ensure it was painful enough to wipe the smile off the faces too, shut down the daring self-seeking bum covering prick nonsense being worked at my expense due to the possibility that they might get away with it – our current situation is that there was an obscurity problem associated with their physique and body type which their insult had created and they would love to work public offices to get rid of it: the Politicians have raised the point about those gimmicks where they got to find out if they could trick me having caused me to lose money but there is nothing lost as such, just that they claimed they were the source of wealth and according to the need to make politicians listen to their feelings, there was some truth on it, however it needed to take the warning if it had built a community to finger my bum and I wanted more of what is causing its stupidities to behave the way it did. It is thought that these activities caused me a lot of distress but it does not – an example is the way that I brokered property equity and they turned up to strip me of my career and get me caught up with religious issues to protect them from muslims that they sold products to whenever they wanted to get rich fast and the way I developed structures at state office where I drafted popular culture people to assist me with crime control publicity and the celebrities made it into a gimmick where I was the cause of public problems and criminals were perfectly fine, same as a process where I set out equity to help the public build products which allowed them baby sit industry gits that spent money fighting them being turned into a tool that allowed those with feelings of injustice to secure some justice against the wealthy with celebrity culture and by avoiding the work market to get rich, soon after which I am left wide open to home wreckers and they helped people build a narcissism media platform for the male population to solve its problems by, same as following me about with gimmicks until I dropped out of University, then performing the same process over my Books because I had enough talent to tackle celebrities for patriarchy and matriarchy gimmicks  – all things people did because they think they are at the top of the food chain, the way they responded to their problems now attributed to me which was a favourite insult that put them in charge of my affairs, whilst they used my public image to avoid the consequences of personal decisions, now about to stop painfully.

I am told they were still bellowing smoke about teaching me lessons but it is entirely normal since the practical jokes stalled the bookshop, I had to decide that no matter what other peoples said, if the practical jokes were hurtful, I needed to take care of myself and none else would do it, to which effect a forthcoming response was not yet publicly available, then they would make themselves into an outstanding problem, issue threats and build supporting communities to keep it going, suggesting that I will have to do the part that stopped it badly and painfully. We have already done the part where they got to keep the job that was actually paying them alongside handling me, to which effect Politicians have had to listen to their feelings every day, would be incredibly helpful all around if it heeds a warning and spends its immoral society mandated time on the one that is actually paying for the time that was deployed to achieve this nonsense, spend their time doing the show business and read the news without stalling my Bookshop. History is that should be assess the show business they had put up for public consumption over the last 12 years, assuming that their narcissism was taken so seriously that the idea showbusiness products created before this time frame was something they did because I deserved it, we will find all of it to be a process of engaging the public with a projected sense of how much pain and suffering they would like to cause me, so since they had made money from it, I could never understand what the continued unusual interest in my person was, especially when they were also complaining about enjoying the gimmicks for so long – when it never stopped lip flapping about teaching me lessons and I have issued the warnings on it again and again. In terms of their motivation, it was rather clear their gimmicks were to do with the fact that they along with their friends fundamentally owned the country, where it would be said that on mentioning it like so, it would have applied that I was finally caught in a position where I had to respond to the needs of the ethnic minorities who loved their own lip flapping that had not yet explained the exact point that their civil rights involved trashing my career publicity and social life, to saddle me with the stupid ways that they responded to public problems because they considered themselves to be in charge of anything that their foolishness saw, in this place, their own was not a special case to me all together. In the end these idiots always loved to boast about their activities being a product of having strong children at home and I am wondering if we will be punishing the children from the sins of the parents if that stupid strong scary children story on ceasing to stall my bookshop and continue practical jokes that left me looking like the place that clients did not wish to do, became my main preoccupation for all the wrong reasons – History on this occasion was the gimmicks following me around whenever I pursued career and finance matters, soon enough we ended up in a situation where they wanted to befriend me after making a mess of my finances over claims they were entitled to because I am a man, which outcome was that there would be no such friendship save there was dignity in which my finances looked as they found it, their response since has been that I am a woman but we are now dealing with community organised threats and a need to rob my Bookshop everyday because they can, so we can see that those who think there was a way to avoid this all going towards a bad ending have my answer here. The American part in the matter being that each time an idiot had decided that they would handle popular culture as a tool that ensured they inflicted suffering on others to make sense of the way they owned the Country in Europe, they would be the people in Washington bankrolling it, so it seems the outcome was that their stupidities were the people suffering the most from these effects – claims I ought to be expected to support Americans because I am British but I do not make the personal decisions for its stupidities either, besides none would bank roll the nonsense these popularity fools exhibited to claim they owned the country save people involved with financial market fraud. They do claim it was difficult for people to engage with my Books even though they might have wanted to, but this is because they underestimate what I am doing, they think there is a middle ground between their insolent popularity and its show business on one hand and the public academic system on the other, whilst I am rather willing to shut down access to public life in order to make the point that it was pure insanity, if I had to and of course they do also think they were incredibly bad people.

