So it is said they were still bellowing smoke about teaching me lessons and yes they were – now I suppose it will cease ripping up my finances to run off practical jokes and abusive gimmicks where I am expected to get out and get into a fight with others, in order to show I deserved my career, as though I possessed a certificate on how to be a low life, when I put it down to their narcissism, they hurt themselves by it and built a crowd that will hold me responsible when I respond to it, they seize the opportunity to rip up my career and finances. The details are that there are no lessons that their insolent abusive middle class stupidities can teach around here, they are only likely to encourage an activity on my part, where I decided to protect my finances by being abusive towards their physical appearances, their temperament and the way that their challenges have affected their demeanour, finish off with a business of picking up the stupid well off neighbourhoods to help me maintain the right to write Books without interference from them and if I arrived at a point where I needed state provided security to keep a Bookshop, I will run it off all the way to Hollywood USA, at which stage there will be little left of the reasons for the abusive nonsense when I am finished. So far it was all confused about my response toward a bunch of gits that decided action I took to see that each time the law got involved with their affairs, those feelings could easily fall into the hands of a popular culture activity person and the business of running it off through popular culture would churn their tummy and prevent them from following people around to make a mess of career and personal life with these gimmicks but somebody decided that pay back was a bitch and is now asking me the stupid questions as well, whilst I had also for my part, made a resolution never to get between them and a need to support such nonsense at the expense of people they deem to be less than they were. On the matter of the reasons they targeted me all the time, we make the most sense of it when they were running off short abusive videos they claimed was the way advertisement should be made, in order to cling to my personal life for the narcissism afforded happiness that would also make them money at the same time, because somebody decided I was the person doing the wrong thing and my matrimonial narcissism had been completely stopped, so I had nothing that I did which brought me happiness but caused them misery whilst they had topped what was already a criminally abusive behaviour in my direction – in the end, they were financially successful than I am because a bunch of goons who enjoyed suffering loved to bank roll this gimmick, ranging from the times they suggested that they could tell by my age, when I was a teen or new adult, how much money I had in the bank, so if they started a fight, considering they had spent a huge amount of time in the work market, they could track my finances and prevent my ability to defend myself, of which I am now of the same age they were when they started this on me, thinking the mess they have made of my career encourages me to do the same to their children, whilst I am now getting feedback that they were backed by powerful people and I would be looking for trouble if I did anything about the outcomes of what seemed to be years of hard work to build their children a social disposition that was superior and yet it will not make its stupid comments about its career, media and society platforms alike and cease stalling my Bookshop, talking nonsense about what it knew nothing of – they were financially successful and I was not because I had to settle an environment where I can get on, those who wrecked my career to get money off the gits that were paying them for these activities could do so to any extent and the three disposition would exist side by side, without my finances being affected, so they have been engaged in a personal war against my financial wellbeing, looking for more of what they were complaining about and now we are responding to statements associated with ways I could be taught lessons, with a big mouth. I could never understand why and how they kept those talk show jobs whilst it was being worked on the basis that they had a right to trash the finances of an Arch Prince all together but I believe it understands what I am saying when have by saying these, issued a warning, I believe I have issued the warnings clearly enough, yap yapping ways I would get into a huge amount of trouble if I mentioned my Royal disposition where people detested such things, needs talk less and read a book if it had showed up here, as that is what I did for a living too. The outcome of a continued persistence in pursuing these activities will easily be that considered the way that they were making plans to elect the first black American president, played a part in the way I dropped out of University, right up to the point where I settled on the activities that were not racially restricted i.e. the part where University opened their eyes to the fact that their rude and abusive behaviour inhibited their ability to provide a service, whilst they were simply a few years away from acquiring a qualification by which they had to provide a service for a living, what they did instead was to acquire my character as a cloak and keep their abusive behaviour for power, came up with all sorts of tricks and now I am waking up to financial complications everyday because they were a bunch of poofs using my career and public profile to sort the problems associated with this; I have issued the warnings well enough with respect to the middle class insults and the famous idiots organising careers to perform abusive activities towards me every day, as this is where I am likely to begin if I became convinced that I had no other exit. It has not got a fraction of the power it claims it has, just a process where the famous poofs abused my person whilst I am caught up with public control matters, to which effect it worked private security corruption to ensure anything that caused me to get on or allowed me to defend myself was laid to waste, then points to the way they had