The prevalent situation is that I am a social butterfly and that I had no way to handle these matters save wishful thinking. These are both incorrect, I am not a social butterfly if it turns out that each time sociological matters occurring around the career of a woman had met up with mine and I had taken some responsibility, what happens each time I do is that a bunch of gits who cannot handle people who married their wives and possessed the wives later and cannot handle quasi criminals and other popularity trouble makers, set about a campaign to suggest that my career now belonged to the person whose woman I got involved with – it loves to do this because it is arguably the most disrespectful thing to do and end up thinking others ought to ascertain what it would love to feel entitled to when the difficulties come back to bite. On the matter of wishful thinking however, they are mandated along with their celebrities, by immoral society – people can always apply their thought to what might become of a process where a person was mandated by immoral society to get about making money by bothering others criminally, we understand most people would face difficulty with the tummy issues and the nervousness, they however especially the famous and the media gits are incredibly well groomed for this over periods of years, we are not talking about thick skin on the job either, we are talking about celebrities and criminals, the criminals who take advantage of the rest of us because they want to be like the celebrities who possessed the same physical qualities as they did, the complication now being that Celebrities would have us think that in the world of learn do and stupid, they were the clever people, hence the expensive clothes they wore but there is now massive similarities between them and the criminals that possessed the same good looks. For my part however, since they attacked me all the time because they feared things I could do over an understanding they were mandated by immoral society, it is not clear why they would not stop stalling my Bookshop – the Office however is not wasted as people think it is, I simply had two main methods of operation when it came to controlling them, one involved building my publicity for instances where they got caught up with the law and had to be passionate, so since this made them sick to the stomach like their insults made me, they were incentivised to avoid me and I was allowed to concentrate on what I am doing, I need to start again all over but this time no popular culture or celebrity involvement – the other part was the business of making sure that each time they came up with a new test, I found some women to make money from the social results, what happened with this being a bunch of goons on Media who had media jobs, running off gimmicks that helped to suggest they were superior to me in everything they did, until they crashed it and complained about the public problems, so I have been seeking other ways to work this matter and none is as effective as the original, however I need to get rid of the superiority people first if so. On the matter of my incompetence causing people to make sacrifices, such things have not been happening – just a recognition that if Celebrities were adamant that they had to rip up diplomacy assets and show up here to get everybody under the knuckle of the famous, the people who handled those structures to avail security tools that are acquired by braving dangerous situations, also needed to build up a habit of having sex with the famous, so what we are looking at are the points at which the sex work politics that the famous were also caught up with, like their gits who owned the country inflicted on me every day, getting completely out of hand currently – they could always stay away however, it should be noted. 
The mess is everywhere naturally because I had simply refused to accept responsibility for what is now a social condition in which we were making public policy on the basis of being influenced by criminals, after we spent time listening to and making sense of what lazy people were saying, that we were seduced by it, the abdominal discomfort is incredible but they suffered none of it, wonder how long they have been grooming themselves for the immoral society mandate then. Here it is said that what I suggested made out that the government should be at odds with popular and celebrity culture, which is not what I am saying, I am saying that these characters are criminals who had the same good looks as famous people did and will never stop taking advantage of everybody else to obtain what famous people possessed. The messy political condition was testament to the fact that these activities attacked the way that law enforcement worked, made it more dangerous for law enforcement i.e. the part where it is not a world in which there are lots of bad people over there and law enforcement got there to get rid of them but more a matter of people doing crime because they were desperate, people doing crime because they were forced to, people willing to make a deal with the system to get off crime and some even to help law enforcement catch those that were an outright threat to the community, their actions make this processes much more dangerous, I am aware of this but it is the other goons at the Monarchy with their friends in the USA having strange ideas about how I am in a position that is too prestigious for me, so everything I did simply added up to an eventuality where I had done something wrong, running off endlessly to allow this nonsense get completely out of hand and in terms of the fact that they had no idea what to do with it.