to put up with such actions from security services every day, like I needed to be orientated with the point of it – it needs to stay away from my Bookshop and cease repeating gimmicks that keeps away the clients, especially when I had carried through some responses that clears out the mess, this nonsense whether I was being taught lessons or not, is the fourth and last instance they will organise to fulfil such an abusive nonsense, the last of their insults I will tolerate, the last occasion they will organise their career at my expense, I do not possess a certificate on how to be a low life and none should show up here with narcissism that expects me to get into a fight with people in order to keep my career, unless they wanted more of what their stupidities were complaining about, clearly we have seen evidence of their nature and personality, the way it does not stop until it really does. In terms of official statement, it was the process of corrupting culture here, where some people who had the job, had taken up a position with respect to my personal and social life, as will ensure they were apply to apply processes that prevented me from using my authority to cut down green shoots wherever it showed up all over the country, to which effect it would be said that culture had been applied and worked successfully at a governmental authority stage – their stupidities had corrupted it into a gimmick where the best way to describe this nonsense was to point out the instances where one moment they did not believe in religion and the next clients will not be allowed to engage with my Books until God came down from Heaven to destroy their enemies, and another group of idiots who have never taken responsibility for personal decisions will work a media narcissism that allowed them to perform practical jokes on my career with it, we are at this stage just a few steps away from a process where I felt one more time I cleared it out and a statement was made, a gesture was peddled, an activity was channelled at me which kept the clients away one more time, and we will start the business of providing a response for the middle class insults, which people can reference whenever they had strange ideas in my direction in 24 hours. I mean, there was the complain about being treated as though they were lowest of the low and yet at the same time, some people put themselves at risk because I dithered with Office duties and another mocked them by ripping up my career and public life to get famous, so a fair-minded narcissism media idiots ran it off on me every day.

There is no such nonsense as a need to make use of this opportunity to clear up my position regarding communists, as suggested either, as there is nothing to clear up, only a bunch of utter idiots deciding I was to fight communists in order to serve and please Celebrities for a living, I can only say that the other gits at Government buildings, who enjoyed pushing people into a stuck up with the home wreckers that was celebrity culture, must have seen everything that their stupidities wanted to see, at this stage and if not, probably wishes to see more. As for the idea my career had been completely wrecked, I am supposed to run a Bookshop that caused Celebrities immense suffering and pain at this stage whilst they ran a show business that tore up my finances to give the public and some criminals access to my personal life and career profile as a service their stupidities provided to get rich helping the crowd feel good, since I have not done my bits as well and they had gotten accustomed to their own, it appears I had made the mistake of a lifetime and now I am set to, an idiot had shared my privacy with hoodlums who show up holding my penis and anus whilst its stupidities built a narcissism media presence to push my schedule, which I guess happens because they would like to be treated that way, so one more time I clear out the gimmicks that stalls client involvement at the Bookshop and it is rebuilt, will set the stage for a beginning of something I am to do with the middle and working class insults like a history that they could reference in the future and we are not talking about ripping up the work that is done to protect the public from terrorism as to show up here deciding which was brave enough to keep careers they owned, that part only set to build up a sense I did something so wrong as to get me involved with their stupidities, showing up here to offer up opinions about me that leaves me flustered after investigating the law to a point where they were caught up in environments full of criminal activity that influenced them into committing their own crimes. It is not true I have ended up in a hole I cannot get out of either – everything that damaged my career, my career profile, social and public life had been addressed by 2018, what has happened since had been a bunch of gits at the local council who thought that time spent on Unemployment support should become a problem in its own right began a process with abusive ideas involving a process where my age was mentioned each time I engaged with people over the career, the age mentioning, the abuses the come with it alongside the alpha personality channelling gimmick had already gotten me to pay the fees for their stupidities at University and yet for my feelings about other people I moved on, so we can see that the way to make progress is to ensure that the idiots ended all conversations and activities surrounding my personality and my age, which sets out the idea that making progress involved hurting them. It is incredible to say the least, the same early 20s gimmicks that I needed to wade and complete the academic pursuits so that in the face of whatever else they threw at me, I would be able to say I had something important on the foremost of my mind, it is continuing, intensely, targeting me, seeking access to my personal life, showing up on my personal space whenever I stepped outside of my door, making excuses to continue as they go along and there was also the practical jokes performed on my public image to help them keep the day job, garnished with the media narcissism that was the reason we were having this conversation at all.